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Painful Days and Stormy Nights

Chapter 7: The thorns of your heart...


Pairing: Ohno/Aiba, KimuShingo, RyoJin, Takki/Sakamoto, might also become Sakumiya, Nagase/Koichi and one-sided Miyake/Sakamoto (As for the others I don't know yet... (PiKame or TegoPi? KameUchi? What's with Jun?)
Rating: PG-13 
Genre: AU, family, friendship, romance, angst, drama

Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related. But the story is mine of course^^
Summary: Sakamoto points out the fundamental problems between Takki and Ryo though Takki doesn't want to listen to him. Shingo, Miyake and Hina accompany Takuya to the next station... and get to know some interesting details. Ryo has to promise Jin something important, while Ohno wonders what it was that hurt Aiba so much... Will Aiba take a step into Ohno's direction?
And while Kame and Uchi carry out their plan, everything falls into pieces...

“So, you made up?” Sakamoto asked, waving at Aiba to bring them a drink.

Takki shrugged a bit, his eyes looking at his Senpai in relief. “Well, we talk to each other again… but…”

“But what?” Sakamoto wanted to know.

“He is not really warm towards me… well he was always really closed, you know. I’m just wondering if it’s getting worse than actually getting better.” Takki explained, his eyes looking at the other hesitantly. Afraid of the answer he might get here.

Sakamoto smiled lovingly at Takki, his fingers wandering through the other’s hair to diffuse the troubled look on Takki’s face. “Listen…” he sighed, pausing for a moment to search for the right words. “The problem is that you…” he paused

“I do what?” Takki wanted to know.

“You do your best.” Sakamoto explained. “You are handling things admirably gorgeous. I’m really proud of you how you managed to become Ryo’s brother and father at the same time. Just…”

“Just what?” Takki asked. “Please tell me, Maa-kun!”

Sakamoto smiled a bit, putting his hand on Takki’s. “You are not solving anything. You are avoiding the main topic. It’s as if you are lost in the forest and always pass the same rock. You know you were there before but you don’t want to accept it.”

Takki looked at the other thoroughly, his eyes growing wide. “You mean… no… what?”

“You find yourself in the same situation all the time… You settled your fight with Ryo-chan now, but you didn’t dig down to the real problem. In a few weeks or maybe even days you’ll face the same situation again, you two will fight and you will make up… superficially. But you don’t solve anything like that, you don’t get down to the real problems between you guys.”

“But I don’t know the real problems!” Takki glared at Sakamoto angrily, trying to pull his hand away from the other.

But Sakamoto hold his hand tight, not letting him escape this. “You are afraid.”

“I’m not!” Takki yelled, earning him some suspicious glances from Aiba, Okada and Sho who were standing at the bar. He looked at them apologetically, before turning his attention towards Sakamoto again. “I’m not afraid!” he said, voice lower this time.

Sakamoto shook his head, looking at the other piercingly. “You are. You are afraid to handle him… to ask him about the real problem. You are afraid of his answer and of his reaction. You are afraid that you can’t handle it. And most of all you are too afraid to even ask him, afraid that digging in Ryo and pulling all the problems to the surface will make you break apart. But I tell you… you won’t break apart through such a thing. You might yell and fight and cry then, but it won’t make you break. What’s breaking you apart is how you handle things right now!”





“Why did you guys join us now?” Shingo glared a bit at his two friends. They were just on the way to the next service station, walking through the deserted street that led them from their bus to the next village.

Hina shrugged  a bit. “It’s in the middle of the night and we don’t know if there won’t be anything to carry. Better a few more guys than just two” then he grinned a bit. “But I don’t know why Ken joined us. He is neither strong nor tall.”

“Hey…” Miyake pouted. “I’m also a strong guy! Size doesn’t matter!” He blushed deeply when Hina and Shingo burst into laughter and he realised the double meaning of his statement.

Takuya turned around a bit, not able to hide a grin. At least the guys were cheerful and a nice company. When they were silent again, he smiled encouragingly. “Tired?”

“Of course not!” Shingo nearly sounded defended.

“Everything is alright.” Hina nodded in agreement, also sounding quite proud.

