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1) I managed to get a LE copy for Arashi Are you happy/Japonism arena. Japonism is only on the LE. But jeez, the price! I spend 140$ (including shipping) That's a lot, and normally nothing I would spend for a concert DVD. Arashi is the only exception. but...yay, finally the release is there <3 I hope the blu-rays aren't region-locked. On yesasia they always say their stuff is region-locked, but cdjapan says it's not. So... I'll see...

2) So, after feeling dramatic yesterday about the lj/dw situation, I gave myself a little push and worked on my DW journal/community. Jeez, I don't know how, but I managed to exchange ALL the links of my masterpost (inlcuding multi-chapters). SISYPHUS WORK, people! I'm not kidding, I spent a whole day on that. Do you know how old some of my entries are? My very first fanfics I posted to my journal, not to my community, and my journal has a messed up tag-system. Later on I linked to these via my community. So, if you click on my ohmiya-tag in the comm., you'll stumble over a fanfic that leads to this journal here, all via links. Now what I had to do with my new DW accounts was: FIND ALL THE FREAKING JOURNAL ENTRIES (and let's not forget I'm writing fanfics since 2009/10, so... there are many entries to look for....) and as I said, I forgot to tag some of these entries proplery, so I had to go back to a certain date to find the stuff - and then exchange the links to every entry.
Also while DW imported some stuff, there are lj-names it didn't import properly which messed up formatting a bit. I changed that too. The only thing missing to do now is to seriously go through my private journal entries and delete the unnecessary stuff. I should have done that long ago. So in a way, transferring my journals to DW was a good way to clean things up a bit *lol*

After all the work though I realized: If I put so  much effort into this, I'll probably start using DW as my main fic archive...

3) I've decided to blog regularly again, just for the fun of it. So, I can maybe communicate with my friends' list more. So, talk to me, please <3

4) I watched Ghost in the shell last week. Probably going to make an extra post for it later. I didn't hate it :-)

5) DW communities I think are worth advertising. Please check them out, so that we can fill fandom with life!!
arashics (Arashi fanfics)
je-risingstars (Fanfics for everyone who debuted before HSJ, still in the process of being imported!)
kanjani-fanfics (Fanfics for Kanjani8, still being imported!)
hey_say_jump (has everything from fics to videos)
kanjani8 (comm. for files, lyrics etc. It's pretty dead atm, but hopefully will grow)
jefiction (fanction around JE)
kat-tun (apparently for everything from fanfics to videos, but there aren't any entries yet)
ryowatch (comm. for everything concerning Ryo)
sexy_zone (comm for everything concerning Sexy Zone)
storm-freaks (well, we know, the fun Arashi group)
tamagoess (a comm. for videos and subs)
starleiner (a comm. for videos, for all kind of acts and groups)
takeoff-subs (Arashi subbing community)
musicforthepeople (that's the lj-comm. v6-unlimited. They have tons of stuff, so if you are a V6 fan, that's the place to go :-))
tokioteatime (that's the TOKIO comm. The same as on Lj)

I'm still looking for a good SMAP community, and something for graphics/icons etc. Also a comm. for A.B.C-Z and Kisumai is still missing? If you know anything, please tell me! I'm interested in all active JE groups, as I follow most of them!
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