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Role Plays Part 2

Scene 4 Stage 1: The teacher and his student

Ryo looked down at his book, trying to stay concentrated, though he felt totally off wearing his old school uniform. Actually the thing bothering him the most was that he still fit into it. Okay, he was a bit taller now, but beside that, it should be way too small.

Ryo pouted a bit at that thought. No matter how much he would train and how many muscles he would gain, he would always be the skinny guy.

“Nishikido-kun…” Jin’s voice pulled Ryo out of his thoughts.

The latter blinked. When did Jin return to the room? “Yes, Sensei?”

Jin had to hide a grin, when he bent forward a bit, pointing at a line in Ryo’s book. “Do you understand that question, Nishikido-kun?”

Ryo struggled between several things here. First he really didn’t understand a word. It was in English after all – one of Jin’s exercise books. Second he felt embarrassed for not understanding it. Third…Jin was so close to him right now, his hair tickling Ryo’s cheek, so that Ryo found it immensely difficult to stay concentrated. “No Sir…” he stuttered.

Jin smiled knowingly, turning the chair Ryo was sitting on around, so that they were facing each other, their noses almost touching. “Then I’ll explain it again…” he said, despite their closeness keeping up his teacher-voice.

Ryo had actually just wanted to nod his head. The elbow of his right hand was still resting on the desk, his other hand was rubbing over his trousers nervously. He had been too pre-occupied with this situation to realize how the desk was slowly slipping away, until he lost the grip under his elbow, dropping down on the floor with a loud squeal.

Jin bent down next to him immediately. “Are you okay, Ryo?” he asked in worry, his fingers stroking over Ryo’s face softly.

Attempt 1 = Fail

Scene 4 Stage 2: The Master and his Geisha

Ryo twitched around nervously, his fingers brushing over the soft fabric of the Kimono. Where did Jin get this Kimono from? Heck…How long has he planned this already!?

Ryo walked to the window, trying to look as seductively as possible – though he felt rather dumb. And he knew that he had never looked good in girls’ clothes!

He bit his lips a bit when the door opened and Jin walked in, dressed in such an elegant way that Ryo had to blink. For a moment Jin paused, looking at Ryo, their gazes meeting…then he burst into laughter.

“You are the ugliest Geisha ever!”

Ryo pouted at that, tugging at his wig until he was holding it in his hand and throwing it towards Jin. “I’m just doing that for you, idiot! It was your idea.” He stepped out of the Kimono, throwing it towards Jin as well, before he turned around, intending to walk out of the room.

He blinked when he felt two arms being wrapped around his chest. “Sorry…” Jin whispered into his ear, kissing the sensitive earlobe. “Sorry for being insensitive. Maybe this Geisha-idea was stupid. You are so pretty as a guy, but as a girl…”

“As a girl I suck.” Ryo grumbled.

“Of course you do.” Jin smiled. “That’s why I am together with you, not with a girl.”

Scene 4 Stage 3: Night-club roller-coaster

Ryo still didn’t feel completely comfortable, but at least this time he was allowed to play as a guy. He stretched on his bed, trying to show off as much as it would need for Jin to get turned on (which basically wasn’t much, because Jin got turned on really easily)

And really, when Jin came into the room he gasped a bit, trying to gather his senses as fast as possible. Then he approached Ryo, a rather dark gleam in his eyes. “You are pretty.” He mumbled with a low voice. “And hopefully worth my money…”

Ryo looked up at Jin, before he slowly sat up, his arms angling at Jin’s neck to pull him down. His lips moved over Jin’s neck seductively, a tongue pressing against sensitive skin here and there.

Jin shivered at that, Ryo’s lips on his neck drawing lazy patterns. He sighed contently, this was the best idea ever… And Ryo was so seductive.

He was just about to stand up to take the lead again, when both of them startled by a high and disturbing sound ringing through the air.

Jin frowned in frustration. “The doorbell…”

“I heard it.” Ryo mumbled in annoyance.

“We could just ignore it.” Jin suggested lamely.

