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Seekers of the Night Chapter 4

Seekers of the Night

Chapter 4: Lost memories


Title: Seekers of the Night Chapter 4: Lost memories
Pairing: Sho/Jun, might become Akame, and something will definitely be with Ryo ^^  For the others we'll see. (Here: RyoJun finally have their first and last moment^^)
Rating:  More mature... Here: NC-17 (will be different in each chapter...)
Genre: mystery, (should become) thriller, romance, bit angst, fantasy, friendship, smut
Warning: Will contain smut, but I'll avoid too much violence
Disclaimer: I don't own them, but the story is mine^^
Summary: While the Seekers have some calm time on the island, Yamada's power finally awakens...but what is it? Takki visits one of his connections outside the undercover group and what Aiba tells him makes the situation even more difficult and dangerous. And while Ryo and Jun talk, Jun is surprised to get to know some secrets of Ryo's past... and he tells Ryo one of his. Just slightly he wonders why there is always Sho's picture in his mind though he is actually being together with Ryo right now.
Note: Please be patient here^^ --> I needed this chapter to introduce the characters a bit better. But you might already have guessed it when reading this, but with the next chapter I'm definitely heading towards some huge storms, mysteries and plots

“School...great...” Yamada yawned when he and Chinen entered the huge building.

“Yeah.” Chinen mumbled grumpily. “Why is it again that we can't get educated together with Keito?”

“Shh.” Yamada looked around nervously, he sighed in relief, glad that no one had heard them. “Be careful... You know there are people who can hear what you talk, even when you whisper...”

“I know.” Chinen sighed. “Gladly Sakamoto-kun protects our thoughts, otherwise it would be even too tricky for us to go outside.”

“Yeah...” Yamada agreed, both relieved but also frightened by the thought that Sakamoto's power was so huge that he could even cut their thoughts when they were going into a dangerous direction. No other mind-reader would be able to read in them. Gladly this guy was on their side. Yamada sighed a bit, making Chinen chuckle lightly. “What's with you? You are looking a bit gloomy...”

“I just want my power to appear.” the older one admitted. “It's difficult to be the only one in my group who hasn't got any powers.”

“You'll develop some.” Chinen reassured him, not the type who was thinking too much about such problems. “You just have to be patient. No one is teasing you about it... And look at me, I'm the tiny little boy Takki-kun found when I was a baby. And I'm not even a Paranormal. How pathetic is that?” Chinen's eyes grew a bit sad over the last words.

They were walking through the school's corridor now, through the 2nd floor of the building. Yamada turned around a bit to look at Chinen, a soft smile appeared on his lips “You are not pathetic.” he told the other. “You are cute, smart and fun and the best friend in the entire world.”

Chinen grinned over that. “Now we are both pathetic.”

Yamada laughed heartedly. While they were passing one of the windows, he threw a glance outside and stiffened visibly. “Yuuri...” he whispered.

Chinen jumped at that. Yamada calling him by his first name was rare and he immediately hurried to his side, looking outside. “What?”

“Don't you see it?” the older one whispered.

“See what?” Chinen knitted his eyebrows, trying to concentrate what it was that Yamada might be seeing right now. But there were only random people passing the streets…

“The shadows...” Yamada mumbled.



It was noon when Takki hurried over the streets. He had just left their secret basement which always meant to go through a huge amount of security systems and covers. Yoko and the other CGs and scientists had done a proper job with that. Even for a strong Paranormal like Takki it was impressive what they were able to do and how determined they were to save the Seekers and the Guardians. It was nearly impossible for those who belonged to the undercover group to get to the basement alone, Yoko and the others had even produced Fata Morganas. Not to talk about all the Security Systems, codes and secret corridors they had to go through to leave the building or get inside it again.

The building itself was huge – like a small palace under the earth, with several floors – every species had their own lounge to give them some privacy, but there were also common rooms for all of them. Also meeting-rooms, labs and other areas. There was a very own part of the building where the Paranormals could train their abilities, working with each other, combining their powers. The CGs and scientists had managed it to provide them with different digital scenarios, building up an imagination as if they were acting in real life. They were able to test their abilities like this without using real people. Beside these training rooms, there were also fitness rooms and other places for sportive activities. Everyone was able to cook on his own or eat together with some others and let Shigeru-kun, the main-cook, cook something for them. Beside that everyone had his own room, with the usual equipment like computer and TV, plus different things for each person. Nagase for example had his own Playstation and other game consoles, while Okada had built up his very own fitness studio.

