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Painful Days and Stormy Nights Chapter 6

Painful Days and Stormy Nights

Chapter 6: The Princess and her plan...


Pairing: Ohno/Aiba, KimuShingo. There will definitely be some other pairings, but I don't know who with who... (RyoJin? PiKame or TegoPi? Sakumiya?)
Rating: PG-13 (will rise)
Genre: AU, family, friendship, romance, angst, drama

Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related. But the story is mine of course^^
Summary: Sakamoto senses something interesting while Takki feels bad... so does Nino... but with Jin's help Ryo tries to learn to be more understanding. While the storm around Takki and Ryo slowly starts calming down, another one is rising again... because Kame and Uchi have a plan!
Takuya faces sudden problems.
And then there is Aiba who isn't sure if he can believe in Ohno...

“A lot of fun at home, hm?” Sho asked teasingly, though he couldn’t help a caring tune in his voice.

“You wouldn’t believe it…” Nino grumbled. Work at the Host Club was done tonight, so he had decided to visit the guys, maybe drinking or eating something with them. To his joy he had found the new guy there, who apparently was quite interesting.

“Believe what?” Okada wanted to know, sitting down at the table where the other two were sitting too.

“Nino-kun is telling amazing stories from his home.” Sho smiled at Nino friendly, before he got distracted by Aiba placing three cocktails in front of them. “Hm. Thanks.”

“Looks delicious.” Okada agreed. “Mojitos?”

“Yes.” Aiba smiled. “I had to use some left-overs… They were popular today, but there was still enough for you.” He turned around a bit, looking outside through one of the windows.

“What’s with you?” Nino grinned. “Expecting someone?”

“Not really…” Aiba mused, wondering himself if he was expecting Ohno right now or not.

“Come on.” Sho looked at him curiously. “You are acting weird. Did something happen?”

Aiba laughed cheerfully. “Well…actually I’m not sure if something will happen or not.” Something did happen… yes. But he wasn’t sure if he could expect something at this point…everything was still really vague. He sat down next to Okada. “So…Nino, problems at home?”

Nino sighed. “Well, it could be better right now.”

“Explain.” Okada demanded friendly.

“Well…” Nino mused. “Takki and Ryo-chan got into a huge fight because of a mistake Subaru made. It was a misunderstanding. But you know Ryo, right? He won’t talk to Takki right now. Takki on the other hand isn’t talking to Subaru. Takuya is not home at all, he is still on this excursion. And no one listens to me.”

Sho had to smile over the last sentence, looking at Nino warmly. “Well, you do your best. I’m sure you’ll be able to convince them eventually.”

Nino got drawn into Sho’s soothing aura and smiled. “At least I can try. And if nothing helps Takuya-kun will be home tomorrow.”



“You look gloomy.” Sakamoto smiled a bit at Takki, padding the younger one’s head as Takki was resting his head on the table, staring at the glass in front of him.

“Don’t mess up my hair, Maa-kun.” Takki grumbled a bit, well aware of the fact that Sakamoto would ignore him.

Sakamoto chuckled lightly, curling some strands of Takki’s hair and stroking over his cheek softly. Takki sighed contently over the sweet and fatherly gesture and got up a bit. “Subaru is such an idiot.”

“Well… it wasn’t his best moment…” Sakamoto agreed, but Takki immediately caught the soft criticism in his voice.

“But?” Takki asked.

“You were the one snapping and loosing it. That’s not really Subaru-kun’s fault.” Sakamoto scolded softly.

“I know.” Takki sighed. “I feel bad enough about that, if that makes you feel better…”

Sakamoto laughed. “I’m not sure if it makes me feel better. But how about you?”

“Are you kidding?” Takki grumbled. “Since weeks I have reasons to yell at Ryo-chan and then when there is no reason and when he even explains that there is none, I snap. Knowing that it’s stupid won’t make me feel better…”

“Takki…” Sakamoto sighed a bit, though still sounding fondly. “Don’t be grumpy at me. It isn’t my fault…”

“I know. Sorry. I’m just in a horrible mood.”

“I know.” Sakamoto reassured him. “But it will become better. There is no way he won’t talk to you forever.” He grinned a bit. “Just for the next few months maybe.”

Takki couldn’t help but laugh a bit. “Yeah, that sounds promising. A few months, then there will be peace again.” Then he grew earnest again. “It’s so strange. I’m sure he is understanding, actually I even think he isn’t angry anymore… But I don’t know why he is still freezing me out. At least he is also freezing Subaru out…”

Sakamoto shrugged. “He wants to punish you with that.”

“But why?”

Sakamoto smiled helplessly. “How should I know? You have to ask him.”

“Yeah…as if I would ever get an answer.” Takki mumbled grumpily.

Sakamoto laughed heartedly. “You know whom he reminds me of?”


“You.” The older guy grinned.

“What?” Takki frowned. “There might be similarities and I really love him dearly, but I was never like that.”