Ryo sighed a bit. “We can’t…”

Jin was in the worst mood ever when he turned around to open the door. And it didn’t make anything better that it was Yuu. The guy who supposed to be his buddy. He looked at him in annoyance. “What?”

Yuu frowned, inspecting Jin’s figure closely. “What did you do to your hair?” he blinked, looking at Jin’s clothes. “I’ve never seen you in such clothes either.”

“I borrowed them, okay?” Jin huffed.

Yuu grinned out of the sudden. “What are you doing here? Playing games?”

Jin almost blushed at that. “None of your business…”

Yuu smiled brightly, patting Jin’s shoulder. “Sorry for intervening in your sex-time. I’ll drop by later. Or…better: tomorrow.”

Jin sighed in relief. “Thanks.” When he walked back to their bedroom, he found Ryo in more clothes again. Great. Thanks Yuu for destroying the mood. When Ryo saw Jin’s disappointed expression, he reached out his arms, taking Jin’s face softly into his hands before he kissed him. “We can try something new…” Ryo whispered against the kiss.

Jin pulled back immediately, new motivation filling him. “YOSH! Let’s do something fiercer this time!”

Scene 4 Stage 4: The Master and his boytoy

Somehow Ryo began to wonder where Jin got all these strange ideas from. And where the heck did he found these costumes? Ryo was currently dressed in… 18th-century-subordinate style…waiting for his…eh…master. He had done something stupid… and was about to be… eh… punished. This was the setting Jin had chosen.

When he heard Jin opening the door fiercely, he turned around a bit, feeling both overwhelmed and interested by the dark glance in the other’s eyes. So he decided to play along.

“I’m so sorry, Master.” he whined.

For a moment Jin was almost surprised that Ryo played along like that, sounding almost too convincing. Then he smiled devilish, grabbing his ruler (Pi had suggested a cane, but by all the playful fun and dorkiness they were having right now, Jin was pretty sure that Ryo wouldn’t let him cane him. Besides that he himself didn’t want to do that to Ryo.) fiercely. “No, you are getting your cute little butt…” Jin had actually planned to say ‘….spanked’ but when he raised the ruler to hit it against his right leg – to underline his words – he cried out in pain, as he had accidentally hit his leg too hard so that the wood broke.

Ryo jumped out of the bed immediately when he heard Jin’s pained yell and hurried to his side. Jin was sitting on the floor, rubbing over his leg. He smiled a bit when Ryo knelt down next to him, bending down a bit to kiss Jin’s knee softly. Then he hugged him tightly, kissing his temples. “I can’t believe you actually wanted to use that on me.” he complained.

“I wouldn’t have hit you that hard…”

“Really?” Ryo still sounded sceptical. “Why a ruler out of all?”

Jin chuckled. “I thought you wouldn’t like the cane too much…”

“Yeah.” Ryo frowned. “100 points for you. I would have thrown it out of the window… But was there nothing else to use?”

“Do you prefer a whip?” Jin teased, while trying to sound as earnest as possible.

Ryo was caught between several reactions. A slight shiver of fear when he just imagined Jin using a whip on him. Surprise. And uncertainty since he didn’t know if Jin would make use of this somehow-promise.

When Jin saw Ryo’s wide-eyed expression, he burst into laughter. “I’m just kidding, silly.” He hugged Ryo out of the blue, messing around with him. “You think I would really do that? I love kink…but this would be a bit too much for me.”

“For you?” Ryo pouted, glaring at Jin for teasing him like that. “I would be the one who had to bear with it then…”

“Yeah.” Jin smiled brightly, biting into Ryo’s nose softly. “But I hate to hurt you.”

Scene 4 Stage 5: The nurse and her patient

“Stop that.” Jin squealed. “You are tickling me…”

Ryo sighed in frustration. “Really, Akanishi-kun, you are way too sensitive…” He stroked Jin’s sides a bit, like he was checking on him. But to his surprise Jin jumped up out of a sudden, grabbing Ryo’s hands.

“No really.” Jin sighed a bit. “You are really tickling me…”

Ryo looked at Jin warily, then he took a deep breath, grabbing Jin’s face and pulling him into a deep kiss. He drew back a bit. “Why don’t we just do…that?”

