lilly0 (lilly0) wrote,

New multi-chapter :D

I'm posting my new multi-chapter!
I hope you remember my POLL? :D  Funny enough the story I had the least inspiration for won the poll, and I had to come up with something. The pairing everyone wanted was Sakumoto.

Thanks to it winning the poll, I suddenly was really motivated to work on a good plot and all, and actually I think the outcome might be pretty interesting. It's nothing I have written before - the first time ever I wrote a whole multi-chapter with a main-character who cannot talk.

A brief summary of the plot: Sho is a rich businessmen, but his life feels empty. One night he stumbles over a young man, unconscious and beaten up. Trying to escape his rather empty life he takes him home to help. Once the man wakes up though, he has forgotten everything he is and his entire past. On top of that he has lost his voice. He has no wallet or documents with him. All that remained is his name.

So, here it is:
Chapter 1
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