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Enchanted Chapter 3

Title: Enchanted Chapter 3 (3/5)
Pairing: KameRyo, various guests by JE-groups, in this chapter: Arashi, NEWS, Kat-tun, Jin
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Real life with Au-elements, romance, humour,
magic, slight angst as in relationship frustration
Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related. But the story is mine of course^^
20 years ago two little boys had coincidentally shared the same dream, swearing the same oath. Today Kame and Ryo are both idols, in love with each other. But their relationship is at a dead end... Right at the moment when they want to break up, it happens: Two faeries, a curse and a charm. They are supposed to fight the curse... or one of them will die. Just, how to do that when you are invisible? Full of mischievousness and plans, they try to fight what's lying in front of them...
Written for: [info]laughingbottom as a birthday present!! <3

Kame nibbled at the chocolate Ryo had offered him. The one that originally belonged to Yoko… or rather to Subaru. He sighed, not able to enjoy this here… though he was getting along so well with Ryo. Better than before or during the last months.

“Still freaking out?” Ryo asked in worry. “I’ll help you, you know that.”

“Yes.” Kame answered silently, not able to tell Ryo that their fucked up relationship was the reason for all of this.

Ryo sighed silently, then he smiled to cheer Kame up. “Let’s do something.” he suggested. “Something fun.”

“Eh?” Kame looked up a bit, then he chuckled. “Still not enough?” he teased, though he actually felt relieved by Ryo’s approach of this problem. Maybe having fun together would really help them?

“Nope.” Ryo grinned. “I have a special idea. But it needs some preparation. Meanwhile…”

“Meanwhile…” Kame mused, smirking out of a sudden. “I have an idea.” He grinned. “You had already fun with your band-mates. What about mine?”

“True.” Ryo sneered. “We can’t leave them out. It would be impolite.”

“Yes. Very impolite”

“Is your shower still broken?” Tegoshi asked when Nakamaru and the other guys from Kat-tun slipped into the NEWS dressing room.

“Unfortunately.” Nakamaru sighed. “Is it okay to use yours?”


“Thanks guys.” Koki smiled thankfully, before he turned his attention to these band-mates. “Here is some shampoo. Apparently our manager sent it to us…”

“Oh, right.” Junno nodded his head as he remembered their manager mentioning something like that to them a couple of days ago. “A new product for a possible CM, right?”

“Yes, we should try it out. Here…” Koki handed each of his band-mates a bottle with shampoo. He blinked when he saw Jin somewhere behind them. “Want one too?”

“Nope.” Jin shook his head. “I got some shower gel from my manager as well. Also a CM…”

“Oh, I see.”

Junno turned his attention back to Tegoshi. “Do you guys have enough showers?”

“Yes.” Tegoshi laughed. “We are lucky today. This here is also Kisumai’s changing room. So, we’ll all have place enough…”

Koki closed his eyes, relaxing a bit, when he massaged the shampoo into his hair. It smelled good. He loved it to try new products like that, it made him feel so cherished and good. He sighed happily, angling for his towel and wrapping it around his hair, before he wrapped another towel around his hips.

When he stepped out into the changing room, he blinked in shock by the sight of the four NEWS boys in front of him. “Why…” he took a deep breath, trying to look away. “…are you all naked!?”

Tegoshi glared at Koki. “Is this an appropriate thank you towards us for letting you guys use our showers?”

“I told you already…” Junno tried to explain. “We didn’t hide your clothes.”

“Your clothes are away?” Koki asked in surprise.

“Not only our clothes, but also our towels.” Massu grumbled.

Koki shook his head, angling for his bag. “For starters you can have some of my clothes. I brought along two pairs of sweaters today for example.” He wanted to open the bag, when he suddenly blinked in shock. “My clothes are gone too…”

“ALL OUR CLOTHES ARE GONE!” Junno blurt out.

Nakamaru sighed deeply. “What a fun prank, really…”  He tugged at the towel around his head. “We all have two towels, you can at least have one of each of us so that you aren’t completely naked.”

“Good.” Tegoshi sighed in relief, taking the towel from Nakamaru, before his eyes widened in shock. “Your hair…” he whispered.


Nakamaru blinked when he saw 8 pairs of eyes staring at him. “What’s with my hair?”

“Can’t be…” Ueda yelled out, tugging at his own towel and heading towards a mirror. “PINK! MY HAIR IS FUCKING PINK!”

“Mine is blue!”



Tegoshi exchanged some glances with Massu, before he chuckled. “Seems like we were lucky…”

“Not fun!” Koki huffed.

“My beautiful hair.” Ueda cried.

“Damn.” Nakamaru cursed.

Junno tilted his head a bit. “Actually I think it looks pretty good…”

“That’s because you are nuts!”

“I’m not…” Junno grumbled, giggling a bit when he eyed Koki again. “Orange doesn’t suit you.”

“Shut up.” Koki grumbled, trying to ignore the other guys’ giggling.

Ryo was holding his stomach, it had started to hurt because he had laughed so much. “GORGEOUS KAME!!” he giggled. “That was one good laugh.”