Jin wrapped his arms around Ryo’s hips, pulling him closer and resting his head against the other’s chest. He could hear Ryo’s heartbeat and sighed a bit. This heart should always beat for him and so, even if he just wanted to be close to Ryo right now, he also needed to continue this here. He looked up a bit, stroking over Ryo’s cheek. “Let’s try it again, okay?”

Ryo sighed slightly, but since Jin really seemed to want it, he nodded half-heartedly.

Scene 4 Stage 6: The gang-leader and his pretty toy

“So…” Jin walked around Ryo, looking at him piercingly, checking every part of him. “You look like a piece of candy.”

Ryo blushed a bit. Though this was a game, it sounded so real out of Jin’s mouth. He shifted around a bit, hoping that Jin would take it as him playing his role and not real embarrassment. He bowed a bit. “I hope to bring you great pleasure.”

“I bet you will.” Jin grinned slyly, cupping Ryo’s chin with one hand and pulling him closer until their lips almost met. Ryo shivered a bit when he could feel Jin’s breathe against his lips, but unfortunately the latter didn’t kiss him.

“Get out of these clothes…” Jin ordered.

Ryo smiled sultrily at that, his deft fingers brushing over the fabric of his shirt, while he tugged playfully at it. He took it off with a fast movement, before he approached Jin, wrapping his arms around his neck.

“I didn’t allow you to do that.” Jin mumbled, but failed at sounding bossy.

“I’m just showing you what kind of pleasure I can give you, Sir.” Ryo whispered. “Don’t you want to play with your new toy a bit?”

Jin wrapped his arms around Ryo’s waist, pressing the other’s body against his. “You are a confident little toy, aren’t you?”

“Well, I’m doing my best.”

“Let’s see how good you really are.” Jin teased, biting into Ryo’s cheek playfully. He had planned to finally grab Ryo and throw him on their bed – with him on top of course – when…

“Jin…” Ryo sighed when he heard the ringing of a phone. “That’s yours.”

“Let’s ignore it.” Jin mumbled.

“You can’t.” Ryo said reluctantly, kissing Jin’s nose softly. “That’s your working phone… It might be important.”

Jin sighed, drawing back a bit. In the end it was really someone from work, telling him about some changes in his schedule. Still Jin felt totally annoyed. Why did they call him right now? Why not tomorrow. He sighed. There was no way to change that now…

Even their sixth attempt had failed.

Scene 4 Stage 7: The Yakuza-chief and his new subordinate

It almost felt too difficult to get into the mood again, but Jin couldn’t help it. He slowly felt hopeless. He had put so much effort into this, but still…he couldn’t make it. He and Ryo are still so far away from overcoming their sex-problems.


Jin blinked in surprise when he heard Ryo’s voice, then he blushed deeply. He had totally forgotten that they were in the game right now. “What do you want?”

“You are absent-minded, Master.” Ryo said, inspecting Jin carefully.

Jin sighed. “Ryo…”

“No really.” Ryo shook his head. “You don’t need to push yourself so much. If you want to do something else or take a break, let’s do it.” He smirked, slipping a bit closer to Jin and brushing over his sides teasingly. “Maybe I can distract you a bit and make your break more pleasurable?”

Jin stroked over Ryo’s hand lovingly, hugging him tightly. “One more try, okay? Just one more…”

Ryo wavered a bit, but then he gave in. If Jin wanted it so badly, then he should play along once more.

Scene 4 Stage 8: The policeman and the culprit

Jin dropped the folders on the desk demonstratively. “Your name is Nishikido Ryo?” he asked piercingly.

“Yes.” Ryo stuttered. “But I didn’t do anything…”

“You are not the one who decides that!” Jin interrupted him, bending forward a bit to face Ryo properly. “Understood?”

“Yes, Sir.” Ryo mumbled.

Jin smirked. “Such a cutey like you needs all the attention I can possibly give.”

