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Bittersweet Symphony Chapter 3

Title: Bittersweet Symphony: Chapter 3: Down under
Pairing: Main: RyoJin, And: Akame, TomaPi, Uchi/Miyao, one-sided RyoDa, PiKame
Rating:  PG-13
Genre: romance, angst, friendship
Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related, but the story is mine of course^^
Summary: Slowly Pi realises what's going on with Ryo... and of course he helps him, they are friends... Besides that he always had problems with Kame. He doesn't even like him...right?
Ryo decides that he needs company to get over Jin... How about a pet?
Meanwhile Uchi's and Miyao's flirting bothers Kame... he finds himself amidst dark and gloomy feelings. And then there is Ueda... acting all suspicious with his strange behaviour.


“See you later, Pi.” Toma smiled at Yamapi lovingly, hugging the other one tight.

Yamapi grinned at that. “You are so sentimental lately.”

“You don’t like that?” Toma wanted to know, worrying a bit about his friend’s answer.

“No.” Yamapi smiled. “It’s just new.” He placed a soft kiss on Toma’s lips before he hurried down the corridor. The next thing he realised was a loud clash, sheets of paper all around him, while he was lying on the ground, another person above him. “What…” he breathed out.

“Sorry…” Kame mumbled sheepishly.

Yamapi flinched a bit when he saw Kame’s troubled expression and his intense eyes. Such beautiful eyes... so strong and sad. But also so determined. It had been years since he was that close to Kame… His eyes grew wide as he realised into which direction his thoughts were going. Coughing a bit to chase away the dry feeling of his throat, he pushed Kame down from his lap, standing up. “Be more careful!” he hissed.

Kame glared at him. “I already apologized.” he defended himself, wondering why nice and friendly Yamapi was always so impolite when talking to him.

“Yeah…whatever…” Yamapi mumbled, grabbing his bag again and escaping the tensed situation. Outside of the building he paused, leaning against the wall and catching for breath. What the heck was that!??? What kind of strange moment… Yamapi shook his head, apparently he was feeling tired, maybe too overworked… He loved Toma! He didn’t even like Kame… not a bit.




„Honestly… you are so much trouble.“ Pi grinned, poking Ryo’s legs playfully.

The latter grumbled at that, glaring at Yamapi. “Shut up.” he mumbled.

Jin laughed. “Don’t complain. Actually Pi is right. Now drink some tea and stay quiet.”

Ryo couldn’t help a sympathetic smile towards Jin. There was no way he could ever feel angry at this guy… Never! He was Jin after all. And Ryo was actually pretty glad that Yamapi was here too… It was easier being around Jin when Yamapi was with them. Otherwise Jin’s words worked like daggers towards him, showing him that there was never a way for him to reach down to him. Ryo knitted his eyebrows a bit as this thought hit him and he sighed deeply.

“What?” Yamapi asked, feeling concerned.

“Nothing…” Ryo mumbled. “I was just thinking.” Then he turned his attention towards Jin. “So, how are things with Kame?”

“WHAT?” Yamapi blurt out. “Kame? What do you mean… like… What???” He glared at the two guys angrily, feeling disappointed that none of them told him anything.

Ryo rolled his eyes. “Don’t freak out about nothing. It just happened recently…”

“When?” Pi asked piercingly, turning his attention towards Jin, since it was actually something the latter should have told him and not Ryo.

Jin shrugged a bit. “Two days ago Kame called me and told me he is in love with me…”

Pi blinked at that. “Okay… at least it was really quite recently…” He looked at Jin thoroughly, wondering what the latter was planning to do about Kame. Was he in love with him? No way… Jin couldn’t be in love with Kame, right? Maybe he was feeling guilty or troubled, but Pi was sure that there was no real affection behind it. Then something else hit him. Wait… wasn’t Ryo’s breakdown exactly at that day… Wasn’t that the day when Jin called him telling him that Ryo was acting all weird and strange as if he was not feeling well? Damn… Yamapi cursed in his mind. That was no good…

When he felt the others’ attention on him, he gulped down these bothersome thoughts and forced a smile on his lips. “So? How is the situation with Kame?”

