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Jade Chapter 16

Title: Jade: Chapter 16 (of 18)
Pairing: Akame. RyoxJin as brothers (not as a pairing). Various other characters.
Rating: PG-13 (for this chapter)
Genre: AU, crime, romance
, family
Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related. But the story is mine of course^^
Tokyo, 1981: A young bride disappears, leaving no trace but an old necklace out of jade. No one has seen her, no one knows who she is. The woman that never existed.
Tokyo, 2011: Jin, a talented photographer, is known for his sixth sense when it’s about photos and other person’s emotions. When he gets the offer to work with Tokyo’s Criminal Investigation Department, he moves to Tokyo, together with his 16-year-old brother.
There he starts to work together with the skilled, but eccentric young detective Kamenashi Kazuya.They are part of the department for Cold Cases, where forgotten and never solved cases are investigated again. Despite their first rather bad impression of each other, they soon learn that their skills complement each other almost perfectly.
The case they are working on seems mysterious, but harmless: Jade, the woman that had been erased from everyone's memory. But soon Jin and Kame realize that with this case they are awakening a sleeping lion, bringing themselves and everyone they love and care for into danger. They suddenly fall into a network of intrigues, murders and threats. On top of that they are both hiding something from each other and from everyone else... something no one is supposed to know...

The building was beautiful. Ryo had actually expected a hospital, but apparently his mother’s parents had been eager to let their daughter give birth as secretly as possible. Because this place was in the middle of the mountains – it had taken him hours to get there, even though he was taking the train.

It was idyllic. Still it made Ryo feel kind of sad. What was he doing here? All alone? Why didn’t he bring Jin along?

He sighed deeply, deciding to take a closer look at this place. It was a place specialised on birth and gynaecology, but also a rehabilitation centre. These two roles were totally obvious, because of the huge park and the whole atmosphere. It was calm and soothing; he could clearly imagine someone relaxing here.

When Ryo knocked at the nurses’ station shyly, the door opened almost immediately and a nurse smiled at him. “Hello, dear.” Apparently she could see his nervousness and tried her best to make him lose his fears.

“Hello.” Ryo bowed politely. “I…well…” he took a deep breath. “I would like to get some information about my birth… my parents… you know?”

The nurse smiled. “Do you have an ID, dear?”

Ryo nodded his head, handing her his documents and his ID, all the things he had gathered before he had run away. The nurse looked through the documents, looking at Ryo in wonder. “The place here is not in the documents. Are you sure you were born here?”

“Yes.” Ryo nodded his head. “My mother sent me here.” He showed the woman the sheet of paper Shizuka had given him – a photo from this place and her were attached to it too.

The nurse’s eyes lit up suddenly. “I remember this girl. She was quite young when she gave birth to you.”

Ryo nodded his head, sighing in relief when the nurse got up and promised him to look through the documents. For the time being, he walked around a bit. The area was huge. Bigger than what it looked like from outside. When he was standing at the window, he could see little houses next to the building. Apparently there were people living in them. He frowned out of a sudden when he saw how a woman was walking down the path. She was wavering a bit, apparently she was quite weak.

Ryo shook his head a bit. It felt like he knew her… but he couldn’t put a finger on it yet. Before he could think any further, the nurse called his name and handed him a folder.

“It’s a copy.” she smiled encouragingly. “Why don’t you take it and sit down somewhere… outside? The weather is so warm.”

Ryo nodded his head thankfully, bowing politely. Then he walked outside, searching for a calm place under the trees. He wondered if he should call Jin. He would search him by now, there was no doubting that. And most likely he would be in quite some troubles when he came home. He tilted his head, frowning a bit; Jin would for sure ground him for…forever. He should have at least left a note. Well, not that he could change it now anyway.

Ryo opened the folder a bit, immediately seeing a photo of Shizuka, a very young Shizuka, and a baby in her arms. Suddenly Ryo felt like crying, tears stinging in his eyes. This here would most likely be the only photo he would ever have together with his mother.

Still, he wondered if his father would be around somewhere too. Maybe this folder would give him some information, so that he could close this story for himself. He wouldn’t search for his real parents. He had never intended to do that, the only thing he had wanted to do was to find out who he was and where he came from. He didn’t need to look for a family – he had a family at home after all. Jin and the others were his real family. There had never been a doubt about that.

When Ryo opened the next page, carefully reading over the names written there, his eyes widened in shock and surprise. What he saw right in front of him was unbelievable. It was impossible! It couldn’t be!! …could it?

Father: Akanishi Jin, born 1981


Jin was sitting at the sofa, his eyes looking out of the window. Something inside him was tugging and twitching. He had wanted to tell it Ryo himself, but Ryo for sure would find it out all by himself now.

When he grew aware of the glances of his two friends, he coughed a bit. “Sorry…I am… a bit… well…”

“It’s okay.” Kame smiled. “We understand.”

Yuu nodded his head. “Just tell us, alright?”

Jin sighed. “It’s… maybe not as big as your secret, Kame, but it’s big enough. You know Ryo was adopted?”

“So that’s really true?” Yuu asked. He had almost hoped that Ryo would be an illegitimate child from either Jin’s mother or father, but apparently this was not the case. “Whose child is he then?”


Kame blinked in surprise. “What… yours?” He laughed a bit, thinking that Jin was making a joke, but when he saw the serious expression in Jin’s eyes, he gasped in shock. “That can’t be…”

Yuu stared at Jin in disbelief. “He is your son? But…how?”

