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Painful Days and Stormy Nights Chapter 5

Painful Days and Stormy Nights

Chapter 5: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful of all?


Pairing: Ohno/Aiba, KimuShingo. There will definitely be some other pairings, but I don't know who with who... (RyoJin? PiKame or TegoPi?)
Rating: PG-13 (will rise)
Genre: AU, family, friendship, romance, angst, drama

Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related. But the story is mine of course^^
Summary: Yamapi struggles a lot to avoid questions about his brother's profession... and when his family finally meets Tegoshi and Ryo, Koichi suddenly understands why Yamapi wants to keep his Host Club as a secret. Yamapi feels safe, but unfortunately Kame has a plan...
Just when Yamapi, Ryo and Tegoshi had decided how to find out what's going on with Maru, Tegoshi has an amazing idea for the charitable event!
Meanwhile: What happened to Aiba and Ohno?
And later when Ryo comes home, he finds an angry Takki... and again they take another step apart from each other...


„Cool!“ Tegoshi called out when they stepped into Yamapi’s house, looking around in interest. “Your house is huge. Your cousins must be rich!”

“Tegoshi!” Ryo called out, a warning tune in his voice. “That’s impolite.”

“Why?” Tegoshi shrugged. “I meant it as a compliment. It’s great here. What are your cousins working as?”

“Well…” Yamapi shifted a bit, slowly getting what Koichi meant with ‘lying’ and decided to go for half of the truth. “One of them is working as a psychologist.” He looked at his friends carefully, hoping they would take that bit of information and let it be. Apparently he was lucky, because both of them nodded, thinking that being a doctor was enough to pay such a house. “My room is upstairs.” He told them. “Wanna see it?”

“Sure!” Tegoshi grinned, while Ryo smiled at him wickedly and nodded his head. As Ryo followed his friend upstairs, he turned around a bit. Was someone watching them? It felt so strange… as if someone was stabbing him with his eyes. He shrugged it off, thinking that it had to be the new place that made him overly sensitive.

Tegoshi scanned Yamapi’s room thoroughly before he jumped around, landing in Yamapi’s bed and stretching on it. “I love your pillows!” he called out, clinging to one of them.

Yamapi looked at him in disbelief. “Are you insane? Get out of my bed.” But Tegoshi just glared at him, ignoring his demand until Yamapi jumped into the bed as well, starting to pull at Tegoshi’s arm and rolling around together with him, the pillows flying around to hit each other. They kept this game for ten minutes, wriggling around in Yamapi’s bed, before they looked at each other, smirking a bit… and then pulled Ryo down to them.

Ryo giggled. “You idiots. Let go…” He pushed Yamapi a bit as the latter was clinging to his back, playfully yanking at his hair, while Tegoshi started to beat him with a pillow.

All three of them looked up in surprise when there was a short knock and the door flew open with a “Sorry!” Ryo scanned the two boys who were standing at the door. One of them was smaller, more fragile, a beautiful face and wild, intense eyes. The other was taller, not that beautiful, but a bit calmer…cute. And his hair was thick and beautiful.

“Sorry” the taller one now mumbled, bowing a bit and curiously eyeing them.

Yamapi flinched a bit, but as he had no other possibility he decided to dash forward and pointed at the taller one. “That’s Uchi.”

“And this here…” he pointed at the smaller, pretty guy. “…is Kame. They work…eh…for my brother.”

Ryo shifted a bit, feeling slightly uncomfortable by the way the two other guys were staring at him. He wasn’t sure if it was a nice glance or not.

As the both of them had left the room again, Ryo turned to Yamapi, musing “They are good-looking. Like hosts.” He laughed a bit.

Yamapi winced. “Yeah…they are pretty…”

Tegoshi grinned. “Ryo-kun, you could tell your brother to hire them.”

“No way.” The other boy laughed. “My brother just hired a new host. I guess it’s too early to introduce another member.”

“I would love to see your brother’s Host Club once.” There was a cheeky smile on his face. “And see the pretty hosts of course.”

Ryo sighed. “Okay, I promise. I’ll show them to you eventually… But for now, let’s finish our work.”

