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Seekers of the Night Chapter 3

Seekers of the Night

Chapter 3: The mystery behind your existence


Title: Seekers of the Night Chapter 3: The mystery behind your existence
Pairing: will be several. Here: Akame smut (I wonder, in the end, should it become Akame or Pin...) and hints of Sho/Jun and Ryo/Jun
Rating:  More mature... Here: NC-17 (will be different in each chapter...)
Genre: mystery, (should become) thriller, romance, bit angst, fantasy, friendship, smut
Warning: Will contain smut, but I'll avoid too much violence
Disclaimer: I don't own them, but the story is mine^^
Summary: The Seekers are still outside, fighting. And while Yuya and Ryo have to wait, something unexpected happen. Yuya starts to wonder about Ryo's transformation when he fights and about his mysterious origin. Kimura gets unfairly mad and Yuya decides that he needs to know more about Kimura's and Ryo's past. Unfortunately the Seekers can't return home and have to hide outside. Sho can't help but feel uncomfortable.
Meanwhile Yoko visits the Paranormals that are working for them, a powerful bunch of guys. He needs their help to invade into the military's computer system and also to solve some open question...
Jin feels lonely... and since Pi has the flu, there is only one person he can bother right now: Kame.

„Hey Ryo-kun…“ Yuya’s voice sounded unsure. „You are psychokinetic, right? You think it’s okay how I am trying to protect them?”

Actually Ryo wanted to snort at that. He hated it to be left there, while the others were fighting, simply because he was feeling stressed then. What if something happened to them? Four against a whole pack was way better then three. But then taking Yuya with them was too dangerous… leaving him alone was no option either. Ryo sighed a bit. It was not the boy’s fault… There was a time when Ryo himself was too untrained and young to join the others, then it was Jun watching out for him. And even snarky Jun didn’t complain (much) or tease him because of it, because there was no other way handling things. And now it was Ryo’s turn to look after someone younger. No use in being impatient. And with time Yuya would become a good fighter, so he could join them.

“Well…” Ryo mused. “What exactly do you see now?”

“Well…all of them… in a group, but it’s so blur, I can’t recognize anything.” Yuya complained.

“Forget the group, concentrate on one!” Ryo told him.


“You are not trained enough to get them all at once, pick one. Takuya-kun is a shape-shifter, so he is the one who is the nearest to the dogs when fighting. If you concentrate on him, you’ll see what’s going on.” Ryo explained.

“Okay.” Yuya nodded his head in concentration “And then?”

“What kind of ghost did you call?”

“Well…some old Samurai warriors.”

“Which warriors?” Ryo wanted to know

Yuya blinked at him. “What do you mean?”

The older one grinned. “You have to choose between clans and eras, otherwise there is no use in calling them.” He laughed. “I would highly recommend you to take some lessons from Takki.”

Yuya sighed a bit. Great…School… “And for now?”

“Pull them back and call some simple demons. Forest demons for example. They are not too strong for you to control them.”

“Demons? But aren’t they bad?”

Ryo grinned at that. “Cliché.” Then he looked at the other curiously. “If you call these ghosts or demons, do they fight together with you?”

Yuya smiled cheerfully. “Theoretically: yes. When I’m trained enough I’ll be able to make them fight with me… like an army. But for now I’m normally dozing of when I try it… so somehow it always ends in a chaos…and with Kimura-kun being annoyed.”

“But theoretically yes?”

“Yes.” Yuya nodded happily.

Ryo blinked. “That’s pretty cool, you know… Just imagine…” he mused. “…how great it will be for you when you learn to control your power. You could fight with a whole army then. Isn’t that cool?”

Yuya blushed a bit. Ryo’s interest meant a lot and he definitely felt a bit flustered by the other’s nice words. “Yeah, maybe…”

“Shhh…” Ryo interrupted him suddenly, turning around a bit. “Did you hear that?”

