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Seekers of the Night Chapter 5


Title: Seekers of the Night Chapter 5: A heart full of hate
Pairing: Sho/Jun, Akame, hints of KimuRyo or TakkiRyo (I'm still not sure myself what it will become), hints of TegoShige

Rating:  PG-15
mystery, (should become) thriller, romance, bit angst, fantasy, friendshi
Disclaimer: I don't own them, but the story is mine^^
Summary: The Seekers return home... together with the mutated dog. Shige as the newest member of the science team has to strugge a lot - especially with Tegoshi. Yoko and the Paranormals try to analyze Yamada's new awakened power. But the group of the Paranormals also has to struggle with the hatred Jun and Sho feel towards them... the key lies in the past.
To their own surprise, Sho and Jun slowly start to get closer... While Jin and Kame are still asleep, Ryo needs to search for a sleeping place... because no Seeker sleeps alone. And als here: The key to their fear lies in the past.
And in the end Mabo, the chief of the science team, brings news to Yoko, that change everything...


Finally!” Goro sighed in relief when the Seekers returned home. He blinked a bit when his eyes caught Ryo. Kimura was still carrying the young guy who was deep asleep. “What…”

Kimura eyed Jun grumpily. “We aren’t exactly sure about the ‘what’ ourselves, but he is simply asleep.”

You can lay him down here.” Sho pointed at one of their huge sofas. “None of the Seekers likes sleeping in his room anyway… so it’s better if he rests here.” He sighed a bit, well aware of the fact what Ryo and Jun were doing last night… But then, Jun was not his property, it wasn’t his fault that he didn’t know about what Sho was really thinking and feeling for him.

Kimura bent down a bit, carefully putting Ryo on the sofa and pulling a blanket over his body. “Good to be back.” He smiled a bit at Goro, his hands stroking over his Guardian’s soft and curly hair, curling some strands. He placed a soft kiss on Goro’s forehead, but before he could say anything, there was another loud voice echoing through the room. “KIMURA-kun!! You are back!” Shingo smiled happily at his admired favourite Seeker, grinning brightly over Goro’s annoyed glance.

Right after him Keito jumped into the room, his usual calm attitude replaced by a cheerful one. He immediately clung to Yuya. “I’m so glad you are safe!” he sighed in relief.

Sho watched the lovely scenes in front of him, his heart jumping lightly by the thought that Jun was back. He turned around to look at his Seeker. “Hi.” he said.

Hi.” Jun answered simply. No big words, no euphoric hug… still Sho was able to make him feel safe like no one else could do it. None of them needed a lot of words to express their feelings. He pointed at the huge dog on his shoulders. “I’ll bring this to Yoko and the other guys. See you later.”

“Yes, see you later.” Sho nodded, showing Jun his inscrutable smile, secretly thinking that he should definitely go and search for Jun afterwards.



Yoko looked at Yamada in interest. “Shadows?” he asked.

Takki shrugged a bit. “That’s what the boys told me, right?”

Chinen nodded firmly, remembering how they were standing at the second floor of their school, looking out of the window when Yamada had suddenly called him, panic in his voice.

“Could you explain what kind of shadows?” Yoko wanted to know.

Yamada shrugged helplessly. “Shadows… like the normal shadows we all have… just…”


They were moving on their own, following different persons, walking behind them. But every shadow just followed one single person. On my way home I could see one of the shadows in detail. They were exactly looking like the person they followed, like a copy of the actual person… as if the person had two shadows.” Yamada tried to explain.

“A person with two shadows…” Yoko mused. “It has to be your power, Ryosuke-kun. Just…what’s behind it?”

Sakamoto looked at Yamada thoroughly, his eyes twitching a bit as he entered the other’s mind searching for a clue. He knitted his eyebrows a bit. “It’s like he said… Persons with a second shadow. The shadow looks exactly like their real shadow, the one everyone can see… Just with clearer features. But it’s weird… not everyone has a shadow.”