The lowest floor was a training area for the Seekers and their Guardians. Out of security reasons normally no one beside these two species themselves were allowed to be there. Takki himself had just seen it once. The floor had different rooms for training, the simple ones to train strength but also the more complex ones, where the scientists had done an amazing job... While training the Seekers were able to use different scenarios, as if they were fighting in real life, different fighting-scenarios for all of them to train their very own powers. But the most impressing one for Takki was the one part of this floor where Seekers and Guardians were training together, pushing the limits of their mental connection to the edge, training every part of it, like: What can a Guardian do for his Seeker when the Seeker looses his mind? What if one of them faints? What if the Seeker doesn't find his way back to the normal world, being caught in his own metaphysical stage?

Through a connection to a computer both of them were able to train without fearing to loose control, because there was always a program behind them, pulling them back into life if they really lost their minds.

It was still two hours until Yamada and Chinen were finished with their school day. It was impossible for them to go to school or go home on their own – one of the adults had to pick them up, bringing them back again or leading them outside.

Takki was determined to use these two hours wisely, heading towards a gloomy area, with dark cafeterias and spooky and dirty restaurants. It was even too shabby to be part of the red light district. The people here were poor and rough, not caring about proper behaving or nice treatment. But the positive side of it was that they weren't afraid. Threats were no use here and many of the higher positions didn't even bother to talk to them. Scum in their eyes. But Takki was well aware of the fact that people who already had lost everything weren't afraid of loosing any more. It was still a tricky and dangerous alliance, but with his ability to have visions and Sakamoto's mind-reading they had been able to find a secret jewel here.

“Aiba-kun?” Takki asked with a low voice when he entered a small and shabby bar. He had carefully hid his body in wide and worn-out clothes, giving him a rather dirty and rough appearance.

Aiba's head appeared from his storage room. “Ren-san!”

Takki smiled a bit. Ren was the name he used outside. Hardly anyone knew his real name, except the ones he worked together with. Takki scanned the room carefully, concentrating to see if something might happen to them while talking here, if something might pass them or get them into danger. But his visions showed him that everything was safe. “Give me a bear.” he demanded, adapting the tune people used here.

Aiba nodded his head, placing a (not too clean) glass of beer in front of Takki. Takki gulped a bit, deciding not to think about where or when this glass had been cleaned the last time. “Do you know something new?” he asked bluntly.

Aiba shrugged a bit. “Not much. Just yesterday there were two strange guys here, drinking forever and babbling stupid stuff while they were drunk.”

“What were they?” Takki asked.

“Humans, I guess. Maybe Paranormals. I'm not sure.” Aiba explained while roaming around different stuff on the counter. “They didn't belong to this place...”

“Eh?” Takki blinked for a moment. “How do you know?”

“The way they were talking. The clothes they wore. Just strange...” the young barkeeper got a tired expression on his face now, wrinkles of sorrow appearing on his forehead. “I don't like that, Ren-san. There are rumours going around...”

“What kind of rumours?”

“About people disappearing suddenly...” Aiba paused for a moment, caught in his thoughts.

Takki nodded his head a bit. He had heard about these rumours himself, but right before he could ask anything, Aiba spoke again, his eyes now wide and sorrowful. “There are rumours that they don't kill these people that disappear... they kidnap them... using them for something and never letting them go back. They particularly go for younger guys and kids... People out of poor houses don't even let their kids on the playgrounds anymore.”

Takki stared at Aiba. “Use them? Kids? For what?” And who are these guys... he silently added in his thoughts, knowing that Aiba didn't know the answer himself.



“Boring...” Koichi sighed. He was sitting on a huge rock, throwing a few stones into the ocean.

“How about sleeping a bit?” Kimura grumbled, as he was trying to make himself comfortable on the soft ground next to the beach. He tried to get some well-deserved sleep, but with Koichi sitting next to him and acting like a kid it was impossible. “Don't behave like a 5-year old.”

Koichi glared at him. “But it is boring! Don't be so moody...”

“I'm not moody.” Kimura huffed.

“Yes you are, because your beloved little foundling isn't talking to you at the moment.” Koichi mumbled.