Kame smiled proudly. “You think so?”

“I can’t even breathe properly.” Ryo grinned. “Koki’s expression. Tegoshi…when he didn’t find his clothes…. The hair colours…” He paused, eyeing Kame curiously. “And Jin?”

Kame giggled a bit. “Oh, I didn’t forget about him.”

Yamapi almost spit out his coffee again. “YOU ARE SPARKLING!” He blurt out, laughing like crazy. “Your whole body is glittering. Did you do that on purpose?”

“Do I look as if I did it on purpose?” Jin huffed. He had tried to wash the glitter away again, but apparently he needed some special cream for it to go away. Now he was looking like a fairy.

“You look like Edward Cullen.” Pi giggled. “Glittering in the sun...”

“Shut up!”


“What about your plan?” Kame asked curiously, when he sat down next to Ryo in a small storage room. No one was using it, so they were safe here and could talk freely.

“I made some preparations…” Ryo explained, smiling a bit. “It needs some time to arrive.”

“What should we do meanwhile?”

“Hm. Anyone we didn’t visit?”

Kame grinned. “Arashi.”

“True.” Ryo chuckled, glad that Kame was loosing up a bit and forgetting about his problems. This was exactly what he had intended to do here. “Any ideas?”

“Not yet. Let’s see what will come to our mind…”

Nino yawned when he woke up from his nap. They had had one hour lunch break and he had used the time to sleep a bit. Now he needed to hurry a bit to reach their rehearsal room in time. Their next rehearsal would begin in a few minutes.

“Sorry guys! I know I’m late…” he blurt out, pausing in surprise, when he saw how the other four were looking at him in serious surprise. “What?” he asked when he saw how Jun’s and Ohno’s lips were twitching a bit, while Sho turned away to hide his grin. Merely Aiba wasn’t able to hide his giggle.

“Seriously, WHAT IT IS!?” Nino asked, feeling a bit aggravated by his friends’ strange reactions.

Jun sneered, grabbing Nino’s shoulders and leading him to the mirror. “Just see yourself…”

“What…” Nino’s eyes widened in shock when he saw his face. Someone had drawn little dirty pictures and words all over his face… with a black pen of course. “MY FACE!!!!!!!!!!”

“You won’t be able to get it all off now.” Jun sighed. “Leave it for now. It’s already way better…”

“It really wasn’t any of you guys?” Nino asked again.

“No lie, Nino.” Jun told him for the hundredth time, though he couldn’t help but gloat a bit. Finally someone playing a successful prank on Nino. “We were all here and waiting for you. It was someone else.”

“Whatever.” Nino grumbled. “Let’s start our rehearsal.”

“We’ll need our back-up.” Sho answered, switching on the music.

Aiba was already making a few dance steps, when he suddenly frowned. “Since when are we singing these songs…”


“This sounds like AKB48…” Ohno mused.

“It is…” Jun wanted to add AKB48, when he suddenly jumped. He turned around a bit. “Who was that?”

“Who was what?”

“Someone groped my butt.” Jun huffed, seriously worked up now.

“Jun…” Ohno sighed. “I think you are… WAHHHH…” he squealed in surprise, turning around when he felt how his butt got squeezed. “You are right, someone is groping!”

Aiba shivered nervously. “Someone… or something?”

“You guys are getting too weird for my taste. Maybe you could calm down and stop freaking out? Seriously, guys, get a grip.” Sho grumbled. “Don’t be ridiculous.” He bent over the sink, wanting to drink some water, just to jump back the second he had turned on the water. The jet of water had hit him directly into his face. “DAMN! FUCKING WATER!” He yelled in fury, glaring at the tap, his hair and face all wet now. He wondered what had happened that the tap didn’t work properly anymore. It was as if something had manipulated it up so that the water would go upwards… directly into his face of course. He frowned a bit when he looked at the water, his eyes widening in shock… for a moment he was sure that he could see fingers in the jet of water.

“You know what…” he mumbled, feeling a bit nervous. This here was weird, really weird, and he didn’t feel comfortable at all. “Let’s go for a break…”

“Another one?” Aiba asked in surprise.


Ryo giggled a bit. “You are wet too…”

“Doesn’t matter. “ Kame smiled. “It was worth Sho’s expression. It’s always hilarious when he loses his temper.”

“Totally.” Ryo chuckled, reaching out his hand to wipe away some water drops from Kame’s face. The latter blushed a bit, but this time when Ryo wanted to pull back his hand, Kame grabbed it. He bit his lips slightly, looking away from Ryo.

“Don’t… pull it away.” He stuttered. “It’s okay.”

Jun frowned a bit. “It’s as if I hear voices here…”

Aiba shifted around nervously. “And it’s feeling hot out of a sudden.” He mumbled. “As if the air is heating up.”

“That’s it.” Nino hissed. “From tomorrow on I want another rehearsal room!”

It’s getting warm here… as if the mood is heating up.

Aiba’s words were echoing in Kame’s ears. Was that true? Did it…heat up? The mood… around him and Ryo? Was it possible?

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