“I’m not nearly as weak as I look like!” Miyake pouted a bit, his eyes looking at Takuya determined.

“Alright, sorry.” Takuya grinned. “But since we still have to walk quite a bit, how about you tell me something about yourselves? To keep you guys awake…”

Before Shingo could say anything, Hina elbowed him, looking at Shingo with a meaningful glance in his eyes. Then he turned towards Takuya, nodding. “That’s a good idea, Sensei. But will you also tell us something about yourself then?”

“Eh?” Takuya blinked a bit.

Shingo smiled thankfully at Hina before agreeing with him. “How about question – answer?” he suggested.

“Sounds fun for me!” Miyake grinned happily.

Takuya sighed in defeat. “Alright, let’s start with Murakami-san. You are from Osaka? Why did you attend Tokyo’s university?”

“It was quite difficult for me.” Hina explained. “The standard here is so high, but my High School was quite good and I have a friend who lives in Tokyo. He helped me with the applications.”

“Cool!” Shingo smiled. “I didn’t know that… What kind of friend?”

“Yoko. He works for the Criminal Investigation Department.”

“EH!?” Miyake blinked in disbelief. “He is part of the police? Cool! I bet you get all kind of information from him.”

Hina grinned. “Sometimes it’s useful…yes.”

Shingo shook his head a bit. “You should have told us earlier, that’s a useful information.” He grinned a bit, looking at Takuya. “Now you Sensei. What’s with your family?”


Two hours later Shingo knew that Takuya had four brothers, he knew all their names and that Takuya was living together with them. Also Miyake grinned a bit, his own life and Shingo’s and Hina’s was soon explained, but Takuya was so much more interesting.

“So, Subaru-kun writes an advising column… Nino-kun is an author… A good one?”

Takuya smiled. “Not popular yet, but I think his stuff is not bad.”

Shingo laughed lightly. “That’s so brotherly… But we’ll read something from him. And Ryo-kun goes to school.”

Hina grinned. “And he is the reason you are so stressed right now?”

“Well…” Takuya mused. “I promised him to hang out with him tomorrow. We’ll better find some help soon.”

“Ah…” Shingo smiled a bit. “He is 16. Even when we have to wait one whole day and you can’t meet him, he’ll forgive you. Teenagers forget quite fast.”

Takuya chuckled a bit, though looking a bit worried again. “This teenager not.”

Shingo winced lightly. “I bet it will be okay. Right guys?”

“Sure.” Miyake nodded his head. “We nearly reached the station anyway.”

“Eh?” Hina blinked. “How do you know?”

“Boy scout.” Miyake explained proudly, but then looking annoyed when the others started to grin.

“No way…” Shingo giggled a bit, before looking at Takuya again. “See Sensei, we’ll get home soon. By the way, what’s with Takki-kun? You didn’t tell us his profession.”

Takuya smiled wickedly, well aware of the fact that he saved the best information for the end. “He works as a Host and leads a Number 1 Host Club.”

“NO WAY!!” all three guys blurt out.





“Alright.” Jin clapped his hands, grabbing one of the boxes with Chinese noodles they had ordered. “Now tell me everything about the book.”

“It’s Maru’s.” Ryo explained.


“One of my classmates. He is a bit weird sometimes…” Ryo mused. “But not bad.”

Jin grinned happily, tousling Ryo’s hair. “I’m sure he is.”

“Why are you so cheerful?” Ryo wanted to know, feeling a bit surprised by the other’s change of attitude.

“Because it’s not your book…” Jin shrugged helplessly. “I felt so angry when I saw it that I really wanted to rip those guys’ heads off!”

“Wouldn’t that be a bit too drastically?” Ryo wanted to know.

Jin shrugged. “Is it? I’m not sure…” His eyes grew a bit darker. “But I hate bullying… It’s the worst. People who bully are the worst… What kind of human being are they?”

“True.” Ryo agreed, wavering a bit. “What should I do now?”

“Did you already talk with someone?” Jin wanted to know.

“Well, yes. With the boy I found the book together. And with Yamapi and Tegoshi.” Ryo explained.

“And what are your plans?” Jin’s voice sounded curious.

