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Painful Days and stormy Nights Chapter 2

Painful Days and stormy Nights

Chapter 2: Introducing Sho-kun


Pairing: KimuShingo already goes into a certain direction I guess^^ There will definitely be some pairings, but I don't know who with who... It will definitely include Ryo, Yamapi and Jin and also Kame - I can promise that. And Arashi of course.
Rating: PG-13 (will rise)
Genre: AU, family, friendship, romance, angst, drama
Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related. But the story is mine of course^^
Summary: Takki introduces the new host, while Aiba the barkeeper gets to know his new main-supplier. To Hina's and Miyake's annoyance Shingo's main-concern is Takuya's ass. Yamapi is annoyed by Tegoshi's presence and Ryo wonders about Maru's and Ueda's behaviour. To plan the charitable event Yamapi has to invite his friends to his place...but there is still a secret he hides from Ryo. Subaru helps Takki not to get into a new argument with Ryo, while Yamapi has a difficult favour to ask from his cousins Tsubasa and Koichi, but unfortunately walls have Yamapi's case walls have Kame's, Uchi's and Jun's ears.

"Hey…a pretty, new boy.“ Aiba whispered as he watched how Takki introduced an athletic dark-haired, new guy to the others.


“This is Sho-kun.” Takki explained, putting one of his hands on so-announced guy’s shoulder, smiling friendly. “He starts today. Let’s help him through all the difficulties of a beginning, alright?”

“Alright!” the others nodded in agreement and Takki knew immediately that they would take care of the new guy. He bowed a bit towards the oldest man who was standing next to him, his own beloved Senpai who was still helping him through a lot of things and who taught him all he knew. “I’ll leave it to you Sakamoto-kun.”


“His name is Sho-kun…” Aiba mused. “Did you see his muscles?” he asked again, turning around a bit to see if the person he was talking to was still there. He smiled happily. He was still there, bringing a few bottles in order. Strange guy, Aiba thought. No facial expression at all. And apparently he wasn’t able to talk. Or was Aiba that unpleasant to talk to? Hopefully not… This new guy would be quite important for him…the new main supplier for all the things they needed at the bar and for the kitchen. His things were said to be the best. Aiba took a deep breath, smiling cheerfully, but before he could say anything else, Takki walked towards him. Aiba smiled full of admiration. Huhh… Takki was so amazing, his whole behaviour had something soothing and engaging, but not too intimidating. And he was hot. His dark hair brushed precisely, lying softly around his head and giving him a mysterious look. He was wearing a black long-sleeved shirt. Definitely silk. And his trousers were tight and…well… Aiba secretly stared at Takki’s backside. Not bad at all.

Takki smiled a bit. “Aiba-kun?”


“Is everything alright? Did you get everything you need?”

“Sure.” Aiba grinned happily. He always had known that Takki had a thing for him, that he liked his cheerful and good-hearted nature. That’s why… out of all guys…out of a lot of amazing guys… he had chosen him as the chief of the kitchen and bar staff. “Our new supplier really has a lot of great stuff. I’ll be mixing some gorgeous cocktails tonight”

Takki laughed gently. “I’ll come and try one then.” With that he walked away, leaving a rhapsodic Aiba behind. Gladly Aiba wasn’t alone…whom should he tell his admiration otherwise? “Did you see him?” he whispered down to the floor where the guy with no facial expression was still crawling around. “Isn’t he gorgeous? These eyes…it’s the eyes! Right?”

No answer. Aiba looked a bit grumpily. What was with this guy? Didn’t he know how to talk or what? He couldn’t be that dumb, since his business was flourishing. You need a lot of intelligence and instinct for that.

Aiba bent down a bit, now directly facing the guy, who apparently never was answering to questions. “Hey…why aren’t you answering? I’m babbling since hours.”

The guy looked up a bit. There was still no expression on his face, but there was something in his eyes…something deep and soft and interesting… full of different emotions.

“I didn’t know you were talking to me.” The guy told him calmly.

Aiba knitted his eyebrows, sighing a bit. Great…So he had been talking to himself for a whole hour? But at least the strange guy knew how to talk, that was some progress after all. “What’s your name?”

“Ohno Satoshi.”

“I’m Aiba, but you can call me Masaki… Or Ma-chan… Ma-kun. Or Aiba. I don’t really care.”