“I had sex with him…”

“WHAT?” Ryo blurt out, eyes in shock.

Yamapi winced at that. He was shocked as well… but not like Ryo. He clenched his fists, worrying like madly about his friends. It was well known that Ryo was not really an open guy, who would talk about his feelings or about his problems, he was rather closed when it was about his own problems. And trust was a wary topic for him. And he was also not the guy who fell for anyone… And falling for Jin was… so difficult. Jin on the other hand was acting way more normal and natural. If he did something, he would normally always feel something. “Yeah…” Yamapi tried to help Ryo. “What?”

Jin rolled his eyes. „Don’t overreact. Of course I hadn’t sex with him when we met… We did it some years ago…“

„Really?“ Ryo blinked, feeling a bit relieved.

“Yeah. I just can’t remember anymore… or well… it feels more like something I dreamt.” Jin sighed in frustration. “Sure that Kame was so hurt and annoyed all those years…”

“Yeah…” Yamapi grumbled. “Though it seems more like an unnecessary pain… He could have told you earlier.” He had never been a huge fan of Kame, he hated his guts and his behaviour… maybe they just weren’t made to like each other. He flinched slightly when he remembered the scene of some hours before, when he bumped into Kame.

Ryo smiled a bit at him, wondering a bit why Yamapi sounded so worked up, but he decided to better stay out of this discussion. He was not the type to fight for someone’s attention… and not for someone’s love… He wanted Jin to fall for him, but not force him to fall for him through tricks. If he was in love with Kame, he wouldn’t want him to force his feelings into another direction. Maybe that was stupid or plain, but that was the way he handled things.

Jin sighed. “Maybe… but it was difficult for Kame. He was so young back then.”

“Well…yes, I guess you are right. But what are you going to do now?” Yamapi wanted to know.

“I’m not sure…” Jin eyed Yamapi suspiciously. “Why are you so concerned?”

“Well…maybe…” Yamapi mused, trying to find a reason. “…maybe I know someone who likes Kame or you and wants to know what’s going on?”

Jin laughed at that. “Who?”

Ryo tensed visibly. Yamapi knew someone else who liked Jin? Who?

Pi rolled his eyes. “Just saying as an example…” he grinned a bit. “Maybe it’s me?”

Jin laughed heartedly at that. “Yeah, but aren’t you together with Toma? Your boyfriend… remember?”

“Ah.” Pi made, feeling a bit surprised and really guilty. “True.”

Jin looked at him, shaking his head in surprise. “You are really something… Sometimes I wonder were your mind is drifting to…”

“Well…as I said…” Yamapi sighed. “Actually I was just curious.”

Jin sighed, rolling his eyes. “I’m not sure about it… I don’t want to hurt Kame… I’m sorry that I hurt him before.”

Yamapi shrugged a bit. “Kame could have told you earlier and you could have settled everything.”

“That’s not like Kame…” Jin smiled a bit, not sure if he should feel angry or amused. „He wants to be conquered…“



“What’s with you?” Uchi looked at Kame grumpily. “I’m asking you for the third time if you’ll have dinner with me and Miyao-kun.”

“Sorry…” Kame mumbled, earning him an annoyed look from Uchi.

Miyao grinned a bit. “It’s fun with Uchi-kun and me, you should join us.”

Kame shoved away his gloomy thoughts, nodding his head and smiling politely. “Thanks. I’ll go with you of course…”

Half an hour later they were sitting in front of a huge amount of Okonomiyaki. Uchi blinked at that. “Holy cow…” he mumbled. “Who should eat that?”

“Well…” Miyao grinned. “I’m hungry!”

“But you are so thin.” Uchi intervened. “No chance! You can’t eat all of it.”

“Wanna bet?” Miyao smiled at the other wickedly.

“No way…”

Miyao smirked a bit, his eyes scanning Uchi thoroughly. “If I win, I’ll get a kiss.”

“EH?” Uchi blurt out, looking at the other shocked.

Miyao chuckled a bit. “Just kidding of course.”

