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Your voice, frozen in the wind... Chapter 1

Title: Your voice, frozen in the wind, surrounds me like snow petals Chapter 1 (of 12)
Pairing: KameRyo, other guest appearances
Rating: PG-13 (for this chapter)
Genre: AU, romance, bit angst (like in every
romance story), It might be the hurt&comfort type of fic
Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related. But the story is mine of course^^
Being a privileged boy out of a rich family doesn’t mean you get more love. Kame knows that just too well. All day long he fights against this monster called loneliness, until a new boy joins his class. He is coming out of a different background and just as lonely as he is.
Kame fights against the feelings that are awakening inside him, not able to trust anyone around him. But then he starts to get strange anonymous messages, his heart warming up towards a person he doesn’t even know…and to this strange boy in his class.
Dedicated to: sweetspicyhot. As a belated birthday present! I really really hope you will like this, my friend!

Kame pulled his scarf tighter around his shoulders. It was freezing cold. Whoever said that it was beautiful at the beach – no matter at which time you went there – was definitely lying. He had been living here since years already and it was freezing cold during winter. Nothing comfortable about the sea. The wind was piercing his face and hands like little needles. He just wished he would have brought some gloves along, and a bigger scarf.

Kame turned around to look at the sea in front of him. And for a moment he really was mesmerized by the sight that opened up to him. Huge waves, smashing against rocks and cliffs, froth on top of the waves, the sea dark and wild. The peaceful image the beach and the sea were giving during summer was completely washed away right now. Everything was gloomy and dark and almost disturbing... and still so fascinating.

For a moment Kame felt like he should redo his statement of the sea being annoying during winter and autumn...until a cold breeze hit him right into his face, making his whole body shiver in cold. Some water drops were coming along too, making his hair, his skin and his jacket wet. Great...

Why was he even going for a walk right now? Okay, he hated it to be at home at the moment. The impersonal atmosphere at home was almost unbearable. His mother was travelling all the time and his father didn't care much. Last week Kame was sure he saw him with a younger woman... and it didn't look like a business meeting.

He hated it to be at home. There was nothing warm and soothing about it. He even preferred the cold beach and the uncomfortable wind. He also preferred the boring hours at school and being with his friends... at least the very few he had.

Kame sighed a bit, tensing his shoulders when another breeze hit him in a not too soft way. He grumbled, feeling how the water drops on his jacket were slowly searching their way to his body, making him feel cold through and through.

He looked around a bit, deciding to at least look for a place where he could walk or sit calmly, without the wind bothering him. His eyes widened in surprise when he saw an old, little fisher house. It was deserted since years already, definitely.  But he had never seen it before. Had he really walked that far today?

He looked around, deciding that even an empty fisher house couldn't be creepy enough to make him stay outside. With that he simply rushed to the house, slipping through the entrance door and escaping the wind like that. He took a deep breath, looking around curiously. Okay, at least it didn't feel creepy at all here. It actually almost felt warm. Not warm, like a sunny weather, but the atmosphere was a warm one. There must have lived a happy family here once. Kame normally wasn't the type who believed in such things, that a family's feeling could stay in a house for so many years, but here he couldn't help it.

He sat down on the chair next to a wooden table, fascinated that it was still in a good shape, despite the changing seasons leaving obvious signs. Kame sighed, for the first time in days he felt comfortable again. He rested his head on the table, trying to imagine what kind of mother had been living here, with her children maybe. Did she cook for them? Listen to their problems? Scold them? Laugh with them?

What was it like to have a real mother? Not that his mother wasn't real... but having the same blood didn't make one family. He wanted to have a mother that gave him the feeling of being a loved child. Not a mother that only gave birth to him 17 years ago and didn't care about him anymore.

Kame would even prefer it to be grounded once in a while when he did something stupid, instead of his mother mumbling something like ‘it’s okay, just think more next time’, before she hung up because she had a ‘really important meeting’.

He looked around in the room, blinking when he saw a small box in the corner of a shelf. He felt curious and bored, hence he decided to look at it. His surprise was even bigger when he realized that it was a note-book… an empty one… and rather old. But it still was in a good condition. Next to it there was a pen.

Kame tilted his head, grabbing both items and carrying them to the table. It would be a miracle if the pen still worked. But when he opened the note-book and tried to scribble something with it, it worked perfectly fine.

Kame sighed slightly, rubbing over his head. He didn’t know why he did that… but he just felt like it, so he took the pen, opening the first page of the note-book.