Yamada nodded his head. “Yes. Just some persons had a second shadow.” He looked around a bit. “None of you guys have a second shadow.”

“What?” Takki blinked for a moment. “So it’s a power that’s not working on Paranormals?”

Yamada shook his head. “Also Yoko-kun has no second shadow…”

Really?” Okada blinked at the boy in surprise. “So it works on every race?” He pulled the boy towards one of the windows that where showing the corridor, pointing at Jun, Kimura and Goro. “What’s with those three?”

“Nope.” Yamada shook his head. “They just have their own shadow. Like Chinen. I also met Keito and Yuya-kun before. And Ryo-kun who was still asleep… And I was in the Science Lab today. No one had a second shadow.”

Is it because we are underground here?” Ohno asked, his eyes looking at Yamada curiously.

Takki shook his head. “We took the subway today and Ryosuke was able to see the shadows. It has to be something else.”

“Does the shadow always look the same?” Yoko wanted to know.

“What?” Chinen looked at him in surprise. “He already said it’s the same.”

“I don’t mean it’s shape. I mean it’s consistence, it’s look, it’s height.” Yoko explained.

“Well…” Yamada tilted his head, thinking about everything he saw today. “There are differences…”

Eh?” Takki made, looking at the boy in interest. “Like?”

“It’s always an exact copy of the real shadow… so the height depends on the height of the actual person. But the colours are different. Sometimes the shadow was darker, sometimes lighter.”


Yo guys!” Jun interrupted them, stepping into the room and dropping the dog on the floor with a loud smash. Ohno nearly jumped up in surprise, while Okada looked at the mutated creature in horror. “What’s that?”

Jun shrugged. “I shot it… No idea, if it’s really dead. But since we didn’t know what it is, we brought one home for you.”

Uh.” Sakamoto made. “I hate dogs.” He angled a bit for a small, black cat which was living with the Paranormals here, stroking over the cat’s head softly.

Thanks.” Yoko sighed a bit. “But could you at least drop it somewhere else? Maybe in my lab?”

Jun looked at Yoko thoroughly. “I’m carrying this thing around since yesterday. It’s definitely someone else’s turn now!”

Okada glared at the man in front of him, his eyes looking at Jun piercingly as he was searching a way into Jun’s mind. His ability to make people do what he wanted them to do was one of the most useful things for their organisation… but it hardly worked on Seekers. So Jun just smiled wickedly, pointing at his head. “Get out of here!” he told Okada firmly.

Ohno rolled his eyes a bit. “You could really do that and drop the dog somewhere else. It’s easy for you.”

Jun’s eyes sparkled in anger when he looked at the man in front of him. But before he could say anything, he heard a hard voice behind him. “No Paranormal is allowed to order him around!” Without anyone noticing it Sho had stepped into the room, his face totally cold now as he looked at Ohno and the other Paranormals.

Okada stood up a bit, looking at Sho insistently. “Listen, it’s not our fault what happened to you guys.”

Let’s stop this…” Takki sounded a bit uncomfortable. “Not here and now…” He eyed Yamada and Chinen warily, not wanting them to be involved in such an argument.

“He is right.” Kimura mumbled behind Sho and Jun. “We work together here, let’s not forget that.” He wasn’t a huge friend of the Paranormals himself, but he had learned to accept the few Paranormals that were working together with them here.

True…” Somewhere from behind also sleepy Ryo popped up, his hair messy and his eyes still half-closed. He had just woken up when Yuya and Keito had left the room and followed them to the Paranormals’ section. He was actually even too sleepy now to bother about Kimura’s presence. He just trembled towards one of the sofas, the one Okada had been sitting on before, lying down there. The cat on Sakamoto’s lap meowed a bit, before jumping down and tripling towards Ryo, jumping on the sofa and making herself comfortable between the young guy’s arms.

Yoko nodded towards Kimura, feeling uncomfortable over the sudden tension in the room and tried to smile a bit. “Kimura-kun is right. We are all sitting in one boat here, right?”

