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Ryo Mini Exchange

(gif by ryoislove)

Ooookay, I found something interesting and wanted to advertise it ^__^

I just stumbled over this here:
A little exchange planned by encoded_panties, with Ryo-centric fanfics. <3

Ryo Mini Exchange

For everyone who wants to participate (side-eyes yuki, miniliel (just for fun, because day...maybe...maybe...) and other friends on my friends' list.)

Sign-ups are HERE

Okay, I'm in a hurry. yukitsubute will drop by soon together with yoru_no_hikaru. Since our other friends are busy today, it means it's just us girl... which means we are allowed to fangirl openly^^ Let's see if I'll be able to convince them to watch some Gackt-awesomeness. Well, Yuki loves GACKT, so I'm positive here.

Or Smap?
Still haven't seen their Live in Beijing concert...
Besides that one can never have enough Kimura-gorgeousness, right? Right? Right? (I'm not accepting a 'no' here ^_____^)

I hope you are all having a lovely evening!! <3

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