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Seekers of the night Character Sheet

Character Sheet for: Seekers of the Night


In a world were different species live next to each other, there is something unknown and dark threatening them.
People started to disappear and high positions in ecomics, military and politics are infiltrated.
Who is it threatening the world? Where is the base? And more important... WHAT are they?

In underground there is a secret unit, unknown by everyone else:
The last 5 Seekers who survived the cruel killing years ago. They are watching over the space-time continuum, intervening when creatures get through holes of the continuum. Gifted with supernatural powers, which will awake fully when they fall in love.
Their 5 Guardians, who are connected to the Seekers through an invisible threat. Their task is to stay connected with their Seekers' mind when the Seekers are fighting outside, leaving their human self and developing a metaphysical instinct. The Guardians provide their way back to the world. If a Seeker dies, also his Guardian dies.
5 Paranormals, who are able to live with the Humans without being recognized. Useful because of their mental skills. There are a lot of them living in the world, but most of them are unstable, often switching sides.
6 Cyber Geniuses who try to develop new weapons and get information.
5 Scientists trying to understand the Seekers' powers and working on new weapons.
And 2 cooks... because everyone has to eat eventually! ^^

There are five Seekers working for the underground. No one knows if there are still others of them alive. If there are still some other Seekers alive, it's only a few of them.
There are as many Guardians as Seekers (So, also just a few)
The biggest population next to the Human race, are the Paranormals. They live with the Humans and are accepted among them. Because of their powers Paranormals can be a huge help - exactly that's it what makes them dangerous. They are wanted and therefor they belong to the most corrupt species since dark forces and malicious groups do everything to get some Paranormals at their side.


Kimura Takuya: The Shape shifter

Domoto Koichi: The sword genius

MatsuJun: The Traveller through time and space

Nishikido Ryo: The telepathic Phoenix

Takaki Yuya: The Ghost Fighter




Sakamoto Masayuki: Mentalist

Okada Junichi: Mind Guide

Takizawa Hideaki: Vision

Ohno Satoshi: Feeling dominator

Yamashita Tomohisa: Code Genius

Yamada Ryosuke (His power has still to develop)


Akanishi Jin

Sakurai Sho

Uchi Hiroki

Inagaki Goro

Okamoto Keito


Cyber genius:

Yokoyama You

Katori Shingo

Shibutani Subaru

Nagase Tomoya

Kamenashi Kazuya

Ninomiya Kazunari



Murakami Shingo

Kato Shigeaki

Kokubun Taichi

Tegoshi Yuya

Matsuoka Masahiro



Aiba Masaki

Cooking/Nutrition *lol* personal:

Joshima Shigeru

Yasuda Shota

Informers and Others:

Fujigaya Taisuke

Senga Kento

Yabu Kouta

Chinen Yuuri

Ishigaki Daisuke



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