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Seekers of the Night Chapter 6

Seekers of the Night Chapter 6: The tale of the homeless boy
Pairing: Sho/Jun, Akame, hints of KimuRyo or TakkiRyo (I'm still not sure myself what it will become), hints of TegoShige, here: ShingoTaku

Rating:  NC-17
mystery, (should become) thriller, romance, bit angst, fantasy, friendshi
Disclaimer: I don't own them, but the story is mine^^
Summary: Glimpses into Kimura's and Ryo's past...which also explains Ryo's strange reaction when it's about the mutated dog. Though the ugly creature is so huge, it's still a baby...
While Shingo tries his luck with seducing Kimura, Yoko decides that there is the urge to hold an important meeting with everyone.  But before he can do so his CG team and Mabo's science team try to find out the truth behind Yamada's new awakened gift. Unexpectedly they get help from Jun... who reveals a tiny piece of his past.

Who are you?“ The tall man eyed the small boy in front of him thoroughly.

No answer.

Did you do this?” The guy pointed at the mess in front of him. Corpses of mutated lions were lying around.

No answer. The boy just looked at him through wide and scared eyes, his lips shivering a bit. A strain of blood running over his face.

The guy bent down, now having the height as the boy. He reached out one of his hands. “Your powers just woke up?” He looked around a bit. If this boy did all this alone, his power was immense. Still uncontrolled, but so strong…

The boy shrugged, still looking at the guy fearfully.

You didn’t find your Guardian yet?” The guy’s eyes scanned the boy piercingly. There was a questioning look on the boy’s face. “You don’t know what a Guardian is?” The guy sounded surprised. Seekers were normally trained and educated for this moment when their powers woke up giving them the ability to fight… exactly the same moment when their Guardian appeared. Why didn’t this boy know anything about it? “Who are you? Where are you from?” His face had a soft expression now, he looked at the boy through soothing eyes, trying to make him loose his fear. He pointed at himself. “My name is Kimura Takuya. Who are you?”

I don’t know.” The boy finally whispered.



Kimura sighed, turning around in his bed and looking up to the ceiling. He rubbed over his eyes a bit, trying to fall asleep again. But he knew there was no use to it… Day and night had completely got mixed up in their daily life.

It had been long… he thought…. that he had this dream the last time.




So…“ Shingo looked at the cage in interest. „It’s still alive…?“ He pointed at the huge dog that was running around now, barking and complaining that he wasn’t allowed to get out.

Mabo leaned against the wall, staring at the dog grumpily. “It has a self-healing gene… If you don’t kill him and tore him apart, there is no use to it…”

“So…” Subaru pulled his eyebrows up, looking at the scientists in annoyance. „You want us to kill him or what?“

“Uh!” Nino called out. „Forget that…“

Nagase grinned a bit. “You don’t have to do it!“ He pointed at Mabo and his crew. “If they want to have it dead, they should do it themselves.”

“Stop it already!” Taichi glared at the CG guys. “You computer guys are getting on my nerves. None of us asked you to kill this dog.”

Subaru rolled his eyes a bit. “Really… never heard of ‘joking’? You guys should stop being so serious all the time.”

“Well…” Hina shrugged. „I have enough humour. So don’t worry about us, Subaru-kun.“ he teased sharply.

Yoko turned around a bit, looking at the two teams earnestly. “Stop bickering, guys.” He was used that these two groups where always arguing… Scientists against Computer Geniuses... Their work was similar, but with important differences. And these differences made them rivals. Both of them wanting to be the more important group.

Kame pulled one of his eyebrows up. “You are grumpy today, Yoko…” Out of the corner of his eyes he could see Jin smiling at him and stuck his tongue out to him.

Jin grinned at that. He turned around a bit, seeing how Ryo stepped into the room, Takki right behind him. “Ryo-chan…” he chirped, pulling the other guy into his arms.

Ryo grinned a bit. “Yo, Jin…”

“I’m sorry, you had to sleep alone yesterday.” Jin mumbled into his hair, actually really feeling sorry since he had totally overslept. Ryo hated to sleep alone, most of the Seekers hated it… And all of them were really good at finding apologies why they had to sleep in someone else’s bed. “But you could have told me that you were home again.” he pouted.

