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High Society Walkthrough Chapter 3

Title: High Society Walkthrough CHAPTER 3 (of 10)
Pairing: Juntoshi, guests by Aiba, Sho, Nino
Beta: [info]chibieminachan (Thanks dear!! You are amazing! <3)
Rating: PG-13 (for this chapter)
Genre: AU, romance

Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related. But the story is mine of course^^
Matsumoto Jun, the once-to-be successor of his father’s important fashion business, is already a mogul himself. Known as the young fashionable guy he is on top of the lists of the most wanted singles and the first to be invited to the most important parties of high society.
Ohno Satoshi is a young, humble man, working part-time to earn some money, while he is trying to follow his dream to become an artist. His life changes when he gets to know that he is the long lost grand-child of the country's most important music producer.
During a high society party they meet: Jun who is forced to play a specific role in this society, while his dreams are buried deep beneath his surface, and Ohno, who has just been thrown into this life and struggles to find his path.
Requested by [info]kenshinzen in THIS post. And turned into a Multi-chapter by me :D  I hope you will like it!! ^_______^

Ohno didn’t want anyone to pick him up. In the end, he’d agreed to what his old friend Honga had asked him. He had accepted his grandfather’s offer, though he was not sure if it was the right thing to do. Well, to him it felt right, because he wanted to fulfil his deceased father’s wish and let him rest in peace.

Honga had told him over and over again that it would be good for him to come to an influential family like his grandfather’s. That he would be able to achieve his dreams in that kind of environment. But still, leaving his friends and the people who had become his family for someone who he didn’t even know… it definitely hurt.

He didn’t want to seem stubborn, because he wasn’t. A part of him was even a tiny bit thankful and a bigger part of him actually wanted to understand what had happened between his father and his grandfather. At the same time, he wanted to give these two men the forgiveness they had been longing for while they were apart… and never were able to achieve because death had separated them forever.

When Ohno thought of it from the point of his grandfather, he wondered how lonely and sad this man had to feel when he’d suddenly become alone. Hadn’t there been any other way for his father and grandfather to accept and understand each other?

Running away from this wouldn’t solve anything. Ohno simply wanted to get the answers to these questions and at the same time, he simply wanted to have a family again. As much as he loved Honga-san and his wife, he also wanted to know the people he was actually related to. And his grandfather, apparently, was his last relative. Ohno wanted to learn where he came from and where his roots were. Everyone longed for a family after all…

He sighed a bit when he looked down at the little bag he was carrying along. It was a present from Honga-san and his wife, filled with all kinds of food he liked so much. Homemade, of course.

Ohno bit down on his lips on that thought. He would miss them like crazy. Even though he would still be able to meet them, he was now living far away in Tokyo. He couldn’t drop by at their place every day anymore.

Ohno stopped when a man suddenly bowed in front of him. “Ohno Satoshi-san, heir of the Ohno family?”

“Yes?” Ohno stuttered in surprise. “That’s me…”

The man smiled politely. “May I introduce myself to the young sir?”

“Sure…” Ohno shifted around a bit, wishing to be anywhere but there at that moment.

“I am Matsuzaki, one of the executive secretaries of your grandfather’s agency. I had the honour to be assigned the task of picking you up and introducing you to the new place you will be living at.” He smiled friendlily. “Whenever you have questions, you can come to me.”

“Thanks.” Ohno returned the smile half-heartedly, not sure what he was supposed to do now but before he could react, some men were already grabbing his two suitcases and bags and put them into a limousine. Ohno blushed a bit when one of them opened the door for him. “Thanks…” he stuttered. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see how Matsuzaki nodded his head shortly at the man before he sat down next to him, knocking at the small window between the backseat area and the driver’s seat. “Take us to the mansion.”

The driver bowed his head politely before he drove the car out of the parking lot to the street. Ohno leaned back a bit, trying to grasp the whole situation. He could see that the windows of the car were opaque, so that no one would be able to look into the car from outside.