Ohno looked at the taller guy, feeling slightly interested. Wow. He talked a lot right? But then Ohno didn’t talk much… so it was not a bad business partnership.

“So, tell me. Who do you think is the prettiest of the guys?” Aiba wanted to know, scanning the persons around them.

Ohno got up a bit, looking around slowly, then he shrugged. “They are all good.”

“No, you have to choose one!” Aiba insisted. “Maybe Sho-kun?”

“Looks good.” Ohno reassured him.

Aiba pointed at a slender figure standing at one of the tables talking to Sakamato. Calm aura but strong first impression. “Or maybe Okada-kun?”

“Also good.”

Aiba shook his head. “Come on, Ohno-kun…”

Ohno sighed. “Alright then, they are all good. But maybe the guy you have the hots for.”

“Eh?” Aiba called out, blushing a bit over the other’s blunt way to express things. “I don’t have the hots for Takki-san. He is cool and friendly and good-looking, but I’ve not a crush on him.”

“Whatever you say.” Ohno told him friendly.




“Don’t you think, Takuya-sensei has the cutest ass ever?”

Some of the students who heard the last words turned around to look at the person who just spoke. Shingo of course. The tall, muscular and confident guy with the messy blond hair and a grin so huge that two whole doughnuts would fit into it. Next to him everyone else looked tiny, plain and like nothing.

“Just look at him… In these jeans… One might have dirty thoughts.” He whispered again.

Miyake sighed in annoyance. “You are such a pain Shingo.” He pulled his lower lip over the upper one, looking like an adorable 12-year old.

“What’s your problem, Ken? Just look at him. This hair…”

Miyake rolled his eyes. If Shingo had started once, there was no way stopping him. He gulped a bit when he caught Takuya’s glance. “Katori-san, Miyake-san, do you have any questions?”

“No…sorry… I just… wasn’t sure about my notes.” Miyake stuttered, blushing a bit because he sounded so damn stupid. He sighed in relief when Takuya turned away from them. There was something intimidating about this guy’s presence, his stoic appearance, his piercing eyes, his calm voice that suppressed every feeling, just sometimes there was a dangerous sparkle in his eyes, showing them that Takuya was everything, but not emotionless.

“Yes, I have a question.” Shingo whispered. “Why is your ass so gorgeous, Sensei?” He giggled a bit.

“SHHHH!!” Miyake tried to shush him desperately. “I think you are being really stupid.”

Another guy turned around looking at them thoroughly. He was not what you would call pretty, but his appearance had something interesting. And though he sounded rough most of the time, he couldn’t hide his gentle nature. But now Hina was annoyed. “You think he is stupid, Ken? I think he is tired of life, because Sensei is just one step away from killing him.”

Shingo pulled one of his eyebrows up, looking at Hina grumpily. Miyake giggled.




Nagase sighed a bit. “You lost your homework, Maruyama-kun? Again?”

Ryo looked at his teacher curiously and concerned. Would he get angry now? But to his surprise (or not too big surprise) he didn’t. “Well, try and be more careful the next time, alright?”

Maru nodded his head, looking around sheepishly. Ryo found that there was something tired and sad in his eyes. During their break he decided to ask his friends.

Yamapi looked around surprised. “Maru? He is nice, I guess. I don’t know much about him…”

Tegoshi shrugged. “He is alone most of the time. A nice guy, but a bit exhausting sometimes.” He grinned contently, jumping up to sit on Yamapi’s desk, making himself comfortable there.

“Exhausting?” Yamapi mock-mused. “Well… don’t we know another exhausting person?” He turned around to Ryo.

Ryo grinned. “I’m not sure.” he mimicked Yamapi’s voice, looking at Tegoshi sarcastically. “Do we, Tegoshi?”

Tegoshi shrugged, not paying enough attention to get their sneering tune. He lied down on Yamapi’s desk, resting his had on the latter’s bag.

Yamapi snorted. The irritating feeling inside him when Tegoshi was around appeared again. There was no way to fight that… Still he couldn’t really get rid of the boy. Ryo liked him and he had to admit that Tegoshi did have something charming, Yamapi couldn’t deny that. “And how exactly did we get stuck with YOU?” he teased.

