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Painful Days and Stormy Nights Chapter 3

Painful Days and stormy Nights

Chapter 3: Let me mix you up!


Pairing: KimuShingo already goes into a certain direction I guess^^ There will definitely be some pairings, but I don't know who with who... It will definitely include Ryo, Yamapi and Jin and also Kame - I can promise that. And Arashi of course.
Rating: PG-13 (will rise)
Genre: AU, family, friendship, romance, angst, drama
Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related. But the story is mine of course^^
Summary: Koichi bumps into Nagase and is annoyed, though Jun and Uchi find him rather amusing. Kame is jealous of Yamapi's new friends though Uchi and Jun are quite interested in them. Jun immediately realises the reasons behind Kame's attitude. Subaru meets his new psychologist and Aiba presents Sho his talent. Jin can't beat Okada and tries to get some comfort from Ryo. And Sho learns some new things about Takki, Ryo and the others from Nino, Sakamoto, Okada and Aiba. And then there is Aiba...who thinks that Ohno is not totally hopeless.

„Today I’ll beat you Junichi!“

Okada sighed deeply, before he turned around to look at Jin. Why? Always this competition… it was tiring. But for Jin it was important though there was no chance for him to win against Okada, not yet. He was still too young. Okada hated it to crash him like that but Jin was determined and stubborn, not listening to anyone. “You can’t win against me.” He told the younger one firmly. “I’m working here much longer than you do. I’ve more regular customers.”

Jin shook his head, smirking self-confidently. “But I’m young and fresh!”





Koichi turned around, feeling surprised by the cheerful and loud voice that was suddenly behind him. He looked at the tall guy. Did he mean him with ‘Yo’? It couldn’t be one of his clients…he would have remembered that face and that figure. “Sorry?” Koichi’s voice sounded slightly irritated, but the guy in front of him just smiled friendly.

“You must be Yamashita-san?”

Koichi blinked in surprise. He was who? Yamashita-san? Like Yamapi’s name… And who was that tall guy? “Who are you?” he asked bluntly.

“Ah!” the guy smiled. “I’m Nagase-kun, Yamashita-kun’s homeroom teacher.”

The expression on Koichi’s face lightened up a bit, but just for a moment, because he apparently hadn’t count on the other, because… “So, you are Yamashita-san?” Nagase asked again. “Yamashita-kun’s father?”

Koichi breathed in loudly, his eyes sparkling in shock…just for a moment, until he felt anger dwelling up in his chest. FATHER??? He was not looking that old!!! Out of the corner of his eyes he could she how Jun, who had accompanied him to buy some things for the Club, broke down laughing. Stupid kids! He glared at Jun, but unfortunately Jun wasn’t impressed at all, he just turned around, waving at Uchi to explain him exactly what just happened. Koichi knitted his eyebrows, looking at Nagase again. “I’m not his father” He tried to sound polite.

Nagase laughed apologetically. “Ah, you are his uncle then?” This time both Jun and Uchi started to laugh. At least Uchi turned away a bit to not show his laughter Koichi, but Jun was a fearless guy and he didn’t care much about Koichi’s attitudes or his anger. He was straight-forward, self-confident, proud… and unfortunately one of the best guys in his Host Club.

Koichi frowned visibly, staring at Nagase. “I’m his COUSIN! What do you think I’m that old? Don’t be ridiculous!” With that he turned around to walk away, head up high, getting back some of his pride.

“Wait a moment!” he could hear Nagase’s voice behind his back. Nagase still sounded friendly. Why didn’t this guy get angry at all? But apparently he had decided to ignore Koichi’s biting remarks, Koichi on the other side had decided to ignore Nagase’s whole person. As he caught the look on Jun’s face he wondered slightly why the other was grinning that brightly.

“Hey you!” Nagase called out again, avoiding Koichi’s name. He grabbed Koichi’s shoulder to make the small man stop. “You lost your wallet. Here.” With that he laid the wallet back into Koichi’s shopping bag.

Koichi blinked, before blushing deeply. “Thanks.” He mumbled, growling a bit.

Nagase shook his head, smiling lightly. “It’s okay.” Then he turned around, recognizing the presence of the other two guys for the first time. He smiled. “Hey guys!”

