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High Society Walkthrough Chapter 11

Title: High Society Walkthrough CHAPTER 11 (of 11) *last*
Pairing: Juntoshi, guests by Aiba, Sho, Nino
Beta: [info]chibieminachan (Thanks dear!! You are amazing! <3)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, romance

Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related. But the story is mine of course^^
Matsumoto Jun, the once-to-be successor of his father’s important fashion business, is already a mogul himself. Known as the young fashionable guy he is on top of the lists of the most wanted singles and the first to be invited to the most important parties of high society.
Ohno Satoshi is a young, humble man, working part-time to earn some money, while he is trying to follow his dream to become an artist. His life changes when he gets to know that he is the long lost grand-child of the country's most important music producer.
During a high society party they meet: Jun who is forced to play a specific role in this society, while his dreams are buried deep beneath his surface, and Ohno, who has just been thrown into this life and struggles to find his path.
Requested by [info]kenshinzen in THIS post. And turned into a Multi-chapter by me :D  I hope you will like it!! ^_______^

It’s not easy to lose a son.

It’s not fun either.

Even though you think your judgment is the correct one and that you therefore deserve the right get him to listen to your words, how does it help you? What do you get out of the fact that you were right… when he is not around anymore? All that pride is worth nothing, for your children are worth more than you could imagine.

You shouldn’t repeat my mistake. Believe me, it so lonely without them.

Without Jun you will feel empty, no matter how hard you try to make yourself believe that it was his decision and that he should’ve followed your word.

In the end, you are the one feeling lonely, while he struggles on his own. Lives his own life. A life you won’t be part of anymore.

The things he achieves, the success he will have, you will only hear it from others. His smiling face, his voice… you might never see or hear it again.


Sakura didn’t know how long she had been standing there, not moving an inch, but when she heard some noises at the door, she hurried to answer it in anticipation. But it wasn’t Jun who’d come back, it was Sho.

“Sakura!” he called out, wrapping his arms around her waist. “Where’s Jun?”

“Eh?” she blinked in surprise. “He just left.”

“Why?” Sho whined at that. “All you Matsumoto family members are so impulsive and stubborn.”

Sakura frowned grumpily. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Sho’s eyes twinkled a bit. “That I know something you and Jun don’t know yet…”

“Can’t you run any faster?” Sakura looked over her shoulder towards Aiba and Nino who were both panting heavily.

“Hey.” Nino complained angrily. “Not all of us have a fiancée who is holding our hand and pulling us along.” He winced when Sho turned his head to glare at him, piercing him with his eyes. “Whatever…” Nino grumbled. “Pathetic couple of lovers.”

Aiba smiled brightly. “It’s not pathetic to be in love.”

“Well…” Nino grunted. “If you say so, it just has to be true.”

“Really.” Aiba grumbled. “You and Jun are always so sarcastic…” He paused. “What if we don’t find him?”

“Oh please.” Sho chuckled. “He’s just searching for a place to stay, not leaving the continent. No need to freak out, Masaki.”

“Right.” Nino teased. “And there wouldn’t be a need to run, if one of us had paid more attention to Jun’s whereabouts.”

“I’m sorry.” Sakura faced Nino again, looking at him through her dark, piercing eyes. Nino sincerely believed that she and Sho really were the perfect couple. “But ONE OF US has been too pre-occupied with crying because her family was breaking apart.”

“Well…” Nino shifted around a bit, before he gave in. “You’re right. Sorry, Sakura-chan.”

Before anyone could say anything else, Aiba frowned. “Where’s Satoshi?”


“I thought he would be the first to go and search for Jun.” Aiba tried to explain. “But he’s not here…”

“I couldn’t reach him.” Sho explained, smiling warily. “Just like I couldn’t reach Jun.”

“Don’t tell me…” Nino took a deep breath. “…that they’ve run off together! Satoshi was the first one to spill the news after all!”

“It is a possibility.” Sho mused, but then he had to laugh. “It would be like those two to start running into the blue without even thinking about it properly.”

“I should’ve known.” Sakura sighed a bit. “Jun told me that he would talk to Satoshi-kun as soon as possible.”

“Great.” Nino grumbled. “Now my knee hurts from all this running.”

