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Seekers of the Night Chapter 2

Seekers of the Night

Chapter 2: Black Eagle and the questions about Humanity


Title: Seekers of the Night Chapter 2: Black Eagle
Pairing: will be several. Here: hints of Sho/Jun and Ryo/Jun
Rating:  More mature... Here: PG-13 (will be different in each chapter...)
Genre: mystery, (should become) thriller, romance, bit angst, fantasy, friendship, smut
Warning: Will contain smut, but I'll avoid too much violence
Disclaimer: I don't own them, but the story is mine^^
Summary: The computer geniuses (called CGs) are starting their work as the Seekers leave for their outdoor job. Led by Yoko some amazing talents (including Kame, Nino, Shingo, Subaru and Nagase) start to hack into the military's system and search for answers. Meanwhile the Guardians gather in their lounge to follow their soulmates. Uchi saves Koichi, his Seeker, last minute. Coincidentally, with the help Ryo's and Jun's powers, the Seekers find what they were looking for, preparing for a fight. 
While the Guardians explain to Keito, the youngest amidst them, several things, they are surprised by Sho's relationship to his Seeker Jun. 
As Goro gets upset over the others' non stop sex-talk, he has to accept that it's the only way for them to survive here... because the Guardians are not allowed to leave the underground.
What's the role of the Paranormlas in this world? Who are the Seekers? Where are they from? Why were so many of them killed? And how?
Note: This chapter has some explanatory parts, but not all your questions might be answered here. Please be a bit patient, I'll reveal anything step by step.

The moment the Seekers went outside, there was also another force starting to work. Deep down in the basement, in one of the lowest floors, the Computer and Research team had started it’s work to provide some protection for their Seekers, who were already searching for some undefined creatures and the hole in the space-time continuum. Their computers had just given them a rough estimate about the location of the hole, but without a more detailed definition it was an endless work for the Seekers to find it, like searching for a single star in the universe.

„Yo, chief, what’s the problem today?” Shingo’s cheerful voice echoed through the whole room.

Yoko startled a bit and glared at him in annoyance. “Just a tiny hole in the space-time continuum. Some creatures got through it.”

“Do we know what kind of creatures?” Nino’s tired voice came from one of the computers.

“I’m not sure either, I just got the information. Seems to be some mutated dogs.” Yoko explained, then he looked at Kame expectantly. “You are the best with this stuff. Hack into the military’s computer to get one of the satellites under our control. We need at least one of them to see what’s going on.”

Shingo grabbed one glass, filling it with Whisky. It was still in the middle of the night and he needed some energy. “Too bad they found our hole in the other satellite’s system. It was pretty easy to use it…”

“I’m sure there is something more behind it…” Subaru mumbled grumpily. “How were they able to find the hole? Kame and Nagase did a nearly perfect job.”

“I guess they have some Paranormals at their side…” Kame mused.

Yoko nodded his head. “Sure they have. And…” He paused.

“And what?” Subaru wanted to know.

“We can’t say for sure… But what if they have another species with them.”

Shingo laughed a bit. “What kind of species? There aren’t that many…”

Nino sighed a bit, shifting around uncomfortably. “You mean: like we have the Seekers, they might have…something else?”

“Well, they need to get their information from somewhere.” Yoko explained. “Their abilities are way over the abilities of the Paranormals. Their security system is huge… we don’t even know where their base is. That’s not the work of humans.”

Subaru tilted his head a bit, furrowing his brows. “You are right. They can’t be Humans… But if they aren’t Seekers… and Paranormals… what are they?”

“Well…” Yoko shrugged a bit. “There are more creatures and mysteries in this word…”

“Alright.” Nino grinned weakly. “Let’s give our best and find out what’s going on here!”

“It’s just so frustrating that the military cuts the information for the news.” Nagase grumbled. “Most of the Humans don’t even know about the threat amongst them.”

“I’m sure there are some who already sense something.” Yoko explained. “People started to get sceptically already. Too many died through mysterious circumstances.”

“Exactly. That’s why they try to spread the fear, hunting everyone who wants to report about it.” Subaru agreed. “Whoever ‘they’ are. I hate it that we don’t know it… And people are even too afraid to voice their opinion or ask questions. Spies are everywhere and all the high positions are already infiltrated.”

Kame glared dangerously. “Those corrupt guys are the worst… Let’s tell Jun to kill some of them.”