“I’ll call Ueda-kun tomorrow and talk with him about it. We think it’s best to find out who is bullying Maru and then do something about it.” He paused a bit, tilting his head. “It can’t be someone from school. Maybe it’s some guys from where Maru lives. I feel bad that he goes home alone every day… Maybe I should accompany him?”

Jin knitted his eyebrows, looking a bit worried. “Be careful… don’t get yourself into something dangerous.”

“But you said bullying is the worst.” Ryo argued.

“It is.” Jin sighed deeply, not happy with the whole situation. “Maybe you should tell Takki-kun or one of the others.”

“No way!”

The older one still looked unhappy. “Then at least don’t accompany Maru alone. And if something dangerous is going on promise me you’ll tell Takki-kun okay?”

Ryo sighed a bit, but couldn’t help but agree to Jin’s words. He was right with what he said. “Alright, I’ll watch out. I’ll call Ueda-kun tomorrow and tell him to come with me, if something is going on. And there is still Yamapi who can accompany us. And if something really bad is going on I’ll tell Takki.”

Jin looked a bit relieved at that, before something came to his mind. “What’s with this Tegoshi? Two guys accompanying you and this Ueda are better…”

At that Ryo had to laugh heartedly. “Tegoshi!???” he squeaked. “He wouldn’t be a help. He is not really the fighting type” Ryo jumped up, trying to grab the noodle box from Jin. Jin grinned, jumping up too now and holding the noodles high up in the air.

“Hey…” Ryo giggled. “Give me some…”

“Try and get them.” Jin grinned. “You are too tiny.” Then an idea came to his mind, he smirked a bit and put some of the noodles on his chopsticks, looking at Ryo expectantly.

“No way!” Ryo complained. “I can eat by myself…”

“Just open your mouth.”


“Ohhh…come on!” Jin begged.

“Okay…” Ryo sighed, opening his mouth and letting Jin feed him. They both chuckled at that.

“Oh dear…” Nino’s voice came from behind them, a clearly amusing tune in his voice. “I don’t even want to know what you guys are doing here.”

“What? We are just playing around…” Ryo glared.

Nino grinned brightly, an impish glance in his eyes. “Playing around?” he mock-mused.  “Can’t you eat alone anymore?”

“Eh? Sure, I can…” Ryo argued.

“Don’t let him tease you.” Jin grumbled towards Nino, blushing slightly.




“Well…” Ohno mused, as they were sitting on a park bench in a small, but beautiful little park. “That’s where you use to go for walking?”

“Yes.” Aiba pointed at the small lake. “I like it here. It’s calm and safe and there are never many people around.”

Ohno chuckled lightly. “Okay, it’s in the middle of the night. No one goes for a walk…” He smiled a bit. “Except you.”

Aiba grinned a bit. “You are here too.”

“Right.” Ohno dozed of a bit, remembering the reason why he actually came here. He turned around a bit to look at Aiba. “Why?” he asked simply.

“Well, I had to go to work… I couldn’t stay with you.” he stuttered.

“That’s not what I meant.” Ohno smiled weakly. “Why did you go to bed with me in first place?”

“You are cool.” Aiba shrugged.

“So you sleep with everyone who is cool?” Ohno asked, friendly, as it wasn’t meant to be a reproach, but simply a curious question.

“No.” Aiba defended himself, blushing a bit. “I guess you just switched a button inside me.”

“What kind of button?”

Aiba looked at the other thoroughly. “You resemble someone I used to know.”

Ohno watched Aiba in interest. “You mean, you were together with someone who was exactly like me?” He sighed a bit. “That’s not really good for me, right?”

Aiba chuckled a bit. “No, you just look like him. Your character is totally different.”

“Was it a good guy?” Ohno wanted to know.

“Of course not.” Aiba grinned weakly. He paused for a moment, his thoughts going their own way.

Ohno watched him, wondering a bit. There was a troubled expression on Aiba’s face now as his thoughts were running through his mind. Too troubled. Not only slightly Ohno wondered what it was that kept Aiba worried like that, what kind of relationship he had gone through. Secretly Ohno tried to figure if it was worth the trouble to go for Aiba. But then he sighed, maybe others would call it simple-minded, but that was not it, he was just a guy who went with the flow. And he decided not to make an exception here. “You don’t have to tell me anything now… You don’t have to decide anything…” he paused for  moment. “Just tell me: what do you want me to do now?” Ohno asked directly. “Do you want me to leave?”