I’m okay with you being here. You are a Human!” Jun told him, the look of his eyes had turned from anger to hatred. Ohno flinched a bit. With his ability of being able to sense and dominate feelings and vibrations around him, he felt especially uncomfortable by the wave of anger and wrath towards him and the other Paranormals in this room.

“I agree.” Sho nodded towards Yoko, his eyes staring into the room. Icy eyes, cold like Yoko had never seen them before…

I don’t care what you other guys think.” Jun told Kimura. “That’s your decision. And I’m sorry but I just can’t forget that it was the Paranormal’s fault that all of my friends and my whole family died in such a despicable way. Just because of some corrupt and greedy Paranormals.” He put his arm around Sho’s shoulder, looking at the other guy with a rare tender look, before he pulled him out of the room. Sho didn’t even look at the other guys in the room, he simply turned around, following Jun.

Takki sighed deeply when the two men disappeared, wondering how to make these two trust them. He looked at Sakamoto through questioning eyes, but the latter just shrugged helplessly. Takki decided to better relay this rather sore topic. “Yoko?” he asked instead, trying to chase away the awkward feeling that was in the room now, remembering his talk with Aiba. “I have to talk to you about something.”




You guys are finished with the new weapon?“ Mabo, the head of the science department, asked when he came to the science lab.

Taichi turned around a bit. “You’ll like that… it makes people invisible. We are just not sure if the reversed function also works…”

“You mean if it makes people appear again?” Mabo wanted to know.

“Exactly.” Hina smiled weakly. “We can’t tell the Paranormals to use it while spying on others without trying it out first.”

Tegoshi sighed a bit. “Bad that we never have someone who wants to try out these things voluntarily.” He was responsible for all the experiments. Though he was small and cute, he was also fearless and rather determined… quite useful for the science lab.

Taichi nodded his head. “Right.” He looked around a bit. “Kato…what about you?”

Eh!” Shige blinked as he realised what the others wanted from him. Being the new guy made him an easy target for strange experiments, but this here was too much. “No! What if you can’t make me visible again?” He jumped a bit when Tegoshi pointed the gun at him, shooting. Shige took one of the plates lying on the table, holding it in front of him like a shield, while hiding somewhere.

Hina sighed a bit. “Come on guys, be more serious.”

“Serious?” Shige whined. “He is trying to erase me! Why is it always me, why don’t we take the dumbest?”

Tegoshi grinned a bit. “That would be me then. So the answer is: No!”

A knock on the door made them pause in their fight. “Sorry to interrupt.” Yoko sighed a bit over the scene in front of him. “You are supposed to be nice to the new guy!”

Tegoshi rolled his eyes. “But we need someone we can try out some new weapons with…”

“Then go and search for mice.” Yoko told him. “Talking about animals…” He pointed at the dog he was pulling along with him. “Our Seekers brought this here home… I’m not sure what it is, but it came through a hole in the space-time continuum. Jun shot it, but they are not sure if it’s really dead.”

The scientists’ interest was awakened immediately. Tegoshi put the gun away, following the others towards the dog. Fearless as he was, he bent down, inspecting it. “It’s not dead.” he stated.

EH!!” Yoko stared at him in utter shock. “It’s still alive…!? You have to be kidding me… I was carrying it around with me all the time, what if it had woken up?”

“Well…” Hina padded Yoko’s shoulder. “Good that it didn’t wake up then, right?”

“Alright.” Mabo nodded his head. “We’ll take the dog down to the dungeons… It’s safer to work there. Let’s not forget that it’s a wild animal… Kato will come with me!”

Alright.” Kato smiled in relief that he didn’t have to stay with Tegoshi.

And Taichi and Hina will prepare everything we need to check on the dog. Tegoshi, please watch out that it doesn’t wake up.”

The other three men nodded their head, heading towards their work. Yoko looked at them, glad that one burden was taken from him now, before he dared to think about the scaring details Takki had told him right before. Disappearing kids and young people? What was the enemy… or how Shingo and the others would say it… the Black Eagle planning? What did he need to kidnap other people for?



