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Seekers of the Night Chapter 7

Title: Seekers of the Night Chapter 7: Sparkling wrath
Pairing: Sho/Jun, Akame, hints of KimuRyo or TakkiRyo (I'm still not sure myself what it will become), hints of TegoShige, here: ShingoTaku

Rating:  PG-15
mystery, (should become) thriller, romance, bit angst, fantasy, friendshi
Disclaimer: I don't own them, but the story is mine^^
Summary:  While the both of them start getting closer to each other, more things get revealed about Sho's and Jun's past. Uchi tries to calm down an annoyed Koichi while the Paranormals try to analyze some things...
And then there is a meeting which is nearly escalating as Ryo discovers the shocking truth. And what will Sho and Jun say when they hear that it will be a Paranormal spying on the enemy?

Hey…Jun!“ a tall, sweet guy called out, running after Jun.

Jun paused, turning around a bit and smiling at the other person, tousling his hair. “Masa… you are always so whiny…”

That’s because I want to join you guys!” the boy pouted.

But you aren’t a Seeker.” Sho smiled at him, putting an arm around his shoulder and snuggling him to his chest. “Let’s stay at home.”

Is it okay if I watch you while you are following Jun in his mind?” the other asked curiously.

Sure…why not?” Sho grinned a bit, before he turned his attention towards Jun again, his hands stroking over Jun’s shoulders. “Be careful…Jun.”

Of course, Sho” Jun showed him a warm smile, before he turned around and left like a flash.

Ah…it must be cool to be a Seeker, right Sho?” Masa sighed a bit in admiration.

Sho laughed at that. “I’m not sure if it’s that cool… it’s also a lot of work. Don’t you like what you are?” he teased a bit.

I guess I’m okay with what I am…” the guy grinned impishly. “It’s interesting to see things when I’m asleep…”

Did you learn to lead the dreams into your own direction? Can you already manipulate them?” Sho wanted to know, sounding curious, while he curled the other’s hair softly.

Not yet… but I can already see things quite easily. Like visions… just in form of dreams.” The guy grinned happily. “Maybe it could be useful one day.”

I’m sure it will.” Sho reassured him. “See! Paranormals have their benefits too!”


“Hey Jun…” Sho poked Jun’s cheek. „You are having gloomy thoughts…“

“Did you enter my mind?” Jun grumbled. He was lying on his bed right now. Face buried in his arms.

Sho glared at that. “I would never do that…” He nearly sounded offended and Jun felt sorry for even suggesting it.

“Sorry…” the latter mumbled, stroking over Sho’s face with the back of his hand. “Didn’t mean it like that…”

Sho smiled at the soft gesture, his fingertips stroking over Jun’s hair. “And what were you thinking?”

Jun forced a smile to his lips. “You don’t want to know that…”

“I do want to know it!” Sho argued, his eyebrows knitted, as he was scanning the other thoroughly.

“This boy…” Jun started to explain instead of answering to the question. “This Yamada-boy…”

“What’s with him?”

“He can see shadows accompanying people who are traitors… who are bad…” Jun answered silently.

Sho’s eyes grew wide. “Seriously? Well… I guess Yoko will be thrilled. That’s a pretty useful gift. Just imagine how many things are easier now… knowing immediately who is a traitor…”

Jun looked at Sho’s piercingly. “Not only that… He can also see light shadows, not just dark and full ones…”

“So, what does that mean?”

“He can also see those who might become traitors…” Jun closed his eyes at that, rolling on his back, dwelling in his gloomy thoughts.

Sho’s eyes grew wider as he realised the direction Jun’s thoughts were heading to. “Nothing…” Sho tried to pronounce every syllable to lay more weight to the meaning of it. “Nothing of what happened in the past is your fault…”

“I just don’t get it…” Jun grumbled. “I’ve always been such a sceptical and careful person… and then…the only person I trusted beside you was this fuckin’ traitor…”

“His whole appearance was so innocent…” Sho mumbled. “He…” he paused a moment, forcing himself to say the other’s name. “Masa… was… well… sweet and nice… and innocent and pure… There was nothing dark about him. Who could have guessed that out of all people he would be the one being responsible for so many deaths…”

Jun smiled sadly. “Truth is, I liked him a lot. He was like a little, dorky, absent-minded brother… always listening to what we said and giving his best.”

Sho shrugged helplessly. “Jun…” he sighed. „Please stop that.“ He looked down at the other, scanning his bothered expression. “I hate it when you look like that…” His fingertips wandered over Jun’s face, trying to wipe away the furrows between his eyebrows and the worry lines on his forehead. Jun grabbed his hand, stopping it from moving. For a moment Sho’s heart stopped beating, not sure if this here was they right thing to do, wondering if he wouldn’t end up hurt in the end… But these worries seemed so far away… At the moment he could just see Jun’s sad smile and the troubled look in his eyes. Sho raised his other hand, stroking over Jun’s sad smile, before he bent down, kissing these sinful lips.

Jun’s hand rested on Sho’s head now, playing with some strands of the other’s hair, while he was still lying on the bed, Sho hovering at his side. Jun smiled into the kiss.

Sho grinned a bit, when he finally drew back. “See?” he smiled.