Yamapi sighed in relief, glad that Ryo changed the topic by himself. He put his attention towards Tegoshi and decided to give this charitable event a chance. But unfortunately there were no good ideas coming up…

“We have to do something cool.” Tegoshi grumbled after around three hours of planning, finding ideas, crossing them out again and a lot of desperate sighing and headache. “It has to be great!” He looked at his documents, going through the last few suggestions. “Well, for now we could stick with the Ghost and Horror labyrinth. People always like that. But maybe we’ll find something better…”

“How long will this event last?” Ryo wanted to know, wondering why they had to put so much work into something that only lasted for a few hours.

“One or two weeks.” Tegoshi answered simply.

Both Ryo and Yamapi looked at him in utter shock. “TWO weeks?” Ryo blurt out. “You have to be kidding me!”

“No…” Yamapi corrected him. “You have to be kidding us!”

They kept this argument up for a few more minutes, but Tegoshi was determined to show them that there was no chance to escape this event.

Finally Ryo sighed deeply. “Alright…whatever.” Then he looked at the other two firmly, as something important crossed his mind. “Can I talk to you about Maru now?” he asked. With that he pulled Maru’s school book out of his bag. “Ueda-kun and I found this.”

“Ueda-kun?” Tegoshi sounded interested. “You talked to him!? So?”

Yamapi stared at him in disbelief, pointing at the book. “How can you talk about Ueda-kun now, when Ryo-chan is showing us THIS!”

Tegoshi blinked for a moment, taking a look at the book and gasped. His fingertips moved over the cruel words written on the book. “It’s Maru’s?” he asked. “He is been bullied?”



“What’s with you guys?” Tsubasa blinked confused when he came back home from work and found Kame, Jun and Uchi together with Koichi sitting on the living room’s sofa.

“Well…” Jun started, his voice something between a bit amused and really annoyed. “Some of use were too curious and couldn’t hide their curiosity and bumped into Yamapi’s room. While others thought it would be wiser to wait and be patient. But unfortunately some were totally determined and ignored what others were telling them to do.”

Tsubasa shook his head for a moment, looking at Jun in utter confusion. “What? Who was curious and didn’t listen and did what?”

Koichi sighed a bit, pointing at Kame and Uchi. “They bumped into Yamapi’s room while he was learning with his friends.”

“They weren’t learning.” Kame blurt out. “They were cuddling.”

Uchi rolled his eyes a bit. “I don’t think you could call that cuddling. It looked more like a pillow-fight.”

Kame shook his head fiercely. “And I tell you…”

“Are you insane!?” Tsubasa blurt out. “How can you bump into his privacy like that?”

“Sorry…” Uchi mumbled. “We just wanted to peek into his room a bit. Jun found us when we were sneaking back into the living room.”

“Otherwise it would still be a secret?” Jun wanted to know.

“Exactly.” Uchi smiled contently.

“Idiot!” Jun called out, smacking Uchi. The younger one winced a bit but thought it would be wiser not to complain.

“Shhh…” Koichi made, pointing upstairs. “They are coming…”


Jun looked at the boys in interest. They were both beautiful he thought. He looked at the darker boy thoroughly, immediately realising that he must be Ryo. “What a pretty boy.” Jun grinned, earning him an agreeing nod from Uchi. Then Jun scanned Ryo again, knitting his eyebrows.  “But doesn’t he resemble someone? I feel like I’ve seen him before.”

Koichi watched how the boys came downstairs, completely caught in his thoughts. The way this Ryo-kun was stroking over his own hair, his fingers sometimes curling some strands of hair, the way he rubbed over his chin nervously. The way he was smiling… and how he walked… He definitely had seen that somewhere before.

“What is it?” Tsubasa wanted to know.

“I don’t know.” Koichi mumbled. “But Jun is right… he resembles someone. The answer is so near, I can already feel it…” He tore at his hair, staring at the boys. But when he saw how Yamapi led them to the living room where they were sitting, he sat up a bit, shoving his thoughts aside.

“Hi.” Yamapi smiled a bit, slightly embarrassed about so many unwelcome persons in his living room. But there was no escaping… “This is my family.” He told Ryo and Tegoshi before turning around and pointing at Tegoshi and Ryo. “Tegoshi and Ryo.”

Tegoshi grinned happily, jumping between Ryo and Yamapi and clinging to their arms. “Nice to meet you!” he called out cheerfully, his eyes sparkling a bit. “I’m Tegoshi!”