Jun immediately switched back into his Host character and bowed slightly. “Nice to meet you. I’m Jun.”

“Uchi” Uchi said, voice friendly, though still full of suppressed laughter.

Nagase blinked at them, pointing at the huge amount of bags they were carrying. “Are you here by foot?”

Uchi nodded. “Our Hos…” But before he could say any more, Jun had elbowed him, knitting his eyebrows and shaking his head slightly. “Ouch.” Uchi whined a bit, but kept his voice down, before he went on with his explanation, this time more carefully. “Our house is near.”

Nagase shook his head. “It’s still too much to carry. Want me too help?”

“No.” Koichi grumbled.

“That’s very obliging” Jun smiled brightly. “But is it alright to take advantage of you like that.”

Nagase laughed. “Don’t talk nonsense. Sure!” With that he grabbed three bags and walked towards Uchi to let him explain the way to the Club.

“Are you insane?” Koichi hissed towards Jun.

Jun shrugged unaffectedly. “No way would we have gotten all that stuff home alone.” He grabbed three bags, following the other two men.




“How weird.” Uchi giggled a bit. “That was the funniest lunch we ever had. This Nagase-kun is strange, but not too bad.” With that he got up, yawning a bit. “I have to prepare a few things for later.” He sounded a bit grumpy. Preparation work was one of the worst and he pretty much hated it.

Jun grinned. “You know, you could have done it earlier. I told you so.”

Uchi knitted his eyebrows, pouting over Jun’s educational remark. But there was no way he could do something about that. So he walked towards his bag, angling for one of the lists he had to go through and sat down on a table next to the other two boys.

Kame sighed a bit, snuggling against a pillow. Jun smacked his butt playfully, making Kame giggle a bit. He shifted and curled up to let Jun sit down next to him. Jun smiled. “Now I’m even more curious about these two boys… Ryo and Tegoshi. When will they visit?”

“Weekend.” Kame mumbled grumpily.

Jun blinked for a moment. “What’s with you?”

“Nothing. Bit absent-minded.” Kame stuttered, trying to sound convincing. Apparently he was lucky since Jun shrugged and went on with his thoughts.

“Seems to be a nice guy. Isn’t it fun that our Yamapi finally found friends.” Jun grinned. “I can’t wait to meet this guy. It’s just a bit weird that Yamapi doesn’t want him to know anything about the Host Club. But then…16-year-olds can be difficult sometimes. Right?” He eyed Kame again and this time he caught his frowning immediately. “What? Kame? Just spit it out already!” Jun wasn’t the most patient guy and escaping him was one of the most difficult things ever.

Kame sighed a bit. “Is it okay to be so hyper about it? We don’t know anything about this Ryo-guy right? Just that Yamapi hangs out with him all the time. Same with this Tegoshi-guy.” He couldn’t help but sounding pretty annoyed. “Do you know anything Uchi?”

Uchi eyed him grumpily. He was in the middle of his work and any interruption was totally out of place. “Why do you care?”

“Because…” Kame paused for a moment. “we don’t know anything about the boy.” he repeated. “We don’t even know who he is. Where he comes from. He is new in school. He could be some kind of gangster!”

“Yes, totally.” Jun snorted, his voice sarcastic. “That’s exactly how Nagase-kun described him.” He bent forward a bit, looking at Kame piercingly and poking him into his hips. “My dear boy, you are jealous! It doesn’t suit your plans that Yamapi finally found some friends beside us. You don’t want to share him.”

“Yes, you are totally nuts Kame.” Uchi agreed, still annoyed that he got interrupted before. Not that he couldn’t understand Kame’s feelings, but then… wasn’t it fun to get to know new people? And Yamapi was so protective about himself, not talking much to others. That he finally found friends was great. “He doesn’t belong to us. And by the way… I think Tegoshi, if it really was Tegoshi, is pretty. And Ryo-kun is cute.” Uchi’s eyes glimmered a bit as he thought of the other boy.

“Eh!” Kame was up his feet immediately. “How do you know.”

Uchi shrugged. “I saw him with Yamapi the other day. Another boy was with them…Tegoshi I guess. They were sitting in some coffee shop. Well, I don’t know for sure if it was Ryo-kun. But how many friends does Yamapi have?”

