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White Sand Chapter 8

Title: White Sand CHAPTER 08 (of 12)
Pairing: Sho/Yoko, Takki/Ryo (The pairings themselves are not that much the focus of the story, but don't worry, they will be here^^)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, mystery, romance, bit angst

Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related. But the story is mine of course^^
Out of a sudden Yoko wakes up in the middle of a wide desert, white sand all around him, just a lake and a single tree next to him. After freaking out and panicking he has to give in to this situation. Is it a nightmare? Is it reality?
When Sho, a mysterious man, suddenly appears, Yoko’s questions grow even further. But then, out of a sudden, he can’t remember it anymore. What is he fighting for? What is reality, what dream? Is Sho an enemy or his friend?
He starts to forget about the fundamental questions of his being: Why is he here? What is this place? Who is he? But then out of a sudden another young man appears, different than Yoko and still the same… remembering Yoko that he is supposed to fight - for something that he can’t remember anymore. The path between reality and dream is a small one… and a dark one. And the price Yoko has to pay might be more than just his life.
Dedicated to: Happy Birthday to [info]yukitsubute!!!!!!

Takki glared at Yoko in annoyance, not even hiding his impatience a bit. “You can’t keep him away from me.” he told Yoko, eyes sparkling in anger.

Yoko felt surprised for a moment. In comparison to Sho, Takki was almost unfriendly. It felt weird to Yoko, because Sho was never showing him this kind of emotions. He was always composed and considerate, never annoyed or angry. Yoko frowned, looking at Takki piercingly. “Are you and Sho-kun really the same?”

Takki sighed. “Yes, of course. Why are you even asking? You seemed to be brighter than that...”

“You just don’t resemble each other.” Yoko argued, wrapping his arms tighter around Ryo. He didn’t want to let go of this boy. He had sworn to protect him and he would do exactly that now.

“And?” Takki sighed almost tiredly, pointing at Ryo. “Do you two resemble each other?”

“No.” Yoko admitted carefully, shifting around a bit.

“Exactly.” Takki told him. “Just like you, Sho and I are not machines, so why should we be the same then?”

Yoko looked away from Takki, to his surprise he felt something cold inside him. Why? What was it? Takki wasn’t exactly mean… Yes, he wasn’t really friendly towards him, but he didn’t seem to be a mean guy. Why did he fear him then? And why was Ryo afraid of Sho? Yoko shook his head, looking at Takki warily. “Are you part of our thoughts?” he asked.

Takki blinked in surprise, apparently taken aback by this question. “It’s not that simple.”

“But you are not denying it!” Yoko argued.

“No.” Takki answered silently. “But it’s not that simple. You are influencing what we are, but you are not leading and manipulating us. We are beings with an own mind and will.”

For a moment Yoko stayed quiet, trying to grasp what Takki had said. He still didn’t understand. So, were Takki and Sho part of his and Ryo’s minds? Or were they real? Takki had made it quite clear though that they had their own mind, so they had to be real. Just…it didn’t make any sense at all. How could they be real and made by their minds at the same time? And why was he feeling so uncomfortable around Takki? Yoko took a deep breath. “Why am I feeling afraid of you?”

For a moment Takki looked sad, his smile becoming almost pained. Yoko could tell that he wanted to say something, something important, but in the end, he didn’t. He just told him what also Sho had said to him before. “Because I’m not part of you.”

Yoko blinked in surprise, remembering Sho’s words again. He felt comfortable and safe with Sho, he was searching for his presence… even though he didn’t understand him, even though he was supposed not to trust him. So, Ryo felt the same for Takki? Yoko looked around a bit, his eyes catching Sho’s frame now. He felt relieved immediately, glad that Sho was at his side. At the same time he hated this feeling. It was as if he was depending on Sho too much.

Sho showed him a very rare soft smile. “You-kun…” he whispered, reaching out his hand towards Yoko. “Come… leave Ryo with Takki now.”

Yoko winced a bit, his heart aching. He remembered the promise he gave Ryo, but at the same time he was totally engulfed by Sho’s voice. He didn’t know it anymore… what was the right way? What was the right decision? Now that it was also about Ryo’s life, things became even more complicated.

Takki sighed a bit. “You are not helping him like that.”

“What do you mean?” Yoko asked in confusion.

Takki pointed at Ryo. “Don’t you see how weak he became while lying in your arms?”

Yoko frowned, looking down at Ryo. To his surprise and shock Takki was right. Ryo’s breath was still going steady, but his body was looking even more fragile than before. His fingers cramped. His body felt almost too warm.

“He is right.” Sho whispered. “This is not helping him.” He put his hand on Yoko’s head, not brushing through is hair or stroking his head, he just rested his hand there for a moment. “It shouldn’t even be that the both of you wake up at the same place. There is a reason why he is not supposed to be here. This is not his place. So please, let Takki watch out for Ryo for now, alright?”

Yoko’s fingers cramped around Ryo’s shoulders, then he sighed deeply. His heart aching, his stomach in pain when he let go of Ryo and took Sho’s hand. He clenched his fingers around the other’s hands when they left Takki and Ryo. When he looked back he could see how Takki was lifting Ryo up a bit and carrying him to a safe place under one of the palm-trees. He pulled a blanket over Ryo, before he sat down next to him, his fingers stroking through the boy’s hair gently. For a moment his expression was so soft that Yoko wavered again. Takki was looking like an entirely different person now. So calm, so caring, so soft. Were these creatures really bad? Even if they wouldn’t help them back to their normal world, did it make them enemies? Was their purpose a bad one? If yes, why did Takki look at Ryo with such sad and loving eyes?

Yoko turned around a bit, holding on to Sho’s hand. And when he looked up a bit, he caught Sho’s glance, gasping in surprise. And why was Sho’s expression just like Takki’s?

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