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High Society Walkthrough Chapter 2

Title: High Society Walkthrough CHAPTER 2 (of 10)
Pairing: Juntoshi, guests by Aiba, Sho, Nino
Beta: [info]chibieminachan (Thanks dear!! You are amazing! <3)
Rating: PG-13 (for this chapter)
Genre: AU, romance

Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related. But the story is mine of course^^
Matsumoto Jun, the once-to-be successor of his father’s important fashion business, is already a mogul himself. Known as the young fashionable guy he is on top of the lists of the most wanted singles and the first to be invited to the most important parties of high society.
Ohno Satoshi is a young, humble man, working part-time to earn some money, while he is trying to follow his dream to become an artist. His life changes when he gets to know that he is the long lost grand-child of the country's most important music producer.
During a high society party they meet: Jun who is forced to play a specific role in this society, while his dreams are buried deep beneath his surface, and Ohno, who has just been thrown into this life and struggles to find his path.
Requested by [info]kenshinzen in THIS post. And turned into a Multi-chapter by me :D  I hope you will like it!! ^_______^

“I wonder what they’ll do now…” Nino dropped onto Jun’s bed, lying down next to Aiba.

“And I wonder why everyone has such a high interest in my bed.” Jun snorted, grabbing Aiba’s legs to tug him out of his bed again.

Aiba glared at that. “Hey! That’s not fair…”

“I have a really nice sofa. A huge one.” Jun argued. “How about occupying that once in a while?”

Aiba looked at the sofa, only half-convinced, but then decided that it was better not to fight with Jun here. Jun smiled contently, before he turned towards Nino. But the latter just chuckled, sitting up again. “It’s okay. Spare your energy. I’ll also take the sofa.”

“So…” Aiba went back to the point. “What will they do now?”

“I have no idea…” Jun shrugged helplessly. “We need to wait for Sho. Apparently he knows a bit more.”

Nino shook his head in disbelief. “I can’t believe Ohno-san has a grandson. Didn’t his son die many years ago?”

Jun shifted around nervously. “Well…” he mumbled. “I heard something, but I don’t know if it’s true, so don’t get too excited, alright?”

“Of course not!” Aiba beamed, sitting up immediately and looking at Jun in excitement. “Now tell us.”

Jun sighed, this was exactly what he had wanted to avoid, but there was no way he could take it back now. “I heard that Ohno-san’s son met a girl when he was attending university. Actually, it was nothing that Ohno-san disapproved of, because apparently he had the opinion that every man should have his fun. Just when the ‘fun’ changed into something serious, his opinion changed.”

Nino stayed silent for a moment before he looked at Jun warily. “You mean his son met a girl, a normal one, without a high status, and he fell in love?”

“Apparently. So Ohno-san told his son, he couldn’t marry her.” Jun explained. “That he needed to decide.”

“And he decided for the girl.” Aiba mumbled. He rubbed over his hair sadly. “That’s not a fun story at all.” He sighed, already feeling sympathetic for the mogul’s grandson. “Poor boy. He grew up without a family.”

“Well, he had a family.” Nino told him warmly, touching Aiba’s arm softly. “His parents.”

Before Jun could say anything, there was a knock at the door and Sho peeked into Jun’s loft apartment. He chuckled slightly. “What a gathering. Where should I sit down now?”

“Don’t complain.” Jun teased. “You’re bony enough to find a place.”

Sho rolled his eyes at that and sat down next to Nino. “What were you talking about?”

“Ohno-san’s son.”

“Ah.” Sho nodded his head. “They did the DNA test yesterday. I don’t know the result though…” He shrugged. “But honestly, he resembles Ohno-san so much, that he has to be related to him.”

“What’s his name by the way?” Jun wanted to know.


Jun stayed quiet for a moment before he smiled carefully. “He’s named after his grandfather.” he said silently.

“Yes.” Sho mumbled. “I think Satoshi-kun's father really suffered because of his separation from his father.”

“Of course he did.” Jun sighed. “Who would want their parents to reject them? It must’ve been horrible…”

“Yes.” Aiba mumbled. “I can’t even imagine my parents pushing me away. What would I do all alone? It has to be lonely… I’m sure it was also lonely for Ohno-san. His only son was gone after all, and he’d been living his life without him.”

Jun nodded at Aiba, smiling warmly. “You’re right, Masaki. It is sad.” He paused. “But who’s giving them the guarantee that Satoshi will accept his grandfather’s proposal?”

Sho looked at Jun for a moment then he sighed reluctantly. “They always make it. They always get what they want. He has my father at his side after all.”

“So…” Nino mused. “We will meet him soon? Sounds like a bit of fun.”

“Yes.” Aiba smiled warmly. “We need to give him a warm welcome. Talking about…” he paused. “Anyone else feeling hungry?”

“Are you kidding?” Sho sighed. “I haven’t eaten the whole day.”

“How about ordering something in?” Jun suggested, already angling for his phone.

“Yes, or I could cook.” Aiba offered. “After all you do have a kitchen here… which you hardly use.”

“You can cook?” Nino asked in surprise.

Aiba blushed a bit at that. “Yes. I’m still learning though…”

Nino chuckled a bit at that. “I’m volunteering to help you.”

“Great.” Aiba jumped up, tugging Nino along with him towards Jun' kitchen, before he turned around to face the other two. “And you guys just stay here and relax, okay?”

Jun blinked for a moment, smirking a bit towards Sho. “Suddenly I’m getting very strange housewife vibes…”

“Me too.” Sho joked, before he looked at Aiba and Nino thoughtfully. “Let’s see if Nino can beat you…”

“Beat me?” Jun blinked at that. “In what?”