Yuya turned into the same direction as Ryo, following the other’s glance. There was a growling and grumbling around them. “Yes.” he mumbled. “What’s that?”

“A part of the pack the others are fighting against...” Ryo paused a bit, going through his possibilities. From what he could sense the dogs here were big, but not that powerful and not too many. The pack Kimura, Koichi and Jun were fighting was huge, they needed all three powers to destroy it, while he here was able to go against these few dogs alone… But then there was Yuya, who wasn’t used in fighting. But if he would tell Jin to ask one of the other Guardians to call the other three Seekers, it would be dangerous for the remaining two. “What do you think, Jin?“ he asked in his mind.

“I’m not 100 percent sure.” Jin answered him, also keeping the conversation in his mind to not make one of the other Guardians feel suspicious. He threw a glance towards Keito, signalling him to stay quiet for a moment. “The others are okay, but it’s a huge pack they are fighting against.”

“How busy are they?”

Jin turned around a bit, looking at the other three Guardians, who were concentrating like madly, not even realising what was going on around them. Goro’s hands were shivering a bit, while Sho had clenched his hands to fists. “Really busy.”

„So?“ Ryo wanted to know.

“Do it.” Jin told him, though he hated to say it. “It’s your only possibility.”

With that Ryo turned around to Yuya, explaining the situation to him. As fast as possible. Yuya nodded his head in agreement. “I understand. It’s the most reasonable way. What to do you want me to do, Ryo-kun?”

„Nothing.“ The older one explained. „The others need your shield more. Better protect them.” Then he pointed at a ledge. „Hide there. And tell Keito to be careful about your surroundings.”

Yuya did what Ryo told him to, sighing a bit as a thought crossed his mind. “Takuya-kun will bit our heads off, right?”

Ryo shrugged a bit. „No, most likely he will bite my head off, not yours. He doesn’t like it when I fight. “

Yuya blinked. „EH? Why?”

„It’s a long story…” Ryo avoided the question. “I know him since forever and he always feels like protecting me.” he answered instead.

“Annoying.” Yuya mumbled and Ryo couldn’t help a grin.

The young boy hid behind the ledge, watching how Ryo positioned himself, totally calm as the two creatures were heading towards him. And then Yuya saw one of the most amazing things ever. Ryo’s whole expression was totally calm, not showing the slightest sign of fear or stress.

What Yuya didn’t know and for what he might still be too young to feel, was that Ryo felt a lot of fear rushing through his veins, together with the adrenaline. A fight was always the most-wanted but also the most-feared happening in a Seeker’s life. With the adrenaline also their animalistic instincts appeared, but there was still something else… The knowledge that he was not only fighting for his own live, but also for Jin’s, being responsible for both of them. One careless move and both of them would be dead…

But Yuya didn’t know about these feelings… He just saw Ryo’s fragile figure standing against these two huge dogs, as tall as Ryo was. And first Yuya was shocked that Ryo didn’t move at all while one of the creatures was already that near to him that it could have hit Ryo with one simple move of his paw. But the moment the dog jumped up, Ryo raised his arm, making it impossible for the dog to move. Wrinkles of concentrations on his forehead as he fought this mental fight with the creature. As the second dog ran towards him from the other side, the young guy jumped into the air, as if nothing was holding him on the ground, loosening his metaphysical hold of the other dog, so that the two creatures crashed together with a loud bang, a shiver running through their bodies, before they dropped to the ground, strains of blood running over their bodies.

Ryo jumped down again, but before he even reached the ground, his eyes grew darker again, his senses totally tensed. He wriggled a bit as a third dog suddenly jumped towards him. Yuya breathed in sharply, when the dog’s body covered Ryo’s, knocking him to the ground. He wanted to yell and help, wanted to run towards Ryo and help him out of this misery, but Keito’s voice in his head told him to stop. And Yuya couldn’t do anything else but trust his soulmate on this issue.