“Do you want me to stay with you?”

“I’m not sure…” Aiba answered honestly. “I don’t know if I want to be in a relationship again…”

“Hm…” Ohno looked at the other thoroughly, a soft smile on his lips, as he moved his fingers over Aiba’s arm until he reached his face, softly stroking over his cheek. “How about…Let’s try it without pressure. If it works, it’s fine, if not, it’s also okay.”

Aiba blinked at him in disbelief. “You are really okay with that? Is it really that simple” He shook his head. “Why do you care so much?”

“Because I think you are fun.” Ohno smiled teasingly. “I’m less bored with you.”

Aiba laughed at that, knowing that Ohno was just trying to distract him from his gloomy thoughts. Maybe he thought… there was a chance. He smiled at the other, letting Ohno curl his hair, before he grabbed his face playfully and kissed him softly.





“Do you think we look good?” Uchi eyed himself sceptically in the mirror of Kame’s room.  “We don’t really look like girls, Kame.”

Kame shrugged. “It’s not that bad. We are just not pretty, but we do look like girls.”

“You think so?” Uchi turned around a bit. “Then I’m the ugliest woman on earth.”

“But you look like a woman!” Kame reassured him.

“I think we rather look like transvestites.” Uchi mumbled.

But there was no way to stop Kame from his plans now, Uchi was well aware of that. Despite that he was also too curious himself about the place this Ryo-kun lived in. “Alright. Let’s go.”

Uchi cursed himself when they had sneaked out of the house and started running down the street – not because he was feeling guilty, but… Running in high heels was one of the worst things he ever had experienced. How could girls wear them? And his and Kame’s high heels weren’t even that high… they explicitly bought them low enough so that they won’t suffer too much. But Uchi felt like they were suffering quite a lot already. In front of him Kame stumbled and fell to the ground.

“Ouch.” Kame sighed.

Uchi hurried to his side, trying to help him up to his feet again, but fell to the ground himself. “Stupid shoes!” he whined.

Kame sat up a bit, padding Uchi’s shoulder. “We can take a taxi from here on. Jun won’t see us anymore.”

Before Uchi could say anything, something else caught his attention. He looked at Kame, giggling madly. “Your wig…it dropped to the side… You look so stupid.”

Kame glared at him, trying to fix his wig again and get back some of his pride. “Can we go now?” he asked grumpily.

“Sure.” Uchi still giggled.


Half an hour later they got out of their cab, looking around curiously.

“Wow.” Kame mumbled. “Looks huge.”

Uchi shivered a bit, feeling really uncomfortable. “It’s really fancy. Do you really think this here is a good idea?”

“Don’t be such a scaredy cat” Kame grumbled, though feeling pretty unsure himself. “We’ll be alright. So…let’s go inside.”

Uchi sighed relieved when the two security guys at the entrance let them pass and they were able to pay their entrance fee at the foyer. Uchi winced a bit. Expensive. But then the Club was huge. And gorgeous. Uchi had always thought that their own Club was already quite amazing, but it was nothing in comparison to this here. To his relief also Kame looked a bit pale. Apparently he hadn’t expected this Host Club to be that stylish and expensive.

“Look at the ceiling.” Kame whispered, his voice shaking a bit. “They have paintings their like in European churches.”

“Yeah.” Uchi mumbled. “And that’s just the entrance hall. I can’t even imagine how it is inside.” He took a deep breath, everything about their experiment here sounded really stupid and dangerous right now, maybe he could convince Kame to go back. But before he could do so, a handsome guy bowed in front of them.

“I’m Junichi.” he said with his low and beautiful voice. “May I escort the two ladies inside.”

Kame gulped, taking a deep breath. “Thank you. That’s really polite.” he chirped.