“He will be okay.” Yuya yawned, turning around on his sleeping place. Koichi's grumbling and Kimura’s complaining had woken him up. “He knew you would get angry, that's what he told me. So since he knew it, it'll be okay soon.”

Yuya's logic was quite simple and Kimura knew that, but he couldn't help a sympathetic smile towards the younger one. “Don't worry about that, Yuya. I know Ryo since he was a kid, of course he will calm down. Right Koichi”

“Yeah...” Koichi murmured. “Will be okay, so just sleep Yuya.” Then his gaze fell on the dog they were still carrying around. He wasn't really feeling comfortable with that creature around. Well, sure they needed this dog for Yoko to find out what it actually was... to be sure if it wasn't something dangerous that might break through the space-time continuum again... but it was still uncomfortable to be around it.

“You should sleep too!” Kimura told him.

“Oh dear.” Koichi sighed. “I guess you won't stop bugging me before I go to sleep right?” With that he got up, lying down on their resting place. He shifted around a bit. “How comfortable.” he grumbled.

Kimura just rolled his eyes, turning his head a bit to look at Yuya, who was already sleeping. Youth made one feel easily comfortable everywhere. The other, not sleepy part of Kimura's mind, was still feeling guilty over his outburst... and he slightly worried where Jun and Ryo went to. But he knew he could trust Jun, with him Ryo was safe...


“Hey, look at that!” Ryo called out cheerfully, pointing at the huge amount of shells lying around at the beach. “Cool! I have never seen such a thing.” He bent his head over the stony beach, looking into the ocean. “Oh what's that? The black things with the spikes?”

Jun came a bit closer, staring first at the small, round, spiky thing Ryo was pointing at, then at Ryo himself. “Ryo... that's a sea urchin.” He shook his head in disbelief. “You don't know what a sea urchin is?”

“Well, never saw one till now.” Ryo shrugged, his face still having an amazed expression. “It's spikes look so funny.” He grinned cheerfully.

Jun still stared at him. “Have you never been at the ocean before?”

Ryo shook his head innocently. “No.” then he paused, deep wrinkles appearing on his forehead. “Well, at least I can't remember. Maybe I have been as I child, but I don't know anymore.”

“You can't remember what you did as a child?” Jun wanted to know as he caught the troubled tune in Ryo's voice.

“I hardly have any memory from the time before Takuya-kun found me.” Ryo explained to him.

Jun looked at the other in surprise, thoughts in his head spinning around. Ryo was a secret. He had always been one. This fact definitely added to his charm. “How old were you when you met Kimura?” Jun’s voice sounded curious.

Ryo thought about that for a moment, before looking at Jun again. “Around 10, I guess.”

Jun blinked when he finally understood the meaning behind Ryo's words. “You mean... amnesia? Your memory was erased? On purpose by someone or out of shock”

“I don’t know how it happened…” Ryo mumbled, his eyes looking a bit sad and Jun felt like it was better to stop his interrogating. Despite his normal pushy character, he felt it was better to be careful here. He grinned, when he formed a ball out of sand and water, throwing it towards Ryo. Ryo jumped at that, giggling a bit, before he threw a similar ball back. He laughed heartedly, thankful for Jun to pull him out of his melancholic thoughts with such a stupid game which was definitely nothing Jun normally did... They kept this game until Ryo finally hit Jun's face with one of these mud-balls. As he saw how some water and mud was running over the other's face, Ryo thought it would be wiser to leave... or better run away. Away from the beach… running on a more smooth ground was easier. But Jun was fast. Ryo gasped when he felt two arms gripping his waist and pulling him down to the ground. Ryo wriggled a bit, giggling and complaining as he tried to get himself free from Jun's grip. He sighed grumpily when he had no chance at all as Jun was sitting on his stomach now, keeping him down.

Ryo glared at Jun, wanting to complain, but the other's intense eyes made him shut up immediately. He blushed a bit, looking at the other through big eyes and wondering how they had been able to change the mood so suddenly... from playing around and being all dorky... to this here. His fingers started to crawl over Jun's hips, as if they were on their own, not listening to Ryo's commands.

“Hey...” Jun whispered. “How about a bath?”

“Eh?” Ryo beamed at that. “We can swim in the ocean.”

Jun grinned over Ryo's excitement, taking his hand and pulling him up. “No, I don't know what kind of creatures live in this ocean... But there is a nice sea on this island. You'll like it.”

