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Kink Challenge

Hello everyone!

Woah, one busy week full of work finally finished. I'm so ready for the weekend!!!!!!
Talking about weekend, I'm going to work on my kitto-slut assignment soon and since I'm kind of... well... let's say I haven't written proper kink/smut/whatever you want to call it in a fanfic for a while (namely almost 3 years) - and I guess my recipient kind of wants to read some, I might be facing a little problem soon and hence, would like to practise a little.

So, lay it on me :D


This time though, I will limit the pairings (mainly because I can't write porn with just any pairing)

Arashi: I prefer Jun-pairings but I can try any Arashi pairing :D  I'm not sure about crossovers though - maybe with Ryo. And I kinda have a Jun/Mizubata Junpei thing ^^ In general, just ask me :D I love Arashi and I might give other crossover pairings a try too. (We can basically discuss everything - so don't be afraid to ask :D)

Kanjani8: any Ryo-K8-pairing. I could also try Ryo/Saito Kazuyoshi or Sakai Masato (pre-marriage, maybe in an AU setting), RyoKame, RyoPi, RyoYuu ♥, MatsuRyo, Ryoxanyone from Arashi, KoichiRyo. TakkiRyo... maybe (haven't written them since forever)

SMAP: ShinTaku, maybe KimuTsu.

A.B.C.-Z: Hasshi with anyone from his group.

Sexy Zone: Fuma/Kento

HSJ: Yuya and Keito pairings (except for Keito/Hikaru)

TOKIO: Nagase/Taichi, Nagase/Riida, Nagase/Gussan

V6: Sakamoto/Okada, Sakamoto/Nagano, Sakamoto/Miyake


Okay, if you would like to request, do it like that please:

I'm going to regret this *lol*

Edit: I almost forgot the obvious: Please nothing too gross like scat etc. And I'm also no good with breathplay and bloodplay. Well, you can always ask - if I can't write it, I'll tell you ^^

Edit: multiple requests are allowed of course.

Sakumoto: wax play (requested by kitkaos)
ShinTaku: Shingo's fluffly, cosy jacket :D (requested by tokuswag)
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