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Stormy days and sparkling nights Chapter 1

Painful Days and stormy Nights

Chapter 1: My brother is a host!


Pairing: There will definitely be some pairings, but I don't know who with who... It will definitely include Ryo, Yamapi and Jin and also Kame - I can promise that.
Rating: PG and above
Genre: AU, family, friendship, romance, angst, drama
Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related. But the story is mine of course^^
Summary: Ryo is forced by his brothers to attend a normal school instead of getting home-schooled like before. The first thing he wonders about is their strange and unconventional teacher Nagase. Ryo immediately becomes friends with one of his class-mates: Yamapi. And there is also Tegoshi...the nerve-wracking little brat. Or Maru who never talks and Ueda who is rather mysterious.
Takki, Ryo's full-blood brother, owns a Nr.1 Host-Club with different characters.  While his oldest half-brother Takuya is teaching a class at university. One of his students, Shingo, immediately falls for him. Nino, the 2nd oldest brother, is a wannabe author, while Subaru, the third brother, writes advice columns for several magazines.
While they all struggle with their own work, they also struggle with each other... because things at Ryo's house are going into a bad direction. Yamapi on the other hand feels happy and protected but has a secret he doesn't want Ryo to know. Maru fights against serious troubles... alone. And Ueda barely talks about himself. 

1st chapter will introduce some characters and is especially about the school, university and homelife plots. Host Club plot will start in Chapter 2. Not all characters are introduced in the first chapter! But they will be in the 2nd one.

"So let’s welcome our new student!“ the teacher called out cheerfully, grabbing Ryo’s shoulders and shifting him around so that everyone in class could see him.

Wow! Was this guy tall! What was his height? Two meters? Okay…not that much… but at least over 1,80m. He looked like a giant, especially in comparison to him.

The teacher let go of him and wrote down Ryo’s name on the blackboard – messy, unsteady letters. Ryo looked at the letters on the blackboard, then he stared at his teacher in disbelief. What’s up with this guy? Stupid or what?

The class started to laugh.

“What’s with that behaviour?” the strange teacher scolded them. “We don’t laugh at others!”

“It’s not about him.” a bored voice spoke up. The voice belonged to a handsome guy. So-said handsome guy pointed at the blackboard. “YOU wrote his name wrong.”

“I did?”

The handsome guy sighed in frustration. “If he isn’t from the Nishikido-partie then it’s wrong.”

“Ah” the teacher laughed loudly, padding Ryo’s shoulder. “Sorry sorry…” he wiped away the last Kanji and replaced it with another one while spelling his name loud ‘R-Y-O’. This time correctly. “I should really practise Kanji more often!”

Was this guy really a teacher?

“So how about you introduce yourself?”

“Yes Sensei.” Ryo thought it would be wiser to stay polite and bowed slightly… though this guy was really strange.

“Ah, you are the polite type, what?” the teacher smacked his shoulder. “I’m not really an elite person here. So call me Nagase-kun like everyone else.”

Na… … … KUN???? Was this guy REALLY a teacher? Wasn’t this school supposed to be a good one? What was his stupid brother thinking… really… But though they had had an endless argument where his brother simply told him to obey and attend a normal school instead of getting home-schooled like the years before and though he argued back, he didn’t have a chance to get out of this. Apparently his brother was worried about him because he was a loner. What a stupid reproach! And, yeah, of course he understood that his oldest brother started to work at university now, a full-time job. And that was great, he had waited so long for this opportunity. And of course he couldn’t have the time teach him at home anymore, but why did no one ask him about his opinion? Just asking and pretending to care for his opinion would already lighten up his mood.



“So, tell us why you are attending this school in the middle of the year and who you are” Nagase demanded friendly, pulling Ryo out of his thoughts.