Jun grinned. “Dark-haired?”

“Yes.” Uchi confirmed. “He looked exactly like Nagase-kun described him.”

“Why didn’t you tell us before?” Kame blurt out, eyes sparkling dangerously.

“I didn’t know it was important.” Uchi blinked, rolling his eyes, but smiled apologetically. “Come one, Kame. I didn’t even talk to them. I just saw them from the other side of the street.”

Jun grinned. “Don’t be bitchy now, Kame. Uchi’s right. I saw his photo in Nagase-kun’s documents. Not bad-looking at all. So don’t worry about your dear Yamapi… Maybe one of us will snatch Ryo-kun away…” A mean grin appeared on his face. “Though…maybe you should fear this Tegoshi too?”




“I’m wondering Sensei…” Subaru mused as he was sitting on his new psychologist’s sofa. “Things are sometimes so weird and I don’t know why.”

“Why is that so?” the doctor wanted to know.

“I’m not sure myself. But sometimes I feel sad without any reason. Is that normal?”

“There is no such thing like ‘normal’” the man smiled encouragingly. “We have to go deep down to the place where the real problem is. Tell me something about your home.”

Subaru sighed a bit. “Well, it’s not too bad.”

“Then it’s not good either?”

“That’s not exactly what I meant.” Subaru thought for a moment, considering his words. “I love my family. Sincerely. But sometimes things are weird.”

“Why are they weird?” the doctor’s voice sounded soothing and friendly.

“My brothers are lovely, you know. All of them.” Subaru explained. “Two of them are my half-brothers.”

“Ah?” the man’s voice sounded interested. “Half-brothers?”

“Yes, they are younger, one of them is only 16. We have different fathers. But that’s not the problem.”

“It isn’t?”

Subaru shook his head. “No, we met them a few years ago and started living together. They are gorgeous and it makes no difference that we are half brothers. But…”

“But?” The doctor wanted to know.

“There is something strange between them. I asked Takuya about it…”

“Takuya?” The other interrupted him.

“My oldest brother.” Subaru explained. “He is worried too, but we don’t know how to talk to them about this. I mean…it’s a sore topic. They hardly talk about what happened before anyway. But the older one of my half-brothers really gives his all to make the boy happy. But…”

“But the young boy doesn’t want to? So the problem is the younger brother?”  the psychologist wanted to know.

“I wouldn’t call it problem. The others are quite difficult too…” Subaru frowned a bit, when thought about Nino’s newest working attitude. “And with the little one…It could be some teenager attitude. Or more.” Subaru frowned a bit, small wrinkles appearing on his forehead as he was knitting his eyebrows.

“You think it’s more?” the man asked. He smiled a bit. “Maybe you should visit me with the whole family?”    

Subaru showed him his rare smile. “Believe me, it was already difficult enough to get the boy to go to school. I can already see his face when I ask him to come here. Besides that I also don’t think I would be able to bring Takuya along…or one of the others.”

The doctor laughed a bit. “I see.” He smiled. “Well, such things need time. But I promise you we’ll search for a proper solution.”

“Thanks.” Subaru nodded his head thankfully. He felt pretty comfortable with this guy, definitely better than his former psychologist. Both of them blinked in surprise when there was a nock at the door.

“Yes?” the doctor turned his head around to look at the door.

His secretary peeked into the room. “Sorry, Tsubasa-Sensei.” She whispered. “But your brother called. He needs something.”

Tsubasa sighed deeply, nodding at the woman, before looking at Subaru again. “Talking about brothers…” he grinned. “Koichi, my brother, isn’t too easy either.”






“Uh, today was busy, right?” Sho sighed a bit while he was sitting at the bar.

Okada smiled encouragingly, leaning against the counter. “It’s weekend.” Then he mused. “I never thought you could be that much fun. You seem so stoic. But when you told that joke and those 5 girls cracked up, I was slightly impressed. You could be some real concurrence for me” Okada told him friendly, not really concerned about that, since it was not too important for him.

Sho smiled, feeling a bit flattered. “Thanks.”

They both sighed.

“Long evening?” Aiba asked out of nowhere as he jumped up from the floor. He was organizing all the bottles and expensive aperitifs and spirits. The other two men flinched in surprise when Aiba’s head suddenly popped up between them. Aiba grinned.

