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Painful Days and Stormy Nights Chapter 10

Title: Painful Days and Stormy Nights Chapter 10: Obstinacy
Pairing: Ohno/Aiba, KimuShingo, RyoJin, Takki/Sakamoto, Sakumiya, Nagase/Koichi and one-sided Miyake/Sakamoto (As for the others I don't know yet... (PiKame or TegoPi? KameUchi? What's with Jun?)
Rating: PG-13 
Genre: AU, family, friendship, romance, angst, drama

Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related. But the story is mine of course^^
Summary: Sho wonders about Jin's strange behaviour while Jun tries to help Yamapi with his problems, trying to make him forgive Kame. Tegoshi looses his temper with his two stubborn friends... while Ohno and Aiba still struggle with their relationship.
And then there is Ueda... together with Ryo he slowly finds a way to get down to Maru's problem...
In the meantime Shingo and the others visit Hina's friend... Yoko, a police detective. And what will happen when Kame decides to make up with Yamapi?

Jin?” Sho eyed his co-worker carefully. “You are looking so absent-minded. Everything alright?”

Jin sighed a bit, shrugging. “I just had a bad dream...”

Oh.” Sho blinked, not sure what he should do with this bit of information, but before he could say anything else, Jin smiled at him.

It's okay...” he told Sho.

Really?” the older one wanted to know.

Well, kind of.” the young Host sighed. “It's this time of the year... always...” he sighed, hoping that the dreams of his past wouldn't chase him too long.

This kid is useless... give him away.

Thanks mum, hopefully there will be a time where you will feel lonely, wishing for family and a child's love.


Hey.” Jun smiled when he stepped into Pi’s room. “Are you working for school right now?” It was more like a rhetorical question as Pi was sitting on his bed, his head buried behind his arms, giving a totally gloomy picture.

Yes.” Pi grumbled, not even lifting his head. “I’m working, so could you please leave?”

Jun ignored him and sat down on the chair next to Pi’s desk. “Nope.” he stated simply. “You have to deal with me now.”

Pi rolled his eyes, his head still buried in his arms, hair hanging around in a mess. He flinched when he felt Jun padding his head. The latter sat down next to him now. “Did you try to call Ryo-kun?”

No chance.” Yamapi mumbled, holding back some sobs. “He won’t talk to me… Every time I called one of his brothers said he went out…”

I see.” Jun paused for a moment. “It’s difficult right?”

Yamapi nodded his head.

Jun tilted his head. “He will get over it… I can promise that. He is too smart to believe that you meant to hurt him.”

You think so?” Yamapi rubbed over his eyes a bit, coughing as he was holding back his tears.

Jun nodded his head. “Maybe you can settle things tomorrow in school…” he paused for a moment. “Did you talk to Kame?”

Yamapi raised his head, for the first time now looking at Jun directly. His eyes a bit red, but also glancing stubbornly. “I won’t talk to him ever again…”

Yeah…” Jun rolled his eyes. “Come one, Pi. Not all of it is his fault…”

Yes, it’s also Uchi’s fault.” Yamapi grumbled.

And not all of it is Uchi’s fault.” Jun argued.

I know…” Yamapi mumbled. “I was the stupid one here… But why did Kame tell Ryo the truth?”

Well…” Jun shrugged a bit. “Humans are weak sometimes. And he didn’t exactly do it on purposed, you know?”

Yamapi glared a bit. “It was a stupid idea to begin with… And if it’s just a tiny mistake, something that can happen occasionally, why did you yell at them then?”

Because it was a stupid and dangerous idea.” Jun stated simply. “Come one, dressing up as girls and going to a Host Club? What if it wouldn’t have been such a noble Club? What if they would have been hurt? Besides that they really got Koichi’s reputation into danger… Hopefully Sakamoto-san and Takki-san won’t spread these news…It was a prank, but a stupid one” Jun sounded worried as he thought about what might happen to them if Takki was determined to kill their reputation.

Yamapi looked at Jun warily. “You mean Koichi might be in some serious problems.” He paused for a moment, rubbing over his head. “I’m sure Kame didn’t want to do that…” He sighed a bit, suddenly feeling sorry for Kame being in such a huge mess…

Jun smiled at him. “He didn’t mean to hurt you… and I’m pretty sure he needs you right now. Koichi is still furious…”


So?” Shingo asked, as he followed Hina through a deserted street. “Nice area.”

Are you nuts, Shingo?” Miyake mumbled in shock, looking around anxiously. “This here is pretty much like I imagined Gotham City.”

You should stop watching so much Batman.” Shingo told him firmly. “Yes, this place is not really comfortable, but no need for Batman to fight it…”

Hina rolled his eyes. “Seriously, you guys are something…”

And this Yoko is really such an amazing guy?” Shingo wanted to know, his voice sounding curious.

He is pretty good with the things he does.” Hina explained simply, pausing for a moment, before he finally walked towards a door, knocking there.

For a moment there was silence… nearly an unbearable silence. Then they heard something moving inside the house, some noise as something fell to the ground and finally there was the sound of the key at the door… “Hm?” Yoko yawned as he opened the door, dressed in a pyjama with pictures of pretty girls on it, his hair messy.