Ryo sighed a bit. Okay…when he had learned something then that the truth was always the most unbelievable and fun thing. Nobody would ever believe it and he would earn himself some laughs. So he smiled a bit. “I’m living together with my older brother and my three older half-brothers. My brother owns one of the most famous host-clubs in Tokyo and he moved the club to a better area now because the rooms were too small for so many clients. So we moved too and he wanted me to attend a school, though I was previously home-schooled by my oldest half-brother, who is also a teacher, but got a full-time job at university now and is too busy to educate me. My other brother is a wannabe author, not really successful, but pretty confident. And the fourth one is writing advisor-articles for a newspaper to help others with their relationships and problems. The fun thing is that he visits a psychologist once a week himself to solve his own problems.”

Ryo grinned a bit when his new class-mates started to giggle. That was exactly what he had hoped for… He had said the truth, everyone thought he was making a joke and this term was safe, since everyone thought of him as a cool guy now.

Nagase laughed a bit, padding Ryo’s shoulder. “You are the funny type, what? It’s okay, we won’t ask you anymore.”  He pointed at the desk behind the handsome-boy. “You can sit there right behind Yamashita-kun.”

“Nagase-kun, didn’t you forget something?” a pretty boy with a pouty voice wanted to know. A cute guy, Ryo thought, but apparently a bit bothersome.

“Right, I nearly forgot. We have a charitable event in a few weeks and Tegoshi-kun is in charge of the organisation. So if you want to help, ask him.”

Yeah…sure…as if…

“And if you have any problems you can always come to me.”

What’s that? A joke?


Ryo sighed contently when he was allowed to sit down on his place. The embarrassing introduction moment was over and he had his peace now. He rubbed over his forehead, looking out of the window. At least the place was pretty. And since there was no way escaping this school, he should better get used to it and make the best out of it.

As the first lesson was over and Nagase (still weird! But not totally hopeless.) had left the room, Yamashita-kun, the handsome guy, turned around a bit. Hell, was this guy good-looking. And why was his hair so light? With such a soft colour. It made his face even prettier. Ryo’s own hair was stubborn and thick.

“Your brother really owns a Host Club?” he wanted to know.

Ryo blinked for a moment. “How?” he asked, not able to hide his curiosity. How did this guy know that he wasn’t telling a lie or joking around?

Yamashita shrugged. “I somehow sensed it.”

Was this guy always looking so stoic? He should smile once in a while… Wasn’t he afraid that his face might freeze like that?

On Yamashita’s face a grin appeared. Ryo blushed. Did he say his last thoughts out loud? Oh dear… he should really be careful here. But apparently the other wasn’t angry at all, he just grinned. “That’s the first time someone was so blunt towards me.”

“Well…” Ryo shifted a bit, his cheeks flushing. “Sorry…sometimes I don’t think properly before I talk… Or I do think but talk too fast…”

Yamashita just wiped away his excuse with a simple gesture of his hand, his face more earnest again. “Don’t worry.” He paused for a moment, looking at the other boy thoroughly. Strange how much in common they had. “Somehow I’m starting to like you, you are fun. Just call me Yamapi – at home everyone calls me like that.”

Ryo pointed at himself. “Ryo-chan.” He paused for a moment, a warning tune in his voice “But you are the only one allowed to call me like that.”

“That’s cool. So we have a deal.” Yamapi grinned.

Ryo smiled a bit, trying to hide his joy that this Yamapi-guy offered him his friendship. Maybe Aniki was right? Not that he would EVER tell him that of course. Then something crossed his mind. “They call you Yamapi?” he wanted to know. To be honest… in comparison to that Ryo-chan suddenly sounded not that bad.

“Yeah, I live together with my two cousins…My parents are divorced and my mother has to travel a lot, but that’s really okay.” he paused for a moment. “I’m the youngest…”

“Damn.” Ryo cursed, feeling for the other. “It’s so annoying right?”

“Totally” Yamapi agreed. “Everyone pushes you around. If you have your own opinion on things concerning yourself, no one is interested in it.”

“Yeah, and if you get upset, all of them go like: Oh dear…teenagers are sooo difficult. And if you get angry once in a while, they go like: Don’t talk back or Don’t get cheeky.”