Nino sighed a bit. “Yeah, then the next corrupt guy will come. No use in killing them. We have to find their base, find out who is leading them. You know that.” He scanned Kame thoroughly. “Why are you in such a bad mood?”

“The siren interrupted me.” Kame grumbled. “I was in the middle of… something.”

Yoko rubbed over his head, looking at the others both sternly and encouragingly. “I know it’s no fun to head towards work in the middle of the night, but we have to give our best. Let’s not forget that the Seekers are somewhere outside, risking their lives.”

“We know that.” Subaru grunted. “But it’s 2AM. Not everyone is good with… mornings or whatever 2AM is called.”

“I am.” Shingo grinned, angling a bit to get some of the cookies he saved from Ryo’s hawk last week. “Anyone want some of them?”

Nagase smiled. “Sure…” he grinned a bit. “Rise and shine.”

Shingo grinned cheekily. “When Takuya will be back in a few hours, something else…” he made a meaningful pause. “…will rise.”

Yoko rolled his eyes. “Yoi! Too early for dirty jokes, Shingo!”

“As if Takuya-kun will let you catch him that easily…” Nino mumbled silently.

“Hey!” Shingo sounded defended. “Wanna bet?”

“NO!” Yoko called out, sounding pretty worked up already. “Go and work now! Kame and Shingo, you two will try to get through the main servers. Nino and Nagase – one of our informers told us that they started developing new weapons…we need information about that. Subaru will connect with the scientists if you got the information. And I…” You-chan frowned a bit. “…will try and get into some information from our Paranormals… Maybe they already know something about what it is we are fighting against.”

Nino nodded his head, grinning a bit. “Yeah, it would be helpful to find out who these guys are…or what species they are… fighting them is a bit difficult at the moment.” He felt some energy rushing through his body as he ate one of Goro’s delicious cookies and smirked a bit. “I think we need a name for them. Until we know who we are fighting, we should think of a name.”

“Oh.” Shingo was into Nino’s idea immediately. “That’s a nice idea. Like naming a pet, right? Subaru starts!”

Subaru rolled his eyes in annoyance. “How about ‘enemy’”

“Boring.” Nagase mumbled. “Any ideas Shingo?”

“How about ‘Marlena’?” Shingo suggested.

The others looked at him in surprise. Subaru glared at him. “What’s with that name? Was she a girl you had sex with once?”

“No.” Shingo laughed a bit. “But my favourite chocolate cookies have this name.”

At that both Nagase and Nino laughed.

“Alright.” Yoko interrupted them, sounding angry. “You can name them whatever you want, call them ‘Marlena’, ‘the enemy’, ‘the creepy worms’ or ‘the black eagle’. I don’t care! Just start working now!”

Nino looked at Yoko in surprise. “Yes.” He mumbled, sounding impressed. “’Creepy worms’ sounds strange, but ‘Black Eagle’ is good…”

“I agree.” Nagase smiled a bit.

To Yoko’s shock also Subaru nodded his head. “Not bad. Mysterious and dangerous. From now on we hunt the Black Eagle.” As he caught Yoko’s troubled expression, he tilted his head a bit, trying to get the others back to work. “About the new hole in the space-time continuum… mutated dogs you said?”

“Yes.” Yoko nodded his head.

“Could it also be natural shape-shifters?”

“Nooo….” Shingo whined dramatically. “I hate them, they are like those fantasy creatures out of my childhood books… like werewolves …They are so difficult to catch in their human form.”

“Yeah…” Kame shivered a bit in disgust. “And even in their human form they are brutal. Not even a bit human-like.”

“That’s because they only change their appearance, not their animalistic attitude. They are always beasts.” Shingo explained.

“So? Did you already develop that silver weapon, Yoko?” Subaru wanted to know. “If they are really animal shape-shifters, they are dangerous. Our Seekers might need a better weapon. I’m sure Jun is already waiting for it.”

Yoko smiled a bit. “It’s actually finished, we’ll just have to check on them in a few experiments. The documents are on my desk, I’ll hand them over to the scientists.”

“And I’ll open a window...fresh air.” Nino grinned, mock-musing. “Oh wait…we don’t have a window here.” 