Ryo grinned. “Don’t worry!” he smiled cheerfully at him. „I didn’t sleep alone.“

EH?“ Jin made… and not only Jin, also Kame, Jun and Kimura turned around staring at Ryo in surprise. “Who?”

Ryo grinned a bit, ignoring Kimura’s piercing glance. “Secret.“ He giggled at Jin’s stubborn look and turned his attention towards Yoko and the other scientists and CGs. „So what’s with our dog?”

Yoko smiled weakly. “It’s a species that can heal itself… That’s why it’s still alive. They are not really powerful dogs… Well, they are strong when they are together with their pack, but not when they are alone.”

Jun knitted his eyebrows. “If they aren’t that strong, how did they get through the space-time continuum?”

Yoko winced slightly. “It’s good that you took the dog with you… it might help us finding a lot of answers…” he answered diplomatically, then he pointed at the dog again. “This here is actually really young. Just a puppy.”

Ryo stared at him in disbelief and the moment he opened his mouth, Kimura knew that they were done. “It’s a baby?” Ryo whispered, slipping towards the cage and before anyone could hold him back he had already jumped up, crawling over the fence.

“Damn!” Jun cursed. He had tried to grip Ryo before he was too high for him to get him… but Ryo’s instincts were working too fast right now, his power making him stronger and faster than Jun was.

“Get him down from there!!” Yoko yelled.

“And how?” Subaru looked at Yoko, a bored expression on his face. “Some of us are just humans… But I can get a ladder if you want.”

“Stop kidding!” Koichi yelled. “Someone make him get down from there…”

He isn’t going to jump into the dog’s cage, is he?” Yuya asked, sounding rather impressed than shocked.

“Really Yuya…” Uchi eyed him grumpily. “That’s not the right moment to stay calm.

“But he is a genius.” Yuya explained. “I saw him fighting… So cool… his eyes went totally black. This doggy won’t hurt him.”

Kimura stared at Yuya for a moment, before looking at Ryo. “Ryo…” he tried to sound calm and soothing. “Get down here.” he paused, knowing that no one could stop his little foundling when he was so determined. Besides that things like puppy, babies and parents were a sore topic for Ryo. Kimura took a deep breath. “And if you really have to do it, be careful!”

Ryo’s eyes were twitching a bit, he was already far away with his thoughts, not even hearing what was going on around him. He watched the creature a bit, before he finally jumped down.

“Oh no…” Yoko breathed out. „He did it.“

Tegoshi took a bit from his sandwich, watching Ryo in interest. “Nice…” he mumbled. “Now we’ll see a Seeker fighting.”

Takki glared at him in annoyance. “How can you say that!”

“Well, I never saw how a Seeker fights.” Tegoshi shrugged. “It’s interesting…”

“Hm…” Nino mused. “He has a point here…”

“No, he has not!” Yoko breathed out, staring at the dog in horror. The creature was now circling around Ryo, staring at the young guy through wild eyes.

Jin gripped the bars of the cage, pulling at them desperately. “Ryo-chan… be careful…”

Ryo smiled softly, sitting down on the ground. “Puppy…” he called the dog with a soft voice.

“Oh dear, it’s jumping him… it’s going to kill him…” Taichi breathed out, but the last words got stuck in his throat, as the dog was simply putting his huge head on Ryo’s lap, allowing Ryo to stroke his ugly and immense head.

Ryo smiled fondly. “It’s cute, isn’t it?” he turned around a bit.

“Eh…” Subaru mumbled, eyeing the ugly creature. „Totally…“

„Cute?“ Jun asked. „It’s a wild beast!“

„Yeah…“ Sho agreed. „Better be careful with it.”

“Can’t I keep him?” Ryo wanted to know.

“Erm…” Jun blinked at him. “Keep him? But it’s already so huge though it's just a puppy… Just imagine how big it will be when it’s grown up.” He winced a bit by Ryo’s big eyes that were looking at him expectantly, a sad glance at them.

