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Hey there!!

Okay, first of all:
YAY!!!! Meryl Streep won the Oscar for the best actress in a leading role!!!!!!!!!!!!!



After I followed some discussions, I can't help it:
Geez, guys, can't we just be happy to see him in a new drama? ><

I heard about some fan reactions, like: Oh no, maybe it's a RL-documentary and he is married for real!?

You know what this drama reminds me of? Smap's special dramas. I know a lot of fans of the younger groups, don't follow Smap, but Smap actually had a lot of Drama specials - last year for example: The Tomato-Murder case. They all played themselves and one staff member got murdered. So...that's also a RL-documentary?

I also don't see this as him playing another Daddy-role. It's comedy after all - that's a different genre.
For me this drama is not a real, normal drama. It's for Kanjani-promotion, which is good of course. I hope they will have cool roles and make something hilarious out of this. :D

I don't think this drama will have high ratings, but I don't think this drama was made to attract everyone. It sounds more like a present from them to their fans. I hope for the guys to have fun and give us something weird and fun - they deserve it to get this promotion!

I'm not a huge romance and comedy drama fan myself. Crime and Human are my favourite genres, but I'll be looking forward to this.
A good actor takes risks - even if the outcome might be strange or if the ratings are not that good.
That's why I will always appreciate Ryo's dramas and Kame's and also Takki's. These are the guys that are taking risks and choose drama roles they like, new and different things and also characters and plots that push them to their limits.
That's something I really feel thankful for towards them <3


Third part of this entry is dedicated to this man:

(gif by ginger001)

Yesterday Yuki and I were discussing with go_chan2011 and sweetspicyhot about Kimura and how gorgeous he is. Well, I think they are still wondering why I'm so madly in love with this guy. :D

So, here some explanation:
Besides that this guy is absolutely handsome, he is also a gorgeous actor.

But there is a reason why he and Smap are so popular:
Kimura and Smap are the reason why Japanese idols are what they are today. When Smap debuted they suffered from a lack of popularity - actually whole JE was loosing popularity. But instead of giving up, these guys went for it: TV-shows, Dramas, CMs - they changed the image of the music entertainment industry.
Arashi's TV-shows?
Yamapi's CMs?
Cartoon KT?
Musicians and Singers in Dramas?
It's all because Smap started it. Because they were loosing popularity, they decided to bring their group to a new level.
Kimura starred in a lipstick CM - a legendary one. He was one of the very first idols advertising a female product. Over night fans 'stole' the posters with him to have them for their own ^^

EDIT: I found the CM:

Then he got a role in an important drama... and tadaaaaaaaaa Smap's popularity was rising.
Nakai gave his all to get a TV-show for them to show the audience their funny and dorky sides.
And with that, they basically won ^^
That's what Smap did and why they are so popular though they might be the most awesome singers.

For years Kimura was the image of the Gatsby campaign - till this year. From now on Matsuda Shota will be in their CMs.
Kimura's Gatsby CMs were epic (so, poor Shota...following this will be very difficult for him)
Here are some of the most awesome CMs - my favourites:

Nevertheless, I love Matsuda Shota and I wish him all the best of course <3
Still, I'll miss Kimura's Gatsby CMs ><

I'll let Kimura say the last words of this entry (Solo song: "Style"):

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