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I got tagged by [info]jorian1108
Here are the questions she chose for me: (As for the questions I chose for you... scroll down :D)

1. What dream you treasure most?
A dream as in a real dream? Or a goal?
I'm pretty pathetic and tend to forget the dreams I have at night. Though I remember that I had a kiss-a-JE-guy dream ones... I think it was Takki or Ryo... but honestly, even that I already forgot. I told you...PATHETIC ^_^
But I do dream of my family members sometimes... it's never the content of the dream that remains, but its the feeling. I'm still sad about the death of my beloved grand-mother.
As for goals: It's definitely to finish my MA degree before Christmas.

2. What place is your Promised Land?
Oh dear, you are challenging me :D I feel like answering questions of an exam. I'm not sure if I already found my personal Promised Land.

3. Have you ever been to Alaska?
No ^^
I'm not too much into snow and cold. But if Ryo would go with me... Or Kimura... *remembershishuskydrama*

4. Which animal wouldn't you eat even if starving to death?
Dogs? I don't know but I guess animals that were with me as pets. Like dogs or cats... But in general I wonder how far someone would go if he is starving to death...

5. Have you ever been scared of vampires - like seriously scared?
No. ^^
And after Twilight I wonder if anyone will ever be scared of Vampires again. :D (I love you Carlisle, but you are not scary at all ^^)

6. Can you ride a horse?
Technically yes. Let's say, I could make the horse move forward. But I'm really not good at horse-riding ^^

7. If moving to another planet was a necessity - which one would you choose?
Planet as in 'the universe'?
I would ask Captain Kirk to take me along. Or I would ask Dr. Who to take me along!!

8. Is there anyone in this world, you could do practically EVERYTHING for him/her?
I honestly think that people should be careful with promises like this and words like 'everything' but I would do a lot for my mother. And for my closest friends and family.

9. Are you afraid of thunderstorms?
YES!! MatsuJun, keep me safe!! (Or maybe I should call Uchi for help? ROFL I think he would be more scared than me^^)

10. What is the best place to have sex?
Well, basically I enjoy it when there is a door one can lock. I'm not a fan of spontaneous visitors. As for places like a car or swimming pool: Either the pool is mine or deserted. Either the car is somewhere hidden...or... in my private garage. Whatever... the door should be locked! ^^ (Got it, Ryo?)

11. Do you think, that sleeping is a wate of time?
*g* I think the day should have more hours, yes. But sleeping a waste of time? No ^^

12. My Questions:
1. One thing you always wanted to do, but never did because it's not compatible with society's wishes? (like going jogging naked for example ^^)
2. One country you always wanted to visit?
3. Beach or mountains?
4. Do you have a pet? Which one?
5. Have you ever done something forbidden? If yes, what?
6. Have you ever hit or slapped someone? Why?
7. Do you believe in eternal love?
8. Do you believe in God?
9. If you could save one country and its people (from poverty, radical regimes or other threats etc.), which country would you choose?
10. What's the most exciting place you ever had sex at or want to have sex at in the future?
11. Who is your ultimate JE-bias?
12. Your favourite movie/drama/series? (J, non-J, whatever you like)
13. Your favourite character from a movie/book/drama?

13: I tag....
Ooookay, who will I tag now? Since there seems to be no limit to the number of names, I decided to get on the nerves of as many people as possible. *lol* Don't feel obliged to do it though. Just if you want to <3
and whoever wants to do this <3

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