And he was right. It took Ryo just a short moment to concentrate again and kick the dog away. Still lying on the ground, he shivered a bit over the loss of energy he had just felt. His eyes turned totally black, like coals, dark veins appearing on his face, every sign of humanity disappearing from his face. A little strain of blood was running over his forehead, scratches and bruises that had started to bloom on his body, disappeared again. His aura was sparkling with darkness so that Yuya couldn’t help but hide deeper. Ryo’s eyes searched the area for something he could use. He looked at one of the trees near them, using his levitating on it and letting it drop on the third dog, squishing the creature underneath it.

With that it was over.

Yuya winced in disgust by the sight of the squished dog before he ran towards Ryo, waving at him. “Are you okay?” he called out.

Ryo took a few deep breaths to turn his mind back into his normal self again, then he smiled a bit. “Totally. Just a few scratches. The ones with the broken bones are always the others.” he grinned contently.

 “I didn’t know you can do all that!” Yuya’s voice sounded admiring. “How did you let them crash together? And how did you kick away the third one? And the tree? That’s so cool…”

Ryo grinned proudly, Yuya’s words definitely flattering him. “I can do even more. But it’s a lot of work to train and control psychokinetic power.” He frowned a bit, as he looked at the third dog. “He was hiding somewhere… If I had known it, he wouldn’t have been able to jump at me…”

„I really don’t get it why Kimura-kun won’t let you fight with them. With your help they would be able to erase the pack easier.”

“That’s what I’m always saying…” Jin mumbled. “Kimura-kun is way too protective.”

Ryo shrugged helplessly. “It’s complicated…”

“And what happened to you when you were lying on the ground. Your eyes were so black… and your face… I was nearly scared by your appearance.” Yuya asked in awe.

Ryo’s smile grew more wary. “You better are scared of me in such situations… Psychokinetic is tricky and it sometimes pulls me into a metaphysic level that no one else can reach. It’s the part of my power I can’t control yet… you know, like a diver who can’t reach every depth of the ocean. I’m dangerous in such moments.”

Yuya looked at him in interest. “Really?” he asked, but to his disappointment Ryo didn’t explain his words any further, making Yuya’s interest grow even more. He already knew were Sho-kun and Jun were from. He knew a lot about Koichi and Kimura… But Ryo was like a mystery. Where was he from? Who was he? What did he do before? Why this strange relationship with Kimura? Where did they know each other from? Why didn’t even Jin know about it? Yuya made a mental note to definitely look for these answers, maybe even asking Takki about them… Takki was known for knowing everything…

Yuya sighed a bit. “Psychokinetic must be so cool.”

Ryo’s expression grew inscrutable now. “It is both. A gift and a curse…”


“Finished!” Jun grinned contently, when he pulled one of his knifes out of the last creature. In his pockets he angled for a tissue, tidying the knife properly, before putting it back.

Kimura who had turned himself into a huge dog himself to fight against the pack, transformed back and smiled contently. “Yep. It’s over. Are you okay Koichi?”

The latter grinned a bit, through the fight he had been able to gain some confidence again. “Sure.”


It had taken the three of them over one hour to get rid of the pack, before they headed back to Ryo and Yuya. The first thing they realised was Yuya leaning against the dog Jun had shot before, yawning tiredly, and playing some sort of card game with Ryo to stay awake.

The next thing they recognized where three huge dog corpses lying around on the ground.

Koichi gasped. “Damn! Three of them escaped us?“

Jun looked at the three corpses grumpily. “Such an annoyance.”

Kimura looked at the dogs first, then at the traces Ryo’s body drew when falling on the ground. His mind going totally blank as he rushed towards the boys. He stared at Ryo angrily, grabbing him by the scruff of his neck, shaking him desperately. Ryo wriggled a bit, nearly looking scared. He had expected Kimura to be angry, but not that mad. He was pretty sure that Kimura would have slapped him if there hadn’t been 4 pairs of eyes looking at them in interest.