“I really can’t stand these guys!” Jun breathed out, still annoyed. He was lying on his stomach on Sho’s bed, Sho sitting on his trained body, sleeves rolled up. Jun sighed a bit when he felt Sho’s hands on his back, roaming over it and spreading some nice, relaxing oil there. Sho’s hands where the best, he thought. He felt how his tensed nerves slowly relaxed, he wasn’t feeling that stressed anymore.

“I know.” Sho smiled. “So do I.” His face grew earnest by the thought of the race he hated the most... the one that destroyed everything for him and Jun.

Well, isn’t that good?” Jun grinned a bit, turning his head to look at Sho. “At least we are always at one side together.”

Sho nodded firmly. “I guess we are.” He clapped his hands. “Turn around.”

As Jun rolled on his back, Sho sat on his lap, his hands now moving over Jun’s chest. His fingertips carefully touched some scratches and bruises. “This?”

From yesterday’s fight.” Jun mumbled, stroking over Sho’s face to make him loose his concerned expression.

“I hate it when you fight.” Sho stated simply.

“I know…” the Seeker smiled lightly. “Every Guardian hates that… right?”

I guess so.” Sho smiled a bit, his hands massaging Jun’s upper body. He had to slap himself mentally to not stare at Jun in admiration. His body was so gorgeous… Did he even know that? Sho had to grin a bit… Sure Jun knew that… He was definitely the confident type… also when it was about his body.

They kept quiet for a moment, before Jun looked at Sho intensely. “Sho?”


“I had sex with Ryo…” Jun wasn’t sure himself why he felt like admitting it. But somehow he wanted Sho to know everything.

Sho paused for a moment in his movement, then his hand roamed over Jun’s body again. “I know.” he answered simply.

Jun looked at the other thoroughly, his senses awakening immediately when he saw a strange glance in Sho’s eyes. “Does it hurt you?” he asked bluntly.

Sho blinked in surprise. Not because of the meaning behind the question… because Jun having sex with someone else for sure did hurt him. But more about the question itself… How did Jun realise it? Being mentally that close also brought some problems along… Sho took a deep breath, putting on his stoic expression. “Of course not.” he smiled a bit. “Ryo is a cutey.”

Jun threw his head back and laughed, though he was still feeling a bit suspicious. “Yes, he is. But way too bothersome to have him in my bed every day. Takuya should go for him.”

“Eh!?” Sho blurt out in surprise. “Takuya? But isn’t he like his father?”

Yeah…” Jun mumbled, sounding totally bored. “He should start to get over that. The boy is over 20, old enough for nearly everything.” He yawned. “Otherwise one of these stupid Paranormals will go for him… Takki for example. I saw the look in his eyes when Ryo came to their room.”

“You have to be kidding me.” Sho grumbled. “A Paranormal? Falling for a Seeker!? That’s grotesque.”

Jun shrugged. “It is. And it’s also stupid.”

Yes.” Sho grinned weakly. “We all know that it’s rather sad to fall for a Seeker, right? How high is the chance that Takuya or Takki or one of the other guys is the one for him?”

Jun shrugged a bit. “I stopped believing in that.”


Well, of course I know there is a person that fits every Seeker exactly, but who cares? We can also fall in love normally right?”

“You really think so?” Sho looked at Jun in disbelief, a small hope rising in him.

Of course. We all think so. None of us wants to have sex with every single person in this world just to find the ‘one and only’. It’s okay for me if I’ll find someone who can become part of me… simply falling for someone. Like every other race does it. No need to be my chosen one.”




It was already late at night when Ryo padded through the corridor, his pillow in one arm, in his other arm his pyjama. He was actually feeling relieved that apparently Kame had a lot of fun with Jin some hours ago… He had just passed Kame’s room, glimpsing into it to find the two of them sleeping next to each other. It didn’t bother him much. Actually it was good – he didn’t need to fulfil his promise to finish what he and Kame started anymore. The only problem was: What should he do now? If he didn’t want to have sex, he normally always slept next to Jin. There was no way he could sleep alone…he hated it to be alone at night, all of the Seekers hated it…

For a moment he paused in front of Takuya’s door, then he shook his head. No way! He knew that he was too proud sometimes… or rather too stubborn, but he didn’t want Takuya to have him forgive him so easily.