Kame stared at the two guys in surprise. Why was Uchi blushing like that? And why was Miyao making such strange jokes? No…not strange… it was more like he was implying things… Kame rolled his eyes at that, stupid guys for not being honest about what they really wanted. But then… was he someone who was allowed to complain? Kame winced, a painful feeling piercing his chest. Jin…

He had thought after telling him the truth everything would become better for him… his own gloominess, the pained feeling inside his chest, his sadness for letting the other go… He wanted to be able to move on. But the moment Jin had been standing in front of his door again, his eyes looking at him in a way they had never been eyeing him before. Somehow… soft… but also sad… and understanding. He couldn’t let it go that easily…

Why didn’t you say anything? Jin had asked after Kame had told him about their one-night stand years before. Why? He didn’t know the reasons himself… He just remembered that there were several things rushing through his mind back then. Was he afraid to be dumped? To loose a friend? To not have enough luck? Or did he feel hurt because Jin couldn’t remember… Did he want to punish Jin by freezing him out? Kame bit his lips a bit. What did he achieve with that? Jin might have been less stubborn than Kame, but his patience was limited and he was so proud. When he knocked at Kame’s door months after their one-night stand, asking what was going on, Kame had sent him away… again. Secretly hoping that he would come back… again, as he always did. But Jin didn’t come back. He had given up on him. And Kame was surprised himself when he finally realised, years ago, that not the feeling of being dumped was bad, but the feeling that someone gave him up, not trying to approach him anymore, not trying to talk to him anymore, not even looking at him anymore.


I wished I would have met you later… Wouldn’t it be nice to meet now for the first time, the you of today and the me of today? Maybe it would have worked out then…


Kame sighed a bit, glaring at his Okonomiyaki. It was not that easy right? Jin hadn’t known the answer himself: What if he had told Jin about his feelings right from their one-night stand away, would that have changed anything? The moment he had gone to bed with Jin years ago, he knew that Jin had been drunk… he knew he wouldn’t remember… And yes, it did hurt when Jin couldn’t remember. Would it be different now if they had talked about it earlier…? No… yes… no…

“Kame-kun?” Kame could hear Uchi’s voice from far away.

He gulped down his sad thoughts and forced a strained smile on his lips, clinging to the tablecloth. He looked at Uchi and Miyao, trying to shift all his attention towards them, swallowing down the tears he wanted to shed, fearing that they might start running down his cheeks immediately.

“You are really absent-minded today…” Uchi pouted, making Miyao smile in sympathy. The latter tousled Uchi’s hair, laughing at Uchi’s annoyed expression.

“Hey! Stop that…” Uchi complained, brushing through his hair to get his now messy hair styled again.

Miyao chuckled lightly. “Sorry.” His voice sounded soft, making Uchi blink for a moment… before he blushed lightly.

Kame bit down on his tongue. “Sorry…” he mumbled. “I’m not feeling so well…”

“Are you okay?” Miyao asked, feeling concerned. “Want us to get you to a doctor?”

“No…” Kame rasped out, standing up, not able to see the flirting of those two any longer. “I’ll just leave for the bathroom for a moment… I need some cold water.” With that he rushed out of the room, smashing the door of the toilet behind him, sitting down on the floor there, sobbing into some toilet paper. DAMN! This here gave the word ‘pathetic’ a new meaning… He was sitting on the toilet-floor, sobbing and crying. Waves of tears burning down his skin, reddening his eyes. Damn pathetic!


“I couldn’t tell you!” Kame explained.

“Why?” Jin’s voice sounded almost tender, he looked at his former best friend softly.

Kame looked at him piercingly. “What would you have done?” he asked. “If I told you, would we be together now? Did you love me?”

Jin blinked at that, biting his lips nervously. “I don’t know.” he admitted.

Kame swallowed down all the things he was feeling right now, looking at Jin warily. “Please…” he begged, hugging the other out of a blue. “Just promise me one thing…”

Jin breathed in heavily as Kame’s arms were wrapped around him, Kame’s soft hair tickling his nose a bit, the scent of his body was lovely. “What?” he mumbled. “What do you want me to promise you?”





“Eh…” Takki looked around curiously. “Ryo-chan? What are we doing here?”