“That’s…” Tegoshi tried to sound superior. “because my presence is a pleasure”

Ryo chuckled, a cheeky grin on his face, earning him a dirty glance of Yamapi. Much to Yamapi’s annoyance Ryo just laughed more. He sighed a bit, trying to not get infected with the boy’s laughter. Inevitable of course. Just one moment later he got drawn into Ryo’s smile and started grinning himself.

Ryo turned around a bit. “And what’s with him?” He pointed at a guy sitting at one of the back tables.

Again Yamapi shrugged. “Ueda. Beautiful like a girl. But he hardly talks.”

“No one here really cares for him. He never reacts to anything. He just sits there and reads. Boring, if you ask me.”

“Why?” Yamapi chuckled a bit. “Doesn’t he want to help you with the charitable event?”

Tegoshi pursed his pretty lips, looking at Yamapi grumpily. “Exactly. He didn’t even answer.” Tegoshi shifted a bit to get a better look at Ueda, then he waved. “Yo!! Ueda-kun?” Ueda flinched as he heard his name, looking at Tegoshi annoyed. Then he took the book he was reading and left the classroom. “See.” Tegoshi confirmed. “There is something wrong with him.” Then something crossed his mind. “So… What about the charitable event? Any plans?”

“Oh no…” Ryo sighed.

“Oh yes!” Tegoshi grinned.

“You are such an annoyance.” Ryo’s voice sounded pretty irritated but Tegoshi just shrugged it off, ignoring the other two’s objections. “It’s weekend in a few days. We should meet then and discuss what to do.” He suggested.

“Where do you want to meet?” Yamapi rubbed over his forehead, giving in to Tegoshi’s requests. At least meeting his friends sounded fun.

The pretty boy just shrugged. “My place won’t work. My parents are renovating the building. It’s noisy, dirty and annoying.” He turned around to look at Ryo. “What about your place?”

“Please spare me.” Ryo huffed. “My place is so annoying. Let’s meet somewhere else.”

Tegoshi blinked in surprise. “Why? It must be fun to live with 4 brothers.”

“Yeah, unbelievably fun.” the dark-haired boy answered grumpily. 

“I would love to meet them once.” Tegoshi mused. “You barely talk about them. Isn’t your oldest brother teaching at university?”

Ryo smiled a bit. “Yeah, Takuya is quite cool.”

“What’s with your real brother?” Tegoshi wanted to know.

“Real?” Yamapi pulled up one of his eyebrows, a warning glance in his eyes and a reproachful tune in his voice.

Tegoshi sighed. “You know what I meant… Of course they are all Ryo-kun’s real brothers, but I meant the one who is not is half-brother. What’s his name again? Takki?”

“Hmm…” Ryo nodded a bit, but not really answering the question.

“Still not getting along well?” Yamapi wanted to know, pushing some of his hair-strands away from his forehead and lazily holding them back with one of his hands.

Ryo sighed a bit. That was not it… He wasn’t sure himself what annoyed him so much. He shrugged, looking at Yamapi helplessly. “No… or yes. I don’t know. It’s difficult.”

“Then let’s meet at Yamapi’s place.” Tegoshi interrupted him, feeling that this here was a sore subject and though he often seemed to be careless, he didn’t want to hurt anyone.

Yamapi glared at him. “Who allowed you to call me like that?”

“Oh dear, are you two sensitive with your names.” Tegoshi mumbled. “So, at your place?”

Yamapi shifted a bit as the two of them were looking at him expectantly. His place wasn’t too great either. Well, not that it was bad and in contrary to Ryo he was getting along well with his cousins, but there was something… a little detail he couldn’t tell the others yet. But then…there was no way he could refuse their demand to meet at his place. “Okay.” He tried to smile a bit, though secretly worrying how to keep his secret.




“Okaeri Ryo-chan.” Takki smiled friendly at his brother, eager to avoid any kind of argument between them. “Lunch is in the oven. It should be still warm.”

Ryo swallowed down his growing irritation because Takki called him Ryo-chan again, wondering himself why he was lately getting so irritated about everything his brother was doing. But he remembered Takuya’s words from a few days before. He had promised him to try it and give Takki a break with his attitude. “Thanks.” Ryo mumbled. “What is it?”