Aiba smiled, taking Nino’s hand and patting his shoulder. “It’s okay. Now everything’s going to be alright…”


Ohno turned his head slightly to look at Jun. “I thought you would bail on me.”

Jun chuckled at that. “Is that what you think of me? Really… You have the right to decide what to do by yourself. I wouldn’t force my decision onto you. Honestly… I hate those kind of sacrifices where one person dumps another one just because he or she wants the other to have a better life.”

Ohno smiled slightly, remembering Sho’s and Nino’s words. “Yes… I heard about that.” He paused. “What are you going to do now?”

“Don’t worry about me.” Jun smiled. “I’ll search for a small apartment and for some work to do. I know quite a lot of people myself. Not all the people I know are my father’s friends.” He paused. “What about you?”

“I’ll help you of course.”

For a moment Jun’s face was like an open book. His eyes looking sad and hurt by what had happened, but at the same time relieved when he heard Ohno’s words. “Thanks…” he mumbled silently, hiding his head in Ono’s arms.

Ohno swallowed hard at Jun’s expression, before he wrapped his arms around Jun’s waist, hugging him tightly. His fingers wandered over Jun’s face softly. “Don’t feel depressed. I’ll be there, I promise.” He paused, wavering a bit. He hadn’t told Jun anything about his talk with his grandfather because he didn’t want to raise his hopes too much. He would hate to see him crushed afterwards. But still, Ohno felt like he should show some faith and hope, so he stroked Jun’s cheek softly. “Listen…” he smiled. “I tried something, but I’m not sure if it worked… It’s…” He groaned in frustration when he heard his doorbell ringing. “Sorry.” He mumbled when he stood up, walking towards the door.

Jun blinked in confusion, his eyes following Ohno. What had the latter meant to say? What did he do? What did he try? Jun tilted his head in surprise. Did Ohno actually have a plan?

“Eh!?” he could hear Ohno’s voice from the entrance door, his voice nervous and laced with fear. “It’s you… I mean… Hello, of course. It’s… well…”

“I’m sorry to visit you so suddenly.” Another voice could be heard.

Jun’s eyes widened in shock once he heard the voice. He jumped up immediately, holding his breath and trying to stay quiet. He knew that voice way too well. But how… why… when… WHY!?

“No…” Ohno stuttered. “It’s no problem…”

Silence filled the air, before a sigh could be heard. “Satoshi-kun, I would really like to talk to my son now. Would you please allow me to step into your apartment?”

“Well…” Ohno mumbled helplessly, not sure of what to say.

“Great…” Jun whispered nervously, checking the room for an escape route. But there was no way he could jump out of the window now, they were on the 2nd floor after all. Besides… he hated cowards, hence he didn’t want to be one himself. With one last determined breath, he opened the door, walking into the living room. “I’m here, Dad.”


Ohno’s nerves were killing him while he was waiting on the balcony. What were these two talking about that was taking so long? Really long. He didn’t know whether his grandfather had been successful or not... but no matter what the result had been, Jun’s father had made it. It wouldn’t take THAT LONG to tell his son.

Ohno tried to peek through the window, but the scene was the same. Jun was sitting on the sofa, a glass of gin in his hands, his father on the sofa chair, a glass of whisky in one hand and a cigar in the other.

No hints, nothing. Ohno couldn’t tell at all if they were splitting up or making up. He had never seen such tensed faces, though they both tried to look as emotionless as possible.

For the first time ever, Ohno felt how thankful he was for growing up with such loving parents. And also for having an open-minded and forgiving grandfather around him now.

Ohno sighed, turning away from the window again. He leaned back into his chair and looked up at the sky. He just hoped that for Jun’s sake everything would end well for him. He knew that Jun wouldn’t leave him… still, it would be different if Jun left his family. This was a huge decision and Jun would definitely get hurt if that was the outcome, and Ohno didn’t want him to be in any kind of pain. He wanted Jun to be happy, always.


Ohno almost jumped when he felt two hands pat his shoulders. He hadn’t even realized that he’d fallen asleep. It was already pitch-black and he shivered slightly.

“You’re going to catch a cold.” Jun complained, sitting down next to Ohno and throwing a blanket over the both of them, covering them completely.