“It shouldn’t be here…” Taichi sighed. “Maybe we should kill it? Or send it back?”

“But we don’t know the way back.” Jun interrupted him. “It’s not that easy once the hole is closed again.”

“Then you want to kill it?” Yuya’s eyes grew wide in shock.

Ryo hugged the beast’s huge head. “But it has no mother or father. It’s all alone in the world.”

Goro’s heart ached at that, well aware of the fact that Ryo was an orphan himself. “Sure. Keep him!” he cried out, tears in his eyes, earning him some surprised glances by the others.

“Yes, let’s keep him.” Jin said, looking at the others firmly, not allowing anyone to hurt Ryo here.

Kimura shifted uncomfortably as he felt the others’ glances on him. He sighed, same as Goro knowing that Ryo’s trauma was buried deep beneath his easy-going and chipper surface. “Alright.” He sighed. „You already tamed that hawk of yours. A dog won’t do much harm…“

Ryo smiled thankfully at that, getting up and leading the dog to the door of the cage. As he opened it the others drew back visibly. Just Jin stayed where he was, looking at the dog bravely. “Yo.” He mumbled, smiling weakly. “You have to become my friend, you know that.”

Ryo padded the dogs head. “He is okay. He will like you, Jin. Let’s search for a name.”

Takki nodded his head, smiling softly at Ryo. “You have to think of something nice.”

“How about Killer?” Jun suggested, grinning a bit. He wasn’t too happy with keeping a mutated dog around, but he wasn’t afraid of it either. And he had already accepted since years that if Ryo’s family complex was waking up, they had no chance against him.

Sho grinned at Jun suggestions. “How’s that a nice name?”

Thanks.” Ryo mumbled as he passed Kimura.

Kimura sighed a bit. „It’s okay… but we’ll definitely talk about your stunt here.”

Ryo grinned at that, Kimura wasn’t really frightening him here and he felt pretty content with himself.

Well…“ Shingo clapped his hands. „So we have a new member of our organisation. Let’s welcome name-to-be-announced.”

Takki grinned at that. „Two weeks and everyone will love the dog and want to pat it.”

Yoko laughed a bit. “At least we don’t have to think about how to kill it… or how to get it back.”

Some of the others nodded in relief, actually feeling quite glad they didn’t have to decide on that. Ryo keeping the dog was safe… the hawk was also a wild animal and was doing no harm to anyone here (except Goro’s cookies…)

Yuya jumped down from the desk he was sitting on, grabbing Keito’s hand and pulling him with him. “We’ll have to tell that Yamada and Chinen.” He grinned cheerfully, grinning at Ryo as they passed him.

Kimura grinned a bit, pointing at the dog. “But I swear, Ryo, if you bring this dog to my bedroom at night when you don’t want to sleep alone, I’ll throw the both of you out of my bed!”



“A meeting?” Kimura asked in surprise when Yoko approached him.

Yoko nodded his head, deep furrows between his eyes. “Please tell it the other Seekers and Guardians, Kimura-kun.”

Kimura nodded his head in agreement, watching how the latter left the room, heading towards his work. Yoko should sleep a bit more, Kimura thought, he was not looking too healthy right now.

Then he sighed, searching his way to the Seekers’ lounge. Apparently he was lucky, because most of them were there together with their Guardians. The news of the meeting didn’t surprise them much. Yeah, it was out of a sudden, but then… a meeting was necessary occasionally.

“It’s alright.” Uchi shrugged a bit. “We hadn’t had a meeting since forever… I’ll tell Koichi about it later.”

Yuya looked at Kimura, his head resting on Keito’s lap, letting the other stroke his hair with soft fingers. He stretched a bit, feeling really comfortable right now. “A meeting is fun…” He grinned impishly. “I haven’t seen some of the others since days… right Keito?”

Keito nodded his head. “Yamada for example…”

Kimura smiled a bit. “Alright.“ He looked around a bit, his eyes scanning the room “Do you know where Jin and Ryo are?”

Uchi shrugged a bit. “Ryo was there till now. He just left… But I’ve no idea where Jin is.”