Ryo forced a smile to his lips, his fingers brushing over the wall. “I feel like company.”

Takki flinched at that, wondering what Ryo was hiding deep underneath his calm surface. On his forehead there were small furrows since weeks, giving him a troubled expression. “Ryo-chan…” he mumbled. “If you feel lonely you can always visit me… or Yamapi…” He carefully avoided saying Jin’s name. Watching Ryo in his hospital room when one of them dropped Jin’s name, had made him feel suspicious immediately. The way Ryo’s face had changed within one second… just lasting for a tiny moment of course… Maybe it was just a coincidence… But Takki was sensible to such things, he had always been.

Ryo smiled a bit. “Thanks. But I’m okay!” he gave Takki a confident smile, trying to look happy. Takki stared at him, feeling actually more worried than before, but he knew there was no use in trying to push Ryo. He had to be careful here… “Alright… and you want…”

“A doggy…” Ryo smiled a bit, when they finally walked into the animal shelter.





“What are we doing here?” Nakamaru hugged Ueda from behind, tickling him a bit.

Ueda glared at him, but Nakamaru just laughed. “You are so gloomy recently, Tatsuya.”

“I am?” Ueda blinked.

“Yes.” Nakamaru chuckled lightly. “What’s up with you?”

“Nothing…” Ueda mumbled absent-mindedly.

Nakamaru rolled his eyes, turning his head a bit and eying Kame who just came into their rehearsing room. “Kame?”

“Hm?” Kame blinked, smiling wryly “Hi!”

“Great…” Nakamaru grumbled. “That’s gonna be one heck of a rehearsal!” His concern grew when he watched his two friends during this rehearsal… Kame did his best to stay concentrated, but Ueda was so absent-minded that Nakamaru felt really worried here. In one of their breaks he pulled him away, out of the room, into a small and empty meeting room. “Alright.” He told him firmly. “We have a five minute break here. Tell me!”

“Tell you what?” Ueda blinked for a moment, trying to sound as innocent as possible.

“Oh come on…” Nakamaru sighed. “What is it? Maybe I can help you?”

“I don’t think you can…” Ueda sighed sadly. “Ryota dumped me.”

“Eh?” Nakamaru flinched a bit, looking at Ueda carefully. “I’m so sorry, Tatsuya.” He put one of his arms around Ueda’s shoulders, hugging him, a soothing hand brushing over Ueda’s back.

“It’s okay.” Ueda reassured him, looking at the other nervously. “Yuichi… really, don’t laugh about me… but the problem is not that Ryota dumped me, the problem is why he dumped me.”

“Why did he dump you?” Nakamaru wanted to know, feeling both surprised and curious.

“He said I don’t love him…”

The explanation hit Nakamaru out of the blue. “What? But… you were together with him since months… I’m sure you loved him.”

“No.” Ueda smiled sadly. “He is right. I didn’t. I also didn’t love Shinji… or Ken… or one of my other ex-boyfriends. Apparently I’m an emotionless, crazy guy…”

Nakamaru sighed a bit. “Crazy, yes.” He teased, then he smiled softly again. “Emotionless, no.” he paused. “You have never been in love?”

“Just once.” Ueda told him.

“And? Did you tell this guy? Did he dump you? Did he hurt you?”

“No… no and no.” Ueda reassured him.

“Wait, he didn’t know about your feelings.” The other blinked at his friends, his eyes growing wide out of a sudden. “You are still in love with him right?”

“Eh?” Ueda blurt out. “Of course I’m not… I’m over it…”

“You are not!” Nakamaru told him firmly. “It’s a lie that you can’t fall for someone… you just can’t fall for someone else, because you still love this one guy.”

Before Ueda could argue or deny anything the door flew open, a tired Kame blinking into the room. “Please guys… can we go on with our rehearsal. Then we can go home sooner…”

Nakamaru blinked at that, wondering what the heck was off with his friend. For a moment he wondered if Kame was Ueda’s secret love… but wouldn’t that be too much of a coincidence? It had be someone else, right? He watched Ueda’s back disappearing into the corridor and clenched his fists in determination. Alright. He would definitely try his best to find out the truth.


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