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High Society Walkthrough Chapter 8

Title: High Society Walkthrough CHAPTER 8 (of 11)
Pairing: Juntoshi, guests by Aiba, Sho, Nino
Beta: [info]chibieminachan (Thanks dear!! You are amazing! <3)
Rating: R (to be safe)
Genre: AU, romance

Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related. But the story is mine of course^^
Matsumoto Jun, the once-to-be successor of his father’s important fashion business, is already a mogul himself. Known as the young fashionable guy he is on top of the lists of the most wanted singles and the first to be invited to the most important parties of high society.
Ohno Satoshi is a young, humble man, working part-time to earn some money, while he is trying to follow his dream to become an artist. His life changes when he gets to know that he is the long lost grand-child of the country's most important music producer.
During a high society party they meet: Jun who is forced to play a specific role in this society, while his dreams are buried deep beneath his surface, and Ohno, who has just been thrown into this life and struggles to find his path.
Requested by [info]kenshinzen in THIS post. And turned into a Multi-chapter by me :D  I hope you will like it!! ^_______^

“You’re staring…” Jun couldn’t hide his amusement, especially when Ohno blushed slightly. He was sitting on the little desk in the middle of Ohno’s studio, completely naked, so that Ohno could practice painting the Human body.

“Of course I am.” Ohno rolled his eyes, trying to sound superior. “I’m painting you after all.”

“Just watch out that you give proper credit to the important parts of my body.” Jun joked, eyes twinkling a bit.

Ohno blinked at that, before he cracked up. “I promise, I won’t…” He coughed meaningfully. “…reduce any sizes.”

“Good.” Jun grinned. “Because I’m really proud of my… height.” he added diplomatically.

“I can guess why.” Ohno joked along. “Your height is… impressive.”

“I told you that you would get distracted.” Jun teased.

Ohno blushed slightly at that, hating the effect Jun’s words always had on him. He tried not to stare too much, when he actually wanted to do nothing more but to look at Jun… all day long. Touch him and feel his skin, his muscles, his beautiful body. They had kissed several times, but still… the way Jun was sitting right in front of him, completely naked, it made Ohno nervous because Jun was still so far out of his reach.

Apparently the latter caught on with Ohno’s change of mood, because he sat up a bit. “Hey, Satoshi-kun…”

“Satoshi” Ohno interrupted his friend.

“Eh…” Jun blinked at that, before he blushed slightly. “Alright. Satoshi?”

Ohno blinked, before he smiled a bit. Jun was holding his hand out for him and he took it thankfully. He still tried to keep his gaze away from Jun’s rather intimate parts of his body. “This is awkward.” he analyzed dryly.

Jun pulled his eyebrows up. “You’re telling ME that? I’m the one stark naked…”

Ohno chuckled at that, realizing that he wasn’t the only one all tense and nervous. He leaned forward a bit, deciding to ignore the fact that Jun was being so deliciously naked for learning purposes only, and wrapped his hands around Jun’s neck, pulling him closer so that he could kiss him passionately.

When they pulled back, Jun smiled warily. “Still feeling awkward?”

“Well…” Ohno mused. “You’re still naked…”

“Want me to put some clothes on?” Jun suggested.

Ohno stayed quiet at that, then he chuckled. “No.” he simply answered, wrapping his arms around Jun’s neck again and kissing him once more. He smiled against Jun’s lips when he could feel how the latter’s hands were wandering over his back, drawing lazy patterns on him.

“You know…” Jun mumbled against the kiss. “If you feel nervous, we don’t need to do anything today…”

“I’m not nervous.” Ohno answered.

“But if you don’t want to…”

“Jun.” Ohno smiled warmly. “I want to. So stop freaking out.”

Jun sighed in relief. “Alright…”

Ohno was surprised that this had lost its awkwardness. He could feel Jun’s body moving on top of him, skillful fingers running over his shoulders and chest, warm lips kissing his neck. When Jun chuckled a bit, the slight vibration against his skin sent a shiver through Ohno’s body.

“You know Satoshi, this is so cliché.” Jun mumbled against Ohno’s ear, his hot breath sending goose bumps over Ohno’s skin. “The hot nude model gets seduced by the charming painter…”

“Wait a moment.” Ohno grinned, glad that Jun was able to diffuse any tension between them with his teasing remarks. “The charming painter seduces the hot model? As far as I’m concerned, the hot model was spreading his sex appeal all over the room. The charming painter just had to give in.”

Jun pulled an eyebrow up, looking down at Ohno while his fingers played with the other’s light hair. “Really, you are paying way too much attention to the details…”

“You’re the one who started it.” Ohno pointed out teasingly.

Jun grinned. “Oh please, shut up.”

Ohno laughed at that, he had actually planned to say more, but Jun did make him shut up. It had been long since he last had sex, and he couldn’t remember if it had ever been as intense as it was with Jun. But then, he had never liked someone like he loved Jun.

Jun’s fingers were burning traces onto his skin, his tongue making Ohno’s body tingle while his hips rocked against his skillfully. Ohno was holding on to Jun’s back, his hands stroking the other sweetly.