“You just can’t remember.” Sakamoto chuckled. “But you are also stubborn and you were so closed when you were a teenager. He is just the same. Just a bit more extreme…” Sakamoto mused a bit. “He doesn’t trust people much.”

“What do you mean with that?” Takki asked curiously.”

“I’m not sure either… it’s just a feeling.”



“Yo Ryo.” Jin waved a bit, before he jumped down from the tree into Ryo’s room. He smiled wickedly. “I can’t believe you were the one suggesting we should meet like that.”

Ryo grinned impishly. “Any complains?”

“Never.” Jin smiled a bit, enjoying these moments way too much to complain. He padded Ryo’s head and tousled his hair playfully, making the younger one squirm a bit.

Ryo glared at him through messy hair. “Idiot!” he grinned.

“Okay…now tell me why I can’t visit you through the front door?” Jin wanted to know.

Ryo rolled his eyes a bit. “I just didn’t want to meet anyone right now. Except Nino, but he went out.”

“Eh?” Jin blinked in confusion. “Did you fight again?”

“Well…” Ryo mused. “Yes…somehow.”

“Details?” Jin laid down on the soft carpet in Ryo’s room, curling himself up there.

“Takki yelled at me.”

“Eh…seriously? Takki-kun?” Jin looked in Ryo in interest. “What did you do?”

“Nothing.” Ryo told him. “It was a misunderstanding because Subaru forgot to tell him that I was visiting Yamapi.”

“Ah…” Jin grinned. “So you are freezing him out now?”

Ryo frowned a bit. “I hate being yelled at.”

“I know.” The older one smiled. “But you are so stubborn sometimes, so firm.”

“I’m not.” Ryo defended himself.

“C’mon.” Jin grinned. “It was a misunderstanding.”

“But still…”

“Just imagine it would have been me. Would you be angry with me like that too?” Jin wanted to know.

Ryo tilted his head a bit. “I guess…no.”


“Alright.” Ryo sighed. “I’ll think about it. But that’s not what I wanted to talk to you in first place.”

“What? Did something happen?” Jin sat up again, feeling worried.

“Okay.” Ryo took a deep breath. “Here.” With that he handed Jin Maru’s book he had found with Ueda.

Jin looked at the book, his eyes growing wide first but then a dark and dangerous glimmering appeared in his eyes. He clenched his fist, shivering a bit, while he gritted his teeth. “WHAT?” he yelled in wrath. “You are being bullied?”

“EH?” Ryo blinked at him confused. “No…wait…Jin…”

But Jin didn’t wait, he was up his feet immediately, running towards Ryo’s door. “Takki-kun!!” he yelled.

Ryo grew a bit pale, before he jumped up as well, smashing the door and grabbing Jin’s arm. “Jin!!” he called desperately. “It’s not mine!!”

“Eh?” Jin blinked at him in utter confusion. “It’s not?”

Ryo sighed deeply. “No…” he wanted to sound annoyed but couldn’t help feeling touched by Jin’s fierce reaction to protect him. Then he gasped. “Great…and you called Takki…”

“Oh…” Jin made, before the door flew open and a very concerned Takki looked at them.

“Did something happen?” Takki asked them in shock.

Ryo carefully hid the book behind his back, shrugging a bit, not sure what to say. Jin coughed, remembering the problems Ryo had the other day because Jin sneaked into his room, and decided to give it a try. “You know…Takki-kun…the last time when I sneaked into Ryo’s room?”

Takki looked at him in confusion. “Yes…”

“I just wanted to let you know that I…eh…didn’t sneak in now…” Jin stuttered, hoping that Takki would believe him. He knew it was a weak attempt to explain his shocked reaction from before… But apparently he was lucky, because Takki chuckled lightly, a soft smile on his lips. “Honestly, Jin, you totally misunderstood me. You are welcome here any time and you can visit Ryo-chan as much as you want. No need to be so stressed.”

Jin smiled in relief, happy that Takki didn’t grow suspicious and turned around, sitting down on Ryo’s carpet.

Takki looked at Ryo nervously, not sure what to say. He had wanted to talk to him about their fight since yesterday, but Ryo knew quite well how to push him away. Ryo shifted a bit, there was a clear question in Takki’s eyes, quite clear for Ryo to understand. “Okay…” Ryo gave in to Jin’s piercing glance he was feeling at his back, remembering Jin’s words about him being too unforgivable and sighed. Why again did Jin have to push him like that? But then… it was Jin, so Ryo was okay with being pushed a bit. “Is it okay if we order something in tonight? Jin’s free and won’t eat at the Host Club…” He looked a bit grumpy as he said that, since he had no motivation at all to talk with Takki. Too proud, that’s what Jin would say…or Maa-kun. But well…with Takki’s begging eyes and Jin’s piercing glance it was difficult to stay stubborn. And when Takki looked at him softly, a lot of relief in his eyes, Ryo couldn’t help but feel glad.

Takki smiled happily (a bit too happy, Ryo found.) and nodded his head. “Sure. Why not?”.