Yamapi chuckled lightly. “And everyone knows what’s best for your but doesn’t ask you.”

Ryo rolled his eyes. “You are so right. Or… I hate it when they say: You are too young for this or that.”

“Totally annoying!” Yamapi nodded his head, smirking a bit about the similarity of their complaints.

Ryo smiled brightly, showing the other his perfectly white teeth. Yamapi gulped. What a smile. Then something came to his mind. “Why are you living with your brothers? Are your parents also travelling a lot?”

Ryo flinched visibly as he tried to avoid this question by making a movement with his head that was neither a nod nor a negation. Yamapi looked at the other curiously. Seemed to be a sore subject. He decided to better drop the topic… for now. Suddenly he frowned a bit as his eyes caught something. He got up. “Come on, let’s go… next lesson is cancelled, so let’s change location.”

Ryo nodded his head in agreement. He already had wanted to ask the other too but was still feeling a bit unsure.

“Faster…” Yamapi told him.

Ryo blinked in surprise. Why was a calm guy like Yamashita suddenly in such a hurry?

“Annoyance-danger.” Yamapi explained as if he had guessed Ryo’s thought. He pointed at the pretty guy…the one organising this charitable event… Tagoshi… Tagashi… Tegoshi… “If he starts talking to us, there is no chance to escape.” Yamapi pressed out, grabbing Ryo’s sleeve and pulling him with him.

“Hey!” Tegoshi called after them, sounding angry. “Yamashita-kun! Bring the new one back… Wait!”

But Yamapi didn’t wait, he pulled Ryo with him out of the classroom, running down the hall-way towards the school cafeteria.  

Tegoshi put his arms akimbo, glaring at the class-room door before stepping out into the hallway to search for the two boys. Didn’t Yamashita get that this charitable event was important! He was organising it, so it definitely WAS important. Damn important!


There were two eyes following the scene, feeling torn to the boys that just left. A tall and friendly looking boy was sitting alone at one of the tables, not being involved into anything happening around him. It was Maru. When the three boys had left the class room he felt a bit sad…they were so confident. And wasn’t this dark-haired new kid cute? It would be fun to be his friend… But who on earth would like to be Maru’s friend?





Takuya wrote down his name on the huge blackboard before he turned around to look at the students sitting in the lecture hall. All of them were eying him curiously, that was okay. He was a new teacher here after all and he had expected them to be curious and gossip a bit. Just in one of the back rows there was a huge guy with messy blond hair… and he was basically undressing Takuya with his eyes. Takuya shifted a bit and decided to ignore it.

“Huh.” Shingo whispered into his friend’s ear, the person sitting next to him. “A pretty face, what?”

Miyake giggled a bit, nodding his head. The new teacher was definitely…wow! If his class would be as good as his looks were this here might become a good term. But Miyake was reassured immediately. During the next 1,5 hours Takuya showed them how much he knew and how much he expected from them. On Shingo’s forehead there were little sweat drops. “Is he serious?” he whispered.

“That’s university, Shingo.” Miyake’s voice sounded reproachfully. Though being rather mischievous himself, university classes had a special place in his life and he took them damn serious. “That’s a place to learn not to spend our time with relaxing.”

Shingo grinned brightly. “Don’t worry Ken. I’ll learn a lot. For example: How does someone get such beautiful hair like Takuya-sensei? Why does he fit into such tight jeans? Why is he allowed to wear them? Isn’t he worried to get molested? And how do you get such a nice ass.”

Miyake blinked in utter shock. “You can’t be serious.” He gasped when Shingo grabbed his face and forced him to look at Takuya. “Well, yeah, he is gorgeous but there is no way he’ll even look at you.”

Shingo smiled happily. “That’s why I have to become his best student.”

Miyake sighed. “You? A good student? No way…”





“How was your first day at the new school?” Takki wanted to know when Ryo sat down at the living room’s table, eating something.

“New.” Ryo told him shortly.