“Sir…” Ryo blushed a bit, actually wanting to say more, but he got interrupted again. “I can’t believe it…” Ryo grumbled when the ringing noise of a phone reached them. “AGAIN! This time it’s mine…”

Jin sighed deeply. “It’s okay…”

“No it’s not.” Ryo told him reassuringly. “I can ignore it.”

Jin shook his head. “You were right, let’s stop this here. Apparently I’m not really lucky today.” He smiled a bit, trying to hide his disappointment. It wasn’t because of Ryo, it was because of him. He had failed so badly!!

Ryo sighed, angling for his phone. “It’s Takki…” he mumbled, still not sure if he should pick up.

Jin frowned a bit. Just because he had failed, he didn’t want Ryo to feel bad now. Hence he grabbed Ryo’s hips and messed around with him a bit until the latter fell on their bed.

“Idiot…” Ryo giggled. “We’ll discuss that right afterwards, okay?”

“Sure.” Jin grinned. “Now pick up, brat!”

Ryo smiled, angling for his phone. “Hey, Takki-kun…” Ryo smiled happily. “Yes, we are alright.” He grinned. “No, Jin is in jail right now…”

Jin almost chocked on his breath when he heard what Ryo said, imagining Takki’s face.

“No…” Ryo shook his head fiercely. “Calm down, please. No, not for real of course!” He pouted. “I am not making jokes. We were doing role games…” He paused, apparently listening to Takki’s scolding. He sighed. “Sorry for scaring you.” Ryo pouted, sounding sheepish, but then a sudden gleam appeared in his eyes. He gave his voice the best sulky and sultry expression he could have. “I’ll tell Jin to punish me for being a bad boy…”

At that Jin almost broke down laughing, for the first time since they started this game here, he was actually feeling really relaxed. He crawled on top of Ryo, his hand moving over the latter’s body, squeezing his butt a bit, before he smacked it. “Yes…” he nibbled at Ryo’s red ear-lobe. “I’ll punish you…”

Ryo grinned a bit. “Thanks. Have fun too! Bye Takki-kun!” With that he hung up, turning his head, sighing happily when Jin kissed him. But when he wanted to get up again, Jin pushed him down again, so that he was lying on the bed. Jin grinned teasingly. “Didn’t you say something about punishing you for being a bad boy?”

“Well…” Ryo stuttered. “I think I said something like that, yes…” He shivered a bit when he felt Jin’s tongue moving over his neck, tickling him a bit.

“Then let’s get rid of your clothes.” Jin stated, not giving Ryo too much time to overanalyze what they were doing. He pulled his lover up a bit to help him out of his clothes before he pushed him down again.

Ryo looked up at the other, feeling a bit unsure. “What will you do with me?”

Jin smiled warmly at that, bending down to kiss Ryo softly. “If you don’t want to do something, tell me, alright?”


“Okay.” Jin kissed Ryo’s temples. “Red means stop. Orange slow down.”

When Ryo nodded his head, Jin sat up again, stroking over Ryo’s butt teasingly to make the other relax. His fingers moved over Ryo’s skin, drawing soft patterns there, then he bent down again to kiss Ryo’s shoulder blades, his lips moving down Ryo’s spine, before he bit into his butt playfully.

“Ready?” he whispered.

“I guess…” Ryo mumbled.

Jin smiled, sitting up again, his hand resting on Ryo’s butt. He raised his hand and checked on his strength carefully, before he brought it down on Ryo’s butt. The sound echoed through the room and made Jin pause for a moment. He wasn’t too sure at all about how to do that. Was it too rough? “Ryo, are you alright?”

Ryo smiled a bit at that. “You know Jin, I never did that before either…and I’m not sure how it should feel like, but I’m pretty sure that I should at least feel SOMETHING when you smack me.”

Jin nodded his head earnestly, bringing his hand down harder this time. Ryo jumped a bit. This definitely stung a lot more, making his skin burn slightly.

“Too hard?” Jin asked in immediate concern.

“Bit…” Ryo answered warily, actually not too sure about that himself.

“Okay.” Jin smiled reassuringly, glad that he at least had a direction now for how to spank his lover. “Just remember the code word, okay?”