“I’m bored…” Uchi grumbled while he was sitting in their huge, comfortable lounge, his head resting on one of the big pillows. The comfortable area was simply there to make them feel a bit relaxed. Following their Seekers during their outdoor-jobs was actually a lot of work and normally when things calmed down a bit, the Guardians worked in shift – not all of them having to concentrate. And if the Seekers were at a safe place, the Guardians were allowed to put down their guard, not following them anymore – just slightly connected with their Seekers mind.

The connection between Seeker and Guardian worked solely over their minds. The one acting was the Seeker, the one watching the Guardian. It didn’t work the other way round, a Seeker was not able to watch his Guardian. He could only communicate with him through his mind, but not actually see him, while the Guardians, when concentrating, could see their Seekers, looking through their eyes when they were moving, even reaching a level above that and scan the whole area their Seekers was moving through.

Uchi sighed. He liked the room… just that Goro had started to play one of his jazz CDs now – quite nice sometimes, but not in the middle of the night where they had to stay awake.

“Don’t complain.” Goro scolded softly. “Our boys are outside there, fighting. We have to concentrate on their movements.”

“Okay…” Keito agreed. It was the first time that Yuya went outside and Keito as his Guardian was more than stressed. He was sitting in one of the huge red chairs, cross-legged, starring at the wall the whole time to stay concentrated, following every of Yuya’s movements outside.

Sho smiled a bit. “It’s a good thing that you take it that serious, but you have to relax a bit. When they are outside, we can’t do anything for them.”

“Yeah...” Jin agreed. “We are connected to their minds, showing them a way back to our world if they loose it, but we can’t control them.”

“Uh…” Uchi nodded his head. “Gladly we can’t control them… Wouldn’t that be bad?”

“Seriously bad…” Sho agreed.

Keito sighed a bit. “But what if something happens to Yuya…”

“It won’t…” Sho reassured him. “The others are there too. And Jun is one of the best weapon fighters ever.” To the others’ amusement his voice sounded proud, he blushed a bit. “Besides that they are just hunting some mutated dogs…”

“You mean: They are still searching for them…” Uchi grumbled, watching Koichi’s shadow sneaking through the night. It was nearly impossible to recognize the slender figure of the sword-fighter. As Uchi inspected the area around his Seeker, his eyes caught a nearly invisible shadow…something that was moving. He stiffened visibly. “WHATCH OUT KOICHI!”

At the same time also Ryo had jumped around, his eyes getting black again. “Koichi!!”

Koichi jumped up immediately when he heard Uchi’s voice in his head and Ryo’s voice next to him, turning around and angling a bit, a sword appearing between his hands. But before he could do anything, Jun had pulled out one of his weapons, his eyebrows furrowed. His face totally calm and concentrated when he pulled the trigger. 

“Hey!” Koichi complained as he didn’t get the chance to fight.

“Just saved your ass…” Jun mumbled, a smirk on his face.

Kimura folded his arms, stepping a bit closer to the creature that just attacked them. “They are getting trickier…”

Yuya followed him, hiding a bit behind Kimura. “What’s that?”

“A mutated dog?” Ryo suggested, levitating a bit over the ground, cross-legged. He grinned over Jun’s glare.

“Must be nice to be psychokinetic gifted.” Jun teased, a criticising tune in his voice. “You don’t even have to walk. How useful. But watch out for your strength.”

Kimura turned around a bit, looking at Ryo firmly. “Jun is right… Save your powers for later. Levitating costs you so much strength.” He smiled a bit to avoid Ryo switching into a stubborn mode. To his relief Ryo simply followed his instructions without arguing. He stood next to Kimura now, ignoring Jun’s teasing smirk and pointed at the dog again. “So it’s a mutated dog?”

“I’m not sure…” Kimura mused.

“We can’t leave him there…” Koichi sighed, still angry that he was the one being attacked.

“Is he dead?” Yuya wanted to know.

Jun bent down a bit, eyeing the dog carefully. “I’m not sure. Since we don’t know what it is, the weapon I used might be the wrong one.”

“Don’t tell me we have to take it home with us.” Koichi grumbled, his pride still broken a bit.

“We have no other choice.” Kimura shrugged.

“What’s with the hole in the space-time continuum?” Ryo wanted to know.

“Well…” Kimura mused, sighing a bit. “Dawn is near and we have to hurry home. We’ll have to wait for the next night to come. The hole will appear again then… and hopefully our CGs will know a bit more then.”

