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Seekers of the Night Chapter 1


Title: Seekers of the Night Chapter 1: The Seekers' love
Pairing: will be several. Here: RyoKame smut
Rating:  More mature... Here: NC-17 (will be different in each chapter...)
Genre: mystery, (should become) thriller, romance, bit angst, fantasy, friendship, smut
Warning: Will contain smut^^ But I'll avoid violence
Disclaimer: I don't own them, but the story is mine^^
Note: It sounds darker than it is!'s not a funny, dorky story, but not too violent. As for the genre it's comparable to X-Men, Dark Angel and Mutant X. - but story-like it's definitely something new!
Summary: Seekers are a lost species. Nearly erased during a cruel killing many years ago, only five of them survived. Gifted with supernatural powers their original task is to watch over the space-time continuum and protect the world from creatures and other dangers coming through holes of this continuum.
But there are strange things happening, a dark and inscrutable enemy is threatening the people living in this world. No one knows who these guys are. Where they are from. And what they are. 
Secretly, without anyone knowing it, there is an underground organisation trying to get behind the secrets of this enemy, fighting them. The Seekers are part of them and so are their Guardians. (for more exact descriptions read the Character Sheet!!) Beside them there are some Paranormals, scientists and also some Computer Geniuses working together to find out the truth behind this new threat

„You like that?“

Kame’s hand slipped into Ryo’s pants, stroking the other slowly. Ryo sighed heavily, letting Kame proceed with whatever he wanted to do. He could feel Kame’s other hand wandering over his back until it reached his neck. There he tightened his grip a bit, pulling Ryo down, their lips searching each other hungrily. Ryo’s hands slipped under Kame’s shirt, feeling the other thoroughly. Kame’s body was nice… maybe a bit thin, but definitely athletic. He sighed when he felt how Kame started to push away his trousers, never leaving the other’s lips. Ryo went on with touching Kame’s skin, his chest and waist, not stopping the kiss, even when he felt how Kame pushed a finger inside him. Ryo panted heavily when Kame’s finger started to search it’s way inside him, feeling Kame’s breath on his neck and cheek, Kame’s voice whispering something into his ear here and there. Ryo gasped a bit over the intrusion, cursing, when he felt a second finger inside him, a joyful pain filling his body, not knowing if he should scream in pain or pleasure now…But definitely sighing in pleasure when his body had adjusted.

“Let me do it?” Kame asked Ryo, his voice something between lascivious and begging, wanting the other so much. “Maybe I’m the one. We just did it once till now. You might still fall in love with me.”

Secretly Kame had no intentions at all to let the other go again. Capturing Ryo was quite difficult…not only Ryo…. but capturing any Seeker was difficult, because there were just very few of them existing in this world. And every other species wanted to be the reason for their strength, their reason to grow up and develop their full powers, their muse… But a Seeker had to fall in love for that to happen…and there was the difficulty. Falling in love was not something that happened every day… It had nothing to do with lust or want or need, the pure feeling of loving someone was rare. Kame knew that, all of them knew it, and so they kept trying and trying, seducing, being smart, everyone wanting a Seeker to fall for them. It was not only because of honour or pride that they were chasing the Seekers’ love, it was because it was special. They were special.

“I can’t promise that.” Ryo rasped out. “But I do want you right now.”

Kame smiled a bit. Even if Ryo wouldn’t fall in love with him, at least these hours were nice. His hand moved down the other’s back, stroking his hips, slipping into his pants and slowly starting to stroke the other. The fingers of his other hand still inside Ryo, rubbing a bit, making Ryo arch his back.

Ryo clenched his fingers into Kame’s back, his other hand pulling at Kame’s hair desperately. Though it hurt, Kame couldn’t help but like it how the other clung to him. Right at the moment when he wanted to turn Ryo around to push into him, a noise made him draw back.

“Oh no!” Kame called out in anger, when he heard the high noise of the siren going through the building.