“I’m not too sure either.” Takki chuckled a bit, glad about how calm his little brother was reacting and thankful that Ryo left out a provoking answer. “Nino cooked it. I’m not really sure if it’s eatable at all.”

Against his own intensions Ryo had to grin a bit. Nino’s cooking skills were normally beyond acceptable. No…Subaru’s cooking skills were acceptable. Nino’s were simply forgettable. He watched how Takki angled for the oven cloth to get out their lunch from the oven. He snuffled a bit by the strange smell, looking at Ryo helplessly. “Sorry, I don’t even know what it is.”

Ryo smiled a bit and shrugged. The food Nino had cooked didn’t even have a colour. It was just…brown and a bit grey.

Takki pointed at a green spot. “Here it looks like Brussels sprouts.”

“Yuk.” Ryo called out in pure disgust. Then he sighed a bit. “It’s okay. I’ll eat yesterday’s leftovers later.”

“Not hungry?” Takki wanted to know.

“Nope.” Ryo mumbled.

Takki knitted his eyebrows a bit, feeling a bit sorry that Ryo went back to his short way of talking and answering. But at least they hadn’t started an argument…yet. “Alright. Leftovers are in the fridge.” Takki looked at Nino’s food, smiling bravely. “And I’ll give this a try.” The moment he grabbed a fork and wanted to dig it into Nino’s creation, Subaru jumped out from nowhere, pushing Takki away.

“Don’t eat it!” Subaru yelled. “I swear, I ate some of it before because Nino was watching me and it nearly made me vomit.” He looked at Ryo who was watching them torn between amusement and embarrassment – Huh, his family was really embarrassing sometimes. Gladly none of his friends could see them now. Okay, except Jin. He knew them all quite well. But with Jin it was different, it was special.

Subaru smiled a bit. “I ordered some pizza in, with extra cheese, extra mayonnaise. I just ate half of it. Go and eat the rest.”

Ryo’s eyes started to sparkle a bit. Pizza! No: Pizza on a normal week-day. Must be his lucky day.

Takki frowned a bit when Ryo got up and hurried out of the room. He was well aware of the fact how important a healthy nutrition was. And pizza with extra-cheese and extra-mayonnaise was not healthy! But before he could say anything, he felt how Subaru grabbed his shoulder.

“Don’t…” Subaru whispered into his ear, feeling a bit worried.

“What?” Takki asked him totally surprised.

“Don’t say anything now. Enjoy the five minutes of peace you had today. Don’t ruin it for yourself. You can cook something healthy for tomorrow and get on his nerves then, but for today just enjoy it.”

“Alright” Takki sighed.




“Are you still sitting in front of your Playstation?” Tsubasa looked at his brother firmly. “It’s not good for your health. How about going outside once in a while and getting some fresh air?”

Koichi yawned a bit. “Who are you trying to lecture here? I go outside nearly every night.”

“Yeah.” Tsubasa sighed. “From our house to the Host Club. The building next door.”

“My brother, the doctor…” Koichi mumbled more to himself than to Tsubasa, ignoring the other’s attempt to get him away from the TV.

Tsubasa tried to convince him a few more minutes but then shrugged. Once Koichi was getting moody, he could be pretty uncomfortable. Maybe it was better to stop nagging before that would happen.

“Hey! Tadaima” A third voice pulled him out of his thoughts and he turned around, looking at his young cousin who just slipped into the living room.

“Okaeri.” Tsubasa called back, a friendly smile on his face.

“Hey Yamapi.” Koichi mumbled, too pre-occupied with his video game to follow any set phrase. “Lunch is in the fridge!”

Yamapi knitted his eyebrows a bit. “Did you cook?” he wanted to know. As no answer came, he looked at Tsubasa. “Did he cook?”

Tsubasa pulled up one of his eyebrows, nodding.

“Okay… I guess I’m not hungry.” Yamapi mumbled, angling in his bag for some crackers he still had and ignoring Koichi’s protest about how impolite and ungrateful he was.

“We can order something in.” Tsubasa suggested, trying to avoid an argument between the other two. “And…eh…keep Koichi’s master piece for tonight’s dinner.”