Kimura sighed a bit. Actually he wasn’t too eager to know what these two were up to right now… Hopefully nothing too bothersome. He decided that it would be early enough to tell the both of them about the meeting tomorrow… With that he got to his room, opening the door… and nearly jumping back again. “SHINGO?” he called out.

Heyho…Takuya-kun!” the mischievous guy grinned at him, stretching on Takuya’s bed and cuddling to one of the pillows.

“Could you get out of my bed?” Kimura grumbled.

“Come on…” Shingo whined a bit. “It’s comfortable now… and it’s night… I know that you guys hate it to sleep alone.”

Kimura’s eyes were scanning the other dangerously. “That’s none of your business.”

“Why is it that you guys hate to sleep alone?” Shingo wanted to know, ignoring Kimura’s glaring.

“As I said: None of your business…”

Is it because you are afraid?” Shingo suggested, not at least bothered by Kimura’s glaring. “Nightmares about the last war haunting you?”

“You are living a really dangerous life right now…” Kimura groaned, his eyes sparkling in anger. He would have never admitted it… but as so often Shingo had hit the right button… Nightmares of the war, where so many of their friends and families had died, were haunting most of them, stealing their peaceful sleep… They were much calmer when lying next to another person… as if the night was less dark then…

Kimura gasped when he felt Shingo’s arms around his body, his hot tongue tickling his ear. Out of an instinct as old as the world… a true animalistic instinct, like a lion that felt overwhelmed… he pushed Shingo way, slapping him across the face, leaving traces of his fingernails there. His eyes sparkling dangerously…

Shingo blinked for a moment, touching the scratches on his cheek, before his smile popped up again. He looked into Kimura’s eyes, cat-eyes… like the ones a wildcat had… Then he grinned. “I love your temper, baby!”

Kimura grabbed him, pushing him against the wall… nearly painfully… He looked into Shingo’s gleaming and honest eyes and sighed a bit. His anger had already disappeared as fast as it had popped up. Short temper was a curse. He pressed his body against Shingo’s, kissing him forcefully.

As Shingo wrapped his arms around Kimura he grinned contently into the kiss, this time he could move freely without being pushed away. His tongue searched it’s way to Kimura’s mouth, forcing the other to open his lips.

Shingo grinned, breaking away form the kiss. “How about a favour?” he asked.

“What kind of favour?” Kimura mumbled, his tongue nibbling at Shingo’s neck teasingly.

You are a shape-shifter right?” Shingo sighed a bit when he felt Kimura’s tongue moving down his collarbone.

“So what?”

You could change into someone else… it would be even more fun then… How about Yoko for example?” Shingo grinned a bit, well-aware of the fact that Kimura would never agree to that. But he loved it to tease Kimura, pushing his boundaries… and testing his luck as much as he could. Kimura’s hot temper and his emotional way of handling things were too interesting.

“Don’t push your luck too much…” Kimura grumbled, softly biting into Shingo’s neck. His fingers were already wandering down to the other’s pants, opening them with swift fingers.

Shingo gasped as he felt Kimura’s hand stroking him. For a moment he was even too aroused to say anything. His hands started to wander over Kimura’s back, trying to find a way under his shirt to touch Kimura’s hot skin. Shingo grinned… it was like taming a wild animal he thought. Kimura’s body was sinful and hot…but if you did an unconsidered move you might get burned.

Why are you so absent-minded?” Takuya whispered into Shingo’s ear, nibbling at it. His voice both gentle and annoyed.

Sorry…” Shingo grinned, putting his hands around Kimura’s neck and letting himself drop down on the sofa, pulling Kimura with him. Skilled fingers started to remove his pants, not even bothering with removing his shirt… Kimura just ripped it apart a bit so that Shingo’s beautiful white skin and his impressive muscles could be seen. His hands now roaming over these muscles, feeling them, scratching them lightly. He bent down a bit, nibbling at the other’s nipples, a soft moan escaping Shingo’s lips.

Shingo tried to reach down, opening Kimura’s trousers, but before he could pull them down, his hands were pushed away. “Not fair…” he pouted.