I want to have a mother that cares…

Mine is not here at all.

I want her to hug me once in a while.

I want to have a normal family life.

This was ridiculous. Kame rolled his eyes at himself, for being so pathetic. He put the book and the pen back and put on his jacket and scarf again. When he felt warm enough, he stepped outside, trying to ignore the cold wind.


“Did you see the new one already?” Jun bent forward a bit, grinning towards Kame.

Kame smirked. “Not yet. Cute stuff?”

“Ah.” Jun shrugged. “I’m not sure. I didn’t see him properly.”

“But his butt was nice.” Jin joked from the other side of the desk.

Pi rolled his eyes. “Is this all you are interested in about a person?”

Jin shrugged a bit. “I already have you guys to deal with… why worrying about another person’s personality?”

“True.” Jun grinned.

Kame sighed a bit. “You guys are impossible.”

“It’s not like you care so much Kame-chan.” Jun teased.

Kame blushed a bit at that. Actually the others were right… he didn’t care too much about other people. Not because he was selfish, but because he preferred it not to know too much about others… it just brought problems along. Every time one had to talk and interact with another person, one was immediately pulled into a huge mess of problems, wishes and needs.

Really…too bothersome.

“Okay.” Uchi agreed half-heartedly. “Let’s just stay away from the new one then. No matter how nice his butt is.” He glared at Jin a bit.

Jin chuckled. “Our prince is getting upset again.”

“Yes.” Jun joked. “He likes to be in the middle too much.”

Uchi blushed a bit at that, looking almost hurt. He pulled back, turning away from the others again. “Whatever…” he grumbled.

Jin sighed slightly, already feeling sorry for what he said, but then he shrugged it off. It was easy to offend Uchi… even when he didn’t even mean to.

“Sh.” Kame made out of a sudden. “Sensei is coming…”

“With the cute butt.” Jin joked, making Jun giggle a bit.

Pi sighed slightly. “Honestly guys…”

“Good Morning!” their teacher closed the door behind them, smiling brightly. He was a rather old guy…but nice and calm. And he cared for his students. “Did you have a nice weekend?” He smiled contently when most of them answered with ‘yes’ or nodded their heads.

“You know what was especially nice…” Jun whispered towards Jin. “The cute brunette…”

“God.” Uchi grumbled, still angry about their previous comments about his personality. “Shut up once in a while!”

“Thanks Uchi-kun!” their teacher chuckled. “That’s just what I wanted to say… just in a more appropriate way.” He pointed at the door. “Come in Nishikido-kun.” He turned towards his class again. “This is your new classmate, starting here from today. His name is Nishikido Ryo.”

“The cute butt is actually really a cute butt…” Jun mumbled in amaze.

“Didn’t you guys say you don’t want to intervene with the new one?” Pi asked in annoyance.

Jun shrugged. “I have no ambitions at all in getting his friend. But I like his butt.”

Kame didn’t even listen to his friends anymore. All he did was staring at the boy who had just come to the classroom. He looked a bit shy, almost lost. And there was something sad in his eyes, something that drew Kame immediately towards him. His hair was a bit messy… like a little bird’s nest. Kame could tell that he was still a bit sleepy. But the most interesting about him were his eyes… so deep and beautiful. He didn’t care about his butt at all… but the eyes.

He sighed slightly, turning his head away. No matter if this boy was interesting or not, he didn’t want to get involved with him. New people always meant problems. He was having enough of them, no need in adding to them by getting to know the new guy.


Kame stretched a bit when the warmth of the old wooden house welcomed him. No matter how cold it felt outside, here it was comfortable. He dropped the jacket and the scarf on the chair.

He smiled contently when the room warmed up immediately. He had actually planned to take a book and read something, when his eyes suddenly caught the box with the pen and the note-book in it. Had it always been in this shelf? Wasn’t it in the other one before? Kame stepped a bit closer, angling for the box and checking on it. It didn’t look used at all… Just to make sure he angled for the note-book, opening it. Then his eyes widened in surprise. Right underneath his scribbling, someone else had written something in messy letter.

At least you have a mother

Better a cold one than none at all.

You don't know how lucky you are...

A/N: Don't worry, the setting won't be winter. I just needed this here to picture Kame's mood ^^

Note: Dear friends and readers! Thanks so much for all your support <3  To thank you I opened up a Request Post. If you feel like requesting a one-shot with a specific pairing or situation you can do so HERE. For Song-Drabbles go HERE.

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