Sho wavered for a moment, wondering if he should tell Jun about how Nino was giving his best to draw Aiba’s attention away from Jun…to him. But then he merely smiled, deciding not to bump into Nino’s and Aiba’s business. “Just thinking loud.” he explained randomly. “I’m hungry…”  


“You are on time, like always.” Honga’s wife smiled brightly. “Come in.”

“Thanks!” Ohno bowed politely, his heart jumping a bit at all the warmth he was getting from this family. As always, it was a pleasant evening. The old couple treated him like their son, trying to force him to eat all kinds of stuff, forcing him tell them if he had met some nice girl already, and tried to ask him about his future plans.

Ohno had to smile at that. “I’m still trying to become an artist. But it’s difficult. Art supplies are expensive and classes cost even more…”

Honga-san sighed. “I would love to help you. I just wonder how…”

Before Ohno could answer to that, there was a knock at the door, forcing Honga-san’s wife to get up and answer it. When she came back, a man in a suit followed her, looking similar to the man who had visited Honga’s shop a few days ago.

Honga blinked in confusion, looking at the man in surprise. “Another guy in a suit?” He shook his head, not believing in this being a coincidence anymore.

“I’m sorry.” the man bowed politely, a business smile on his lips. “I am Sakurai-san’s notary. You’ve already met my client, haven’t you?” When Ohno and Honga nodded, the man smiled a bit. “Sakurai-sama has an important business partner, who is also a good friend of his.” He paused. “Are you interested to know this friend’s name?”

Honga frowned in confusion, but nodded anyways. “Well, if you’ve already asked…”

“His name is Ohno. Ohno Satoshi.”

“WHAT!?” Ohno blurted out in surprise.

“He is the founder and chief of Ohno&son Music Cooperation. I believe you have already heard of it.” The man paused, looking at Ohno curiously. “After he heard that he has a grandson who is living as an orphan, he had done everything to look for him. Two weeks ago, Sakurai-sama’s son coincidentally saw you and told his father about you. That’s why he came to your shop…” The man smiled a bit. “Look at that.” He reached for some documents. “Here are the papers that verify you are Ohno-sama’s grandson. It’s all in there, whatever you need to know… for now. I’m sure you have more questions though. Naturally, you will.”

Ohno stared at the man in disbelief. “You’re kidding, aren’t you?”

The man shook his head, handing him a card. “Here, this is my name and address. Please go through the documents properly. I believe that you will need some time to understand everything and to get used to this news.” He smiled friendly. “Please come to my office by the end of next week alright?”

Ohno watched how the man left Honga’s apartment, not only leaving them with this breath-taking and confusing news, but also with a painful feeling inside Ohno’s chest. His grandfather? The man he had never go to know? The man who had never cared for him?

This came as such a shock that he didn’t even know how to react.

It was a few days later that Ohno was sitting together with Honga, having some coffee, when the old man suddenly looked at Ohno insistently. “Satoshi? Did you read the documents?”

“Yes.” Ohno mumbled warily, actually not wanting to talk about it. Truth was he wanted to forget it as fast as possible. Random strangers were suddenly bumping into his life and telling him that he was the long missed grandson of this music mogul? A man he had never met before? He didn’t want to change his life right now. He wanted to stay the Ohno Satoshi he’d always been and did not want to hang out with some spoilt, arrogant, rich kids, just because some old dude wanted him to do so. He wanted to stay here with people who actually cared for him.

Honga smiled sadly. “I know how you feel.” He paused. “But he is your grandfather…”

“Yes, a grandfather who didn’t care for me or my parents till now.” Ohno retorted angrily.

“You can live a better life with him.” Honga mumbled. “Finally attend the university you always wanted to go to. You can approach your goal to become an artist. Your life will be better…”

“I don’t want a better life!” Ohno hissed angrily. “I like my life like it is.” He leaned back, frowning deeply. “Why are you so into this idea? Do you want to get rid of me?”

Honga hit his fist against the table, glaring at Ohno angrily. “IDIOT! Of course not! If it was about me and my wife, we would try to convince you to stay here! But what kind of life would you lead then!? Always working in this small sports-shop of mine… always having to worry about money… dreaming of things you’ll never be able to achieve.” He leaned back, taking a deep breath to calm down. “We want you to be able to live a good life. You are an adult, Satoshi, even if you leave us it doesn’t mean you can’t make your own decisions. You will always be able to meet with us whenever you want. You are like our son after all.”

Ohno stayed silent, feeling his throat burn painfully. “But… how would this work? He never cared for my family. My father hated him.”

“That’s not true.” Honga mumbled. “He missed him…”


“He told me once about how he wished he would be able to make up with his father. That he wanted you to have a grandfather. That he wanted to finally talk the things out that were standing between them. He was determined to do it.” Honga paused. “But he died before he could do so.” He looked at Ohno insistently. “Do you understand? Your father wished for you to meet this man. He never was able to solve his problems with his father while he was living. Neither was your mother. They died before they were able to do it. I don’t want you to carry their regrets all your life. And I don’t want you to miss any chances, just like your father didn’t want you to miss any chances.” He smiled out suddenly. “He named you Satoshi after all. Just like your grandfather…”

“Yes.” Ohno mumbled, though he still wasn’t sure if he would be able to understand why his father had been so attached to this Ohno-san. “He did.”

“And now? What are you going to do?”

“Yes…” Ohno mumbled tiredly. Was he really supposed to follow his father’s wish? “What a mess…”

A/N: The action will start soon. I promise ^_^


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