Nino chuckled a bit. That boy was unbelievable! He was actually working on his new novel, but still paying attention to what was going on around him. That’s what being an author was about – grasping everything that was happening. And his youngest brother was definitely a happening. Nino felt pretty confident about his new novel, this time it would be great.

“Did you find any friends?” Takki asked again, his voice friendly and soft, but also quite determined, because he wasn’t even thinking about giving up.

Ryo shrugged a bit. He didn’t think that question was even worth answering and stayed quiet.

Takki sighed, then he pointed at Ryo’s bag where a post-it was sticking at. ‘Think of the charitable event! Tegoshi’. “A charitable event?” Takki took the post-it into his hands, smiling encouragingly at his youngest brother. “This Tegoshi is a new friend?”

Ryo glared at him, snatching the post-it away. “It’s a pain in the butt!” he huffed, the tune of his voice leaving it open if he meant Tegoshi, the charitable event or his brother. He just grabbed one onigiri and hurried out of the living-room.

“Hey! Ryo-chan!” Takki called after him, his voice sounded pretty worked up already.

“Damn, I’m R-Y-O!!!! Don’t call me Ryo-chan!” Ryo slammed the door, taking a deep breath the moment he was alone again. It felt much better here in his room. Everything was calm and soothing and there was no one he had to talk to.


Takki turned around to look at the others, the vein on his neck already pulsing dangerously.

But Nino shook his head a bit, trying to calm him down. “Just give him a break.”

“Yeah.” Subaru agreed, putting the book he was reading away and taking off his glasses. He looked at Takki earnestly. “He is proud and he doesn’t like it that you forced him to go to this school. He will calm down for sure.” Subaru made a meaningful pause. “You know, 16 is an important age. For teenager it’s important that…”

“Oh dear…” Nino sighed deeply “As much as I appreciate it, but don’t give us this psychology-shit.” He grinned a bit. “AH! I rhymed! Though not really good…”

Subaru glared at him dangerously. “You think my stuff is shit? At least I am earning money with my shit!”

Nino stopped typing on his laptop, his eyes sparkling angrily. “What? Say that again!”

“Sure!” Subaru huffed, taking a deep breath to get into the right mood for the upcoming argument.

“Just stop it already. Please. Let’s not fight.” Takki interrupted them. His voice was soft, low and smooth. The other two guys looked at him, immediately feeling wrapped up by this intense voice and smiled a bit.

“Alright…” Nino sighed, while he made a paper-ball out of one of his former concepts for his new novel. He grinned as he turned to Subaru. “But I won’t apologize.”

“Me neither.” Subaru glared.

Nino chuckled. “But it’s not shit what you write.” With that he threw the paper-ball into his brother’s direction, hitting the other’s forehead.

Takki grinned contently. It was so easy… He could use this voice on anyone and it would help. Last time it even saved him from getting a parking ticket and it always guaranteed him a table in one of the best restaurants even if there was everything fully booked. But why didn’t it work on Ryo? Apparently the boy was resistant against it… The deep furrows between Takki’s eyes appeared again, but before he could think any further he heard a strong voice greeting them.


“Ah!” Nino grinned at the oldest of his brothers. “You are late today.”

“Work was busy.” Takuya smiled.

“Was it good?” Subaru wanted to know, turning around a bit to look at Takuya.

“It was pretty amazing.” The oldest guy smiled. “Everything is perfect.” Except a blond-haired, nerve-wracking, talkative brat who apparently would give him some headache during the next months. Talking about brats…  Takuya looked around a bit. “Where is my charming little favourite brother?”

“Upstairs.” Subaru mumbled, his voice sounded pre-occupied again as he was far away in his mind and busy with his own work.

“He got into a fight with Takki.” Nino informed him.

“Again?” Takuya pulled up one of his eyebrows and Takki just shrugged helplessly. Takki’s eyes wandered to the jacket the older one was holding in his hands. “Are you going out?” he wanted to know.

“There is still some work left.”

