lilly0 (lilly0) wrote,

Several awesome and not-so-awesome things

1) I didn't sleep last night. Great >< I have this very complicated mind that can't rest. Once I start thinking, I can't stop it anymore... and I will think and wonder and worry and think through the whole night.
That's what happened yesterday. And I put even more pressure on me because I was so tired and needed to sleep... because today was such a hard day. 8 hours uni without a break... and an oral presenation.
Well, finally the day is over ^_^ And I even made it to the gym (Curves <3) I'm also in love with Zumba right now, but they only do it on Wednesdays evening.

2) Smut-meme is doing great! I was so happy that it popped up last week <3 And I was a good fangirl and wrote three prompts. However, I promised to write two others as well. Still need to finish them.
And now, there comes the best: FIVE OF MY PROMPS GOT FILLED! That's the first time one of my prompts was written in a meme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And such awesome fics, really!!

3) I just realized I messed up one of my sign-ups for an exchange a bit. Girls, never copy-and-paste your sign-ups from other exchanges. However, the one pairing I excluded...I still need to write it. *headdesk* But I decided to take it with humour, get drunk with lots of Eristoff Ice and write it. Seriously, I can't write it when being sober!

4) yoru_no_hikaru wrote one of the most amazing fanfics ever for me!! Saito Kazuyoshi/Ryo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Girl, you are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go and read her fic HERE
And I haven't forgot your requests. First will be your Kinki Kids request. Then I will go for your wishlist... let yourself be surprised :D I've already started working on yours and ryogrande's. Yuki's is coming up too.
And why the hell is the day only having 24 hours!?????

However, since I'm already talking about the wishlists, here what it is about:
This here is my wishlist. All of you who want to have such a wishlist too, go and make one and tell me! I will link you then <3

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