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White Sand Chapter 9

Title: White Sand CHAPTER 09 (of 12)
Pairing: Sho/Yoko, Takki/Ryo (The pairings themselves are not that much the focus of the story, but don't worry, they will be here^^)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, mystery, romance, bit angst

Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related. But the story is mine of course^^
Out of a sudden Yoko wakes up in the middle of a wide desert, white sand all around him, just a lake and a single tree next to him. After freaking out and panicking he has to give in to this situation. Is it a nightmare? Is it reality?
When Sho, a mysterious man, suddenly appears, Yoko’s questions grow even further. But then, out of a sudden, he can’t remember it anymore. What is he fighting for? What is reality, what dream? Is Sho an enemy or his friend?
He starts to forget about the fundamental questions of his being: Why is he here? What is this place? Who is he? But then out of a sudden another young man appears, different than Yoko and still the same… remembering Yoko that he is supposed to fight - for something that he can’t remember anymore. The path between reality and dream is a small one… and a dark one. And the price Yoko has to pay might be more than just his life.
Dedicated to: Happy Birthday to [info]yukitsubute!!!!!!

It was the first night that Yoko was actually looking for Sho's comfort, his head resting in the other's lap, feeling relieved when Sho's fingers were stroking his hair. He needed this comfort right now, because thinking of how he had let Ryo alone made his heart ache in pain.

“I can’t…” Yoko mumbled.

Sho blinked in surprise, his fingers moving over Yoko’s face soothingly. “You can’t what, You-kun?”

“Mistrust you.” Yoko admitted silently. “Though you won’t take me back, I just can’t help it but feel safe around you.”

Sho stayed quiet for a moment, his fingers not stopping their movement. He bit his lips a bit, then he looked down at Yoko softly. “Do you remember it?” he asked, trying to change the topic so that Yoko would feel a bit calmer. “The person you always dreamed of?”

“What do you mean?” Yoko blinked.

Sho smiled. “I like to hear your stories.” He looked up at the sky. “I don’t know why, but they make me feel comfortable and safe. So… what was the person you always dreamed of as a young boy? When you made up your perfect love?”

“You mean the guy I dreamed of as my perfect lover?” Yoko chuckled. “That’s what you want to know?”

“Yes.” Sho smiled. “I like all these stories about love and friendship…”

Yoko stayed quiet for a moment. “Why?” he asked out of a sudden. “Why do you like them the most?”

Sho smiled sadly. “Because these are the first things I forget.” he explained silently.

Yoko frowned at that. “Forget? When?”

“When you decide.” Sho explained. “I’ll become someone new too then.”

Yoko frowned deeply, trying to understand what Sho was saying here. Then his eyes widened. “Wait.” he breathed out. “You mean… though you exist and though you don’t die… you change? You become someone new? When I decide? When I decide what?”

Sho shook his head, stroking Yoko’s cheek. “Don’t worry about that now. You will understand one day.”

Yoko stayed quiet for a moment, then he turned his head to look into Sho’s eyes directly. Again he frowned, there was something inside them… something he knew. He just couldn't put a finger on it. But it came to him everytime he looked at Sho, something familiar. As if he knew Sho. But why? How? When Yoko tried to think of  his real life his head ached again, the pictures blurred. Was Sho part of his real life? Or was he part of something else? “You don’t want to hurt me, am I right?” he finally wanted to make sure. “Just answer me that: Do you want to hurt me? Yes or No?”

Sho’s eyes became sad, almost pained. He shook his head. “I would never want to hurt you.” Something in his eyes became strong now, determined. “No matter what. Please believe me, I don’t want to hurt you. Not with intent!”

Yoko blinked at the fierceness of Sho’s expression, then he nodded his head. “I’ll try.” he promised half-heartedly. Something inside him felt uncomfortable, as if Sho was preparing him for something painful. Again it was just a feeling, nothing rational, but it made Yoko's senses tense up. He sighed, shoving this thought away for now. “There is just one thing, Sho.” he said out of a sudden. “Something you need to know.”

“What?” Sho asked in confusion.

“I will fight it.” Yoko said silently, but full of determination. “I won’t accept this place anymore. I will fight!”


“You are looking a bit better small one.” Yoko smiled, when he approached Ryo.