Matsuzaki smiled a bit before he chuckled slightly. He searched for something in his pockets and took out a silver box, holding it towards Ohno and opening it. “May I offer you a cigarette?”

Ohno felt a wave of relief washing over him. “Damn, yeah.” he blurted out thankfully, blushing a bit when Matsuzaki laughed at that. “You don’t need to be so nervous, Ohno-san.”

Ohno sighed when he tugged at the cigarette, deciding to ignore the fact that it for sure had cost a mini-fortune. “I’m sorry, Matsuzaki-san. But this is all so new…”

“Don’t worry too much.” the man answered sympathetically. “I just picked you up. You don’t need to drive around like this every day.”

“Thank God.” Ohno mumbled.

Matsuzaki chuckled. “Your grandfather just didn’t want you to be all alone on your first day here. I will show you everything and whenever you have questions, you can ask me anytime. Though I am sure you will find friends pretty fast.”

Ohno started to relax a bit. After all, this guy didn’t seem too bad. “You mean… I can do whatever I want?”

“Well…” Matsuzaki smiled a bit. “You need to make some decisions for your future first, of course. But I heard you already decided to study art?”

“Yes…” Ohno stuttered. “If that’s okay?”

“Of course it is.” Matsuzaki sighed slightly. “We are not part of the Yakuza, Ohno-san. You don’t need to ask for permission when you want to go somewhere. You are a fully grown, young man.”

Ohno leaned back a bit, taking a few deep breaths. Then he chuckled. “I was totally freaking out.”

“I could tell.” Matsuzaki smiled a bit. “Your grandfather will be throwing a party on this upcoming Saturday for you sake. I’m sure you will meet lots nice young people there.”

Ohno frowned a bit. Wasn’t his grandfather already quite old? Did a fossil like him know a lot of young people?

Matsuzaki smirked when he saw Ohno’s expression, apparently reading his thoughts. “Ohno-sama is an important man in this country and he is well-respected. He has many friends and these friends have sons and daughters.” He leaned back. “I believe you met Sakurai-sama already?”

Ohno nodded his head, remembering the day that inscrutable man came to Honga-san’s sportswear shop. “Yes, I met him. But only for a few minutes…”

“He is one of your grandfather’s best friends. Maybe you heard about the Sakurai Ikebana School? And the Karate Dojo that is attached to it?”

Ohno blinked for a moment, then he stared at Matsuzaki in disbelief. “You mean, he’s THAT Sakurai!?”

“Yes.” Matsuzaki smiled. “He has a son, by the way. About your age. He will definitely attend the party. Together with Matsumoto-san.”

“Who?” Ohno asked carefully, realizing that this question would make him look quite dumb. But to his relief Matsuzaki didn’t even display a tiny bit of impatience. “His father is the head of the Matsumoto fashion and hotel chain.”

“Wait…” Ohno interrupted him out of a sudden, his mind working on its own. He didn’t know anything at all about fashion, but Honga-san had a sportswear shop and though they weren’t fashionable at all, Honga knew a lot about the actual fashion scene. And he’d shown him one of Matsumoto’s article ones, enjoying how Matsumoto had made fun of some sort of ridiculous fashion trend. Was that the same guy? “Does he write those famous articles?”

“No, that’s his son.” Matsuzaki explained calmly.

“But he is popular!” Ohno breathed out.

“He, for sure, is very popular.” the other man chuckled. “In every field. Girls absolutely love him…”

Ohno had to chuckle at that, glad that this Matsuzaki was nice enough to make him feel comfortable. “So…” he sighed. “A party?” He actually hated parties and he was pretty sure that this kind of party would make him feel totally out of place. Great…


“Satoshi!” Ohno blinked in surprise when the man hugged him affectionately. He had thought that his grandfather would be some sort of old and stiff guy, no smile on his face, but he was totally excited to have his grandson around. “I’m so happy you are here.” The man smiled brightly. “You won’t regret it, I promise.”

Ohno wasn’t sure what to answer to that. This scene was supposed to be awkward but since his grandfather didn’t seem to feel off or weird about it, Ohno slowly started to crawl out of his shell. “Thank you.” he stuttered.