Again?” Nino mimicked Takuya’s voice, making Takki grin a bit.

“Yes… again.” Takuya told him, his face not showing any affection at all. Just the wrinkles around his eyes gave away his earnest personality, the mask he was wearing and the worries he was carrying around. He looked at Takki. “When are you leaving today?”

“In a few minutes.”

“So early?” Subaru blinked a bit.

“Yes, I hired a new host. He starts today and I have to introduce him to everyone.” He paused for a moment as something crossed his mind. “I nearly forgot. Jin-kun is dropping by. He is meeting Ryo-chan.”

“Isn’t Jin working tonight?” Nino wanted to know, not really interested, but Jin was Ryo-chan’s friend, so he thought it was appropriate to show some interest.

“No, he has his day…or better night… off.” Takki informed him, before he grabbed his jacket and car keys and hurried out of the house. He always changed at the host club not at home. He found it was more appropriate to do it like that and not to involve everyone else with his work. His brothers, especially Ryo, found his way of handling this matter stupid… of course.

When Takki had left, Takuya decided to give it a try and knocked at Ryo’s door. “It’s me.” he told him. Inside the room he could hear how Ryo got up from his chair, hurrying to the door.

“Takuya-nii!” he called out unusually cheerful when he found his admired oldest brother standing outside. Takuya was the most attractive and talented man for him. And he never…never … called him Ryo-chan.

“Hey little one.” Takuya greeted him, his voice not sounding teasing at all and Ryo didn’t even care about the way his brother called him. He could call him whatever way he preferred it, except Ryo-chan. Takuya sat down at the edge of Ryo’s bed. “How is your new school?”

Ryo pulled his chair away from the desk to sit next to his brother. “Okay.”

“Okay?” Takuya wanted to know. He grinned a bit. It must have been a good day for the younger one.

“The teacher is stupid.” Ryo explained to him. “But nice.”

“Well, that doesn’t sound too bad. And any good kids there?”

“Yes, there is a pretty nice and cool guy. Yamashita. We are getting along quite well… And…”

“And?” the older one asked as his brother stopped.

Ryo recalled what happened in the cafeteria when Tegoshi had finally found them and sighed a bit. “There is this annoying brat. Tegoshi. Honestly, a major pain. You can’t stop him when he starts talking about something he thinks is important.” He tried to sound annoyed but couldn’t avoid a caring tune in his voice.

“Ah…” Takuya grinned. “Sounds like fun.” He sighed a bit. “I have to go now.”

“Already?” the younger one sounded disappointed, making his brother wince a bit.

“Sorry! Let’s hang out at the weekend, alright?”

Ryo looked quite pleased, nodding his head in agreement, then something came to his mind. He bit his lips nervously. “What’s…eh…with the others?”

Takuya tilted his head a bit, well aware of what his brother really wanted to know. “Takki already left for work.” He answered simply, not even trying to let Ryo get away with his question.

The boy looked at him guiltily. “Do you know?”

“What? That you fought again? Yes.” Takuya sighed a bit, stroking over his brother’s hair. “Listen, Ryo, don’t give him such a hard time. He really cares for you.”

Yeah…but he cares too much… Ryo secretly thought, but didn’t say it aloud.  He just nodded his head, deciding to at least try it since his brother asked him to. Takuya smiled contently, but before he could say anything else, the door flew open and Jin walked into the room, without any further greeting. He just yawned a bit, still looking sleepy.

“Never heard anything about “knocking”?” Takuya scolded the young guy before he got up to leave them alone.

Jin smirked a bit as he lied down on Ryo’s bed. “Next time.” He promised, earning him a giggle from Ryo and an annoyed glance from Takuya.




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  • It's that season again!

    I seriously can't believe we are not only approaching fall, but actually right in the middle of it! End of summer and beginning of fall in my…

  • Knock knock

    Hello everyone! I know I haven't logged into this journal since forever but I admit I kinda miss it. Is there still someone around? ❤ How are you…

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