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December project :D

Hello everyone,

as December is approaching, I'm thinking about a little journal project

...something like an Advent calendar. I'm not even sure if everyone of you knows what exactly it is? Once December starts children (and also grown-ups :P) receive such a calendar... with 24 doors and a surprise behind every door (it can be chocolate, a picture, it can be self-filled by the parents with little presents, it can be cosmetics etc. It depends on what kind of calendar you want. My mother will have a tea advent calendar this year. Mine will have cosmetic products and make-up (I'm such a girl sometimes :D), and my father's will have little stones. ^^ I think yukitsubute's will have pictures?)

So, I've decided to make a fandom Advent calendar :D Just for the fun of it, and because I like this time of a year a lot. December <3
I can't promise you a fic for each day though - but, let yourself get surprised, okay? <3

Okay, now it's about you:

Tell me pairings please. Any pair or combination goes, any group - just keep it JE (crossovers, het etc. are okay) (-and please, I don't know any juniors, except for Masuda Ryo :D)

Please, don't request a pairing twice - mainly because this calendar is for all of you anway and I want to have variety in pairings :D

All 24 slots are filled!

Taken slots, 24/24
- MaboTomo
- TomoTatsu
- Jun/Eita
- Sakumoto
- Juntoshi
- Momo/Sumire
- Matsumiya
- Junba
- Yama
- Ohba
- Yasuba
- OhnoKame
- AibaKame
- RyoPi
- 2TOP
- Fuma/Mari (author's choice :D)
- Fujii/Ryo
- Twin Towers
- Pikame
- ShinTaku (author's choice :D)
- Pin
- Kameda
- RyoShige
- YabuTakaki/OkaYama
Tags: advent calendar 2015
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