A sudden thought hit Ryo and he headed down the corridor, taking a few stairs at once as he rushed into one of the other floors. He paused in front of a door, knocking, hoping that the other would be in his room and not with someone else.

The door opened a bit and a very sleepy Takki blinked at Ryo. “Ryo-kun?”

Ryo scurried into Takki’s room, ignoring the other’s surprise and throwing his pillow on Takki’s bed. Then he went to the bathroom, to take a shower and change his clothes. When he came back Takki was still standing at the same place, looking at Ryo in utter surprise.

Takki couldn’t help but smile a bit when he looked at the young guy, standing there in a way too large pyjama, his hair messy and his eyes sleepy. Ryo grinned wickedly, before jumping into Takki’s bed and crawling under the blanket, curling up there.

“You have to be kidding me?” Takki mumbled, not really complaining. He sat down on the other side of the bed, slipping under the blanket himself. “What’s with Jin?”

“Is having sex.” Ryo mumbled tiredly into the pillow. “Oh and I’m sorry, but I’m too tired to do it now.”

“What’s that? Did I ever ask you to?” Takki scolded him. “We never did it till now and I never wanted you to.”

“Hm…whatever…” Ryo yawned a bit.

Takki rolled his eyes. “Ryo… What’s with Takuya-kun? Don’t you normally stay at his place?”

“I’m not talking to Takuya right now.” Ryo stated without any further explanation.

“Will you tell me why?” Takki wanted to know, his caring attitude appearing immediately.

“No.” Ryo grumbled.

Takki smiled a bit. “Alright. Then I’ll ask you tomorrow.” He padded Ryo’s head a bit, lying down next to him.

Ryo sighed contently when he felt Takki’s body next to him, the dark images inside his head getting lighter, like always when he felt someone next to him. His mind was at ease then, not searching for his memory of times he couldn’t remember at all. The dark pictures of the war he had survived always around him when he went to sleep. The reason why no Seeker slept alone… it was their weak moment. The only time when their feelings were vulnerable and their minds weak.

But then Ryo frowned. He wanted more warmth. He turned around, lying face to face with Takki now and snuggling against him.

Takki grinned. “Oh my… I don’t get it. You guys are such strong and mysterious fighters, but when you sleep you are all becoming such babies.”

“Shut up…” Ryo mumbled weakly, before falling asleep.

Takki smiled softly, stroking through the other’s hair. Then he paused in surprise. Was his heart beating faster here? Where his thoughts going into a dangerous and difficult direction? Oh please…not. No way… falling for a Seeker was the worst…




Yoko sighed contently when he turned the light off. Finally some sleep. He was right on his way to his bed when there was a knock at his door. He closed his eyes, expecting the worst while he was padding towards the door. And really, when he opened it there was Mabo standing in front of him, a dead-serious look on his face. “We have a problem.” he came straight to the point.

Yoko angled for his dressing gown, following Mabo outside. “What?” he asked.

First of all… the dog is alive. He has a self-healing gene inside of him. And he is now jumping and running around in one of the cages. But that’s not the problem – we can easily deal with that.” Mabo explained.

“What’s the problem then?” Yoko wanted to know.

It’s a mutated dog. Simply a strong dog – nothing too unusual. In a pack they are strong, but they are quite simple creatures. Dogs!” Mabo tried to explain.

What do you mean?” Yoko paused, trying to grasp the meanings of Mabo’s words. His eyes grew wide in shock. “Do you mean that…”

“Yes.” Mabo nodded his head. “There is no way they found a way out of their world into ours by themselves. Someone cut the hole into the time-space continuum on purpose!”


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