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Bittersweet Symphony Chapter 2

Title: Bittersweet Symphony: Chapter 2: Rollercoaster
Pairing: Main: RyoJin, And: Akame, TomaPi, Uchi/Miyao, one-sided RyoDa, PiKame
Rating:  PG-15
Genre: romance, angst, friendship
Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related, but the story is mine of course^^
Summary: Frightened Pi waits for the ambulance. In the meantime Kame tells Jin the shocking truth, something Jin is not able to remember at all.
Jun and Takki rush at Ryo's and Pi's side, wondering what really happened.

Meanwhile Toma fights against the daily routine in his and Pi's realtionship. And then there is Uchi...enjoying every minute with Miyao, but totally clueless about what's really going on.


Pi’s fingers were still clinging to Ryo’s hand while the ambulance finally appeared and a few men rushed into the apartment. One of the men approached him carefully, padding his shoulder and trying to loosen Pi’s grip. Pi let go of Ryo’s hand reluctantly, getting up from the floor and feeling how the blood rushed through his numb legs again… He winced in pain at the stinging feeling in his cramped limbs.

One part of him was feeling relieved now, the emergency doctor checking on Ryo didn’t look too concerned. A good sign, Pi thought, especially since the doctor nodded towards him encouragingly now.

But the other part of Pi’s mind was still feeling scared like he never felt before… he could feel how he started to hyperventilate just at the thought of something happening to Ryo, one of his oldest friends.



“Is it okay if I come in?” Jin asked politely, remembering Kame once again how far the two of them had drifted apart.

“Well…sure…” the younger one mumbled, nervously looking at Jin’s frame that slipped through the door now. He watched how Jin sat down on his sofa, shifting around a bit, his fingers cramped into a pillow.

Kame stumbled into the kitchen, getting them two drinks. He sighed as he sat down on the other side of the sofa. Here they were, he thought. Like two strangers who met each other for the first time. The awkwardness was unbelievable high.

They sat next to each other for a moment, none of them saying anything. Kame threw some careful glances towards Jin, wincing a bit over the other’s thoughtful expression. “I’m sorry.” Kame mumbled.

“Why?” Jin looked at Kame earnestly.

“I shouldn’t have brought it to you like that…” the younger one mumbled.

“That’s true.” Jin looked at the other piercingly, sounding a bit reproachful, but also really unsure himself. “You should have said something earlier!”

Kame winced at the helpless tune in Jin’s voice. “I couldn’t…”

“You rather preferred our friendship breaking apart?” Jin asked bluntly, wondering himself how it even came that far. He and Kame were so close, knowing everything from each other, no secrets between them, every day they had spent together. And suddenly, out of the blue, there had been gaps and worlds between the two of them. Who was Kame now? What kind of person did he become? Jin didn’t even know a bit about his life anymore, about his problems, about his friends, about his feelings. Was he happy? Did he enjoy his life? Was he still addicted to his work? Was he still his stubborn and bitchy, but cute and strong little self?

Kame sighed sadly. “I was a coward, Jin. I guess I just didn’t want to face up to my problems…”

“I was your problem?” Jin wanted to know, his expression much softer now as he saw the sad look in Kame’s eyes.

“You can’t remember, can you?” Kame asked, looking at Jin. “I knew you wouldn’t remember… but still… I always hoped you would…”

Jin stared at Kame in utter shock. “Remember what?”



“Hmmm…you feel good Kazu-chan…” Jin’s soft hands were brushing over Kame’s body, making the other squirm in excitement. Jin giggled at that, placing a tender kiss on Kame’s nose, before kissing him heatedly.

“And you are totally drunk, JinJin” Kame chuckled.

“Who cares?” Jin mumbled into Kame’s hair, playing with some strands of it. “It’s my 21st birthday… Let’s celebrate.”

Kame giggled at that, stroking over Jin’s arms, feeling his biceps. “Then come and get your birthday present.” He smiled when he felt Jin’s arms around his waist, his body suddenly pressed into the mattress of Jin’s bed. A sudden weight lying on him, as Jin had turned around.