“Does it have a waterfall?” Ryo wanted to know, almost innocently excited over the chance to get to know this place.


“Jun...” Ryo blinked at him slightly confused. “Why do you know so much about this place?”

The older one sighed a bit. “You know... where I am from, we were searching for different places... Places we could live in if our world would suddenly disappear.”

Ryo stared at him in utter shock. “Disappear?”

“Well, everything is part of nature right? Also the world we live in... and nothing lasts forever. We are also part of nature, right? The world needs us to keep it in the right place in our space-time continuum. There is no world without us. And how did people treat us? Killing us, is like killing nature. If we disappear what will happen...? I know there was a group of Seekers and their Guardians who actually wanted this world to disappear, erasing everything with it, and then start a new life somewhere else.”

Ryo blinked for a moment, tilting his head. “But isn't that the same then? Wouldn't we also kill nature then? Is it ethical alright to kill a whole population because we were treated badly?”

“See...” Jun smiled a bit. “What’s wrong… what’s right... It's not that easy. In the end that was the reason why this idea disappeared again. But nevertheless my pack started to search for a place we could live at... just in case. And during one of my searches I found this little jewel here. There is no population, just a few animals. But still it has everything and every resource we could use to not only survive, but also live well. With time there could be everything... Houses, electricity, farms...” Jun paused for a moment, holding back some bushes. “Here we are.”

“WOW!” Ryo breathed out, his eyes sparkling like the eyes of a kid. The sea was glittering in turquoise colour under the sun, a huge waterfall splashing down over a cliff at the other side of the sea. There were rocks and huge stones everywhere. Big trees, green grass and also a weeping willow.

Jun laughed at Ryo's expression, squeezing his cheeks a bit. “I always go to this place if I want to think about something or be alone... Sometimes I also bring Sho with me. It’s no problem to cross the time-space continuum together with him.”

“You mean you can bring Sho-kun to such a place without getting him into danger?” Ryo looked at Jun in amazement.

The other shrugged. “Sure. I can simply leave from our basement with him and directly get to this place.” He looked around a bit, a soft look on his face. “Sho likes this place a lot. Especially the forest and the sea… I hate it that he can’t leave the house and go outside.”

“Really...” Ryo mumbled. “Slowly I understand why Sho-kun thinks you are gorgeous… sometimes.”

“Ah, what's that!” Jun scolded, smacking the other playfully. “Stop the bratty talk and let's swim.” With that he dropped his own clothes to the ground, jumping into the sea. He carefully hid his embarrassment, wondering himself why the talk about Sho was so confusing for him. Sho was not here. He was his soulmate and best friend, but despite that they also had their own lives. But why was Sho’s shadow, his words, his whole appearance everywhere in Jun’s memories and mind? They were Guardian and Seeker and used to be close, but this here was starting to get slightly weird. And Jun hated weird! Weird meant complicated and different. He shook his head a bit, trying to get rid of these thoughts, forgetting about Sho and concentrating on Ryo. Ryo was here now… alone with him. Definitely rare, as someone else was always around him normally. Everything about Ryo was sinful… and he loved to capture these things about him. Jun didn’t know why… but there was something special in the boy’s aura…pulling everyone into it. Just what was it?

Ryo grinned, getting rid of his own clothes and following the older one.

The moment Jun saw the other, he splashed some water into his direction. “Didn't you say you like waterfalls? We can take a closer look at it.”

Ryo grinned at that. Instead of an answer he dived down a bit, swimming into the direction of the waterfall. When Jun saw his silhouette passing him under the water, he followed the younger one, until they reached the waterfall. Ryo coughed a bit for air. “Idiot... you are not a fish!” Jun grumbled, smacking him softly.

“Cool.” Ryo mumbled, ignoring Jun's scolding and staring at the scene in front of him. With the waterfall splashing down, there was a soft haze over the water. Ryo swam towards some rocks that had been polished by the water, sitting down on one of them and leaning back on another bigger one. The water had totally softened the rocks’ surface, making them smooth and not rough anymore.

“It's like an underwater-chair.” Ryo smiled contently, letting his head drop back, one of his hands brushing through his wet hair.

Jun looked at him thoroughly, being drawn into the scene in front of him. A special feeling rushing through him... He was used to feel a tender feeling towards the younger one. He was one of the guys he usually protected…. Yeah, he was annoying and bratty and demanding, but Jun always felt a huge wave of protection towards him. He had felt such a feeling towards one person till now… Jun coughed a bit, chasing his gloomy feeling away that he always had when thinking about his past. It was safe to feel fondly of Ryo and the want to protect him… because Ryo was a Seeker. He would never betray another one of his race.