When Jin’s hand came down on him again, it still stung, just not that much as before. Ryo tilted his head a bit, trying to assess the sensation. He wasn’t sure at all if he liked it or not, but somehow it did something to him, especially when Jin interrupted the spanking and merely brushed over his butt, kneading the now heated and warm skin.

“Do you…” Ryo paused, shifting around a bit. “Do you want this to be a scene? Should I whine or beg?”

Jin shook his head, before he placed a soft kiss on Ryo’s forehead. “I want you to be you. No games, no scene, no roles. Just us.”

Ryo sighed in relief. “I already love this thought…” He took a deep breath, blushing a bit. “Ne Jin… don’t go too hard on me, okay?”

Jin smiled teasingly. “We’ll see…”

“Hey!” Ryo complained, glaring a bit. “I mean it!”

Jin smiled reassuringly. “I know, I’m just kidding. Of course I’ll be careful… Trust me.”

“Good.” Ryo smiled in relief, turning on his stomach again. He sighed a bit when he felt Jin’s hand on his butt, stroking him teasingly. Then the hand was away again, coming down on him just a moment later. Ryo jumped a bit at that, breathing in sharply. They had only talked for a few seconds, but still the sensation of Jin’s hand on his butt felt so new again. It made Ryo wonder if it would actually always feel unusual and strange, but when Jin’s hand spanked him again, it was different. It felt warm, almost hot, though it still stung. Ryo bit his lips at that, deciding to concentrate more on this warm feeling than on the actual stinging. For a moment Ryo was surprised that he really was able to dwell in this feeling while Jin spanked him. Though it still stung, Jin’s hand apparently was miraculously doing weird but also amazing things to him. Ryo sighed in relief when Jin stopped his spanking and stroked over his butt softly. He kneaded the other’s warm skin, massaging a bit. Ryo dwelled in this feeling of warm heat rushing through his body, but when Jin smacked him again, he gasped for a moment, being pulled out of his own rhythm. “Orange…” he pressed out.

“Too much?” Jin asked in concern. “Sorry, Ryo.” He paused a bit, his fingers stroking over Ryo’s red skin tenderly. He wondered what he should do now. Ryo had just said ‘orange’, which meant a simple slow-down, but then his skin was already deep red and Jin didn’t want to do real damage to it. Besides that Ryo telling him to slow down was equal to a hinted ‘enough’. He brought his hand down on Ryo’s butt a few more times, before he stopped. Ryo was holding his breath, whimpering and moaning slightly, whenever Jin’s fingers were stroking over his butt. Jin smiled brightly, bending forward and placing a soft kiss on Ryo’s cheek. “You are crying?”

“No.” Ryo smiled a bit. “I just teared up.”

“It’s not the same like crying?”

“No, it’s completely different.” Ryo explained. “Don’t worry, Jin. Believe me here, okay?”

“Okay.” Jin dropped down to Ryo’s side, pulling him into a tight hug, while his hand was stroking Ryo’s back soothingly. “I love you, you know that, right?”

“I know.” Ryo smiled happily. “I love you too. And this here was fun, but I won’t let you do that to me on an every day basis.”

Jin laughed. “I wouldn’t ask you to let me do this on an every day basis. My hand hurts after all…” He grinned a bit when Ryo’s leg kicked him. “Apparently I wasn’t able to tame you.”

“Oh, shut up.” Ryo grumbled.

“Sorry.” Jin smiled, kissing Ryo’s cheek softly, before he moved his lips over Ryo’s shoulder, down his back, kissing his butt softly, nibbling at the hot and red skin. “Thanks for playing along.”

“It was fun. I liked it myself.” Ryo reassured the other. “Just, as I said…”

“Not on an everyday basis.” Jin chuckled. “Got it. Don’t worry. I don’t feel the urge to spank you all the time. It would loose the fun then…” He stretched a bit. “I’m so hot right now…but also so tired.”

“Me too!” Ryo looked at Jin nervously. “You are also too tired for sex now?”