Jin leaned on his elbow, looking down at Kame lovingly. “You are really sure?”

Kame smiled, putting his arms around Jin’s neck and pulling him down into a kiss. “Damn, yes.” he whispered.




„WHAT…“ the door to Ryo’s hospital room flew open and Jun rushed in. “What happened? Why are you here? What did you do?”

Takki and Pi turned around a bit, watching how Jun stormed in. Ryo smiled weakly towards Jun. He was feeling way too embarrassed to do anything now. The moment he had woken up he had already been in the ambulance… not only slightly but really confused what was going on here.

“I’m so glad you are okay…” Jun hurried to Ryo’s bed, hugging him to his chest out of a sudden desperate feeling… and out of some huge relief he felt when he saw Ryo lying there alive. “You threatened me to death. Just don’t do such a stupid thing ever again… The next time you have problems come to me… or Yamashita-kun… or Jin… or Takki-kun… or Yoko… or whoever… Just don’t let it escalate like that.”

Ryo sighed a bit, padding Jun’s back. “I didn’t try to kill me…” he tried to explain.

Jun blinked for a moment, turning towards Pi and Takki who nodded their heads.

“Sorry…” Pi mumbled sheepishly. “I just thought… Well, he didn’t wake up when I was shaking him and… well…”

“You didn’t do anything wrong.” Takki reassured him. “It’s better to be careful in such a case.”

“So…” Jun paused. “You didn’t try to attempt suicide.”

“Of course not.” Ryo shook his head fiercely. “I just took some meds against headache.”

“Why didn’t you weak up then?” Jun wanted to know.

“Exhaustion and overwork…” Pi explained. “That’s what the doctor said.”

“Really…” Takki complained reproachfully. “We have talked about this topic so much and still you over-worked yourself like that…”

“Sorry.” Ryo mumbled sheepishly. “I didn’t recognize the signs myself.”

“Well…okay.” Takki smiled encouragingly, trying to comfort the younger one. “Let’s do better next time, alright?”

Ryo nodded his head a bit, smiling at Takki thankfully.

“Alright.” Jun said, not ready to let the topic drop. “But why were you lying on the floor then?” Jun wanted to know, looking at Ryo piercingly.

“Actually that’s exactly the same thing I want to know too.” Takki nodded his head, his eyes scanning Ryo thoroughly.

Ryo shifted a bit, wondering how to get out of this situation. He sighed. “I wasn’t feeling well and I didn’t want to lie on the sofa, so I just stretched on the floor.”

“Why?” Takki blinked in surprise.

“He is right: Why?” Pi wanted to know.

Jun shook his head. “The floor?”

Ryo sighed, blushing deeply. “I was in a bad mood… and I wanted to stare at the ceiling and be depressed. Are you happy now?” He glared at them, feeling more embarrassed than annoyed.

“Why were you depressed?” Jun wanted to know.

Ryo sighed deeply. Of course that one had to come. Having such a strong character like Jun as a friend had good points… but also some bad ones. And Jun’s persistency was definitely bothering sometimes. Ryo looked at him stubbornly. “I was simply a bit down.”

“Well you had to be really down to…”

“Let’s stop it here.” Takki interrupted Jun. “We can talk about that later.”

Ryo sighed in relief, glad that he had a break until the others were starting to bother him with questions.

Jun’s gaze softened a bit, as he sat down at the edge of Ryo’s bed, before he blinked at Takki for a moment. “Why are you here anyway?”

To Jun’s surprise a huge smirk appeared on Takki’s face. “I got a message from Pi.” He explained. “Something about… hospitalambulanceemergencytoo latesuicideand I have to go. In a not too coherent message by the way”

“Sorry.” Pi grumbled, blushing a bit, thinking that somehow he and Ryo were the most comical pair of friends ever. “I was totally freaking out.”

Takki shook his head, smiling a bit. “It’s okay. I would have also freaked out.”

Jun smiled softly, before he looked around a bit. “Where is Jin?” He smirked a bit. “Don’t tell me he isn’t feeling concerned about his little darling.”