Yamapi swallowed down his annoyance by Tegoshi’s self-confident and fearless behaviour while Tsubasa eyed the boy carefully before grinning brightly. At least the boy was joyful and nice, exactly the company Yamapi needed. Jun on the other hand rolled his eyes a bit. Little brat. He hated that attitude… but apparently not totally unpleasant. Then he looked at the other boy, who was somehow hiding behind Yamapi. Ryo sighed when he felt the attention turning towards him. Meeting so many family members at once was way too difficult, his cheeks flushed a bit, but then he bowed slightly and introduced himself.

Jun grinned brightly over the boy’s embarrassment and made a mental note to check on that side of him again… He simply had a thing for blushing boys. “You are all living together?” Ryo asked carefully.

“Not really.” Jun smiled a bit. “We are living at one of the neighbour buildings.”

Uchi nodded his head. “Tsubasa-kun’s food is delicious that’s why we are always here.”

Tsubasa snorted at that and Ryo grinned brightly, making Uchi blink for a moment and blush a bit.

“I forgot…” Tegoshi tilted his head a bit, looking at them. “Yamapi…eh…Yamashita… already told us that some of you work together with Koichi-san.”

“Right…” Ryo mused, smiling apologetically. “And sorry, we didn’t even ask properly.”

“Yeah.” Tegoshi agreed, looking at them curiously, his eyes forming the question he didn’t dare to ask directly.

Yamapi grew paler, his eyes twitching in panic as he looked at the five men with begging eyes. Koichi coughed a bit, trying to chase away the dry feeling of his throat. He hated lying and this here was undoubtedly a huge lie. “We are…” he paused for a moment. “…working in a more creative business.”

“Yeah.” Kame mumbled. “Eh… creative fits the meaning quite well.”

“Ah.” Ryo mused. “Sounds interesting.”

Tegoshi nodded his head. “Are you in real estate or architecture?” He wanted to know. “Since you have two houses here.”

“Kind of.” Uchi agreed, feeling a bit sick because of so many lies.

“Oh.” Yamapi interrupted them, relieved when he heard a car in front of the house. “I guess your cab is here.”

“Thanks for everything.” Ryo smiled at him. “We’ll see you tomorrow!” Then he turned around, looking at the others and bowing a bit. “Thank you!”

Yamapi grinned relieved, grabbing one of the bags and leading the boys outside. “Just remember what we agreed to.” He told them, especially eyeing Tegoshi.

Tegoshi rolled his eyes. “I can keep a secret! You don’t need to always repeat that. We’ll not talk with anyone about Maru until we found out what’s going on. We’ll simply follow him on his way home.”

Yamapi sighed a bit as a sudden thought hit him. “Ryo-chan, you have to call Ueda and tell him what we decided.”

“Sure. I can do that.” Ryo smiled at the other cheerfully.

As Tegoshi watched the both of them a huge grin appeared on his face. “I have a gorgeous idea.” he whispered.

“Concerning Maru?”

“No…concerning our charitable event.” Tegoshi smirked.

“What kind of idea?” Yamapi wanted to know, eyeing the pretty boy sceptically.

“We’ll open up a Host Club! Forget the horror labyrinth… Pretty boys are better! With me… and you two… and Ueda… we’ll be gorgeous.”

“What?” Ryo blinked.

“EH!?” Yamapi breathed out.


The remaining five guys in Yamapi’s living room sighed in relief when the boys had left. “Why couldn’t we say the truth?” Kame mumbled, not really happy about this situation.

Tsubasa shrugged. “Because teenagers are difficult, I guess.” He looked at Koichi who was staring at Ryo’s back. “What’s with you?

“It’s just…” Koichi scanned the boy again. The way he was holding his hips with one hand. The way he was licking over his lips… And then this special gesture where he rubbed over his neck. Koichi blinked in disbelief, his face turning into a shocked impression. “Doesn’t he look like…” Koichi paused for a moment, slowly realising why his cousin didn’t want his friend to know anything about his Host Club. “… Takki-san?”

“The chief of this famous Host Club?” Jun wanted to know, slowly understanding why Ryo looked so familiar for him.


Tsubasa stared at his brother, trying to grasp the meaning of all this. “The one you fought with some years ago?”

THIS Takki-san?” Uchi gasped.

