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Advent calendar (December) project!

I'm doing it again :D

I know it's still October, but I'll be on vacation (in Japan :D) for three weeks from Saturday on, and I need to think about my Advent calendar early enough :D

I'll be doing the Advent calendar project again. I'm not even sure if everyone of you knows what exactly it is? Once December starts children (and also grown-ups :P) receive such a calendar... with 24 doors and a surprise behind every door (it can be chocolate, a picture, it can be self-filled by the parents with little presents, it can be cosmetics etc. It depends on what kind of calendar you want. I bought myself a cosmetic and make-up calendar this year (I'm such a girl sometimes :D)

So, I've decided to make a fandom Advent calendar :D Just for the fun of it, and because I like this time of a year a lot. December <3
This of course is a project for all my lovely friends and readers. For each day in December until Christmas I'll post a little Drabble with the pairing one of you requests.

Okay, now it's about you:

Tell me pairings please. I'll take everything this time (-just please, I don't know any juniors, except for Masuda Ryo :D) You can also ask for het pairings, dorama ones (in case I know the dorama)
Also tell me what kind of theme or prompt you want! (just take into consideration that this is a drabble calendar - so, pls.,nothing too complicated ^^

Please, don't request a pairing twice - mainly because this calendar is for all of you anway and I want to have variety in pairings :D
I'm not sure if I'll keep this rule for this year. We'll see how many pairings you request ^^ If you request the same pairing as someone else, please give me a different prompt :-)

I'll update the list below regularly.
If there a pairing name is a link, it means I posted it.
(written) means I've finished writing it, but haven't posted it yet :-)

I only have 24 slots (for 24 days) of course! So whoever comes first... well you know the deal ;-)
Slots taken:
1) Sakumoto
2) Takaki/Inoo
3) Keito/Yamada
4) Ryo/Pi
5) Akito/Junta
6) Shige/Kami
7) Junba (written)
8) Toma/Jun
9) OhnoKimura
10) Matsumiya
11) YamaKeito
12) RyoUchi
13) Aimiya
14) Sakumoto
15) SubaRyo
16) Sakumiya
17) SubaKura
18) TakkiRyo
19) Juntoshi
20) Ohba
21) YamaChii
22) Juntoshi
23) TakkiKame
24) Juntoshi
Tags: *advent calendar 2016
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