It was painful in a pleasurable way, making them both moan in delight as the sensation flooded them. Their bodies tingling, their skin more sensitive than usual. Ohno could feel how some small sweat drops dripped down from Jun’s body, his lips drawing a wet line over his chest.

At one point they changed their position and Ohno was able to look down at Jun, exploring his body the way he wanted to. He was surprised by the sighs and moans that escaped Jun’s lips whenever he discovered an erogenous zone.

He loved these sounds, more than anything else, but soon Jun grabbed his hips again, forcing him to move faster against his hips, his own hips pushing up against Ohno’s to finally give them the release they were longing for.

They were able to pull this off for two more rounds, before they were both exhausted. Ohno grabbed the cigarette Jun was smoking, taking a deep breath from it to cool down his still hot and tingling body.

“Honestly…” he chuckled. “If you make love to me like that every day, I might get addicted to you.”

Jun grinned at that. “Well, that is my plan.”

“Well, aren’t we possessive?”

Jun smiled brightly, turning to his side to face his friend. “You know, Satoshi, it’s fun being with you. I like it a lot.”

Ohno blushed a bit, then he chuckled slightly. “You’re the first to tell me that I’m ‘fun’. People tend to find me rather boring…”

“Then people don’t look deep enough.” Jun stated simply.

Ohno smiled silently at that. “I like you too, Jun.”



Jun closed the door silently behind him, stretching a bit. He felt a bit tired from the quality time he’d spent with Ohno. Tired, but good. He switched on the light in his apartment, wanting to get a drink and relax a bit.


“WAH!” Jun jumped in shock, his eyes twitching, before he sighed in relief. “Sakura! Are you nuts? You almost gave me a heart-attack!”

“Sorry.” His sister smiled warily.

Jun brushed through his hair, sighing. “How did you get in here?”

“Oh Onii-chan.” She smiled. “You gave me your second key for emergencies, remember?”

“Right.” Jun nodded his head, remembering about it. Then he frowned. “Wait! Is there an emergency?”

Sakura shrugged helplessly, not sure what to answer. “Well…”

“Oh my God.” Jun sat down next to his sister, taking her hand. “Don’t tell me it’s Sho. You two are still engaged, aren’t you?” he paused. Sho was his best friend and he was glad that his beloved sister was marrying a good guy like him. The mere thought of them breaking up was already giving him nightmares. “If he did something stupid, you have to forgive him.” He continued. “He’s a good guy. One of the best. He’d never want to hurt you, I know that.”

“Jun.” Sakura smiled a bit. “It’s not about my engagement or about Sho-kun. He is charming and lovely, and always will be.” Her eyes gleamed for a moment, before they got darker again. “It’s not about me.”

“Oh dear.” Jun breathed out. “It’s Mom. Something happened to her? She is alright, isn’t she?”

“Of course she is.” Sakura shook her head. “Mom is alright of course. And it’s also not Dad… or maybe…” she paused, looking at Jun nervously. “Maybe it is about him.”

“Dad.” Jun frowned. “Did he scold you? But you’re his princess… Don’t tell me he isn’t approving of Sho!”

“He loves Sho.” Sakura intervened. “He thinks he is the perfect match for me.”

“Then it’s about what I told you to do for me.” Jun analyzed.

“Eh?” she blinked a bit. “What?”

“Well, I told you to ask him about Ohno-san, right? He got angry because we were meddling into other people’s business.”

Sakura shook her head. “No, he answered all my questions.”

Jun blinked in confusion. “I don’t get it, Sakura. What happened?” He sighed. “Well, I guess I’m just feeling too great to get worked up.” He smiled. “You won’t guess what happened with Satoshi.”

Sakura’s face grew a bit pale. “You two are together for real, aren’t you?”

“Of course.” Jun shrugged. “I told you about it before, you forget?”

“No.” she stuttered. “But it’s just… you really like him, right? You mean it?”

Jun looked at his sister in surprise, frowning a bit. “Sakura… what’s this about?” he finally asked calmly, but also with determination. “Tell me!”

Sakura looked down at her fingers, shifting around nervously. “You remember Yuri?”

“Your friend?”

“Yes.” Sakura mumbled. “Dad knows her family.”


“Well, it’s not really a secret that she has a major crush on you. She always had it… since she was 16.” she explained carefully.

“For real?” Jun blinked. “I knew she had a major crush on me, but for so many years?”

“Yes…” Sakura mumbled. “A few days ago, Dad was meeting her father for business-related matters and he also met her coincidentally. He thinks she is a nice girl, good-hearted, modest and beautiful.” She paused nervously, looking at her brother.

Jun frowned. “I still don’t understand… What’s the problem?”

“He thinks she is the perfect match.” She finally mumbled.

“Eh? Well…” Jun was about to ask another question, when his eyes suddenly widened. He jumped up. “WAIT! A perfect match? FOR ME?!”

Sakura wavered for a moment, looking away from her brother. “I’m so sorry, I couldn’t avoid it. I tried to tell him that you’re still too young, and that you needed to grow up some more before you could become a husband and stuff like that… But he wouldn’t have any of it.” She looked up a bit. “He wants you to marry her.”


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