“Yes.” Koichi tore his hair. “Why out of all boys Takki’s brother?”

Tsubasa looked at him for a moment, then he folded his arms. “You are being ridiculous. You fought with this boy’s brother…what…how many years ago? Don’t you think it’s stupid that you are still avoiding him?”

Koichi sighed. “You don’t get it, because you don’t know him. Takki’s whole appearance is so dignified, so noble. There is no way that I can approach him that easily. What do you think Jun? You know him too…”

Jun shrugged a bit. “He is a bit intimidating and stoic, but I never thought of him as too complicated. Didn’t he come from such a difficult family background?”

“Eh?” Kame looked at them, feeling interested and a bit surprised. “Difficult family background? This Ryo-kun too?” This boy’s brother had a famous Host Club. An impish smile appeared on Kame’s face as he decided to definitely find out more about this family…

“Well…” Koichi mused. “I only know some small rumours but nothing really detailed… Now they are living together with their half-brothers. It’s just…why Takki’s brother?”

Tsubasa rolled his eyes, he had listened to the whole story silently, but now he shook his head reproachfully. “You don’t need to become his buddy. Just don’t intervene in Yamapi’s friendship with this boy. My cousin shouldn’t be afraid to tell one of his friends the truth just because one of us once got into a fight with his friend’s brother. That’s ridiculous and you know that.”

“I know.” Koichi mumbled. “I just wished Takki would know that the boy was here. Whose house this is. I would feel much more comfortable.”

“Well…” Tsubasa agreed. “THAT is indeed something else!”




“Where are you going?“ Ohno mumbled into his pillow when he felt how some weight was lifted from the mattress. He smiled a bit when he felt some warm lips roaming over his back. Aiba kissed his shoulder blade softly, nibbling at the other’s neck, his fingers wandering over Ohno’s perfect back.

“Sorry.” He whispered. “Work. The Host Club will open in an hour and there are still some things to prepare.” He paused for a moment, grinning. “I guess they are already wondering where I am.” He jumped out of Ohno’s bed, angling for his clothes, while searching his way to the bathroom.

Ohno yawned a bit, thinking that it was slightly difficult to have something to do with someone working at a Host Club. The working hours were really off. But then, it wasn’t really a problem for him. “Maybe I’ll visit you later then.” He looked at Aiba, his eyes still a bit sleepy.

Aiba chuckled lightly. “No affairs, boyfriends or lovers allowed in the Host Club. You have to pretend you are just a normal friend or colleague then.”

“You have to be kidding me.” Ohno grumbled, sitting up a bit and shaking his head to make his sleepiness leave. Then a thought hit him. “Wait…boyfriend? Lover?”

Aiba shrugged a bit and smiled, his eyes not giving away what he really was thinking. “We can be whatever you want or go back to be nothing except business-partners.”

“We can?” Ohno sounded surprised. What was with Aiba? What did he really want? The look in his eyes was still so inscrutable. Yes, he was smiling, but was he really smiling…? Ohno sighed a bit, thinking that this whole story was really complicated. How did this whole thing even happen? He could just remember how they were having lunch…which led to some amazing things in his bedroom. Aiba was attractive and interesting….and he was uncomplicated. No doubts about that. But did he really want to be with Aiba? Ohno hated complicated things and this here definitely was complicated. Well, Aiba was not a host, but he was working at a Host Club. Complicated, simply complicated. And why… was it now up to him to decide? Ohno sighed a bit. “You want me to decide that?”

“Yes.” Aiba stated simply, still smiling.

“You don’t even want to tell me your opinion?” Ohno wondered slightly. Why was this whole thing so strange? So confusing?

“No.” Aiba’s smile grew a bit weaker. Ohno thought there was something strange in his eyes. Only for a moment though until Aiba looked at him like he did before. His eyes sparkling a bit and his smile bright.

Ohno titled his head. Though he was not a guy who talked much or wondered much or made things more complicated, he couldn’t help but be confused now. “Why don’t you want to discuss it?”

“I don’t.” Aiba smiled wickedly. “It’s not what I’m used to do…”.



“Hey…” Kame stepped into Uchi’s room, smiling at the other friendly. “Can I come in?”

“Sure.” Uchi beamed happily. “Just make yourself comfortable.”

