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Enchanted Chapter 4

Title: Enchanted Chapter 4 (4/5)
Pairing: KameRyo, various guests by JE-groups, in this chapter: Kinki Kids, Uchi, Okada
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Real life with Au-elements, romance, humour,
magic, slight angst as in relationship frustration
Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related. But the story is mine of course^^
20 years ago two little boys had coincidentally shared the same dream, swearing the same oath. Today Kame and Ryo are both idols, in love with each other. But their relationship is at a dead end... Right at the moment when they want to break up, it happens: Two faeries, a curse and a charm. They are supposed to fight the curse... or one of them will die. Just, how to do that when you are invisible? Full of mischievousness and plans, they try to fight what's lying in front of them...
Written for: [info]laughingbottom as a birthday present!! <3

“Fed-ex package for Uchi Hiroki-san?”

Uchi blinked in confusion. “I didn’t buy anything.”

“Oh.” The man smiled politely. “It’s a present.”

“Really!?” Uchi’s eyes beamed. “From who?”

“It’s a secret.” The man bowed. “May I give you the package now?”


Uchi waited patiently, curious about what kind of present it was. When he heard noises from the hallway, he blinked a bit, peeking into the corridor. There was the man again…with his present. “What…” Uchi mumbled, his eyes widened in shock.

“You gave Uchi a horse?” Kame blinked, giggling a bit.

“It’s a special horse breed. He always wanted to have it…” Ryo explained, smiling happily. “But he didn’t let me buy him one… so, this is the perfect opportunity.”

Kame chuckled. “That’s stupid…but cute…”

“I’m not stupid.” Ryo frowned, his eyes sparkling in anger and hurt pride.

Kame chuckled a bit, feeling reminded by how they had found each other years ago. Ryo had always been very unique in his way of thinking. Kame smiled warmly, reaching out his hand to touch Ryo’s hair softly. “You are not stupid.” he agreed.

For a moment Ryo didn’t say or do anything, then he suddenly looked up, directly into Kame’s hazelnut-coloured eyes, a wary expression in his eyes.

Kame blushed out of a sudden, pulling his hand away. “Sorry…” he stuttered. “I still didn’t… well… it’s not really… I can’t…” accept it, it…our break-up, he wanted to say, but he couldn’t bring himself to say these words. He feared Ryo’s answer way too much. Instead he chuckled a bit. “We had our fun with almost everyone during the last days. But do you think it is fair to leave out our beloved Senpais?”

Ryo blinked for a moment, still feeling a bit awkward, but then he chuckled. “You are right. We should be attentive Juniors.”

“What about your plan by the way? Was it Uchi’s horse?”

“No.” Ryo grinned. “It involves Takki.”

Kame blinked. “I thought you adore Takki?” he asked, not able to hide the jealous tune in his voice. He had always been annoyed by Ryo’s fanboying towards Takki. Couldn’t Ryo fanboy over someone who was older? Uglier? Someone living in another country?

“That’s why I want to show him my special affection.” Ryo joked, not even realizing Kame’s jealousy.

Kame sighed a bit. Ryo had always been like that… a bit oblivious.

Tsuyoshi almost dropped out of the room again when he came to his rehearsing room. The whole room was decorated, all kind of colourful things stuck to the wall. Cheerful music echoing through the room. Lots of food and drinks on a huge table.

And right in front of him there were his friends from the agency, Koichi standing in the first row of course.

“CONGRATULATIONS!” Koichi called out, throwing some confetti over Tsuyoshi’s head.

“Eh…” Tsuyoshi stuttered. “What…”

“You could have told us!” Okada patted Tsuyoshi’s shoulder. “But nevertheless, we are so happy for you.”

“YES!” Koichi grinned. “Finally you asked her to marry you!”

“What?” Tsuyoshi blinked.

“Look at this guy.” Okada chuckled. “He is still too surprised that she said yes.”

“Who said yes?” Tsuyoshi stuttered.

“Your girlfriend.”

“Which girlfriend?”

Koichi sighed a bit. “Really, sometimes I’m afraid that you forget your head at home. Here…” he angled for his phone, showing it Tsuyoshi. “You sent me this message.”

Tsuyoshi frowned in surprise when he read it. Finally, she said yes! I’m the luckiest man in universe!!  For a moment Tsuyoshi’s jaw dropped down, before he shook his head in shock. “I didn’t write that…”

“Really, we should feel mad that you didn’t tell us about your girlfriend.” Okada scolded him slightly. “But we are too happy for you.”

“Listen…” Tsuyoshi grumbled in frustration. “I didn’t write this message. I’m not going to marry. And I just met my girlfriend one week ago, that’s why you guys don’t know her yet.”

“Wait…” Koichi stuttered. “There is no engagement party?

“No. I’m sorry.” Tsuyoshi sighed.

“Such a pity…” Koichi mumbled. “And you are not going to marry during the next few months?”


“Then we have to cancel the honeymoon we booked for you…” Okada said reluctantly. “Such a waste…”

Ryo squealed in delight. “Where did you find Tsuyoshi-kun’s phone?”

Kame giggled. “He left it in his bag when he was recording his new single.” 

“You are mean.” Ryo grinned. “But I like it… You being mean is sexy” He bit his tongue when he realized what he had just said here. “I mean… “ he stuttered. “You are…well…showing some other sides of you here… now… during the last days…”

“Really?” Kame asked in surprise, blushing a bit. He wanted to say more, but to his shock, Koichi shifted around out of a sudden.

“Did you guys hear that?”

“Hear what?” Okada wanted to know.

“There was someone talking…”

“Yes.” Tsuyoshi mumbled. “I heard it too.”


“We really need to watch out…” Ryo whispered, looking around warily.

“Yes.” Kame mumbled. “Come… the door is open. Let’s go.”

“It’s coming from the corner there…” Tsuyoshi mumbled in shock. “I could clearly hear a voice right now!”

“Me too…” Okada added, feeling uncomfortable out of a sudden.

“I’m going to check it out!” Koichi added firmly, already walking into Kame’s and Ryo’s direction, a determined expression on his face. Whatever this here was, he would for sure reveal it.

“Damn.” Kame cursed silently. He turned around, taking Ryo’s hand and tugging him along. “Fast…” he whispered.

They left the room as fast as possible, both of them getting a glimpse on the shocked expression on Koichi’s face when they passed him. Apparently one of them had actually brushed against him…

They chased down the corridor, not stopping even though no one was chasing them. When they reached an empty storage room, they both hid there, panting heavily. For a moment none of them was able to say anything, the adrenaline still rushing through their veins, while the tried to calm down.

Kame patted Ryo’s shoulder. “It’s okay now…” he whispered. “No one is there…”

“You are right…” Ryo mumbled, his voice still shaking.

“We just need to be careful, okay?” Kame said softly, his hand moving over Ryo’s arm almost on its own.

The latter blinked a bit, looking up to Kame for a moment, suddenly realizing that this room was very tiny… and that he was so close to Kame that it made his heart beat faster.

But wasn’t it already over?

He and Kame were done, weren’t they? Why was he still clinging to their relationship then? Why couldn’t he let go of Kame?

He had been annoyed and frustrated throughout the last months, everything had been difficult between them. They did love each other… but they weren’t able to make it work. And now they had finally pulled the line… and what happened?

These faeries appeared… and turned them into something invisible, because Kame was in danger. Why? What had he promised as a child? Why did this happen the moment they were breaking up?

“Kazu?” Ryo looked up at Kame insistently. “What did you promise? What is this curse about?”

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