“You just became 30 recently.” Kame said silently. “Your brother…or…whatever he is… is 16.”

“Yes.” Jin looked down at his fingers. “I was 14 when I had sex for the first time…”

“But…” Kame stuttered. “You are together with me. It needs a girl to give birth to a baby.”

“Yes, back then I didn’t know about my sexual preferences. It was not exactly normal to be gay. Everyone in my class had a girlfriend. And everyone was making out with someone. So…I did it too. I’m not exactly proud of it. She got pregnant… and wanted to abort the baby, but I could convince her to give birth to it. I told her I would take it and be responsible. She secretly gave birth… her parents hid it perfectly. And when Ryo was born, my parents hid the truth and adopted the baby as theirs. I wasn’t allowed to be its father. I wanted to take responsibility, but they didn’t let me. I wasn’t even allowed to tell Ryo. I was just 14 and bound to their rules after all. I still hate my parents; I can’t forgive them for what they made me do”

Jin didn’t say anything more, it wasn’t needed. He wasn’t waiting for an answer from his friends; the puzzled silence around him was enough of an answer.


Ryo swallowed hard. One part inside him was still fighting against this news, but the other part of his mind slowly realized what it was that Jin couldn’t talk to him about. Ryo gasped in shock. This was crazy… so crazy, that his mind was almost blank. He didn’t know what to think, what to feel, what to say…

Nothing, just blank.

He closed the folder, feeling totally paralyzed, when he suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder. Before he could say anything another hand was covering his mouth, a strong arm holding him tightly and tugging him away within seconds. His mind went dizzy for a moment, smelling a nasty scent. Before he even realized what was happening, he had already lost his conscious…

When Ryo was waking up, he had a painful headache, his surroundings still blurred. But when his eyes slowly got used to his surroundings, he frowned, realizing that he was in a room. Apparently a living room. His hands were tied, his body still hurting a bit from lying on the floor.

Who did that to him? He turned his head a bit, his eyes suddenly catching the person that was in the room together with him. What was happening here?


"I don’t understand that.” Yuu shook his head. “What was this kid thinking to run away like that!? Don’t let him get away too easily this time!”

“I know…” Jin sighed nervously, his hands feeling wet because he was sweating so much. “But let’s talk about that once we found him… ”

“I agree.” Kame mumbled, his hand stroking over Jin’s face sweetly. “We’ll find him.” He said softly. “And then you can set everything straight between you.”

Jin nodded his head, but before he could say anything his gaze shifted towards the mail. For a moment he was seriously confused to see a well-known white envelop. He frowned deeply. “Another letter!” he hissed out.

Kame blinked in confusion, staring at the envelope in surprise and anger. Then he jumped up. “Give me 10 minutes.” he yelled, running outside.

Yuu blinked at that, realizing that apparently Kame was trying to catch one of the guys that were spying on him. “Wait here, Jin. I’ll help him. I was in the Martial Arts club in school.”

Jin nodded his head slightly, his hands shivering when he opened the letter. For a moment the sight around him got blurred, it felt as if the world wasn’t moving, as if everything was standing still. But it didn’t. And with the next breath Jin took, he felt like screaming.

Before he could do so though, the door opened up again and Kame and Yuu pulled one of the black-jacket guys along. Kame pushed the guy to the floor, glaring at him furiously. He had never felt that determined and angry before. “ANOTHER LETTER!?” he yelled.

The man blinked, staring at Kame in surprise. “A letter?” he stuttered.

Kame pointed at the letter in Jin’s hand, crossing his arms in front of his body. “TALK!”

The man sat up a bit, robbing away from Kame and standing up slowly. He took a look at the envelope, then he shrugged. “This one is not from us.”

“Eh?” Yuu blinked in surprise.

“We only sent a few ones, scaring Akanishi-san a bit.” The man explained. “To stop him from investigating.”

Kame glared. “Yes, and the adoption documents about his brother!” he hissed.

Now the man stared at Kame in disbelief. “What kind of adoption documents?” he asked, sounding so puzzled that Kame and Yuu exchanged a surprised glance with each other.

“You are seriously telling us…” Yuu started. “That the letter with the documents about Ryo’s adoption didn’t come from you?”

The man sighed in frustration. “We know a lot of things. But these kinds of documents are sealed. Even for politicians it’s difficult to get them.”

Kame stared at the man in shock. “But why are you here then?”

“The master, your father, wants us to protect you.”

Kame snorted. “You have to be kidding me! I don’t believe you…”

“He is saying the truth…” Jin mumbled out of a sudden, the latter still in his shivering hands. “This is from someone else.”

Kame frowned deeply. “How do you know?”

“Because of the letter's content.” Jin mumbled. “That’s nothing your father would do… or these guys would do… they wouldn’t know these details.”

Kame blinked in surprise, walking towards Jin to read the letter’s content. His eyes widened in shock when he suddenly realized what Jin was talking about.

We have your son. If you want him back unharmed, come to the origins. There is one thing we want you to do, though: Bring Kamenashi Kazuya along.



Note: Dear friends and readers! Thanks so much for all your support <3  To thank you I opened up a Request Post. If you feel like requesting a one-shot with a specific pairing or situation you can do so HERE. For Song-Drabbles go HERE.

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