Kame smiled at that, jumping into Uchi’s bed and rolling around there. “Come! I want to talk to you about something important…” he told Uchi.

The latter grinned and lied down next to Kame, rolling on his stomach, leaning on his elbow. “So…” Uchi asked. “What do you want to talk about?”

Kame’s eyes sparkled intensely. “I have a plan…”




Ryo smiling contently when he got home, walking towards the living room. The moment he saw Takki he flinched a bit. Takki’s eyes were shining in fury. Ryo shifted a bit, going through different things in his minds as he tried to figure out what he did. But he couldn’t remember anything bad…  

At least Takki came to the point right away. “Where have you been?” Takki yelled at Ryo. “I’m searching for you since hours. I even called your strange teacher.”

Ryo blinked in utter shock. „You called Nagase-kun!?“

„Don’t change the topic!“ Takki scolded him. „I’m waiting for you to come home and you don’t.“

“I met some friends.” Ryo tried to explain, still feeling a bit confused.

“Yeah.” Takki answered bitingly, his voice still a few inches higher than usual. “That’s what I found out after I finally reached your teacher…after TWO hours! You are supposed to tell us when you don’t come home”

Ryo slowly felt how his patience slipped away, giving in to his short temper. “That’s like a definition of jail.” he yelled back.

“NO!” Takki’s voice sounded furious. “That’s the definition of ‘following rules’”

Ryo knitted his eyebrows angrily. “I did tell you before! I told it Subaru yesterday!”

“Don’t lie! I asked Subaru when I searched for you and he didn’t know a thing.”

“I’m not lying.” Ryo looked at the other in defence, his eyes sparkling angrily. “You have no right to mistrust me! Don’t be stupid.”

“Don’t talk to me like that!” Takki shouted at him.

“What? You wanna ground me?“ Ryo bit back.

“You think I wouldn’t ground you? Don’t be too sure about that!”

“Fine.” Ryo yelled, turning around and leaving the room. Takki sighed when he heard how Ryo smashed the door of his room. He jumped a bit when he felt how someone padded his shoulder.

“What was that?” Subaru yawned a bit. “You two were yelling so loud that it would wake up the death.”

“It’s just Ryo-chan…” Takki grumbled in frustration.

„Ah?“ Subaru looked at him, still a bit absent-minded. „Is he back from his friend’s house?“ With that he wanted to turn around and go into the kitchen to get him something to drink. He blinked in surprise when he felt how Takki grabbed his shirt and pulled him back again.

“What?” Takki’s voice sounded dangerously quiet. „What did you just say? Where had he been?”

“At his friend’s house. This Yamato…Yamapo…whatever, can’t remember the name. He told me yesterday“ Subaru looked at the other in surprise. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“When I asked you two hours before you told me you don’t know where he is!”

“Ah. I did?” Subaru scratched his head. „I guess I was pre-occupied with my work. Not listening.”

“Thanks a lot!!” Takki hissed, his voice full of suppressed anger. “I just yelled at him because I thought he didn’t tell any of us.”

“Oh…” Subaru mumbled, slowly grasping what all the fuss was about. “Oh no…Takki, I’m sorry! Really…I wasn’t listening properly…you know how I am when I’m working.”

“Don’t give me that shit!” Takki glared at him.

“Come on…” Subaru tried to calm him down. „I’m sure Ryo-chan will understand!“

“You are sure he will? Whom are you kidding here!” Takki hissed, eyes sparking in anger and secretly also cursing himself for how he had snapped at his little brother. Ryo was not the most forgiving person on earth and their relationship was not too steady at the moment to get over this so easily.

“I could talk to him.” Subaru suggested, determined to help the other, since he felt guilty himself.

“Leave it!” Takki huffed. „You already helped enough!” With that he turned around, hurrying out of the living room and smashing the door.

“Tadaima!!” Nino’s voice echoed through the room. He walked into the living room, looking at Subaru happily and padding his shoulder. “Hello, little brother. I had a great day today! Everything alright here?“


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  • It's that season again!

    I seriously can't believe we are not only approaching fall, but actually right in the middle of it! End of summer and beginning of fall in my…

  • Knock knock

    Hello everyone! I know I haven't logged into this journal since forever but I admit I kinda miss it. Is there still someone around? ❤ How are you…

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