But while watching Ryo there was not a wave of protection rushing through Jun’s veins, but a huge feeling of want. Not love or tenderness, but simply lust.

Like before when he was waiting for Ryo to jump into the water, he was still fighting against memories of Sho appearing everywhere, when he swam towards the younger one, wrapping his arms around his chest. He smiled a bit, bending down to Ryo's ear. “What's with my reward?” he whispered, his lips brushing over Ryo's face.

Ryo looked at him a bit stubbornly first, not wanting to give in that easily. Jun fighting for something was quite rare and Ryo loved to see him fight for him. But before he could say anything he felt a hot wave rushing through his body. Not really a wave... more like an imagination of a hot wave. Ryo sighed a bit. What the heck was Jin doing right now? “You are so lucky...” Ryo stated innocently, his eyes glancing impishly.

That was enough of an invitation Jun needed, his hands roamed over Ryo's body, pulling the other into a heated kiss. Ryo's hands were resting on his hips, stroking him lazily. But when Jun pressed their bodies together, producing a nearly unbearable friction, Ryo gasped. He felt the other's hands in his hair, yanking it softly, then his fingertips on his face, swift fingers moving over his skin, while Jun never broke their heated kiss.

When Ryo's lips started to feel swollen from too much fierce kissing, Jun got up a bit, giving Ryo space to move, his hands roaming over Ryo's chest and waist. Ryo sighed a bit, Jun's fingers felt so nice... caressing his body, moving over his face and arms. The water around them made his touches even more amazing. Ryo sighed a bit over all those sensations and Jun had to hit himself mentally to get a grip here and bent forward again, nibbling at the other's earlobe.

“Turn around.” Jun told the younger one  softy, but there was also a bossy tune in his voice. Ryo cursed himself for being turned on by it and doing what the other wanted him to do. Jun's power in such a situation was unbelievable, hopefully he would soon bother someone else with it, Sho-kun for example. And Ryo was quite sure that Sho was not the type to let himself being pushed around. But then it was Jun after all... Jun's bossy attitude had something caring and nice and Ryo couldn't help but feel torn to this guy and trust him in everything.

Ryo curled his nose a bit when he smelled the lemon scent of Jun's body oil, right before he felt slick fingers pushing into him under water. Gasping over the intrusion, his hands started to shiver. He bit his lips to keep himself from yelling and whimpering. And then he felt it... A sigh escaping his mouth when he loosened up, Jun's fingers rubbing and pushing inside him.

“You okay?” Jun whispered.

“Yes...” Ryo breathed out, not able to hold back anymore.

With that Jun slowly pushed into him, circling his lips a bit, one of his hands rubbing over Ryo's back, his fingers buried in the other's dark hair. When he felt Ryo adjusting to the intrusion, he yanked playfully at the other's wet hair. Ryo yelped at that, eyeing Jun grumpily, but there was no time to complain as the other man started to move, thrusting his hips against Ryo's backside. The younger one gasped as the sensations ran through him. He leaned on one of his elbows to get some halt on the wet and slippery ground and started to tug at his own cock, before Jun pushed his hand away, starting to stroke Ryo slowly, his hips increasing their speed, adjusting to the movement of his hand.

Ryo bit his lips desperately, a well-known sensation running through his body, taking away his breath and making him all shivery and weak. His hands trembled, only Jun's hands gripping his hips holding him back from dropping to the ground. As his whole body started to shiver, the hot wave even reaching his fingertips, Ryo wasn't sure if it was really just the haze that made everything blur, or the sensations running through his body. He felt Jun's soothing hands on his cheek, stroking him lovingly, holding him, when Ryo came. He was even too spent to realise that Jun pushed in and out a few more times to finish too, before pulling out of him.

Ryo sighed happily, when Jun pulled him up into his arms, turning him around again, his lips moving over Ryo's cheeks to his mouth, kissing him softly.

“Hey...” Jun grinned a bit, when he felt Ryo's body going slack in his arms. “Don't fall asleep here.” With that he helped the other through the sea again, pulling him out of the water and pushing him to the place their clothes where lying around, spreading his jacket on the floor to let Ryo lie on something.