Ohno chuckled. “We can’t see anything like this now.”

Jun smiled, moving forward to kiss whichever part of Ohno’s face he could reach – it was impossible to see anything after all. He got his cheek. “I guess…” Jun mused. “You are my good-luck charm. Though you might jump up now and run away because I’m being so cheesy.”

“I like cheesy.” Ohno answered dryly.

Jun stayed quiet for a moment. “Thanks.” he finally said. “I can’t thank you enough for what you did for me.”

“Please…” Ohno shrugged slightly. “I just did for you what you would’ve done for me. It’s nothing, really.” He leaned against his friend. “So, it helped?”

“Well…” Jun chuckled. “It’s not like my father is jumping in the air happily and dancing around me, but he… how should I put it… gave up on his plan. Not that he likes the thought of us though, he rather hates it. And I don’t think it will ever change.” He sighed. “But you know, it’s a relief. That in the end I was more important to him than his pride as the patriarch of our family-clan.” He smiled a bit. “Though it’s not perfect.”

“It’s never perfect.” Ohno told Jun sympathetically. “But it’s better.”

Jun grinned. “Right. But I know what we could do to make it almost perfect.”

Ohno smirked a bit at that. “Really, you and your pervy mind.”

“Oh, come on.” Jun teased. “You’re just as perverted as I am. You just hide it behind your lacklustre image.” He grinned. “Don’t think I missed how you stared at my butt today.”

“Well…” Ohno muttered, grinning teasingly. “Why deny the obvious?”

“You know…” Jun mused, when they were lying next to each other on the floor. “I think I’ll start for real now.”

Ohno smiled, his hand moving over Jun’s chest softly. “With what?”

“With becoming independent.” Jun explained. “I’ve had a lot of fun during the last few years and I think now it’s about time to get some things going.”

“You want to quit your job?”

“No.” Jun smiled. “I don’t love it, but it’s a good job and honestly, I can’t offend my father by quitting the fashion world. I can’t break off from everything. I think everyone has things they have to do in their life. Besides… I do like parts of my job. I just don’t like those plain social gatherings. But I’ve decided to see them as part of the job description.” He paused. “I want to do something for myself too though.”

“You want to write?” Ohno caught on immediately. “Finally!”

“Yes.” Jun grinned, full of motivation. “I’ll write under an alias and I’ll only tell you.”

“Really?” Ohno asked, not able to hide the flattered tone in his voice.



“You know what?” Aiba mused, while he flicked through the book he’d been carrying around with him. He looked at his friends in interest. “I found this new book last week and it sounded quite interesting. So I bought it…”

“And you don’t like it?” Jun asked, sounding bored than rather interested.

“No, I think it's very interesting.” Aiba explained. “It’s just strange…”

“What’s strange?” Nino asked impatiently. “Really Masaki, get to the point.”

“It’s just some of the characters.” Aiba told them. “They just resemble… well… us…”

“Really?” Ohno mumbled, apparently lost in his thoughts. “Must be a coincidence.” He grinned when he felt how Jun’s leg was brushing against his. “Do you know the author?” he asked innocently, while his hand angled for Jun’s knee, stroking it teasingly. He smiled contently when he saw Jun bite his lips from his touch.

Aiba turned the book around, checking for the name of the author and a description. “Ah, they write under an alias. So, no, we don’t know them…”

“Well.” Ohno shrugged. “Must be a coincidence then, right Jun?”

“Yeah.” Jun smirked, his hand reaching for Ohno’s under the table. “Just a coincidence...”

They both leaned back a bit, exchanging quick glances. This secret was part of their world and they both wanted to keep it for a little bit longer. Just to have something that belonged to only them.

A/N: Sorry for the late update, everyone, but I've been sick for a few days ><
Well, that's the end of this series ^_^ Thanks so much to all of you who read this <3  I hope you liked it! <3 It was my first attempt to write some longer Juntoshi. Hope I can improve next time <3


Note: Dear friends and readers! Thanks so much for all your support <3  To thank you I opened up a Request Post. If you feel like requesting a one-shot with a specific pairing or situation you can do so HERE. For Song-Drabbles go HERE.

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