Ryo flinched visibly at that question, earning him a stinging glance from Takki, but apparently the latter didn’t want to bother him anymore and hence didn’t even start interrogating him.

“He is on his way.” Pi told him. “He is totally stuck in traffic…” He grinned a bit. “Though he is already quite impatient to get here…”

Ryo shifted around in his bed, his eyes twitching a bit. Jin…

Pi looked at him, feeling concerned. „Do you feel tired?“

For a moment Ryo nearly felt like hugging and squishing Pi for such a clue… He yawned a bit, pretending to be unbelievably tired. “Sorry…” he mumbled. “You just came here…”

“Idiot.” Jun shook his head. „Just sleep a bit, if you feel tired.” He took one part of Ryo’s blanket, pulling it over Ryo so that just his head was outside. “Now shut up and rest. We’ll wait here, till you wake up. Maybe we can take you home afterwards.”

Ryo smiled a bit, a warm feeling dwelling in his chest by so many good friends around him. And to his own surprise he really felt how he slowly drifted into a nightmare-less and heavy sleep… Just far away he could hear the door opening again, a well-known voice talking to the others before there was a soft hand brushing through his hair. Jin looking after him was the best… despite all the confusing things between them.



“Oh dear…” Pi yawned a bit, dropping on the sofa. “What a day… no… rather: What a night.”

Toma smiled softly. “Ryo-chan is okay?” he asked, sounding concerned.

“Yep, they just want to keep him in hospital for another night. You know… routine check-up.” Pi explained, snuggling into one of the pillows lying on the sofa. He lifted his head a bit, as Toma sat down next to him, putting his head on his lap.

Toma’s fingers were crawling through Pi’s hair softly, curling some strands between his fingers. “I’m glad he is okay.” Toma smiled softly.

“Hm.” Pi yawned. “There is still something off… I don’t know what but I’ll find out what it is.” There was a cheeky grin on his face. “And if I won’t be able to make Ryo spill it out, there is still almighty MatsuJun…”

“I’m sure you’ll do a good job.” Toma grinned a bit, his fingers now wandering over Pi’s beautiful face. He sighed a bit, looking at Pi’s frame carefully. The whole training he recently did was definitely worth it. Pi had always been gorgeous, but now he was stunning. His bicep beautifully trained, his body not that boyishly thin anymore… He was rather manly now. Toma bit his lips nervously as he felt a wave of want rushing through his body. Oh dear… when was the last time they had sex? Both of them were busy all the time, or too tired… and in such moments they rather preferred it to simply enjoy each other’s presence. And recently both of them had been pre-occupied with other things. Toma with his drama-shooting. Pi with his music. And then there were also Jin and Ryo. Toma was glad that Pi had good friends, Toma himself had them too, but wasn’t it strange that Pi spent more time with them than with him? And if Toma thought about it objectively, he had also met Jun and Oguri Shun more often this week than Pi.

There was just a slight hug here and there… a fast kiss… an absent-minded touch… some random talk… that was their recent relationship-schedule. But when was the last time they were really close to each other?

“Hey…Pi-chan?” Toma whispered, trying to sound seducing. “You know what I would like to do now?”

There was no answer.

Toma blinked for a moment, looking down at Pi and sighing deeply. Of course… he was asleep.



“Thanks so much for inviting me to dinner!” Uchi smiled brightly, feeling totally happy and comfortable.

Miyao chuckled lightly, his gaze wandering over Uchi’s sparkling smile, his beautiful eyes, his slender figure and his now short, but still curly hair. Secretly Miyao already waited impatiently for Uchi’s hair to grow longer again… Then he would look even more gorgeous. “Any time.” Miyao smiled. “Let’s meet again soon!”

Uchi nodded his head. “We’ll see each other tomorrow for drama shooting right?”

“Yeah…” Miyao tilted his head, pretending to muse. “How about going for a drink afterwards?”

“Sure!” Uchi beamed, earning him an inscrutable but soft glance from Miyao.

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