Ryo giggled a bit, placing a heated kiss on Kame’s nose, before he got up, looking at Kame reluctantly. Stopping in the middle of it was just so… frustrating, he found. He could still feel Kame’s fingers inside him, remembering how they were pleasuring him. He sighed a bit. “Sorry Kazu.” Ryo smiled apologetically. “You know I have to go to work…”

Kame leaned on his elbow, smiling a bit though still annoyed by the siren. Well…it wasn’t Ryo’s fault, so… “It’s okay.” There was a grin on his face when he grabbed Ryo’s arm, pulling him down a bit and kissing the other fiercely. He bit into Ryo’s lips playfully. “But promise me we’ll continue this when you are back.”

“I promise.” Ryo smiled, before he turned around, disappearing like a flash.


“Where have you been?” Jin asked Ryo curiously, a cheeky grin on his face. “You know how we are connected with each other? I could feel a slightly lustful feeling rushing through my body.”

Ryo snorted at that, glaring at Jin, but the other just laughed, wrapping his arms around Ryo and burying his head in his hair, taking a deep breath. “Kame?” Jin whispered.

“You are really gifted.” Ryo grinned.

“That’s why fate chose me as your Guardian.”

“No…” Ryo smiled. “Fate chose you because I have eternal trust in you.”

“Ah…” Jin smiled happily. “I like hearing such things.” He looked at Ryo, a pitying glance in his eyes. “But it must be difficult to be a Seeker. Always fighting and doing the outdoor jobs. And then coming home and trying to fall in love.”

“Well…” Ryo shrugged. “That’s how it is, right?”

“And? Fell in love with Kame?” Jin grinned.

Ryo flinched a bit, looking at the other a bit sadly. “I really would like to fall in love. It must be great…”

“It’s really bad that you guys have to find your one and only. And then you also have to consider that love can also always develop sometimes between people after some time…”

“Yeah.” Ryo sounded curious. “That’s what I’ve heard too. So how is it?”


“To fall in love with someone?”

Jin shrugged helplessly. “Well, I fall in love with someone else every month.” He grinned a bit sheepishly. “Isn’t it better to have it like you with a huge firework” He smirked a bit, a teasing glance in his eyes. “’Being treated like a national treasure. All powers awakening then. Must be great. Plus a lot of random sex because you are searching for your one and everyone wants to have you.”

“If it would be that easy, we won’t struggle that much to fall for someone.” Jun’s voice came from behind. “Sex is fun and easy, but in the end we are always searching, hoping to develop some deep feelings for someone.” He angled a bit, putting on his leather jacket and hiding his necklace beneath it. Then he bent down a bit, hiding some small silver weapons in his belt. Jun was the fancy type, the expensive type. And he only liked the highest standard, which had also a lot of positive points, forcing Yoko and some of the other geniuses to always think of something better and more dangerous. Jun grinned a bit, smacking Ryo’s butt as he passed him.

Ryo whimpered out of surprise, but grinned at the other, before he turned towards Jin again. “Maybe I’ll fall for you Jin?” he teased.

“Oh please…” Jin grinned a bit. “You guys are too many troubles. It’s already enough work to be your Guardian. I can’t even imagine the work it means to share your heart…”

Jun snorted when he heard Jin’s teasing remark, but decided to ignore it.  “Be careful Jun…” he could hear Sho’s calm and low voice behind him. “My life is your life.”

“Whom are you telling that?” Jun grumbled. “You think I’ll die that easily?” His voice was supposed to sound angry, but he couldn’t help a caring tune.

Seeker and Guardian were connected with a thin thread, if this thread was cut by the death of one of them, also the other would die. It was a mean path, they all knew that. But also a useful one, because when the Seeker were outside, hunting and killing, reaching a metaphysical level with their minds, their only connection to the normal world were their Guardians. Those guys who were connected with them through fate and trust, understanding each other without words, the Guardian never loosing sight of the Seeker when he left the safety of the building for work to become one with the darkness.