“They are still trying to hack one of the satellites.” Koichi grumbled. “No help…”

“I’m sure they’ll be able to do it.” Yuya smiled cheerfully, sounding pretty motivated. Then he looked around a bit. “Who will carry the dog?”

There was a long silence until Koichi shrugged. “Jun with his strength or Ryo with his levitation.”

Ryo knitted his eyebrows, pointing at Kimura. “But Takuya-kun told me to save my powers.”

Jun nodded his head a bit. “Yeah…why do the both of us have to do the dirty work all the time? Kimura is a shape-shifter. He could turn himself into a hippo and carry it. Or Yuya could call one of his ghost friends.”

“Are you serious?” Yuya wanted to know, not sure if Jun meant it as a joke or really wanted him to do so.

“Of course he doesn’t mean it.” Kimura glared in annoyance. “Come on Jun…”

“Why me?”

“Ryo is younger and I don’t like it when he wastes so much energy. Levitation is a tricky thing.”

Jun sighed, shouldering the dog. Then a smirk appeared on his face, a meaningful gleam in his eyes, as he bent down to whisper into Ryo’s ear. “But I want a reward from you later…”


“JUN!” Goro called out in shock when he heard Jun’s words through Kimura’s mind.

Kimura sighed, rubbing over his head. “Goro…” he huffed. “Don’t yell into my head like that. Jun can’t hear you anyway.”

“Really…Jun, sometimes you are nuts…” Sho sighed a bit.

“Jealous?” Jin grinned. “Must be difficult to keep Jun’s attention…”

Goro sighed a bit, getting up form his seat and walking towards the coffee machine. “At least they are coming home now.” he said, when he saw how the Seekers started their way back home.

Sho nodded his head, stretching a bit. “True.” He turned around, looking at Uchi contently. “Good job Hiroki!”

Uchi smiled flustered. “Thanks. It was Koichi, so my intuitions were working better.”

Jin sighed a bit. “Ahhh… I want to have sex now.”

“Jin!” Goro’s voice sounded warning. He pointed at Keito. “We have a kid here!”

Jin ignored him, not even hearing his complains about this topic anymore. “Keito is 17. He is not that innocent himself… Right Keito?”

Keito smiled weakly, not knowing how to answer since Goro was here too.

Jin grinned. “Kame got Ryo just a few hours ago…” he yawned, then he smirked. “Maybe I should comfort Kame because he got interrupted in his interactions with Ryo just before.”  He grinned. “Or maybe Pi is free?”

Sho smirked a bit. “I’ll wait for Jun to come home… Then we’ll see…I’m sure he wants a massage”

“I thought you guys don’t have sex?” Uchi sounded curious.

“What?” Keito blurt out. “You DON’T!?”

Goro glared at the youngest amidst them. “Why are you sounding so shocked?”

Keito blinked for a moment, realising that he just got himself into a serious discussion with Goro. “I…eh… I’m just a bit surprised, because they are so…close.”

Sho grinned at that. “Nice try, Keito.”

Goro still blinked at the boy, shaking his head. “What do you know about…” he coughed a bit. “…sex? You can’t have any.”

“Sure…” Keito mumbled, hoping that Goro would buy it. “I don’t.”

Jin laughed silently, before turning towards Sho again. “So, what’s with you guys? You don’t…do you?”

“We don’t really… we are just playing around.”

“Eh?” Jin blinked. “Why? Aren’t you worried when he goes to bed with someone else? I’m sure he does.”

“Sure. I know he does.” Sho explained simply.

“Doesn’t that bother you?” Uchi mumbled. “I thought you seriously like him.”

“Eh?” Keito blinked at them. “Sho-kun…you do? Isn’t it sad to be in love with a Seeker…I mean, how high is the chance one of us is their true love?”

Jin padded his head. “You have a point little one. Better have them as a friend or soulmate or mental brother and not fall for them.”

“You think it’s that simple?” Goro smiled a bit. “You can’t decide on that so easily.”

Uchi shrugged helplessly. “Well, Koichi and I already tried it to see if we were made for each other. We are not.” He grinned. “So I can totally see him as my soulmate now. No pressure behind it.”

“Yeah, you should try it too, Sho. Then you can get over with it and move on…” Jin suggested.

Sho smiled a bit, shaking his head. “I can’t. Jun is too important to be a simple experiment. I respect what he does.” he explained simply. “And I want him to take me serious too. So if he really wants to have me, he will try it.”