The moment Takuya had felt how their excursion bus trembled he hadn’t really felt suspicious. Now… three hours later, his patience was already sailing down the river, passing Osaka and waving them a good-bye before it left Japan.

“It’s really absolutely not working?” he asked the driver who was still searching for a solution behind the hood.

The man shrugged helplessly. “I’m sorry. It has to be the motor. We have to call a garage.”

“Yeah…” Kimura sighed. “Just that we are in a dead spot here.” He turned around, looking at the pale faces around them and smiled a bit. “Don’t worry.” He told his students. “I’ll go and get some help.” He pointed at his female colleague. “Nakamura-san will stay with you while I’ll go to the next gas station and call for help.”

“That’s 20 km away!” Shingo blurt out, eyes widening in shock. “You can’t walk all the way, Sensei. Let me go, I’m quite strong.”

For the fist time Kimura showed a warm smile towards Shingo. “That’s really nice Katori-san, but I have the responsibility for you guys, so I’ll go.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea…” Hina agreed, much to Shingo’s surprise.  “It’s in the middle of the night, it’s dark and we don’t know the area. One alone is too dangerous, but we need our driver here, maybe he’ll find out what’s going on. So Shingo is tall and strong, he should accompany you.”

Kimura sighed a bit. He wasn’t too happy about that. Not because Shingo got on his nerves, but more because he hated to get someone else into danger. It was his responsibility to look after his students. But then Ryo’s picture popped into his mind. He really needed a mechanic to repair their bus, otherwise he would never be able to get to his meeting with Ryo tomorrow. And Ryo wasn’t the most forgivable little brother… And he absolutely didn’t want to disappoint him.

“Alright…” Takuya sighed. “Though I’m not too happy with it, but I see that’s the best solution.”




“You know, Yamapi…”

Yamapi looked up from his homework when he heard Tsubasa’s voice behind him. He flinched a bit… He had already expected such a talk. And really… “I’m slightly disappointed.” Tsubasa looked at him sternly.

Yamapi winced a bit, trying to think about how to escape that situation, but apparently there was no way out of it. “Why?” he dared to ask.

“How could you believe that Koichi or I would ruin your friendship with someone, just because he is the brother of a guy one of us doesn’t get along with well?”

Yamapi looked at him guiltily. “Sorry.” He mumbled.

“You better are.” Tsubasa frowned.

“It’s just…” Yamapi struggled a bit as he tried to explain it. “I was worried. I never had such friends and well…”

Tsubasa sighed a bit. “I can understand that, though it was unnecessary. Really… I already talked to Koichi and he thinks the same.”

Yamapi looked a bit surprised. “You really recognized him immediately?”

“Well, Koichi and Jun did. Apparently he resembles this Takki-san.” Tsubasa paused for a moment, before looking at Yamapi piercingly. “You better tell them the truth soon, otherwise it might hit you in the end. Believe me, I know people, because I work with them, and I think your friend takes things really serious.”


At the same time, in the same house:

“Alright!” Kame whispered when he sneaked into Uchi’s room. “Did you get everything?”

Uchi blinked for a moment, then he angled to get some bags from under his bed. “Here…” He showed Kame two wigs. “You wanna have brown hair or blonde hair?” Just slightly he wondered why he got himself into this plan, but Kame's motivation was just pulling him along... It was difficult to fight Kame's charisma and his ideas, he was determined and confident and always telling Uchi reasons and explanations that Uchi couldn't really fight. One part of him wanted to be grumpy at that, but the other part was just too much into having some fun and seeing this infamous Takki-san...

“Blonde.” Kame smirked. “And the dresses?"

“Sure.” Uchi grinned, blushing a bit. “You should have seen the shop assistance’s face, but I told her it’s stuff for my sister. I got you a blue dress for you, not too fancy, but elegant enough. And something in a light pink for me.”

Kame nodded contently. “Great job! No one will recognize us. We’ll give quite pretty girls.”

Uchi smiled. “Hope so.” Then something crossed his mind. “Did you get the address?”

“Oi…” Kame sighed. “That one was so difficult. Jun was like everywhere…I had to wait till he went into the bathroom, then I sneaked into Koichi-kun’s office, searching forever…” he grinned. “But here it is. The address to Takki-kun’s Host Club.”

“Uhh…” Uchi whispered, feeling slightly uncomfortable. “A fancy address. Must be a good Club.”

 “Well…we’ll see.” Kame looked at Uchi expectantly. “I’m so curious. Gladly Jun didn’t see me.”

Uchi shivered a bit. “Yeah…that would have been bad. Hopefully he won’t ever find out…” He paused a bit, looking at Kame carefully... some doubts raising inside him. "Kame...are you sure you wanna do this?"




Aiba blinked in surprise when he left the Host Club for a walk and recognized a fragile figure next to the door. They had closed the Club for tonight and he only wanted to go out and get some fresh air.

“Hey...” Aiba mumbled.

Ohno looked at him through his inscrutable eyes, his voice soft but also firm. “I can’t believe that you are just running away like that…”


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