Sho smiled at Jun, sensing what the other was thinking. “Just saying.” he grinned. “Good luck”

“I don’t need luck.” Jun hissed. Then he grabbed his necklace, holding it tight for a moment, breathing in and out thoroughly. With that he turned around, jumping up and landing on the highest window sill a few feet above the ground. “See you outside.” he told Ryo, before he disappeared into the night.

“They have a strange relationship.” Jin grumbled.

“I don’t think you are allowed to complain.” Kimura scolded him, pointing at Jin’s arms that were still wrapped around Ryo. Ryo smiled contently, he liked the attention he received from Jin, not even pretending to be annoyed by it.

Jin grinned when he saw his expression, biting into his ear and smelling at his hair again. “Kame smells good.” He grinned. “Juicy. Not to talk about you Ryo-chan. I love the sex-smell around you.”

“JIN!!” Goro’s shocked voice came from behind Ryo’s back. “Honestly, you guys should behave a bit more appropriate.”

“Oh dear…” Jin sighed, bracing himself up for one of Goro’s long and never-ending lectures, but fortunately Koichi appeared at the same moment.

The latter pulled down his scarf a bit, showing Ryo a red mark on his neck. Koichi smirked cheekily. “Sakamoto left a clear sign. Such a pity that the siren interrupted us.”

Goro’s face grew pale. “Boys…” he whispered reproachfully. “Behave!”

“That again.” Jun rolled his eyes. “We are just joking around. Our life isn’t that much fun, you know! Every day at the edge between life and death while fighting for you guys… Any problems with us also having some cheerful moments?”

“Of course not. I know you have it rough.” Goro said softly. “But why do you talk about… it?”

Jin smiled brightly. “Goro-kun…don’t be so prude. That’s boring!”

Goro’s face flushed with embarrassment, but he had no time to think about Jin, as he looked at Kimura instead, a worried smile on his face. “Be careful outside, Takuya.” He said softly. “Here I prepared something to eat for you if you get hungry”

“Seriously?” Takuya stared at the small box Goro was handing him over, then he sighed, feeling annoyed by the other’s motherly behaviour, but also a soft feeling dwelling inside him, that the other man was caring so much.

As Ryo giggled a bit, Kimura turned around to look at him. He actually wanted to look stern, but couldn’t help a humorous glance in his eyes. “Are you ready Ryo?”

“Sure.” Ryo grinned. It definitely had some benefits to have a power that made weapons and all other similar things unnecessary. Meant less preparation time. “I’m only waiting for Sin.”

Takuya sighed, remembering how Ryo’s animal-partner had eaten all of Goro’s cookies some weeks ago, leaving the Guardian in a gloomy mood for days. “Why out of all animals a hawk? They have such a strong mind. Couldn’t you get yourself a cat or a puppy?”

Ryo shrugged a bit, looking warmly at the hawk that screeched down from his sleeping-place high above the ground at the top of the room, then he looked at the tattoo on his arm – a spitting image of so-said hawk. “I didn’t choose Sin, he was always with me…I can’t even remember when he came… or why.”

“I know…” Takuya smiled a bit, padding the younger one’s hair, before sending a friendly smile towards Goro, though secretly wondering how to get rid of the bento box. “Let’s go!” he then commanded. “We’ll take Yuya with us today.” Yuya… the youngest amidst them, he  was between being a teenager and a grown up, still young and not trained enough to go for more difficult jobs.

“Ah…” Ryo loosened Jin’s grip, smiling a bit. “Then it’s an easy job. You can relax Jin.”

Jin smiled. “Don’t worry. I always have faith in you.”

He watched how Ryo’s eyes grew darker, the veins on his face stronger, a smirk on his face as he woke up the powers inside of him and disappeared into the night. It was black outside when he jumped outside from the underground building, desert-like. But the moment he stepped into the darkness of the deserted streets, his eyes immediately got attached to the black air. He looked at the others who were already waiting for him:


Kimura, the shape-shifter


Koichi, the sword-genius


Jun, the traveller through time and space


Ryo, the psychokinetic phoenix


Takaki, the Ghost fighter





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