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Enchanted Chapter 5

Title: Enchanted Chapter 5 *end*
Pairing: KameRyo, various guests by JE-groups, in this chapter: TOKIO, Higashiyama,Takki, Tsubasa
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Real life with Au-elements, romance, fluff, humour,
magic, slight angst as in relationship frustration
Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related. But the story is mine of course^^
20 years ago two little boys had coincidentally shared the same dream, swearing the same oath. Today Kame and Ryo are both idols, in love with each other. But their relationship is at a dead end... Right at the moment when they want to break up, it happens: Two faeries, a curse and a charm. They are supposed to fight the curse... or one of them will die. Just, how to do that when you are invisible? Full of mischievousness and plans, they try to fight what's lying in front of them...
Written for: [info]laughingbottom as a birthday present!! <3

“This is the fifth ghost-complaint we got.” Higashiyama argued.

Takki sighed. “I know… I heard it too, but do you really believe it?”

“Do I believe in ghosts?” Higashi pulled an eyebrow up. “No, I don’t. But fact is that different people have told us the same thing. And one of them Domoto Koichi-kun. A science freak. Koichi doesn’t believe in things like ghosts. Still he told us that he had heard voices though there was no one he and the others could see…”

“Maybe it’s a misunderstanding?” Takki suggested.

“Of course it is.” Higashi shrugged. “Still…”

“It’s okay.” Takki nodded his head. “I will check on it, alright?”

“Thanks Takizawa-kun.” Higashi sighed a bit, before he shook his head. “Ghosts… really… people are freaking out way too easily.”

He walked down the hallway, blinking a bit when he heard voices coming from the TOKIO rehearsal room.

“Oh.” Nagase seemed not to care at all. “There is a cup flying around in the air.” He shrugged. “I’ll get another one. I don’t like to drink out of enchanted things…”

“Me neither.” Mabo agreed. “Could you bring me another cup too?”


“My shoes are missing.” Shigeru mused out of a sudden, looking around a bit. He frowned when he saw that they were dangling from the ceiling. It made him wonder a bit, but he shrugged it off.

“Want mine?” Taichi offered. “I have a second pair.”


Higashi stared at the scene in shock, slowly stepping backwards. He gulped in surprise, trying not to feel too scared. Then he turned around again. “There are not things like ghosts…” he mumbled to himself. “I’m dreaming.”

Kame pouted. “TOKIO isn’t shocked at all.”

Ryo grabbed the latter’s arm, pulling him out of the room and hurrying to their secret hide-out. When he had checked everywhere if they were safe, he crossed his arms in front of his body. “You haven’t answered my question!”

“I know… I can’t.” Kame mumbled. “Sorry.”

Ryo frowned, suddenly getting angry. Not exactly at Kame, but at the whole fucked up situation they were in. He grabbed the latter’s shoulders, shaking him. “TELL ME! DAMN! What is going on here!?” he blurt out angrily. “TELL ME! What did you promise? Why are we invisible? Why are you cursed?”

Kame bit down on his lips, feeling how tears were filling up his eyes. He looked away from Ryo and out of the window, trying to hold back his tears. “I can’t…” he mumbled.

Ryo sighed slightly. “Sorry, Kazu. I didn’t want to make you cry. Don’t cry, okay? I’m sorry…”

Kame looked at Ryo in surprise. “Why are you sorry? It’s not your fault.”

“But I made you cry. You never cry normally…”

“No, not you made me cry.” Kame mumbled, leaning against Ryo’s chest and letting the other hug him. “This whole situation made me cry…”

“That we are invisible?”

“No.” Kame mumbled.

“What is it then? What is making you sad?” Ryo asked softly.

Kame wavered for a moment, feeling how his tears were spilling over. “That we are apart.” he finally sobbed out.

Ryo blinked at that, looking at Kame in surprise. He wanted to say something, but before he could do so, they both heard a yell, echoing through the corridor.

“What was that!?” Kame asked in surprise.

Ryo shifted around a bit. “Takki…”

“Your plan?” Kame smiled a bit at Ryo’s sheepish expression.


“I want to see it!” the younger demanded.

Takki crossed his arms in front of his body, glaring at Tsubasa in fury. He turned around, pointing at the cow that was standing in the middle of their rehearsing room.  “Alright Tsubasa! Yesterday when you told me that you want to invite me to eat some steak, I didn’t know that you planned to kill the  cow yourself. HERE IN OUR REHEARSAL ROOM! ARE YOU INSANE!?”

“I…” Tsubasa looked at the cow in shock. “This wasn’t…

“Don’t you think you are exaggerating a bit with bringing along a whole cow?” Takki huffed. “As far as I’m concerned it’s only the both of us eating steak today! Or did you want to invite the whole agency?”

“Takki…” Tsubasa sounded desperate. “I didn’t bring this cow along!”

“What?” Takki frowned, shaking his head in disapproval. “Are you telling me that a ghost brought this along or what? I know you love everything Spanish, but I’m not going to participate in any bullfights, IDIOT!”

“It’s okay…” Ryo mumbled in embarrassment.

“I can’t believe it.” Kame breathed out, sitting on the floor and laughing like madly. “A cow? How did you get a cow into their rehearsing room?”

“Secret.” Ryo smiled warily.

“This is amazing.” Kame giggled. “You are crazy… How did you get this idea?”

“I did it for you…” Ryo blushed a bit. “You were so much fun during the last days… Did you even realize that you hadn’t smiled since months? I just wanted to see you laughing a bit more…”

“Ryo…?” Kame stood up again, looking at Ryo warily, his heart hammering against his chest like crazy. What was that supposed to mean?

