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Cry for help/Crazy new drama/and night life

Hello everyone!!

How have you been!?
I'm currently working on my master thesis. And I really need to get in a specific class this term, but I'm not sure yet if my professor will accept me. IF I won't get into the class, I'll have to study one more term. IF I get into it, I'll be able to finish all my classes this term and make my final exam around October/November. I hope it goes well!! I want to finish my classes and not wait another term ><

Talking about: Does anyone of you know literature about Politeness in Japanese language? (It's part of my master thesis)


Something else:

(gif by ryoislove)

Did anyone of you already see the anouncement for Ryo's new drama?

Now honestly: Who else had a WTF impression first?
Okay, either this is a desperate but brilliant attempt of JE to somehow promote Jin's marriage or it's a try (also a brilliant one) to use it to promote something else.
Whatever, this drama might be really epic and hilarious - Kanjani appears too!!!!!!!!! It's part of their 8-year anniversary, so I bet it's not really a 'normal' drama, it will be rather hilarious with lots of gorgeous guest-appearances.
Is it okay to hope for other Johnnys to have cameos/guest-appearances too? ^_^

By the way, who else is reminded of Nagase's drama 'Mukodono'? The plot is similar, just that Nagase didn't play himself.

Also, I don't see this as a Daddy-role. I don't think this will be a family drama - it is more a comedy drama. So...Ryo never did a comedy drama before? It might be something new for us fans ^^


Something else.
I'm currently playing "Yakuza 3" - I struggled a lot with myself, wether to play it or not. But I heard to many good things about it, so I gave it a try. swept me off my feet. This is one of my absolute favourite games now. I  need to buy Yakuza 4, definitely ^^

Seriously, this is one of the best games I played till now. The battles look quite brutal in these videos, but honestly, a lot depends on how you decide to fight. Well, it is rather realistic - you are not playing some sort of elf or magician.

It has an amazing story - thrilling, touching, full of surprises (just like a jdrama^^) - it's action, politics, underground and at the same time there is an orphanage with lots of sweet and troubled kids (you will help one of the boys to go on his first date for example^^)
It has brilliant characters - and I really mean brilliant. Also the supportive characters are amazing. Not to talk about Kazuma - finally a main-character in an RPG who is totally rocking it.
The twists are amazing. The battle system is simple. There are tons of side-missions. The storyline is not going straight - there are side-storylines you have to do, like looking after the kids in the orphanage etc. You can go through Okinawa and Kamurocho - apparently it's really giving a good picture of these parts of Japan. You can date (*lol*), you can visit night clubs and watch some table-dancing (LMAO - srsl, this was brilliant. As a girl I couldn't help but *lol* at these parts). There are tons of mini-games, like baseball, golfing, pool, dart. There is an Underground-Dungeons where 'you' can participate. There are special side-missions: The Hitmen-Missions. You can go to a dojo and learn special moves. You can go and sing Karaoke (major *looool* by the way. Kazuma singing Enka is way too fun ^_^)
I'm playing this game since a few weeks now - around 40-50 hrs - and I almsot finished it. I'm in the last chapter of the main storyline and I did all the side-missions, some hitmen missions and some mini-games - And i only finished around 15-20% of the whole game!! O_O So this says a lot about how huge it is. ^^

This game just surprised me in a way I couldn't believe it. I knew it would be good, but I don't really like the realistic types of games, but honestly, this is just brilliant. Whoever likes video-games and Japan, should give this a try. This is one of the best Action-RPGs so far. (I hope Yakuza 1-2 will get re-mastered for the PS3 too...)

Okay, that's it for today from my side :D
Enough rambling ^____^

I hope you are all having a beautiful day!!!!!!!!!!!

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