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Drabble Requests!

If you want to receive a drabble, write a comment to this post and tell me
Which pairing? What are they doing/situation/prompt. Please only give short answers ^^ (no lengthy plot... because... drabble!^^)

1) Fandoms:
Arashi: any pairing. Het pairings - in case I know the girl ^^ Crossovers are fine, but ask me first pls!
Kanjani: Ryo-pairings. Ryo-crossovers with JE-guys, Non-JE-guys and female actresses
Kat-tun: Kamexanyone from Kat-tun, KameRyo, KameUchi, KamexGirl
SMAP: ShinTaku, KimuGoro, KimuTsu, I could give Kimura dorama pairings a try and het.
V6: Sakamoto-pairings
TOKIO: all pairings
HSJ: Yuya and Keito pairings, can give other pairing a try too.
Sexy Zone: all
A.B.C.-Z: Hasshi pairs.
Kis-my-Ft2: Not particularly my fandom, but if you ask nicely, I might give Kisumai a try too.
Johnny's West: all pairings
Kinki Kids: Koichi het pairings or dorama pairings, crossover with Ryo and Uchi, and maybe Uekusa (ask me for other crossovers). I NEVER get the chemistry between Kinki Kids right, but I could give them a try.
TakkiTsuba: Same as for KK I never seem to get the chemistry right. I like Takki in crossovers with Ryo for example. Or in dorama pairings. Het even. As for Tsubasa, I don't really know enough about him (just that he is hot and likes Spain ^^)

HET: Ask me :-)

2) Other fandoms:
I know some other JPop and Rock groups, so just ask me :-) Any western fandoms like movies (as long as I know the movie... or you have to prepared for OOC-ness ^^), disney, pixar, videogames whatever (the only thing I really don't know much about is TV-series. I only know Sex and the City, Gilmore Girls, Highlander, Numbers, Miss Marple and Poirot (BBC) *shame-on-me*)

2) any genre, any rating, any plot, any kink (exception see below please ^^) goes.

3) multiple requests possible as long as you don't swamp me with them :-)

In general: anything goes, except: very gross kinks (like scat, watersports. And I can't do breathplay) and underage ^^

Edit: I might not write these drabbles in a particular order, but rest reassured: I'm going to write each of them :-)

Juntoshi for sesquerdo
Juntoshi for sesquerdo
Sakumiya for pimanchi_double
GACKT/Jun, for mrs_koki
Junba, for yukitsubute
Jun/Eita for kitkaos
Jun/Toma, for kitkaos

2TOP for ao_hiji
Goro/Shingo/Tsuyoshi love triangle, for miajj

Sexy Zone:
Fuma/Marius (friendship only!) for yukitsubute

Pi, Jin
RyoPiJin (bromance) for steffilinos
TomaPi for tomapiya
Pikame for sweetspicyhot

Yasui/Hanzawa, for tomapiya
Keigo/Myuto, for vitong.
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