“Yes.” Jin whined. “I would love to fuck you now, but I just can’t…”

Ryo smiled in relief. “Let’s delay that to tomorrow okay?”  he curled up in their bed. “I’ve never been this tired before…”

“Me neither.” Jin mumbled. “This whole role-gaming was exhausting.”

“The end was good.” Ryo grinned. “But the Geisha-thingy was horrible. Though all in all it was fun. Something different. But please don’t make this a usual habit.”

Jin bit on his lips, he sat up a bit, leaning against the bed now. He angled for Ryo’s hand, deciding to finally be honest. “What do you want me to change then?”

“Eh?” Ryo blinked. “I’m not sure… I never thought about that… Why should we change anything?”

Jin sighed. “Does that you mean you are not bored?”

“No, why should I be bored?” Ryo asked with so much surprise in his voice that Jin was sure he hadn’t acted it.

“You are not bored?” he stared at Ryo in surprise. “But Pi told me you said to him our sex was boring!”

“I never said such a thing!” Ryo tried to explain.

Jin rubbed over his head. “But I’m sure he meant it. It wasn’t a joke… he wouldn’t have been able to pull that through for so long…” he looked at Ryo. “You can tell me really. Don’t be afraid.”

“Jin.” Ryo sighed. “I never said that having sex with you is boring. I love having sex with you! All we do… the sweet love-making moments, the rough and heated sex we have, the kinky stuff, the things we use occasionally, like hand-cuffs and other stuff like that. We are doing so much in bed. It’s amazing. And I think we are gorgeous.”

Jin blushed at these words, a wave of relief rushing through him. “Really?”

“Yes.” Ryo grinned. “So that was the reason behind this adventure here?”

“Yes.” Jin admitted, looking away from Ryo in embarrassment. “Pretty stupid, right?”

“No.” Ryo shook his head. “I think it’s totally okay to have doubts sometimes.”

“I just don’t understand where Pi got this idea from…” Jin mused. “…that you said it’s boring with me. Are you sure you never said the word boring to him? When you talked about sex?”

Ryo blinked, trying to think about his talks with Pi. Then he blinked out of a sudden. “Well, I didn’t say it in connection to us, but I explained to him that you borrowed this strange porn movie from Yuu and that it was so boring…”

Jin was too shocked to say anything. So it had all been for nothing? All the stupid role-gaming? Ryo hadn’t wanted that!? Jin cursed silently, but remembered that this here wasn’t the time to be grumpy, hence he hugged Ryo tightly, cuddling with him until the latter was asleep. Jin was about to fall asleep too, when he suddenly remembered something. He grinned, getting up and angling for his phone. To not wake Ryo up, he went to the living room for this phone call.

“Hey Kazuya…It’s me, Jin.”

“Jin?” Kame sounded surprised. “Do you want to talk to Pi?”

“No.” Jin smiled sweetly. “I just wanted to see how you are.”

Kame smiled happily at that. “Thanks, I’m feeling really well!!” He paused, suddenly wondering about the strange tune in Jin’s voice. “Jin…what’s going on? There is something off, right?”

Jin grinned a bit, feeling sorry for Kame, but he knew that Kame wouldn’t be the one who would suffer. Actually if he found out the truth, he would totally blame Pi for it. “You know… I recently talked to Pi about boring sex…”


“Yes.” Jin sighed tiredly. “Well, Ryo and I are totally alright in that concern. Nothing boring.” He chuckled slightly. “I’m not sure about you and Pi though… If you have problems…”

“I’m not sure…” Kame mumbled, frowning a bit. What did Pi suggest to Jin? Why did the latter sound so grumpy?

“Role games are really recommendable.” Jin mused.

Kame stayed quiet for a moment, blinking at that. Jin hated role games, he knew that. “Did Pi say something to you?” he asked out of a sudden. “You sound so grumpy. Did he say something to Ryo? Or did he bump into your relationship business?”

“I won’t answer that.” Jin told Kame warily.

Kame stayed quiet for a moment, then he grinned out of a sudden. Jin had actually done him a favour. “Role Games you say? Well, why not… I always wanted to try them…”


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