Sho smiled. “Not really. I’m just tired.” The athletic man yawned a bit. Nice biceps, Aiba thought. He grinned brightly. “Here you go!” With that he placed a cocktail glass in front of Sho, a weird red-coloured liquid inside it.

Okada chuckled a bit as he sat down next to Sho. “And her you go.”

“Want one too, Junichi?” Aiba asked, placing a glass in front of Okada before he could even answer.

“It looks like Bloody Mary.” Sho mused.

“Well it is.”

“EH!” Sho blinked. “I’m not going to drink a Bloody Mary. I’m not hangoverish. Just tired.”

“There are different ways of having a hang-over.” Aiba mused wisely. “Drink it and you’ll feel better. Besides that this is my own creation, no real Bloody Mary.”

“Has it tomato juice?” Sho wanted to know.




“Then I’m not gonna drink it.”

Aiba grinned wickedly. “There is more about it. As I said my own creation.”

“How do you call it?” Sakamoto asked as he sat down beside them.

Aiba shrugged. “Bloody Aiba?”

Sho pulled one of his eyebrows up, eyeing the drink sceptically. “Bloody Aiba? That sounds…well…”

“Strange?” Okada suggested.

“Whatever.” Aiba waved dismissively. “But it tastes good.”

Sho sighed, slowly realising that there was no way he could escape this cheerful but determined guy. So he took a sip of his drink, eyes widening in surprise the moment he swallowed it down. “Unbelievable.” He mumbled. “Is there really tomato juice and Tabasco inside?”

Sakamoto smiled a bit. “That’s Masaki-kun’s special talent.”

“Yeah.” Okada mused. “Maybe you can make Takki-kun put it on the card.”

Sakamoto laughed at them. “Honestly, it might be a wild guess, but I highly doubt that Takki would put anything on the card named ‘Bloody Aiba’. But maybe if you change the name.” He turned around a bit. “By the way, where is Jin-kun?”

“Eh?” Okada turned around a bit, his eyes scanning the room. “I didn’t even realise that he already left.”

“He is upset.” Aiba informed them.

Okada sighed. “How do you know?”

“I know it.” Aiba stated simply.

“How?” a fifth voice asked.

They all blinked and turned around to the voice that spoke just now. “Nino-kun.” Aiba smiled happily.

Nino grinned impishly, pointing at the glass in Sho’s hand. “New host, new cocktail?”

Okada grinned a bit. “You and your unnecessary remarks…”

Aiba chuckled. “That’s because he is an author.” As he caught Sho’s confused look he smiled a bit. “That’s Nino-kun. Takki-kun’s half-brother, the 2nd oldest of the house. The oldest is Takuya-kun, you know him already.”

Sho nodded politely into Nino’s direction, while the latter just grinned brightly. “Nice to meet you.” he said, before he turned around to look at Aiba again. “So how do you know?”

“I like people.” Aiba explained, a soft smile on his face. “I like their feelings and how they deal with things. They are interesting. I like watching them. And believe me, this here…” he pointed at the counter. “is the best cinema-seat ever.”

“Ah…” Sho suddenly smiled, pointing at Okada. “I guess it’s because Junichi-kun beat him today.”

Okada flinched slightly. “It’s not what I want to do…”

Aiba grinned happily. “Yep, he feels he has to challenge you. But he hates loosing.”

“Today’s youth is really something…” Okada stated grumpily, making Sakamoto chuckle devilish.

“You are not that old yourself Junichi.” The oldest guy grinned.

“Where is he now?” Sho wanted to know. “He should sleep a bit.” There was slight concern in his voice. He was well aware of the fact that a night-job made their nights to days and days to nights.

“Oh, I’m pretty sure he is sleeping right now.” Nino smiled. “I know where he is.”

“Don’t we all know?” Aiba yawned a bit.

Sakamoto knitted his eyebrows, frowning slightly. “Yeah, but it’s 4 AM in the morning and Ryo also needs his sleep, crawling into his room and chatting with him till morning is an imprudent decision. It was okay when they were kids, but now they should think about things like school, work and proper sleep.”

Aiba shrugged simply, waving his hand dismissively. “They are friends. Let them be. Ryo is quite protective when it comes to his problems, at least there is someone he trusts.”