Kimura smiled at that, searching for Shingo’s lips and pulling him into a kiss. “Don’t complain…”

Shingo grinned, thinking that having Kimura was worth all the troubles to get to him. His hips bucking as Kimura removed his pants completely, his hands stroking Shingo with fast movements now. “Damn… Takuya…” Shingo mumbled, grabbing Kimura’s slender hips and pulling him closer. Takuya threw his head back a bit over the friction Shingo was producing now, allowing the other to have some control for a moment, before he slipped down from Shingo’s lap, getting rid of his own clothes.

Before Shingo could complain about the loss of contact, he could feel slick fingers wandering over his thighs, teasing him here and there, before pushing in. He groaned over the intrusion, thinking that it had already been too long since his last time and that if Kimura didn’t want him every night, he should at least search for someone else for emergencies… but then… Shingo was normally the dominating one when having sex. Just with Kimura it was different… He wondered a bit if there was anyone who could dominate Kimura… in any way… but he highly doubted it.

His breath started to get heavier as he adjusted to Kimura’s fingers inside him, feeling how the other was pushing and rubbing them against a soft spot…making him groan out curses and Takuya’s name.

He grabbed Takuya’s hips when he felt how the other pulled his fingers out and placed himself between Shingo’s legs. Takuya smiled down a bit, softly this time, allowing Shingo to set the pace. Shingo’s fingers around Takuya’s hips were pulling him closer and letting him push into him. Shingo gasped over the intrusion, but the feeling of having won one of the most complicated and unreachable guys ever made him too proud to even complain about the pain he was feeling right now.

Takuya started to stroke Shingo again, pulling and tugging him, his eyes never leaving Shingo’s face, loving the way Shingo closed his eyes, a lustful expression on his face, wiping away the bratty and annoying one he normally had. Takuya bent down again, kissing Shingo’s lips, softly this time, nearly surprising Shingo with this tenderness.

Then he moved his hips faster, the movement of his hands on adjusting to the ones of his hips. Out of dizzy eyes he could see how Shingo’s head dropped to the side, his breath going heavy, before he cried out Kimura’s name.

Damn.” Shingo breathed out, grinning at Kimura when he finally came himself. “You are unbelievable when you are hot!”

“Oh dear…” Kimura grumbled. “Can’t you be quiet for one moment?”

Well, I was quiet… till now.” Shingo grinned impishly, before he eyed the clock on the wall. “Such a pity that I have to go to this meeting with my team…otherwise I could have cuddled with you…”

Kimura rolled his eyes. “Cuddling? You?” he grinned a bit, placing a kiss on Shingo’s cheeks, before pushing him towards the bathroom.

Want to shower together?” Shingo suggested almost innocently though there was an impish grin in his eyes.






And what’s with me?” Tegoshi stepped into the front row, looking at Yamada curiously. But Yamada just shook his head. “No shadow.”

The whole computer and science team had gathered around him now, all of them eager to find out what was going on. Both groups too pre-occupied with their work to tease or fight with each other.

Yamada’s glance wandered towards the huge monitors that where placed at the wall… the surveillance cameras that were capturing the whole town. His eyes grew wide. “There!” he breathed out. „Some of the people we can see through the surveillance camera have shadows.“

Yoko blinked in surprise, turning his attention towards the monitors as well. “You mean…” he paused as the usefulness of the information hit him. “You don’t need to see the people in person?” He turned around to look at Subaru and the latter immediately understood him without Yoko voicing what he wanted him to do.

Subaru sat down at his computer, handling with it for a moment and producing some photo shots of the people the surveillance cameras were showing them. Five minutes later he was back, holding some photos in his hands. Yoko grabbed them, smiling thankfully at the latter, and handed them to Yamada. “Do you also see the shadows on photos?”

Yamada looked at the photos properly, then he turned his head towards Yoko, a surprised smile on his face. “Yes.” he mumbled.

Mabo breathed in loudly behind them, rubbing over his head. “That’s unexpected.”

“It really is…” Taichi nodded his head, earning him an agreeing nod from Nagase.

“But what do these people have in common?” Nagase asked.

Kame handed Yamada a pen, smiling at him encouragingly. “Why don’t you take the photos and point out the persons with shadows?”