“You IDIOT!“ the older one yelled. “What if something had happened to you!?”

“But…“ Ryo tried to argue.

 “We never fight alone! That’s one of our rules.”

“But…” Yuya tried to help Ryo. „You were fighting somewhere else and he wasn’t alone… I was there too. Theoretically. I didn’t fight…“

Kimura’s eyes were sparkling in anger. „I don’t care. Next time you call us. Damn!“

“They were only three.” Yuya intervened again. Ryo looked at him slightly impressed. This guy wasn’t even a bit scared by Kimura’s wrath. Ryo wriggled a bit, trying to escape Kimura’s grip.

The older on still glared. “You have to think of the young one too. What if Yuya would have been hurt?”

“But he did think of me. He told me to hide.“ the unterrified young guy answered.

“You have to think such things through!” Kimura yelled.

“Are you nuts!? Of course I thought them through!” Ryo finally found his speech again, yelling back, his hands now gripping Kimura’s that where still holding his shirt.

“You have to consult with Jin first and check with what he sees around you!”

“Did that.“ Ryo glared, panicking a bit and squishing his fingers into Kimura’s hands, leaving some bloody scratches there.

„Yes.“ Jin jumped up and down furiously in the Guardian’s lounge. “He did that! Now let go of him.” His inner alarm-bell had started to set off as he had felt Ryo’s shock, besides that he felt pretty useless here, not being able to intervene in their fight.

“Really, Kimura.” Jun rolled his eyes. „You are totally overreacting. What did you want him to do? Call us and make one of us rush to their side and fight those three dogs, leaving the other two alone with the whole pack?”

Ryo blinked at Jun. Out of all people Jun was the one jumping in for him? But then…Jun was the most reasonable out of them, thinking about his decisions and options the most and trying to be fair in his judgement.

Koichi nodded his head, a bit angry that he had to agree with Jun here. “True. Why are you always so overly protective when it’s about Ryo? I get it that you guys are close…but this here is war. And considering all options, Ryo’s choice was the best. Don’t be unfair here.”

“He is not that wrong…” Goro mumbled in his mind.

Kimura loosened his grip on Ryo’s shirt, sighing a bit as his senses returned to him. He looked a bit apologetically at Ryo for yelling at him like that, but the younger one still glared at him. Jin grinned contently…he had not too much problems with Kimura and Ryo being close to each other, but Ryo was his soulmate and he hated it that Kimura and Ryo shared something together that he didn’t know about. So he was gloating a bit now as Ryo was still angry at Kimura. Ryo was NOT the easily-forgiving type and Jin couldn’t help but mentally stick his tongue out at Kimura, sarcastically wishing him good luck.

Jun grinned a bit at Ryo before turning his attention towards Sho. “Sorry, Sho… we won’t make it before dawn.”

Sho sighed a bit, trying to ignore the painful twisting in his stomach. “Well, we can’t do something about that right?”

Jun shrugged a bit and grabbed the first dog he shot, shouldering it again. “I guess we will take this here with us… Yoko and the others can analyse it.”

 “What to do with the others?” Koichi mused. “We could kick them back through their hole again… or we can…” he paused for a moment, feeling disgusted. “destroy their corpses… Then Jun can close the hole in the continuum again.”

“Did you already take care of the other dogs?” Yuya wanted to know.

Koichi nodded his head. “Yeah, we already sent them back. But is there still enough time to do it with these three?”

“It should work, if we are fast…” Kimura sighed. “Jun? You’ll be able to be fast”

“Sure.” Jun mumbled, dropping their dog for Yoko again and turning towards the others. He grabbed two of them, strength running through his veins, pushing and pulling at him, filling him out completely. Yuya watched him in interest how he disappeared like a flash with the two dogs. How strong this guy was…

Kimura flinched a bit when he turned towards Ryo, rubbing over the scratches Ryo’s fingers had produced on his hands. The other was still eying him grumpily. “Ryo… please, take care of the rest.”