Jin tilted his head. “Well…you sound so reasonable. So, Ryo-chan will always stay my little, bothersome, heated soulmate?” He grinned. “I can live with that… At least we are close. Maybe I’ll go for Yamapi?”

Goro shook his head in disbelief. “Why do you all only talk about sex?”

“We are guys!” Uchi mumbled, grinning sarcastically at Goro.

“Yeah.” Goro agreed. „I know that. But this here is not a bazaar!“

Jin looked at him piercingly, smiling a bit sadly. “But we can’t leave this place, we can’t go outside and meet other people. The Paranormals and other Humans can, but we can’t. What do you expect us to do?”

“Why is it that we can’t leave the underground?” Keito wanted to know.

“Because we shine.” Sho explained to him.


Uchi giggled a bit. „It’s not shining like having a white light around us. What Sho-kun means is ‚aura’.”

„Paranormals can easily sense this aura.“ Goro explained. “And if these Paranormals are working for the enemy, we are in huge danger.”

“We aren’t that strong like the Seekers.” Sho agreed. “They can easily kill us. And if we die…our Seekers will die too.“

Jin smiled sadly. „That’s how they did it before… Seekers are animalistic and instinctive creatures, they can hide in the night. They can go outside without anyone seeing them. They can even cross the border between time and space. It’s hard to catch them. But with us as their Guardians it’s easier…During those dark days, when so many Seekers got killed, the enemy was actually searching for their Guardians. It was an easy war for them, by killing the Guardians they could easily erase all the Seekers… as if they were just deleting a computer program.”

Keito stared at them in disbelief. “But why… Why would they do that? Seekers are as much human beings as everyone else.”

“People feared their powers.” Goro explained simply. “They didn’t know what their meaning in this world was, that they were important for the functions of this world, they just saw their power. People, no matter from which species, tend to fear things they don’t understand. Seekers are a mystery, because no one knows where they come from, what they are and what they might become once their powers wake up completely. That was one reason for the killing. The other is still a mystery… but some of our CGs and Scientists think that there were forces hunting the Seekers on purpose…out of a more complex reason.”




Yuya looked at Ryo curiously, pointing up at the shadow following them in the air. “And this hawk is really your pet?”

“Friend.” Ryo stated. “Not pet.”

“And he really follows you?”

“Well… he has his own mind.” Ryo stated diplomatically.

Jun snorted at that. „This bird is a major pain.“ But when he caught Ryo’s angry glance, he smiled a bit. “But I can’t deny that he is really useful sometimes.”

Koichi sighed. “I would love to have a pet too…”

“Better not…” Kimura grinned a bit. „One is enough. And Goro is already pretty worked up when his cakes and cookies are missing.“

“That’s because….” Ryo started, but paused immediately, feeling how a strong wave ran through his body. His blood rushing in his ears, somewhere he could hear Jun’s voice calling him…then Kimura’s voice…Then Jin’s voice, more clearly than the other’s, like a thread attached to him… He took a deep breath, opening his eyes again. “It’s here.” he rasped out.

Jun looked around, his eyes wandering over the area, concentrating, forgetting all the noises and people around him. The moment he opened his eyes again, he was alone, the world was beneath him, a tiny miniature. Planets, shadows and stardust circling around him. Secretly he thanked Ryo for his amazing psychokinetic abilities to sense everything that was different. He carefully scanned the hole between their world and the others, before his mind returned to his mates. “You are right. The hole is here.”

“Yes…” Kimura’s veins tensed visibly, black strings appearing on his arms and face. “And something else is here too.”

Koichi spread his arms a bit, calling for his sword to appear, grabbing it the moment it appeared in front of him. Then he pointed at the dog Jun was dropping to the ground now to be able to fight. “Seems to be the rest of his pack…”

“Yuya!“ Kimura demanded. „Concentrate and call one of your shields to give us some protection. Jun and Koichi come with me. Ryo, you’ll stay with Yuya.” As Ryo wanted to protest, Kimura interrupted him. „We can’t leave him alone yet. Tell Jin to inform Yoko that we won’t make it before dawn, we’ll hide somewhere and come back during the next night.“

With that the other three disappeared into then night, leaving Ryo and Yuya behind. “Ryo-chan?“ Ryo could hear Jin’s voice in his head. „I don’t like that…“



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