Sho looked at them in interest. “Do they know each other that long?”

“Since forever” Nino answered. “They even knew each other before Takuya, Subaru and I met Ryo-chan and Takki. Jin always visited Ryo when he felt uncomfortable.”

Aiba nodded before he looked at Sho again. “But don’t tell it Takki-kun. He hates it when Jin bumps into Ryo’s room in the middle of the night.”

Sakamoto sighed a bit. “Well, he is not that wrong, you know.” With that he got up, waving at them. “I’ll take my leave for today.”

Sho watched the older man as he left the room, looking at the others curiously. “Who is he?” he wanted to know.

Okada shrugged. “Takki-kun’s Senpai. From what I know he helped him building up the Club. He even worked as a Host himself at the beginning. But I don’t know anything about their former relationship.”

Nino nodded in agreement. “Me neither.” Suddenly a thought hit him. He sighed. “But if you want to know more details, you have to ask him.” He pointed at Aiba. “I don’t know how he does it, but he knows nearly everything.”

Aiba grinned brightly. “Yep.” He agreed.

“So?” Sho wanted to know.

Aiba bent forward a bit, whispering. (Nino rolled his eyes. As if someone was listening to them…) “Sakamoto-san knows Takki-kun and Ryo since they were children. For Takki he was like a second father.”

“Why did he need a second father?” Sho whispered back, not even realising that he got totally torn into this story by speaking in such a low voice himself.

“No one knows that. Difficult past.” Aiba stated. “It’s a big secret.” He filled two other glasses with his ‘Bloody Aiba’ and put it into the fridge.

Nino blinked, pointing at them. “One is for Takki, right?”

“Exactly.” Aiba confirmed.

“And the other?”

“For this Ohno-guy.” The young barkeeper explained.

Nino looked at him curiously. “Who is that? Never heard his name before…”

“The new supplier. A weird guy, but he is alright.”

Okada laughed. “He has to be alright if you save one of your drinks for him.”





Ryo shifted around in his bed, wincing a bit. Was there some noise outside? There was definitely something at his window. He should check on that. He sighed as he got up, then he trembled a bit. Wasn’t exactly this the moment in horror movies where one of the characters got killed because he walked towards the window or the door to check on some noise?

Ryo blinked when he heard something…or rather someone… whispering outside. “Jin?” he asked as he opened the window, sounding a bit grumpy.

Jin smiled at him, slipping down from the tree’s huge branch and landing in Ryo’s room. He grinned a bit sheepishly. “Sorry for waking you up” He smirked even more. “…Juliet.”

Ryo glared at him, not even answering Jin’s teasing remark. He just waddled back to his bed and slipped under his blanket again. “You are insane” he grumbled. He sighed when he felt how the mattress got weighed down as someone sat down.

“You want me to leave?” Jin asked, not able to hide a sad tune in his voice.

“No.” Ryo mumbled into his pillow, remembering the painful times when he wasn’t able to sleep alone and needed someone to stay next to his bed every night. It had always been Jin back then. No one else knew about it. They just thought that the boys were making some sleepover parties. And till now he couldn’t help but feel protected around Jin. Not that he would tell him that of course. He grumbled a bit. “But shut up. If Aniki finds you, he’ll kill you.”

Jin chuckled a bit, slipping under Ryo’s blanket as well. When he tried to get some space on the pillow, Ryo elbowed him a bit. He was not ready yet to forgive Jin for waking him up at 4 AM.

Jin grinned over the other’s attitude. “Alright, whatever you want. Good-night your Highness.”

Ryo snorted angrily but was way too tired to retort anything. “Good-night you idiot.” he mumbled, giggling a bit as Jin’s hair was tickling his neck. “You need a hair-cut.”


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  • It's that season again!

    I seriously can't believe we are not only approaching fall, but actually right in the middle of it! End of summer and beginning of fall in my…

  • Knock knock

    Hello everyone! I know I haven't logged into this journal since forever but I admit I kinda miss it. Is there still someone around? ❤ How are you…

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    1) I managed to get a LE copy for Arashi Are you happy/Japonism arena. Japonism is only on the LE. But jeez, the price! I spend 140$ (including…