Without any further answer, Ryo turned his attention towards the last creature, concentrating and disappearing together with it. When he reached the place where Jun was waiting, he let go of the dog, watching how the creatures disappeared into the width of its own world. A totally dry area… nearly a desert. 

“Watch out.” Jun whispered, well aware of the fact that Ryo admired his abilities. “I’ll close the hole to their world now.”

Ryo’s eyes grew wide, he felt like a child again that discovered something totally new. He could see how the hole got closed, piece after piece getting connected again until they weren’t able to see into this other world anymore.

Ryo smiled a bit, thinking that Jun was a lot nicer when he was alone with him. “It’s cool what you can do.”

Jun grinned contently, before grabbing Ryo’s hand to lead him back into their own world.

“Finally!” Koichi sighed in relief. “Did you close the hole?”

“We took care of everything.” Jun answered proudly, letting go of Ryo’s hand.

 “Where will you hide during day?” Goro wanted to know.

“I guess Jun has to take us through time and…or… space to find us a safe place.” Kimura explained, while eyeing Ryo warily.

But the younger one still ignored him, though feeling excited about travelling. “Cool.” Ryo grinned. „Where do you take us to, Jun?“

Jun tilted his head, thinking thoroughly. “It has to be something safe and deserted.” He mused, concentrating to go through the different options he had now. In front of his inner eye different planets, times and areas rushed by. Somewhere far away he could here Koichi’s voice. “How about an unpopulated island?” Koichi suggested.

Jun grinned impishly, nodding his head as his mind returned to the others. “Alright. An island sounds good.“

„But be careful that it’s small and unpopulated!“ Koichi reminded him.

Jun ignored his remark, looking around. „Yuya step a bit closer. Here, stand next to Ryo.“

Yuya nodded his head, looking at Ryo through admiring eyes, still remembering how the other fought against the three dogs. “From now on I will follow your step, Ryo-kun!! Wherever you go! Please guide me.”

“EH?“ Ryo blinked, but before he could say anything more, he could already feel how Jun pulled them out of their world, different planets and areas passing them. Ryo loved that. He found that Jun’s gift was pretty amazing, though the other often complained that it wasn’t really useful during fights, but Ryo found that it was great. One moment later they were standing at a small island… a really small island… tiny…

Koichi glared at Jun. “Do you think that’s funny?” He looked around. All of them had to stand straight to have room on the island, squeezed between each other. It was so tiny that even Ryo’s hawk didn’t have any space here.

Jun laughed at that. “Just kidding.” He grinned, before leading them through time and space once more…to a deserted island, but this time not too small

Kimura smiled contently, turning his attention towards Goro again. “You guys can relax now and go to sleep. We are safe.”

Goro sighed in relief . “Good. Tell us when you move again, alright?“ With that he turned around, facing the others happily. „You heard me, right? We are free for now.”

“Great!” Jin called out, a cheeky grin appearing on his face. “Poor Kame will be crushed that he won’t be able to… hit the goal tonight. I guess I’ll go and search for him… But then… I rather prefer Yamapi.”

Sho grinned at that, while Goro’s eyes widened in disapproving, but before he could say anything Jin had already disappeared.



„Good morning!“ Yoko said while walking into the private lounge of the Paranormals that were working together with them.

“Oh!” Yamada looked at him happily, glad about the distraction… When Yoko dropped by so early in the morning, it had to be something interesting. “Someone is visiting us!”

Sakamoto glared at him. “And someone has to go to school.”

Yamada sighed in annoyance. “It’s not really fair… Keito gets educated by Takki-kun. Why can’t I join him and Takaki-kun?”

Takki smiled a bit. „I understand what you mean, but we have to keep our cover. If you stop going to a normal school now, people might get suspicious and search for you. Just imagine what might happen to the Guardians and Seekers then.”