“Yes.” Ryo mumbled silently. “Apparently I’m stupid, because I can’t let go. I had fun during the last days, because finally we had some fun together. It remembered me of our beginning… and I… just couldn’t let go, not after all these years we were together. I’m pathetic, aren’t I?” he turned away from Kame. “It’s okay, you know? Just because I can’t let go, it doesn’t mean that you should feel the same. You are free of course. I will get over it…” he gasped in surprise when he felt how Kame suddenly wrapped his arms around his chest from behind.

“Idiot…” Kame blurt out, something between laughing and crying.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Ryo pouted. “Don’t make fun of me!”

“I’m not.” Kame mumbled, leaning his head against Ryo’s back. “The reason why all this happened is… because I can’t let go too. I promised it as a child to never let go of my one and only love.”

Ryo took Kame’s words in for a second, slowly realizing what all this was about. Then he smiled carefully. “You are cheesy.”

“You love cheesy, you softie.” Kame grinned.

“I’m not a softie.” Ryo pouted.

“You are sweet and soft like a marshmallow inside…” Kame teased.

“Shut up.” Ryo grumbled, turning around and grabbing Kame’s shoulders, his hands stroking over Kame’s neck affectionately.

Kame smiled a bit, his fingers brushing over Ryo’s cheeks, feeling the other’s skin underneath his fingers, before he moved his hands through Ryo’s hair. Then he looked at Ryo hopefully. “Can we…try it again? I mean… can we give us a second chance?”

“What kind of choice do I have?” Ryo grinned. “I can’t let you get cursed after all.”

He smiled a bit, when he felt Kame’s lips against his, feeling how the latter was wrapping his arms around his chest. He hadn’t been that close to Kame since months. Even when they kissed , they had been emotionally so far away from each other, but this time…everything was right. It felt right and good and wonderful.

Kame’s lips were so soft against his though he was kissing him hungrily. Ryo couldn’t wait for them to get home so that they could finally jump each other for real.

When he thought of Kame’s wonderful body, his hands touching him and all the wonderful things they would do tonight in bed, he couldn’t await it any longer.

He was about to take Kame’s hand and take him home, when they both heard a cough behind them. “Sorry to interrupt you…” Takki sneered.

“Really…” Tsubasa complained. “Don’t you have a home to do that?”

Kame and Ryo blushed deeply but to their relief, Takki glared at Tsubasa. “Better get this cow away, before you complain about others!”

Tsubasa sighed a bit, apparently tired from trying to explain to Takki that it wasn’t him who had brought this cow along.

Once he was away, Takki crossed his arm in front of his body, glaring at his two Juniors. “And now…” he frowned. “… that the both of you found each other again, I want to hear some details… about cows, engagement parties, chocolate disappearing while vibrators appear and cups flying through the air.” He smiled wickedly. “This curse of yours better is something very important.”

“How…” Kame rasped out. “How did you know?”

“Oh dear…” Takki sighed. “I heard that Ryo-chan is sick. And that you had to go to the hospital because of your knee. Did you really think I wouldn’t check on the both of you? Besides that I just saw how you turned from invisible to visible… I’m trying not to be too shocked about that.”

“Well…” Ryo stuttered. “This wasn’t exactly planned. We hadn’t time to think…”

“But you had time to think of a lot of other things.” Takki glared, pointing at the garden where Tsubasa was currently walking through with his cow.

Ryo blushed a bit. “If we tell you that this is what kept Kame alive, would you believe us?”

Takki blinked. “I’m sorry…what?”

“It’s too unbelievable, I know.” Kame stuttered.

Takki sighed deeply, checking the two guys in front of him, knowing that both of them were horrible liars. He tilted his head, remembering how he found the cow in the rehearsing room and how he had argued with Tsubasa. He had to grin out of a sudden. Okay, it was fun. At least a bit. “At least you two are creative…” he sighed. “Just next time use your creativity in a better way.”

“You are letting us away with it?” Ryo asked in surprise.

“Yes…” Takki grumbled. “Apparently I’m also a huge marshmallow softie. I rather see the both of you together and happy than to think too much about what had happened here.” He paused. “There is just one condition to it.”

“What?” Kame asked.

“I want to know the whole story.” Takki grinned. “And all the details. Especially the one part where Higashiyama-san bumped into the rehearsal room and tried not to be scared. And the one with Uchi’s horse… and Arashi’s cursed rehearsal room.” He sneered. “You will tell me everything. Next week when you will invite me for a self-made dinner.”

“Self-made?” Ryo beamed. “That’s no problem!”

Takki sighed. “Ryo … you should learn to poker. Really, it’s not really a punishment when you are happy about it.”

“I can make you some omurice…”

“For real?” Takki asked in interest.


“It’s okay…” Kame interrupted him, smiling a bit. “We’ll make it up to you, Takki-kun. We promise. At least you will be able to laugh a lot about what we tell you…”

“Okay.” Takki smiled, secretly glad that he could stay mad at Tsubasa like that. He had a few plans for their up-coming concert tour after all and he was pretty sure that Tsubasa wouldn’t approve of everything. But now... with the cow-issue, he was dancing in Takki’s palm. He laughed. “Let’s say, it’s also having benefits for me.”

He smiled a bit when he saw how Ryo and Kame were waving him a good-bye, leaving the building together.

After a time that had seemed like forever, they were finally together again.

This time they would make it work.

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