Hina rolled his eyes. “It’s us. And I called you yesterday… remember?”

Oh…yes…” Yoko mused, yawning a bit. “Wanna come in?”

Hina sighed. “Yes, since we are already here and you invited us.” As they stepped into Yoko’s house, the latter closed the door behind them, closing it properly with a few different keys and locks.

Wow…” Shingo mused. “Must be dangerous here.”

I like to be careful.” Yoko explained simply, pointing at his casual but comfortable living room. “Sit down. I’ll make some tea.”

As he left into the kitchen Miyake bent forward a bit. “And he is really part of the police?” he whispered.

Hina grinned. “He is quite famous… normally he always does his own thing, but he is brilliant. A genius. That’s why they don’t intervene into his business. Sometimes he is even investigating undercover. If there is anything you guys want to know, this guy can find it out for you…”

Great!” Shingo grinned.

So…” Yoko’s eyes glanced in interest as he was eager to intervene into these guys’ business. His work meant a lot to him and every time he could do something on his own or help one of his friends his attention was rising. “You want to know where your professor Takuya-sensei lives at? And the place of the Host Club of his brothers?”

Yes.” Shingo smiled brightly.


So…” Tegoshi stared at his two friends in annoyance. “Could you two please talk to each other again? It’s been three days already! And I’m slightly feeling bored now…”

Ryo glared at him, while Yamapi just stared at the ceiling… feeling totally gloomy again. Jun’s words from their talk had been really soothing, but now… facing reality was harder as he thought.

HELLO!” Tegoshi waved a bit, pulling at Ryo’s sleeve and at Pi’s trousers. “Don’t be so stubborn… So, Yamashita-kun’s brother owns a Host Club and he didn’t want to tell us? World doesn’t end because of that, you know?”

Again no answer.

Yamapi coughed a bit.

Oh come on…” Tegoshi sighed. “He won’t do it again and he had his reasons.”

Yeah…” Ryo grumbled. “Stupid reasons.”

Ah…” Tegoshi grinned happily. “He talks… now we’ll just have to get you talking too…” he looked at Yamapi, smiling a bit. As there was no reply, Tegoshi took some of his sushi and threw it at the two guys, his voice unusually upset. “Honestly, don’t you think this fight is really stupid? Don’t you actually just both want to talk each other… I’m sure you are simply too proud to get over it and each of you secretly misses the other like madly. Isn’t it just stupid!?”

Yamapi blinked for a moment, surprised that Tegoshi was actually able to sound firm. Out of the corner of his eyes he could see Ryo wincing slightly.

I’m sorry…” Yamapi mumbled. “I told you before… I was just freaking out…”

I know…” Ryo sighed a bit, deciding to get over his pride, Jin’s words working in his mind again..

Great!” Tegoshi beamed at that. “So we are as good as settled again. For the rest of it I leave it to you guys… I’ve done enough here.” He smiled proudly. “Now let’s talk about more important things?”

More important than us?” Yamapi asked pointedly.

It’s a charitable event!” Tegoshi stated, sounding superior – much to Yamapi’s anger. “That’s more interesting than your stupid fight.”

Ryo rolled his eyes a bit, then something came to his mind. “Is this Host Club thingy we plan even allowed?”

No.” Tegoshi shrugged. “The school actually dislikes activities like that, because they think it’s just one step into a red-light district. But it’s not exactly forbidden…”

Yamapi blinked at him. “You have to be kidding us? Why didn’t you say so before?” he glared at him. “You are such a pain, Tegoshi.”

Ryo had to grin a bit at their bickering… slightly he wondered where these two were heading to with their non-stop fighting. Out of the corner of his eyes, he could see Ueda waving at him, apparently being in a hurry.

Ryo got up. “Sorry guys… I have to go…” But the other two didn’t even hear him. They were too pre-occupied with their fight to even recognize him. “What?” he asked when he reached Ueda.

The latter looked around carefully. “I watched Maru today…” he explained. “He told Nagase-kun again that he has no homework… and he forgot his lunch… and he has some strange bruises on his arms.”

Ryo stared at him in disbelief. “You mean…”

Definitely!” Ueda stated. “Someone is bullying him… It can’t be someone from our school.”

Where is he now?” Ryo’s voice sounded seriously upset. He couldn’t believe someone was doing such a mean thing to someone else…

He already left.” Ueda sighed, feeling seriously disappointed.

Ryo nodded his head, musing a bit. “Since it has to be some guys on his way home… Do we know where he lives?”

Ueda shrugged a bit. “I can try to find it out.”


There was a tiny, sarcastic smile on Ueda’s face. “I’ll tell Nagase-kun that I want to open up to people… and therefore I need Maru’s address to drop by some scripts…”

Ryo grinned. “You think he’ll buy that?”

I’m pretty sure he will!” Ueda smiled.


Hey.” Ohno said nonchalantly as he met Aiba in front of his apartment.

Hey…” Aiba smiled a bit.