Uchi just nodded his head, smiling a bit. His voice was a lot darker than Uchi’s. So…better not to talk to this guy. And oh dear…was this guy handsome. He was wearing a tie and elegant black trousers, but his jacket was more sportive, underlining the features of his body in a gorgeous way. When Okada offered them his two arms and they walked into the Club at his side, Uchi gulped a bit. His sharp eyes immediately discovered the Hosts. Apparently Takki had a very unique dress-code. Elegant and fancy was a must here. But every Host was allowed to wear something fitting his character. There was a small, athletic guy, with black hair, he was definitely the most elegant one here. Like a gentleman. Then there was this Junichi of course…amazing. Even the barkeeper looked stunning, wearing tight black jeans, a stylish dark-blue shirt, his hair purposely messy. He rather looked like a handsome artist than a barkeeper.

Uchi scanned the room for more guys and the moment he saw a slender and trained figure, walking around, talking to some guests, he knew who it was. Damn gorgeous. His dark hair a bit longer than the others’, his body covered in some tight black trousers, a dark-red shirt out of silk wrapped around his upper body, showing some of his muscles every time he moved, a black jacket on top of everything. And Jun and Koichi were right…the way he walked, swinging his hips a bit, was definitely like Ryo-kun did it. Just a bit more elegant maybe. This here was like in a movie!!

Next to Uchi Kame had similar thoughts and he was really relieved when Okada had led them to one of the tables, leaving them for a moment to order some drinks for them.

“Holy cow.” Kame mumbled, staring around.

“Hm.” Uchi sounded so intimidated that he wasn’t even sure where to look at first. He just really hoped that this Takki wouldn’t come to their table. He would immediately faint and their whole masquerade would be revealed.

“We can’t even escape from here.” Kame breathed out desperately. “This Junichi-kun is already getting us drinks.”

Uchi felt like crying at that. “You idiot!” he whined. “Just because of Yamapi…and because you wanted to know something about this Ryo-kun… Why did you get us into this shit?”

“Oh, my dear sweethearts.” a low and dark voice came from behind them. “The shit is not over yet! Would you two escort me outside?” Definitely not a question!

Kame and Uchi looked at the man behind them in utter shock. Who the heck was that! He was definitely older than the others, but so handsome. His eyes were firm, but with a caring touch…so intense.

“Who are you?” Kame’s voice sounded squeaky.

“Sakamoto Masayuki.” The man explained simply, before reaching out his hand, smiling a bit, but not warmly at all.

Kame and Uchi both sighed, getting up and following Sakamoto out of the room. They blinked for a moment when Sakamoto led them outside, not pulling them into one of the offices. “It’s too loud and crowded here at the moment.” He explained simply.

Uchi was feeling a bit panicked when Sakamoto didn’t let them go once they stepped out into the cold air again, but dragged them to another house. Uchi was too shocked to even look at it properly, it just seemed to be some kind of family house. Quite fancy and big. Once inside Sakamoto pointed at the huge sofa in the living room. “Sit down.” he ordered, before he got himself a glass of whisky and a cigar. “And now, tell me, why are two guys dressing up as girls and coming to our Host Club?”

Uchi winced a bit. Didn’t this guy already overhear their conversation? Lies were absolutely inappropriate here. “We were curious.” he mumbled.

“Yes.” Kame agreed, lowering his eyes by the other’s glance.

Sakamoto pulled his eyebrows up. “And with Ryo-kun you mean Takki’s little brother?”

Uchi nodded his head.

Kame rubbed his hands nervously. “We were just curious…since he is a friend of Yamapi.”

Sakamoto tried to hide his surprise. What had Ryo’s school-friend to do with these two guys? “You are related to Ryo’s friend Yamapi?” he asked.

“Not blood-related.” Uchi explained, still feeling intimidated. “We are working for his cousin Koichi.”

The moment he had said Koichi’s name, he knew it was a mistake. Sakamoto’s eyes grew wider for a moment as he realised who they actually were. His eyes twitching in wrath, his cheeks flushing out of anger. “You are Hosts!?” he blurt out.

The two younger guy shrunk back.

“Out of Koichi-san’s Host Club? Did you want to spy on Takki?” Sakamoto’s voice sounded so angry that Uchi could just stare at him, his lips shivering a bit.

