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White Sand Chapter 10

Title: White Sand CHAPTER 10 (of 12)
Pairing: Sho/Yoko, Takki/Ryo (The pairings themselves are not that much the focus of the story, but don't worry, they will be here^^)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, mystery, romance, bit angst

Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related. But the story is mine of course^^
Out of a sudden Yoko wakes up in the middle of a wide desert, white sand all around him, just a lake and a single tree next to him. After freaking out and panicking he has to give in to this situation. Is it a nightmare? Is it reality?
When Sho, a mysterious man, suddenly appears, Yoko’s questions grow even further. But then, out of a sudden, he can’t remember it anymore. What is he fighting for? What is reality, what dream? Is Sho an enemy or his friend?
He starts to forget about the fundamental questions of his being: Why is he here? What is this place? Who is he? But then out of a sudden another young man appears, different than Yoko and still the same… remembering Yoko that he is supposed to fight - for something that he can’t remember anymore. The path between reality and dream is a small one… and a dark one. And the price Yoko has to pay might be more than just his life.
Dedicated to: Happy Birthday to [info]yukitsubute!!!!!!

Yoko took a few deep breathes, his head feeling dizzy for a moment. How could that be, how… how…. how… how…!???

He held his head, gasping for air. He wasn’t sure about the feelings filling him right now. Was it desperation? Pain? Sadness? Surprise? Joy? Curiosity? Disbelief? Shock? Maybe all of it at once.

He tried to remember again, recalling the picture once more. And it was clear in front of him again. The guy he dreamed of… while Subaru was talking about a light-hearted and cute person, Yoko was having his own dreams. Again the dream became a picture. The person he had chosen as the one back then.

It was Sho.

Sho’s face, it was clearly in front of him. That was the reason why he trusted him, why he had so much faith in him. The reason he felt relaxed and comfortable and loved… because he had made Sho up in his mind. He had dreamed of him. Sho was the person he had formed back then… the person he had dreamed of many, many years ago, when he still didn’t know what love really meant. It was so deep inside him, that he couldn’t forget it. But at the same time it was also too far away to remember it immediately. Yoko frowned, realizing that Sho had given him the most important hints with his questions yesterday and throughout the whole time he had been here. He had pointed towards it with his questions about love and relationships. So… Yoko blinked in surprise. Sho wasn’t an enemy? He couldn’t take him home, because… he was a creature of his mind, or something like that? Yoko was sure that there was more to it, but for now he wanted to stick with that explanation. Sho couldn’t bring him back, because he didn’t know the way. But he loved him, he wanted to protect him. He was there. Just as simple and plain as it sounded: Sho was part of him, he belonged to him, because Yoko had created him.

Yoko rubbed over his head. But Ryo had warned him clearly not to fall for Sho, hadn'’t he? Why? He sighed deeply. Ryo was right, Sho was alluring… and Yoko felt so comfortable and relaxed around him.

Yoko paused out of a sudden, eyes widening in surprise. Suddenly he realized what Ryo had meant. He was feeling too comfortable, too protected, too much loved. He was getting lost in these feelings, hence he was also getting lost in his own memories.

It wasn’t Sho’s fault, it was his. Whatever these creatures were, in the end it might be all about himself, not about Sho or Takki. Ryo feared Sho because he wasn’t part of him, he could see behind the surface and see the person he really was, not the person Yoko saw in him. While it was the same for Yoko when he looked at Takki.

Just as much as Sho belonged to Yoko, Takki belonged to Ryo. Yoko started to understand what Takki had meant some nights ago. Ryo needed Takki… because in this world, the only being that could lead and keep Ryo alive was Takki.

Just like Sho was the one who kept Yoko alive. Who kept him struggling and breathing and fighting. The pieces of a puzzle Sho had been talking about when they had met for the first time… these pieces were Sho himself.

Just how long would they be able to keep him and Ryo alive? How long could they wait? It seemed to be so simple and yet so complicated. Yoko felt his heart jumping in confusion and in shock. Was realizing this part of the truth any good? Did it mean that he was taking a step towards the way back? He turned around, running back to the place he had left Sho this morning.

“Sho-kun!” Yoko rushed through the bushes, his eyes gleaming. Then he paused in shock, his body almost paralyzed. The picture in front of him was almost making him faint in fear, anger and shock. “What…” he breathed out.

Sho turned around to him, eyes widened in surprise and in fear. “You-kun…” he whispered. “Stay away.” he begged. “Please.”

Yoko’s eyes widened in surprise and gleamed in fury at the same time. “STOP THAT!” he yelled at Takki. “Give him back.” He looked at the scene in front of him in horror, seeing how Ryo was resting in Takki’s arm, eyes closed. Takki was walking into the lake, Ryo still in his arms.

Yoko felt it all at once. Fear. Panic. Surprise. Shock. Anger. Wrath. Pain. Takki was taking Ryo away. Yoko took a deep breath. Not the little one! Not Ryo, whom he felt so responsible for! Out of a determined desperation he rushed towards the lake, pushing Sho to the side when the latter wanted to grab him. “Leave him, Takki. Let him go! You liar! You promised that you are good for him!” He rushed through the water, grabbing Ryo’s hand, holding it tightly, not letting Takki walk any further. Something in Takki’s eyes was twitching, Yoko could see it clearly, but he couldn’t care less. He wasn’t interested in Takki or if he liked what he was doing here. He didn’t care at all! He didn’t care about the reasons why Takki was taking Ryo away like and and he didn’t care about what Takki really was and if this was his job or not. He simply didn’t care. He wanted Ryo to be safe and with me!

Yoko swallowed hard, his throat burning painfully. He hadn't felt any pain here till now, but this here was almost too deep inside him. He had promised it after all! He had told Ryo that he would stay at his side and protect him. And now here he was, standing right next to the boy and feeling exactly like the liar he was. He had promised something and he couldn’t hold this promise. He was a pathetic, stupid and disgusting liar. Yoko’s fingers held Ryo’s hand tighter. Even if he had broken his promise, he wouldn’t let go of Ryo that easily!

Sho followed Yoko, rushing through the water, clear panic in his eyes. “You have to let go!” he cried out. “Let go! His path is not yours!”

Yoko turned around, pure wrath in his eyes. “Why are you doing that? Why are you giving this pain to someone? WHY!?” His eyes sparkled in utter anger. “Why do you tell me to let go! I’m Human, damn! I CAN’T LET GO!!” Yoko didn’t even feel the tears burning in his eyes anymore. “Tell me Sho: If he disappears here, will he also disappear in the real world?”

Sho stayed quiet at that, shifting around a bit.

“SHO!” Yoko yelled. “WILL HE DIE!?????”

Sho looked up at the other tiredly, a tear running over his cheek. “You can’t hold on to him.” he whispered silently, clear pain in his voice. “You can’t…I’m so sorry. You can’t…”

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