I’m glad you could make it!” Ohno chuckled. “It’s a bit difficult to date someone who is working at night.”

No…it’s difficult dating someone who is working during day…” Aiba teased back.

Since you are already here I could cook something for you?” Ohno suggested.

Aiba eyed the other sceptically. “Cook?” Cooking was definitely his area… and he was really picky when it was about food.

But Ohno didn’t seem to be bothered at all, he just shrugged. “How about fish. And you can choose the right vine… I don’t know anything about vines or liquors in combination with food… though I’m a supplier in this business.” he suggested simply, shoving Aiba into his apartment.

The moment he had closed the door behind them, Aiba turned around a bit, his hands now stroking over Ohno’s hips. Ohno looked at him warily, before pulling him into a hug, his hands roaming over Aiba’s back, before he kissed him softly.

Aiba pecked the other’s lips playfully, then he drew back again. “White vine goes with fish.” He suddenly interrupted. “Which ones do you have at home?”

Ohno sighed at that. Apparently he shouldn’t start with liquors and vine when they were about to make out… Aiba was too much into his work. “Alright. You can search your way through the cupboards.”

Aiba smiled a bit. He was still not too sure about what was going on here… and particularly about his feelings concerning Ohno. He loved being with the other… he was feeling calm and safe then, not torn apart like when being alone or with other men. Ohno was soothing. His simple way of asking or answering things was like medicine for him. Ohno didn’t demand much, he didn’t ask too much, he didn’t expect answers immediately. He didn’t want Aiba to decide immediately if he really wanted to try this… He gave him time.

Did you already decide for a vine?” Ohno asked when he was setting the table.

Aiba looked at him warily. “I’m not sure…” he mumbled.

Ohno looked up, his eyes scanning the other thoroughly, before he smiled softly as he slowly grasped what Aiba really meant with his words. “Take your time.” He told him. “You don’t have to decide anything right now.”


Okay… Kame took a deep breath, eyeing the door to Yamapi’s room warily, he was feeling even too frightened to move. How should he approach Yamapi now? How talk to him? Yamapi hadn’t even looked at him since the incident at the Host Club.

Alright, it might have been not the best idea… but neither he nor Uchi knew that this Host Club was that fancy… they just wanted to get to know this Takki-san… and his little brother… and his Host Club. Who could have expected that there would be such a watchdog like this unfriendly and sarcastic Sakamoto-san?

Not that their idea was brilliant to begin with, but he had never expected the disaster that would revolve around it… Koichi was torn between feeling really curious but also angry at them…

Jun was still furious…

Uchi was still grumpy because he got pulled into this mess…

Tsubasa didn’t know how to deal with all of them…

And Yamapi hadn’t talked to him since days…

Kame knocked his head against the wall…tears filling his eyes. Damn. He didn’t care for the other problems he had… He would make up with Uchi again, because they were friends and co-workers and Uchi was an easy-forgiving guy. Jun’s wrath was already calming down… Koichi felt a bit relieved…because apparently this Takki-san was some sort of good Samaritan because he hadn’t ruined Koichi’s reputation…

But Yamapi was still freezing him out… his closest friend… the person that was most important to him.

What are you doing here?” a voice behind him asked, making Kame jump. He turned around a bit, seeing how Yamapi was standing behind him, blinking at him… a bit surprised… a bit wary… and really inscrutable.

Kame clung to the surprised boy. “I’m so sorry…” he whined.

It’s okay…” Yamapi mumbled, too surprised to say anything else. He dragged Kame into his room, closing the door behind them. “It was my mistake in the first place…”

I didn’t plan to tell him… It just slipped out… somehow…” Kame tried to explain, sitting down on the little sofa in Yamapi’s room.

I told you it’s okay.” Yamapi told him firmly. “I had a lot of time to think…” he admitted.

And what did you think?” Kame wanted to know, his eyes looking at the other curiously.

Secret.” Yamapi smiled, sitting down next to Kame. The latter dropped his head on Yamapi’s shoulder, snuggling a bit against him. Secretly Yamapi thought that Jun was right. Kame needed him right now… but not only right now. He had needed him all the time and since weeks he was already forgetting about Kame… his first friend, the first person he was ever close with. He shouldn’t forget that… If he had spent more time with Kame, maybe he wouldn’t have ended in such a disaster for Kame, right?


Ryo gasped in surprise, when he felt some hands grabbing his arm and pulling him into the corridor. “What?” he called out, looking around furiously.

It’s just me.” Ueda let go of his hand, his eyes were searching through the corridor. “Maru is leaving right now…” Ueda breathed out.

Already?” Ryo blinked. That was against their plan… They were supposed to have a sport class afterwards. And then he and Yamapi had planned to follow Maru, together with Ueda and maybe Tegoshi.

Sport lesson was cancelled.” Ueda explained shortly, already heading towards the exit door of their school.

Ryo turned his head a bit, somehow he felt uncomfortable leaving alone with Ueda. Hadn’t he promised Jin to not do this mission on his own… since it might become dangerous… But when he saw how Ueda was waiting impatiently for him, he couldn’t do anything else but run after him…

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