Kame gulped down his fear, trying to save them out of this situation. And also to save Koichi’s reputation here! “No…it’s because of Yamapi…” he mumbled.

“What has a 15-year old to do with you two going to Takki’s Host Club?” Sakamoto wanted to know.

“Well…Ryo-kun is Yamapi’s friend and Takki-san’s brother…” Uchi’s eyes were already teary.

“So?” Sakamoto still glared at them.

“I was…a bit jealous.” Kame breathed out, swallowing down his pride, though he hated himself for that.

Sakamoto scanned him properly, trying to understand the whole situation. Then he sighed. Was this some kind of Jdrama? “And you thought you would meet Ryo-kun in this Host Club?”

“No…” Uchi mumbled. “But Takki-san is Ryo’s brother and we thought we could get to know something about him…here, in the Host Club.”

Sakamoto rolled his eyes a bit. Weren’t those two a bit to old for teenager logic? He was still feeling worked up but not that angry anymore. This was just one of these things young, jealous guys would do… He got up, reaching out for the phone.

“Are you calling the police?” Uchi asked, now really crying.

“No.” Sakamoto smiled wickedly, a sarcastic glance in his eyes. “I have something better for you two… I’ll take your home!”


“Damn.” Uchi breathed out when they were waiting in the living room for Sakamoto to get his jacket. “That’s a nightmare.”

“It could be worse. At least we got Koichi’s ass out of this situation.” Kame mumbled.

“Yeah, but what’s with our own asses?” Uchi mumbled. “We better think about a proper excuse for Jun.”

Before Kame could answer, he heard a surprised voice behind them. He blinked when saw Ryo’s dark eyes.

“You?” Ryo blinked first, then he gasped over their clothes. “You…eh… you look strange.”

Uchi blushed deeply. What a situation! That was like a worst case scenario. Ryo seeing him in these stupid clothes, wearing make-up, but no wig anymore. “Sorry to wake you up.” Uchi lowered his gaze a bit.

“I wasn’t asleep yet.” Ryo smiled a bit, pointing at their clothes. “Is that a prank?”

“Kind of.” Uchi mumbled.

“Oh…and why are you here?” Ryo wanted to know.

Kame glared at him, feeling overstrained by the situation and already panicking. What would Yamapi say? Jun? And now this nerve-wracking little boy was here too. Bad enough that this Sakamoto guy discovered them, now also Jun would see them in these clothes. But this Ryo-kun was the least thing he needed. “We went to the Host Club.” Kame breathed out.

“Eh? Why?” Ryo blinked in surprise. “How did you know about it? Did Yamapi tell you?”

“No!” Kame rolled his eyes in annoyance. “We knew it ourselves, because we are Hosts.” He had actually said that without thinking much, because he simply wanted to get rid of the boy. Talking to him was like the worst punishment ever. But the moment he saw Uchi’s shocked glance Kame realised his words, gulping a bit and carefully looking at Ryo. Ryo just stared at him, eyes widened at the beginning, then getting small, sparkling in anger.

Kame winced. He had never expected Ryo to make the whole connection so fast. But apparently Ryo had understood the whole meaning behind his words…

“Ryo?” Sakamoto’s voice pulled all three of them out of their startled situation. “You are still awake.” His voice sounded more friendly now. He had always sincerely loved the two brothers, Takki and Ryo.

“Jin was here until now, he had just left.” Ryo stuttered. “Where are you going to?”

“To Koichi-san’s place.” Sakamoto explained friendly, stroking over Ryo’s hair. “Isn’t he your friend’s cousin? You never told us that he is the same Koichi who owns a quite famous Host Club.”

“Sorry.” Ryo pressed out. “It must have slipped my mind.” He paused for a moment, showing Sakamoto his cutest smile. “Is it okay if I accompany you?”

Sakamoto blinked for a moment, but then nodded his head, smiling friendly. “Sure. Why not? Get your jacket. We’ll be leaving right now.”

Ryo hurried out of the room to get his jacket, while Kame and Uchi just stared at the boy in disbelief. Why? Kame was even too shocked to move or blink… in his entire life he had never felt that scared before.


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