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High Society Walkthrough Chapter 6

Title: High Society Walkthrough CHAPTER 6 (of 11)
Pairing: Juntoshi, guests by Aiba, Sho, Nino
Beta: [info]chibieminachan (Thanks dear!! You are amazing! <3)
Rating: PG-13 (for this chapter)
Genre: AU, romance

Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related. But the story is mine of course^^
Matsumoto Jun, the once-to-be successor of his father’s important fashion business, is already a mogul himself. Known as the young fashionable guy he is on top of the lists of the most wanted singles and the first to be invited to the most important parties of high society.
Ohno Satoshi is a young, humble man, working part-time to earn some money, while he is trying to follow his dream to become an artist. His life changes when he gets to know that he is the long lost grand-child of the country's most important music producer.
During a high society party they meet: Jun who is forced to play a specific role in this society, while his dreams are buried deep beneath his surface, and Ohno, who has just been thrown into this life and struggles to find his path.
Requested by [info]kenshinzen in THIS post. And turned into a Multi-chapter by me :D  I hope you will like it!! ^_______^

“It looks good.” Ohno-san smiled when he looked through the apartment.

“Good?” Jun smiled. “I think it’s amazing.”

Ohno-san laughed at that, patting Jun’s shoulder. “Sorry. You’re right, you boys did an amazing job.”

“Thanks.” Ohno blushed a bit. It still felt so weird for him to be around his grandfather. This guy was almost a stranger to him, though – and Ohno was actually really surprised about this himself – he actually liked him. His grandfather was a fun guy, he was random and generous and had lots of friends. Ohno secretly wondered why he had broken connection with his own son all those years ago. Why? How? What had happened?

He looked at Jun, lost in his thoughts. He thought about what Jun had said at the party… something about how things weren’t always what they seem to be. So, was there more to his story than what he knew from his parents?

“You know.” The man smiled happily. “Matsumoto is one of my best friends. I’m so glad you two boys are getting along well.”

“Everyone gets along well with Satoshi.” Jun told Ohno-san bluntly.

“Of course.” The man chuckled. “He has the best genes after all.”

At that Ohno had to laugh. “Yeah, we are the best ones.” he joked.

Jun smiled secretly at that, glad that Ohno was slowly warming up to his grandfather.

The older man rubbed his hands happily. “So, are you two young guys willing to have dinner with an old man like me?”

Ohno looked at Jun, nodding his head. “Of course.”

Ohno-san chuckled. “Aren’t you supposed to say that I’m not old?”

Jun pulled an eyebrow up. “But you ARE old.”

The older one glared, pretending to be angry at that remark. “Just like his father, really. Did I just say that I am happy that you are friends? May I change my opinion?”

“No way.” Ohno smiled. “It’s too late for that.” He grinned, following his grandfather downstairs, while Jun took his time before following them. He didn’t need Ohno to see how he had blushed after his last statement.


Ohno blinked in surprise when he left the art department of the university he was going to and found Jun leaning against the balustrade, waving at him. “Hey Satoshi.”

“Jun.” Ohno smiled softly. During the last few months he had gained so much confidence around Jun, it was just normal to be around him. If they didn’t meet up for a few days, it would always feel like something was missing. That was natural between best friends, right?

Ohno stretched a bit when he walked next to Jun, smiling slightly. “We’re studying water colours right now… and nude painting.” he mused. “I suck.”

Jun chuckled. “I highly doubt that.”

“I do.” For a moment Ohno bit his lips, he didn’t know how to ask. And he wasn’t sure what he was getting so embarrassed and nervous about. This was Jun, his friend. Still, asking him was out of question. Even the mere thought of it made Ohno blush already. “I need to practice more.” he said instead.

“How are you going to practise without a model?” Jun wanted to know.

Ohno cursed silently at that, almost feeling angry that Jun never missed one single detail in a conversation. “I didn’t think of that yet…” he stuttered.

Jun eyed his friend secretly, grinning out of a sudden when he realized what this conversation was really about. “Well, I could be your model. How about that?”

“Jun…” Ohno mumbled. “You do know that you… well…  need to be…you know…”

“Naked?” Jun asked, grinning in amusement. “That’s okay.” He tilted his head. “We could also ask Masaki. And Nino. Not sure about Sho though…”

“You’re kidding, right?” Ohno asked in surprise and slight amusement.

“Of course not.”

“You’ll NEVER be able to make them agree to that!” Ohno chuckled.

Jun smirked. “Wanna bet?”

Ohno grinned, simply going with Jun’s playfulness. “Alright, let’s bet. If I win, you will really be my model, whenever I need you.” he added daringly, deciding to go for it.

Jun smirked. “And if I win…” he paused. “You will give me one day.”

“One day?” Ohno blinked. “Jun, that’s not anything big. We can always hang out with each other…”

“That’s not what I mean.” Jun smiled. “It’s not that simple. Just one day where you will come along with me, without asking questions, without knowing anything, alright?”

Ohno looked at the other in confusion. “Okay…” he answered warily. He still didn’t understand why Jun needed a bet for such a reason. Ohno would have gone anywhere with Jun.


“What…” Sho almost dropped out of the door again when he saw Aiba standing in Ohno’s living room, just in his pants, and a very annoyed Nino next to him.

“Hey, Sho.” Aiba smirked. “Good to see that you’re here, we were about to get started.”

“Started with what?” Sho mumbled. “Chippendales?”

“Yeah, something like that.” Nino sighed. “Satoshi needs some models to practise for his painting class. And Jun and Aiba thought it would be a good idea…”

“Ah, did they?” Sho interrupted him. “And why in just your pants?”

Nino sneered, obviously enjoying the moment where he had to tell Sho about it. “They are about to be removed.”


“It’s a nude painting class, Sho.”

Sho’s eyes widened and he stared at Nino in disbelief. “And you’re seriously joining? You agreed!? Did you lose your mind, Nino!?”

Actually, Nino hadn’t agreed at all, but seeing Sho’s expression had given him lots of enjoyment. So he decided that it might be worth it… He secretly wondered if Jun had actually planned for this to happen, knowing that Nino would soon see the fun side of it when he could tease Sho. But he decided to ignore this thought. “Sure, I’m in it too.”

Aiba smiled brightly. “You are the only one who does not want to join?” he asked impishly.

Sho frowned at Aiba’s puppy eyes. “No way, I’m NOT joining.” When he saw Jun approaching them from another room, smirking, he frowned a bit. “What? You won’t get me to agree Jun. No way…”

“How about…” Jun used his most alluring voice, patting Sho’s shoulder. “I will never make any sex-jokes about you and my sister again, and I won’t complain about it anymore.”

Sho wavered. “Are you for real?” he stuttered. “You are okay with Sakura and me having sex?”

“Nope.” Jun smiled. “I said I’ll pretend to be okay with it.”

“You won’t complain about it?” Sho tried to make sure. “You won’t try to kill me with your eyes? No sarcastic jokes? Promise?”

“Promise.” Jun agreed.

“Damn.” Sho grumbled, taking off his coat. “I hate you…”

Jun grinned brightly when he followed Sho into the living-room. He sat down next to Nino, stretching a bit. “This is going to be fun…”

“I can’t believe you got us all to agree.” Nino grinned. “Really Jun, I love the way your brain works.”

“It wasn’t that difficult.” Jun answered dryly.

Nino smirked slightly. “I wonder what you will get out of doing this.” He mused. “You’re way too into it for something simple…”

“Well” Jun mused, a secretive smile on his lips. “Let’s just say, it’s worth the prize.”


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