“Good idea.” Shingo nodded his head. “And also tell us if the shadows are dark or light.”

Yamada worked on the photos for a moment, before handing them back to Yoko. A bunch of heads were looking over Yoko’s shoulder now, before he place the photos on the desk for everyone to see them.

“There is no similarity at all…” Shige mumbled.

“So we know that it has nothing to do with gender, with age or with appearance.” Tegoshi concluded, he paused for a moment, his eyes gleaming. “It has to be a mind-thing!”

“Yeah!” Nino called out. “The other Paranormals will be glad to hear that… We just have to figure what it is in people’s minds that throws the shadow…”

“It will just be difficult to gather evidence…” Shige mumbled. “How should we know what these people are thinking…”

“Ah…” Tegoshi grumbled. „Don’t be so pessimistic. That’s annoying.“

“But he is right…” Taichi mumbled.

They looked at the photos again, before Nagase sighed a bit. “Well…let’s try and make a brainstorming… What could it be?”

For the next hour they were working concentrated, a frustrated sigh escaping one of their mouths’ here and there. But though they went though all proper possibilities, there was no convincing outcome in the end.

“It's no use…” Subaru complained.

“Maybe we should ask Sakamoto-kun to help us?” Kame suggested. “He can go out with Yamada and check on the people that have a shadow.”

“Well…” Yoko nodded his head. „I guess we have to rely on him.“

“Wait…” a voice behind them made them jump, a bunch of eyes looking at the person that had just talked now.

Jun stepped a bit closer. He had come to the room some time ago, listening to the others’ suggestions.

Yamada looked at him fearfully… there was something intimidating in Jun’s whole appearance and Yamada had never felt comfortable around him. Jun’s anger was different than Kimura’s. Kimura was short-tempered… but Jun was… angry. And after the discussion Jun and Yoko had last time in the Paranormals’ lounge, his hate towards the Paranormals clear in his words, Yamada feared him even more. But when Jun handed him over a photo, he blinked for a moment. “What?”

“It’s an old photo I had within my stuff.” Jun explained. “Tell me if you see shadows.”

Yamada looked at the photo in interest. It was old… washed out a bit through the light and through his age. There were three guys on the photo, all of them looking into the camera, grinning brightly. Yamada gasped in surprise. “You are on this photo! And Sho-kun…” he looked at the two persons. Sho was looking so happy, so calm… And Jun… he was smiling heartedly, his eyes shining warmly and gently. Yamada swallowed down the bitter feeling he felt in his chest… the anger that surrounded him as he realised the pain these two had went through to become so angry and cold towards other people, except their own race.

“Don’t get all touched and teary now.” Jun told him, sounding annoyed. “It were different times then. Just tell me what you see.”

The others looked at Yamada and Jun in interest, none of them daring to intervene… the tension almost unbearable high. The air full expectations and interest… and curiosity… Jun never talked about his past and now he handed over one of his own photos… witnesses of his past.

This guy here has a shadow.” Yamada pointed at a person in the middle of the photo, sitting between Jun and Sho.

Jun’s eyes grew darker for a moment, his expression unbelievably angry, before he got himself together again. “So that’s it…”

“What?” Yoko dared to ask. „What do these people with a shadow have in common?“

Jun winced a bit. “They are traitors.” he mumbled.

Yamada stared at the photo in disbelief, staring at the nice-looking man that was grinning towards Sho, an arm wrapped around Jun’s shoulder. “Who is that?”

“Nobody!” Jun breathed out before grabbing the photo and tearing it into pieces.


Hey Jun!”

Jun laughed when two arms wrapped around his waist, earning him a jealous glance from Sho. “What's with you Masa?”

Guess what!”

What?” Jun grinned.

I'm going out today.” the cheerful guy smiled happily.

Really?” Sho blinked. “You found new friends?”

That's good.” Jun smiled though there was an uncomfortable feeling dwelling in his chest. “But be careful. These days Paranormals like you are really wanted.”

Don't worry!” Masa chirped. “I'll be okay.” He grinned cheerfully. “You two are still my best friends and will always be!”

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