“I know.” Yamada sighed a bit, grabbing his bag. “I’ll take my leave then.”

“Take Chinen-kun with you, Ryosuke.” Takki told him, remembering the young orphan that was living with them.

“Sure.” Yamada smiled.

“So…” Sakamoto looked up from his newspaper when Yamada had left the room, eyeing Yoko thoroughly. “How do we deserve your High Presence?”

Yoko bit his lips. He had hoped that Sakamoto would be absent or still sleeping…but of course he was awake and it was damn difficult to go against this guy. Sakamoto looked at him now, chuckling a bit, his lips curling into a sarcastic smile. Yoko glared at him. Mind Readers were such a pain!!

As Sakamoto kept grinning at him, Yoko shrugged a bit, deciding to go on with his reasons. “My guys are trying to hack the military’s computer system. But it seems to be infiltrated.”

Sakamoto looked at him in interest. “You mean someone else is using their system?”

“Exactly.” Yoko explained. “The security system is huge. We’ll need days to get through it and even then it’s not clear if we’ll be able to see all of it…”

Takki shook his head a bit. „You mean either someone else already hacked into the Computer System or the military itself is the base?”

Yoko nodded his head, but before he could say something, Takki turned his head a bit, eying the door. He could see how Takki’s face went stiff, his eyes nearly closed, hands trembling a bit. The moment he opened his eyes again, he stood up, opening the door. “Ohno-kun?” he called, looking at the staircase that led downstairs to the rooms of the Paranormals. “Bring some breakfast for me too!”

Okada, the young mind-manipulator, who had listened to Yoko’s talk with Sakamoto and Takki while still sitting on one of the comfortable sofas, grinned a bit. “Must be nice to have visions, right?”

“It’s quite useful.“ Takki smiled a bit.

Yoko looked at him thoroughly. “Can you use your gift on purpose? Or do you visions come totally spontaneous?”

Takki tilted his head a bit. “You mean on purpose like seeing what the enemy is up to?” he shook his head a bit. “Visions come whenever they want… if I touch something, feel something, think something. But I can control it to one point and look into the future on purpose. I can see you guys for example and everyone who works with us. I can even see the Seekers. But I can’t see something that I don’t know.”

Yoko nodded his head. “I already thought so.“ He bowed a bit. Takki was not the type you treated without respect.

Before someone could say anything, the door flew open and Ohno stepped into the room, handing one bottle with cornflakes to Takki. “Mornin’” he mumbled.

“Thanks.” Takki showed him a wicked smile, which had not really a huge effect on Ohno. He just nodded his head. “Sure. No problem.” Then he turned towards the others. “You are having difficult talks here?”

Yoko looked at him in interest… Ohno, the mood-reader. A gift that was not that powerful like Sakamoto’s mind-reading, not that scaring like Okada’s mind-manipulating and also not that impressing like Takki’s visions, but still quite cool.

“You need our help, right?” Sakamoto wanted to know, reading Yoko’s mind again.

As the latter simply nodded his head, Takki looked at him thoroughly. “We’ll properly think of something and tell you then, alright?”

“Good. Thanks.” Yoko smiled a bit, before turning around again. “Where is Yamapi? I could need his number-and-code talent.”

“Ah, the poor boy is sick!” Takki told him. “Fever and a cold.”

“WHAT?” Jin’s voice came from the door. He sounded seriously disappointed. “If Pi is sick and Ryo isn’t here, whom should I have fun with?”

Sakamoto and Okada laughed at that, but Takki knitted his eyebrows a bit. “Seriously…Jin-kun you are impossible.”

Jin eyed Takki grumpily, but when he suddenly saw a familiar figure passing him, totally pre-occupied with his work, he had to grin. Kame…

Kame’s eyes were scanning the room, glad when he finally found Yoko. “Yoko-kun, could you take a look at that? That’s the report of the science team.”

