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Role Plays

Title: Role Plays
Pairing: RyoJin
Beta: [info]natsuki_suzu (Thanks dear!! You are amazing! <3)
Genre: humour, romance, harmless kink
Raiting: R
Warning: harmless kink, a bit spanking, fun ^^
Summary: The nicely meant, but not so thoughtful intention which led to a new sex-adventure. Or about how Yamapi made Jin fall into a serious crisis and Jin came up with an impressive idea. Impressive, if you talk Jin-ish.
Requested by [info]eito_8 in THIS post. I hope you will like it. ^_^  It's a request gone wild :D

The nicely meant, but not so thoughtful intention which led to a new sex-adventure. Or about how Yamapi made Jin fall into a serious crisis and Jin came up with an impressive idea. Impressive, if you talk Jin-ish.

Hey Pi, it’s me, your former friend! How could you do that to me!?

It’s me again. Okay I’m still your friend. But…really… why did you have to tell me the truth!?

Okay, now that I know the truth, I’ll challenge myself. I’m Jin after all. Hot and mesmerizing. I’ll show Ryo how exciting having sex with me can be!

Okay, I’ll go straight to the point. I need your help. Any ideas? We do the BDSM thingy occasionally, so no need to suggest that. I need something new!!

24 hours ago:

Scene 1, the talk between friends. Or...what friends should better keep a secret from each other.

Jin looked at Pi in utter shock. “Ryo said what?”

Pi flinched a bit. “Well...” he stuttered. “I mean... I'm not entirely sure of course... but I think he said something like that...”

Jin's eyes widened in shock, his hands trembling a bit. “Oh my god...”

“Jin, don't freak out now.” Pi tried to calm his friend down, realizing that it might be too late for that and that he shouldn't have said anything in the first place.

“What?” Jin pressed out. “You don't want me to freak out? Damn, Pi, I always thought the sex Ryo and I are having is gorgeous!!” He rubbed his temples in deep frustration. “I didn't know that Ryo thinks it sucks.”

“He didn't say it sucks...” Pi tried to reassure his friend.

“Boring, Pi. He said boring!!” Jin yelled furiously.

“Okay, I know. But boring doesn't mean the end of the world” Pi tried to comfort Jin, having the slight feeling that he was failing here.

“And why was he talking to you about it?” Jin complained. “Why not with me? That's so embarrassing...”

“Jin...” Pi said softly. “Would you be able to tell him that he sucks in bed?”

“No way.” Jin mumbled. “Besides, he is gorgeous. I love having sex with him...” He rested his head on the table. “Damn...what am I supposed to do now?”

Pi sighed a bit, considering Jin's option, then he shrugged. “I'll think about it. Meanwhile, you could maybe talk to Ryo?”

“But what should I say?”

“Well, you could approach this topic more diplomatically...” Pi mused. “Like asking Ryo if he wants to try something new...”

Jin frowned. “You mean, I should pretend that I don't know anything and that I just want to try something exciting?”


10 hours ago:

Scene 2: If I get a dollar, every time you make me wonder…

Ryo blinked in surprise. “You want to try something new?”

“Yes.” Jin smiled a bit. He had fought a lot against himself here and he came to a conclusion. Ryo thought he was boring? HE WOULD GIVE HIM NON-BORING THEN! He would show him what he was capable of, so that Ryo would beg him to go back to BORING!

“Don’t you like how it is now?” Ryo wanted to know, blinking so innocently that Jin was taken aback for a moment. But then he remembered Pi’s words and what Ryo had told Pi and decided that Ryo was just most likely feeling surprised by the sudden approach.

“This has nothing to do with how it is now.” Jin tried to reassure Ryo. Yeah, funny enough he was the one reassuring his lover… also known as the guy who thought that Jin’s way of doing him was boring. “But I don’t want you to get BORED… so, why not doing something kinky?”

Ryo blinked in serious surprise. (Damn, this guy is one heck of an actor.) “Okay…” To Jin’s relief and pride Ryo’s interest seemed to be awakened. “And what do you want to do?”

“I won’t tell you yet…”

“Oh.” Ryo jumped out of the bed, hugging Jin and trying to tickle him. “Tell me… p~l~ea~se~”

Jin had to giggle and laugh at that little attack. Then he took Ryo’s face between his two hands, pulling the other one closer to kiss him softly. “Just let yourself be surprised.” He whispered. “It won’t be something boring.” Jin put the accentuation on ‘boring’ but again Ryo didn’t show any significant reaction.

Jin sighed inwardly, thinking that his boyfriend was cute, but sometimes way too oblivious. But no matter what… he would show him what it meant… to be NOT BORING!

With a firm nod towards himself, Jin went to think of a perfect plan. Just…he and Ryo did so many different things, even he, as the sexy and knowledgeable guy found it difficult to find something new. Jin sighed in desperation and tugs his hair. He just had to do this right.

Okay Jin, don’t freak out. I have an idea!

Pi, spit it out already. I’m desperate!

How about role-games?

What? Are you serious?

It’s new and you never did that before. It can be kinky, fun and hot.

Jin blinked down at Pi’s message, frowning a bit. Well, yeah, Pi was right. Just that Jin wasn’t that much into role-plays. Not the real thing. Sometimes it was fun to play certain roles in bed, but what Pi meant was for sure something more serious. A real scene.

Do you know anything about that, Pi?

No, sorry, I’m not too much into this stuff either. But we can do some research. In two hours at my place?

Jin nodded his head. For Ryo. Okay, thanks for helping!


Scene 3: The oblivious guy and his obnoxious boyfriend

“What?” Ryo asked in surprise. “Role-plays?”

“Yes.” Jin grinned brightly, they had the whole day free and he would use it wisely. Definitely. It was still morning, they had their breakfast, had showered afterwards – with Jin making sure that Ryo would be turned on, because he had hugged and groped him, just enough to make him hot. He could see it in Ryo’s eyes clearly. He wanted him now. Perfect.

“Well…” Ryo wavered, obviously surprised by Jin’s enthusiasm. “We could give it a try, I guess…”


That's the first time one of my stories was too long for Lj. Sorry, just click on the link below to get to part 2 ^_^


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