Ryo sighed a bit. “Jun?” he mumbled. “Next time you want it, wait till we have a bed or go for Koichi.”

Jun chuckled at that, placing a soft kiss on Ryo's forehead, but the other was already asleep, curled up on Jun's jacket, his breath totally calm. Jun stroke over Ryo's face, he was looking so innocent here, just like Sho when he was sleeping… It was the moment when Sho’s earnest wrinkles on his forehead disappeared and he was looking all cute and lovely…  Just for a moment he wondered again why Sho’s face suddenly popped up in his mind… He shook his head…why Sho? What did Sho have to do with this here? Jun blinked in surprise as a thought hit him. Was he feeling guilty here? Jun sighed before he got up to clean up the mess they had created, then he collected Ryo's clothes and got him into his clothes again, grinning a bit over the innocent face Ryo was making when sleeping.



 “Okay, Goro...” Kimura concentrated, connecting his mind with his Guardian's. “We will be on our way back now.” Kimura looked around a bit, it was already pretty dark, safe enough for them to go back.

“Alright, Takuya. I'll be waiting.” Goro's voice sounded excited with joy that his beloved Seeker would be home soon.

Kimura grinned happily. “The others?”

“Jin is asleep, same with Uchi. Keito was too nervous to go to bed.” Goro threw a soft smile towards the youngest amidst them, before his eyes caught an earnest figure next to him. “And Sho just woke up again. He is here right now.”

“It's alright.” Kimura reassured him. “Don't wake the others up. We are not fighting or hunting tonight.”

He turned around looking at the others, frowning a bit. “Where are Ryo and Jun?”

Yuya smiled cheerfully. “Don’t know. I was asleep the whole time.”

“Me too... however that happened.” Koichi yawned a bit, stretching. He was feeling pretty good right now and grinned over Kimura's worried expression. “Come on, Takuya-kun... They have to be here, somewhere...”

“They are.” Goro reassured him. “Jun just connected to Sho. They are at some sort of lake. Apparently there are some problems... Right Sho?”

Sho rolled his eyes, trying to give Goro a straight and stoic expression though he was well aware of the fact what Jun and Ryo might have been doing. “Yes.” His smile faded a bit, when he remembered Uchi’s words from last night as he told him to simply try it with Jun… But did he want that? What if they had sex and he wasn’t the one for him – most likely he wasn’t the one, because the possibility was just so tiny. But he wasn’t sure if he was able to bear this disappointment then… Even imagining the feeling of being allowed to touch Jun and then suddenly never been allowed again to touch him… it was too much. Sho wasn’t sure if he could deal with such a sad feeling.

Goro’s voice interrupted him. “North-west direction.”

That was enough for Kimura to hear. He let his animalistic instincts inside him appear, as a shape-shifter that was one of the easier things for him to do and tried to trace the place Jun and Ryo were at. Five minutes later he reached the sea. “Guys?”

Behind him Koichi appeared, panting heavily and pulling Yuya along. “Oh dear...Takuya-kun... you were running like crazy. I'm actually quite athletic but in comparison to you...” He coughed a bit to get some of his breath back. “And you totally left me with this dog.” the athletic young man complained, letting the dog drop down to the earth again.

“Sorry...” Kimura mumbled absent-mindedly as his attention was already somewhere else. “What's with you guys Jun?”

Jun shrugged helplessly, pointing at Ryo who was still lying on Jun's jacket. “He is still asleep. No way to wake him up.”

Kimura bent down a bit, shaking Ryo carefully, then slapping him lightly, but Ryo didn’t even react. Kimura laid his hand on the other's forehead, sighing. “No way. He won't wake up.”

Yuya stared at them. “How can that be?”

“Because it's exhaustion. Psychokinetic always eats a lot of energy.” Koichi explained, before eyeing Jun suspiciously. “But he shouldn't be that spent... What did you two do yesterday?”

Jun shrugged, wisely ignoring the question.

Kimura bent down again, grabbing Ryo's arms and pulling him up. “Help me.” he told the two older guys, who were at his side immediately, lifting Ryo up a bit to lay him on Kimura's back. The older guy put his arms under Ryo's knees to give him some halt, Ryo's arms were lying around Kimura's neck now. With that Kimura got up. “Okay... now get us out of here, Jun.”

Jun grinned, taking the mutated dog again. “Alright.”



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