“Did Matsuzaki-san show you everything?”

“Yes.” Ohno smiled slightly, slowly loosening up a bit. “He was really nice.” He looked around. “The house is huge… I might get lost.”

His grandfather chuckled. “You wouldn’t be the first then.” He smiled. “I also have one of my offices here and it’s a place for business meetings. But for one person it is way too big.”

Ohno didn’t really answer to that because he thought that this house would be too big for two people as well. His soft heart began aching all of a sudden. His grandfather had definitely felt lonely living here all alone. But he smiled abruptly. “I heard you are re-marrying soon, grandfather?”

“Yes.” The man smiled a bit. “I didn’t think that I would find a woman I would love after I lost your grandmother. It’s already been so long ago… but I met someone special again.” He smiled a bit. “We should never loose hope…” He paused. “Did Matsuzaki show you your place?”

“No.” Ohno shook his head. “He said you wanted to show it to me.”

“Right.” He put his hand on Ohno’s shoulder, leading him towards the door.

“Are we going outside?” Ohno asked in surprise.

“Yes.” The man led Ohno down a path until they reached the entrance of another house. He handed Ohno a key. “That’s your place.”

Ohno blinked in surprise. “What?”

“I figured that young people like you would want to have their own space. My friend Matsumoto helped me design it. His son is also around your age and he has his own private area.” He smiled. “There is not much furniture in it. We just bought the essentials. I thought you might want to choose your furniture yourself?”

Ohno’s eyes went wide and his heart skipped a few beats. “This is amazing.” He shook his head in bewilderment. “I can’t believe you did this for me…”

“There is something else…” the old man rubbed his hands against each other almost impishly, he obviously hadn’t shown him the best bit yet. “I heard you want to become an artist?”


“Then promise to take a careful look at the last room, right under the roof.”

Ohno walked through his own ‘private area’, as his grandfather had called it. He had to smile a bit when he came into the living room. His grandfather thought that a flatscreen HD TV was apparently part of the ‘essentials’. But at the same time, he could sense the meaning behind this gesture, as it seemed like his grandfather had tried to think what a young person would like.

The apartment itself was huge. Thankfully, it didn’t completely overwhelm him, but it was still overwhelming enough. Apparently his grandfather had turned the 2nd floor of his house into an apartment and built an extra entrance and staircase so that Ohno would be able to have his own entrance and key. The balcony also seemed to be new.

But besides that, Ohno was glad that there really wasn’t much furniture in the apartment, so he could at least choose some of his stuff himself. Though he did have the feeling that his grandfather wouldn’t let him pay for it himself, hence he would be forced to buy some really expensive things.

Ohno frowned, remembering what his grandfather had said at the end of their conversation. The last room? He opened it carefully, peeking into it curiously. For a moment his eyes went wide in shock, almost paralyzed on the spot, before he slipped into the room and closed the door behind him.

With trembling fingers he reached for his phone, dialling a number. “Hi Honga-san.” He paused for a moment, looking around the room. He cleared his throat, trying to ease the pain welling up inside it. “He built an art studio for me.” He whispered. “You were right… Things might work out here him and me.”


“So that’s him…” Jun took a closer look at the photo, though unfortunately it was rather old. Still, he would definitely remember this face. Satoshi’s face was unique, definitely.

“Yes.” Matsumoto leaned back a bit. “Look after him.”

It was spoken like an order, not like a question. Normally Jun would have opposed or got into a fight with his father, but this time he was too interested in what was going on. He wanted to meet this guy, definitely. Hence he nodded his head, without a smile though. He didn’t want to let his father win that easily.

He turned around with the photo in his hand, before he put it in his pocket. Well… Ohno Satoshi-kun. At least the upcoming party promised to be interesting...


A/N: Sorry everyone, actually they were supposed to meet in this chapter... but it turned out to be so super-long (Lj didn't let me post it as one) that I had to make two chapters out of it. *bows* But as for the next chapter, I can definitely promise you a meeting ^_^


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