Yamapi grinned a bit. Tonight Koichi was at work and they would hopefully be able to get rid of his… whatever it was he cooked. Koichi looked at them suspiciously, too smart to really believe what they were saying, but in a too good mood to complain too much.

Yamapi shifted a bit, wondering how he should talk about his problem with them. Well, not problem, it was more like a problemesque, a hiccup. “Eh…” he started. To his surprise he immediately got attention from both of his cousins. Too much attention. Why was it that they were always sensing when he didn’t want something to become big and hence made it bigger as it was? And he so didn’t want this to become something huge, it was just a hiccup after all, not more.

“What is it?” Tsubasa asked, feeling immediately concerned.

“Problems at school?” Koichi wanted to know, switching his video game into pause-mode.

“Anything wrong?” Tsubasa again.

“Love troubles?” Koichi asked. Who else would ask that? Yamapi looked at him grumpily. As a host he always felt superior when it came to that topic and that though his own love life was quite pathetic.

“No!” he sighed. “It’s nothing important.”

Tsubasa looked at him suspiciously. “Why are you looking so bothered then?”

“It’s just a favour I have to ask.”

Koichi relaxed a bit. “Ah, I thought it was something important.” He blinked a bit as he felt Tsubasa’s reproachful glance on him. “Oh, I’m sure it is important, Yamapi. I meant it more like: I’m glad it’s nothing to worry about.”

Tsubasa rolled his eyes, then he looked at his cousin again. “What do you want?”

“Well, my friends visit on Friday.”

Tsubasa’s eyes were sparkling full of joy. He was well aware of the fact that though Yamapi was handsome and nice, he didn’t let much people approach him. And now he was talking about friends – Did you get the plural? – visiting. “Of course they can visit. Just tell us if you need something and I’ll buy it tomorrow.”

Yamapi smiled a bit over Tsubasa’s visible delight. “Thanks.” Then his face grew earnest again. “It’s just… Please don’t tell them anything about the Host Club.”

“Eh?” Koichi blinked. “Why not?”

“Because it’s too early.” Yamapi tried to explain, though he realised how weak his explanation was. But unfortunately he got Koichi’s attention now. The handsome guy looked at him, his eyebrows knitted thoughtfully. “You know Yamapi, I’m not a master on that topic, but keeping such a thing a secret is like telling a lie.”

“Not really, right?” Yamapi argued, looking at Tsubasa, hoping for some help.

“Well…” Tsubasa sighed a bit, secretly thinking that Koichi was right, but then… Was it their decision? “Why don’t you tell them?”

“I will tell them eventually. But not now, time is too short.”

“Alright.” Tsubasa sighed. “If you are really sure about that, but I’m not too happy with it.”

Yamapi turned around, trying to move his cousins’ doubts, which were also his own doubts, in a far-away corner of his mind. “Koichi?”

Koichi shrugged, looking a bit discontent. “Well, if you feel it’s really necessary. But tell them soon, otherwise they might blame you for it.”

“I promise.” Yamapi said, feeling both relieved and tensed. How should he ever keep that promise? But there was no way, he could tell Ryo-chan that…  Then something else crossed his mind. He looked at Koichi sceptically. “There is another thing.”

“What?” Koichi wanted to know.

“Just, please, don’t be too embarrassing.” Yamapi begged.

Tsubasa chuckled, while Koichi eyed both Yamapi and Tsubasa angrily. What cheek!


One pair of eyes was following Yamapi as he went upstairs to his room. It was neither Tsubasa nor Koichi.

“Interesting…” Kame mumbled. He turned around, running out of the family’s house and slipping into the Host Club again.

“Here you are!” Jun glared at him angrily. “Uchi and I are already waiting for hours.” That was slightly exaggerated. But it was Jun, so Kame simply ignored it.

“Did you ask Koichi-kun for the guest list of tonight?” Uchi wanted to know, already decorating the Club for the night.

“No, I got something better.” Kame chuckled a bit. At the same time he tried to fight back a piercing feeling that was spreading in his chest. Yamapi was his prince! “Some interesting information.”


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  • It's that season again!

    I seriously can't believe we are not only approaching fall, but actually right in the middle of it! End of summer and beginning of fall in my…

  • Knock knock

    Hello everyone! I know I haven't logged into this journal since forever but I admit I kinda miss it. Is there still someone around? ❤ How are you…

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