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RyoJin Drabbles

Title: RyoJin Drabbles
Pairing: RyoJin
Beta: sanox (Thanks dear!! <3)
Genre: various
Raiting: various
Summary: Various RyoJin drabbles ^____^
Written for: dorayaki_chan, as a belated birthday present!!!!!! I hope you will like it *HUGS*


“What are you doing here?” Jin dropped his jacket and his bag to the floor and peeked into the living room. He was feeling tired and exhausted, as so often recently. “Origami, Ryo? Seriously?” He blinked in confusion as he was sitting down next to the other. “Birds?”

“Cranes.” Ryo set it clear. “They say, if you make 1000 of them, your love will last forever…” he paused, looking away from Jin. “…no matter how many problems you have.”


Jin’s kisses were passionate; Jin’s touches heats him up…in any possible way. If Jin was generous with something, it would be sex. He was willing to give everything. Just sometimes when Ryo was sitting in the living room, alone in front of the TV, he wished that Jin would be willing to give something else too; besides sex.


They couldn’t take it anymore and they both knew it. Still when Ryo packed his bag and was about to leave their apartment, Jin felt like crying. He hadn’t realized it till now, because he hadn’t been able to see it properly; to see Ryo properly; to see himself properly. He had always been glad to hold on to something. Just, when Ryo would be away, what would he hold on to from now on?


They got together during a dark night, with an unusual high amount of stars blinking down on the city. From this day on, Jin always used to pull Ryo outside when there were stars at the sky, showing him where to find the Big Dipper, where the little one. Ryo always nodded his head, leaning against Jin and following the other’s words. He never even once told Jin that he knew how to read the constellation himself.

Club 8

Miroku had no idea what had gotten into Bido to drag him to this crowded and small club. Apparently it was an in-club, popular. Besides that the first thing Bido had done when they arrived was throwing himself into the masses of people and flirting with every possible girl he met.

Miroku sighed, sipping at a drink. He was about to get up and leave the club, when he saw him. He was moving through the masses athletically, not even bumping against one single person. His body was skinny, but trained, his tank-top showing off his muscles. His dark hair falls into his face impishly and his eyes were staring at everything intensely.

Miroku couldn’t help but stare. Of course, sooner or later, the guy had to realize it… and when he approached Miroku out of a sudden, Miroku was pretty sure he wouldn’t survive it. He had seen this guy boxing right before and he didn’t want to be his next target.

But the guy offered him some tequila, while drinking one himself. His eyes glued to Miroku’s. When Miroku asked for his name, he answered ‘Ace’. Actually Miroku was pretty sure that it hadn’t been his real name. But when Ace dragged him along, pushing him on his bed to enjoy the most electrifying and intense sex Miroku had ever had, he couldn’t care less… Who cared for a name anyway?


Gladly Ryo had learned how to pretend. He pretended to be happy when he was actually sad. He pretended to be listening while he was almost fainting because he was so tired. He pretended to smile when he was about to cry. He pretended to be calm when all he wanted to do was yell. He pretended he was alright when Jin came home way too late. He pretended to not smell the slight scent of perfume on Jin’s clothes. He pretended not to see the lipstick on his shirt; sometimes the neck.

It was easier to pretend.


Ryo was well aware of the fact that Jin had done everything for him. He was taking his hand, leading him through the darker and clouded times of his life. He had taken Jin for granted, but he hoped that Jin knew how much he actually loved him. But how long would Jin bear with him? Had he taken him for granted for too long?

Ryo patted the ground a bit, sighing when he looked at the little flower he had just planted. When he heard Jin’s footsteps behind him, he turned around a bit, smiling warily.

“Nice flower…” Jin mused, wondering what kind of impish plan Ryo was working on at the moment.

Ryo had to smile brightly at that. Jin wouldn’t leave him; this was his wish-flower after all.


“Hey JinJin.” Kame’s voice sounded sweet and soft, when he patted Jin’s hand. “Here, today Pi bought a new friend for you.” He carefully opened the cat basket, angling for a small, black cat, and placed it right next to Jin.

Jin grunted at that, glaring at the intruder. This was his Kame-chan after all.

“He is Pi’s cat; Ryo.” Kame explained first stroking Ryo’s head, then Jin’s. “And since Pi will be living here from now on, Ryo-chan will stay here too.”

Jin frowned at that, stretching a bit to show the small one that he was the tallest and strongest here. He had actually expected that this Ryo-chan-dumb-ass would actually pull along and show off his polished fur and his height as well, so that the both of them could have their first fight.

But to Jin’s surprise, Ryo-chan didn’t even move. He was hovering in a corner, looking at Jin through big eyes. Jin sighed a bit, great, now he had to babysit or what? Not enough that Kame-chan had a new stupid lover, now he also had to look after this stupid lover’s kitten. He grumbled, approaching the fragile cat, patting his head a bit with his paw.

Jin frowned deeply. “Kiddo, you are too thin; really; too bony; hardly any fat!”

Ryo-chan merely grumbled at that, his eyes still looking at Jin in fear, but not that scared anymore.

Jin grinned a bit. Well at least this kitty was cute. “Hey you. Can’t you talk?” he poked Ryo’s stomach. “Okay, I’m strong.” Jin reassured the other cat. “I’ll watch out for you.”

Ryo blinked at him in surprise, his big eyes getting even bigger. Jin smiled contently when he saw a slight smile in the other’s eyes. “Good boy.” He sat down, rubbing his head against Ryo’s. “You are really a bit weak, aren’t you? And small!”

“Who are you calling small?” Ryo pouted out of a sudden, his cute cat-face becoming ever cuter. “Fatass.”

Jin merely smirked at that, getting up just to plop down on top of Ryo. “Shut up, shrimp.”


The times Jin enjoyed the most was when Ryo loosened up. When he would approach him, grab his hand and pull him towards their bed to make love to Jin and let Jin make love to him. As long and as much as they were able to do. After these heated moments and hot-steaming sex they had been sharing, Jin would wrap his arms around Ryo, pulling him closer, before they both fell asleep.

What Jin enjoyed the most about this, was not the sex itself, but the aftermath.


Jin enjoys watching Ryo playing with his nephews and nieces. He was watching out for them so well and the picture was giving Jin so much inner peace. But every now and then it happened that Ryo would talk to his sister, telling her things like ‘When I’m a daddy once…”

Or ‘I want to have more than one child’”

And no matter how peaceful the picture in front of him was, no matter how warm, it made Jin flinch in pain and shiver in cold.

Butting into my business

Every time Ryo stood up in the morning and walked by Jin, he groped his butt. Jin’s butt was simply too sexy. It was round and trained…and opened up many possibilities.

Whenever Jin would return from a concert tour though, Ryo wasn’t really happy. Because it needed him lots of cooking to get his amazing butt back.


Ryo watched Jin moving over the stage, his wonderful voice filling the air. Jin had wanted him to watch his concert from the VIP area, but Ryo had declined. He simply wanted to see Jin like all the others were watching him. Ryo leaned back a bit, closing his eyes to let the music fill him. When he heard the introduction to Hey Girl he had to grin a bit. Jin was holding on to this song, though it was stupid and weird, but still he loved it. No matter how huge the distance between them was, when Ryo would go back to Japan, this song reminded the both of them that there would always be something that was holding them together.

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