“Thanks.” Yoko nodded his head, grabbing the folder with the information, before turning towards the Paranormals again. “Thanks for your help. Please consult me when you thought of something.” With that he left the room.

Jin looked at Kame thoroughly. „Kame?”

“Ah, Jin?” Kame smiled a bit.

Jin grinned cheekily. „Did you hear the news?“

“What news?”

The other smiled softly. “Someone won’t make it home tonight… I hope you aren’t disappointed that you are waiting for nothing…”

Kame’s face grew shocked immediately. “WHAT?”

“The Seekers have to wait for the next night to come, before they can get home.” Jin explained, his voice explicitly friendly.

Kame still looked at him in shock. He had already totally looked forward to Ryo coming home and fulfilling his promise. And…yes, it was NOT FUN to stop in the middle of it while being totally aroused. He sighed deeply… one day more to wait.

“Want me to help you carry this to your room?” Jin asked politely, pointing at one of the boxes Kame was carrying around.

“That would be great.” The other sighed in relief, following Jin as he walked towards Kame’s room. “Just put it down here.” He pointed at a place, too pre-occupied to wonder about Jin’s sudden urge to help. He was still thinking about when Ryo would be back and how long it meant to wait. When he looked at Jin again, he caught a strange glance in the other’s eyes. “Forget it!” Kame blurt out.

Jin grinned a bit. „You aren’t exactly my first choice either.“ he explained dryly, a mischievous glance in his eyes. “But if you don’t want to…okay…” With that Jin waved him a good-bye and left the room.

Kame stared at Jin’s back, biting his lips. Why again was this guy so damn confident…so annoying… and so… hot. “Wait!” he called after Jin, now grinning himself about this grotesque situation. “Alright.”

The other turned around again. “What about romance?” he asked innocently.

„Who needs romance here? Totally overrated.“ Kame grinned, sighing when he felt Jin’s hands on his back, stroking him lazily. Fingers drawing lazy patterns on his arms. The next thing he knew was that they were suddenly heading into a heated kiss, hands brushing over each others’ faces, tongues fighting against each other.

They both struggled a bit when they dropped on Kame’s bed, bodies entwined. Jin breathed out heavily when Kame rubbed his crotch against Jin’s, producing some nearly painful friction.

“Let’s get rid of the clothes.” Jin huffed.

They hurried, immediately dropping their clothes somewhere on the floor, before clenching to each other again. Jin sighed contently when he felt Kame’s heated body against his, feeling the other’s soft skin under his fingertips, his beautiful lips wandering over his body. They were fighting against each other for a moment, before Jin finally won, pressing Kame down a bit, his lips sucking at the other’s beautiful neck, before pushing two slick  fingers inside him.

Kame arched his back, he just slightly wondered where Jin got the lube from... but the sensations were already way too much… far beyond to complain about it anymore. Who cared anyway? Jin did a quite proper job here… If Jin was careful and knowing about something, it was definitely sex… and Kame enjoyed the other’s touches, his fingers moving and rubbing inside him, before Jin pulled them out again, slowly positioning himself between Kame’s legs and carefully pushing in.

The slighter boy winced over the intrusion, sighing out in pain and clenching to Jin’s arms, before he slowly adjusted. His head dropped to the side when he felt Jin moving inside him, rubbing against his spot. The grip on Jin’s shoulder grew more demanding, their kiss heated again… Jin pushed against him frantically and when Kame felt a well-known heat rushing through his body, he screamed out Jin’s name, arching his back, before going totally slack under Jin.

The latter just needed to push in and out a few more times before coming himself. He pushed up a bit and tiredly dropped down next to Kame, just slightly wondering how much they both had needed it so that they finished that fast. “Oh dear…” he gasped out.

“My word…” Kame mumbled, before slowly drifting into sleep, once again wondering why it was always him and Jin ending up together…




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