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Hey my friends!

How are you doing?
It's so hot outside today O_O
We are having 34 °C.

I went to the dentis yesterday because my teeth hurt ><
But now everything is alright ^^

On another note: Is it possible to die from boredom? ^^
That's what I'm asking myself since last week... since this literature&philosphy class started. The teacher is good, but seriously, three hours philosphy every day? O_O  Yes, parts of it are interesting, but none of us is studying philosopyh, so there is no way we can actually work in this class and understand everthing. LOL

Kanjani's Ai deshita sold 262k in its first week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congrats guys! That's amazing!

Someone posted a list with upcoming dramas (for the next season), still need to read through them. I'm not that excited about the dramas till now. But the one with Fujigaya interests me a bit.
GTO...Shirota Yu is in it. I just wonder if his part is big enough for me to watch the drama...
But serously, till now nothing really hit me...

Hope you are all having a nice day! <3
Tags: rambling
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