lilly0 (lilly0) wrote,

Hello! *waves*

For all of you who are wondering why I'm not updating or answering any comments and messages:

I have the flu since Monday and I was sleeping on my sofa most of the time ><
I felt really bad most of the time, today my doctor came to my place to check on me.
At the moment I'm feeling a bit better...
I just don't want to rush things.

Well, today the news about Jin woke me up of course.
I am immensely surprised! I would have never expected that. But I'm happy for him of course! It seems like this is what he wished for and that he always wanted an own family. And I think that Meisa is a cool and nice woman. So, good luck to you, Jin!!!!! --> In exchange I want a new song :D
Tags: rambling
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