"Don't call me small." Ryo grumbled, glaring a bit.

Yoko chuckled, something in his heart felt warm out of a sudden. "I'm sorry. So, you are feeling better?"

The boy coughed a bit. “I guess I am.” he looked almost nervous at that. “Is that good?”

“What do you mean?” Yoko frowned. “Of course it’s good that you feel better!”

“But…” Ryo looked around nervously. “I don’t want to feel good here. I hate this place. And I want this place to hate me. Don’t you want to hate this place too? Don’t you want it to hate you?”

Yoko looked at Ryo in surprise. He raised his hand a bit to stroke the younger one’s hair. To his surprise Ryo suddenly grabbed his hand, holding it tightly. “Please.” he begged. “Promise me you won’t fall in love with him! That you won't feel comfortable here! Don’t like this place, hate it!”

“Ryo…” Yoko pressed out. “What are you talking about?” He tried to sound as calm as possible, realizing that this boy apparently knew a lot. “Are you talking about Sho? Why do you hate him so much?”

Ryo slipped a bit closer. “I don’t hate him.” he whispered almost too silent for Yoko to hear him.

“Is he a bad guy? Are they bad?”

Ryo’s eyes twitched a bit. It seemed like he wanted to say something, but to Yoko’s disappointment he didn’t. He just took his hand again. “Don’t fall for his alluring aura. Don’t! Fight it! It’s not good to fall for him…” Ryo bit his lips as if he had said too much. He jumped up out of a sudden, hugging a totally surprised Yoko. “You are the most important!”

“Ryo?” Yoko stroked the other’s back a bit, trying not to overanalyze this situation too much, though he couldn’t help but wonder and worry a lot.

“I am sorry.” Ryo mumbled, letting go of Yoko. "I really am."

Yoko was caught in his thoughts for a moment, before something in his head started to ring. There was something, some sort of information, but he couldn’t catch it. He couldn’t read it. It was flying around in his mind, loosely, and whenever he tried to catch it and look at it, he missed it. His eyes were almost piercing Ryo when he looked at him. “What are you sorry for, Ryo? You also apologized when you woke up… Why are you sorry?”

Yoko drew back in shock when he saw tears glittering in Ryo’s eyes. “You need to let go.” Ryo whispered. “Please, let go…” With that Ryo left, leaving a totally puzzled Yoko behind.

Yoko's heart was aching again, but this time it wasn't because Ryo was weak - he was awake after all. There was something else. When Yoko watched Ryo's back, how the boy was leaving him, he felt something tugging at his stomach, painfully, making him feel sick. Why was that? "Don't go..." he whispered, wishing for nothing more but for the boy to stay at his side.


Yoko sighed a bit when he walked by the lake. He was slowly getting a headache again. Something was hammering against his head whenever he wanted to rethink the conversations he had with Ryo and Sho. What the heck was going on here?

He had already realized that Ryo seemed to know what was going on here. He had given him hint over hint… but at the same time he couldn’t tell him anything. Maybe because this here was about Yoko and Ryo didn’t know anything about Yoko’s place and about Sho… Yoko’s eyes widened out of a sudden. Of course Ryo didn’t know it. He could just give him some pieces… things he had learned himself. The rest was up to him.

And then the last thing Ryo had told him. Let go. Let go of what?

Yoko sighed, deciding to better think of his talk with Sho from yesterday night. He rubbed over his head in confusion. Remember the person you dreamed of?

Yoko had to smile a bit, trying to concentrate. He remembered him and Subaru sitting on a swing and talking. The perfect love, the perfect guy… what was it again? Right… he should be earnest and strong… and calm. No one too funny, but cute occasionally. Someone who was almost perfect, just breaking through the earnest surface when he failed or messed up. Someone he could rely on. Yoko was the brotherly type after all, so it should be someone Yoko could lean on to occasionally. Dark hair. Strong eyes. Yoko closed his eyes, remembering the picture he had dreamed of back then. His thoughts almost wandered along on their own, without him leading them. Step by step the face became clearer. The face he made up when he dreamed of his first love…

Yoko paused in surprise, his eyes wide opened. Was that a joke? Did he remember correctly? But… what… how… WHY!?


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