Jun chuckled lightly. “What was that? That’s totally unlike you…”

“But now you smile…” Sho smiled softly, then he paused. “And? Whose lips taste better, mine or Ryo-kun’s?” he asked playfully, not really caring for the answer.

Jun laughed at that. “Oh my… Ryo’s lips are sinful… but yours are the best.”




“I can’t stand this dog!” Koichi grumbled, hitting an invisible enemy with his sword.

Uchi rolled his eyes. He had joined Koichi in his training lesson in the lowest floor of the basement, trying to support him as his Guardian. But Koichi was in no good mood, not wanting to be supported at all.

“Out of all possible pets… why does it have to be the one dog that nearly attacked me?” Koichi grumbled.

“It did attack you.” Uchi corrected him, gulping a bit at the angry glance Koichi shot at him. “I’m just saying…” he mumbled. “Maybe it’s useful.”

“How is it useful?” Koichi wanted to know.

“Well, it’s a mutated and strong animal. If Ryo trains him well, you might use him in a fight.” Uchi tried to sound reasonable.

Koichi glared a bit. “I’m well aware of that… I just don’t get it why it has to be THIS dog. Why didn’t Jun take one of the other dogs… There were enough of them lying around…”

Uchi grinned a bit. “I’m sure it was just because he wanted to annoy you…”

“Yeah…” Koichi grumbled, hitting with his sword against another invisible enemy, before he sighed a bit, stretching his muscles. The training had calmed him down a bit, refreshened his mind… He smiled, walking towards Uchi, reaching out a bit to reach the taller one, his fingertips stroking over Uchi’s beautiful lips. “You are always so concerned when I’m moody…” Koichi chuckled.

Uchi blushed at that. “I’m not…” He paused as the fingertips on his lips kept distracting him. “But just because you are so short-tempered when you are angry…and I don’t know what you are breaking and destroying when you are angry.”

Koichi grinned at that. “That’s Kimura whom you are talking about.”

“Your mind gets totally blank... and you don't even get how angry you are...” Uchi mumbled.

“No.” Koichi's grin grew wider. “That's Jun.”

“But your anger is also dangerous.” Uchi stuttered. “You can totally loose it and turn into another dangerous creature then.”

Koichi laughed. “And that's Ryo. Not me.”

Uchi sighed. “Alright…” he gave it. „I hate it when you are feeling all bad and gloomy… I want you to feel happy and joyful.“

“See.” Koichi’s smiled triumphantly. “I knew what you are thinking…”

“Well…” Uchi pouted. „You are my Seeker. You are supposed to know what I’m thinking…“

Koichi pushed some strands of Uchi’s hair aside, his fingers wandering over Uchi’s forehead now. He smiled a bit. “I know.”





Yamapi blinked at Takki in surprise. “Seriously? Shadows?”

Takki’s mile grew bright. “Isn’t that amazing?”

“It’s great.” Sakamoto interrupted them. “Just imagine the things we can do now. With Yamada’s help we can check every person… seeing if it’s a bad or a good one.”

Takki looked at Sakamoto thoughtfully, when a sudden thought hit him, his thoughts wandering around freely in his mind for a moment before he controlled them to not catch Sakamoto’s attention. But the latter already blinked in surprise. “What?”

Takki looked at him thoroughly, not voicing the words he wanted to say, but speaking them in his mind: I just want to check on something.

Aiba-kun he thought. He needed to know if he could trust the latter and particularly how much he could trust him.

Hey…” Ohno grumbled. „Could you two stop your mind-games and return to us? Other people don’t understand it if you talk in your minds.”

“He is right.” Okada agreed, grabbing a piece of cake and resting his legs on the table.

“Could you not do that.” Sakamoto glared, pushing his legs from the table, sitting down next to him.

“Hell.. are you moody.” Okada sighed, before a very rare impish smile appeared on his face, his fingers suddenly crawling over Sakamoto’s legs, stroking his thighs teasingly.

“Holy cow…” Ohno rolled his eyes, feeling the lustful tension between the two men. “Could you keep that for later? You have your own rooms right?”

Okada smiled wickedly, pulling his hand away, not even answering to Ohno’s remark. Yamapi sneezed a bit, he was lying on the sofa, not really seeing what was going on and glaring at the others. “Hey!” he called out. “I’m here. Remember? You guys were talking to me right now.”

Takki smiled brightly. “Sorry.”

“Back to topic I guess.” Ohno yawned a bit.

Sakamoto looked at Yamapi thoroughly, recalling what they had just been talking about. Then he tilted his head a bit. “Yamada’s power is really amazing… immediately realising if someone is a traitor or a bad person.”

“Yes.” Takki said silently. “And realising who could be a traitor…”

“How does that work?” Yamapi wanted to know.

Well…” Ohno mused. „It’s a mind thing. There are people who can get drawn into powers of the enemy easier than others… or people who are easier to threaten… or those who can be easily caught by promises... or bribed.”

“Yes.” Sakamoto agreed. “Also weak characters who are not really bad, but fall for bad people easily… or naïve persons…”

Yamapi gulped a bit. “Wow!“ he breathed out. „That’s really amazing…“

“I guess it’s one of the reasons why Yoko is planning a meeting today.” Okada suggested, taking a bite from his cake.

Ohno looked at him curiously. “Where did you get the cake from?”

Okada shrugged. “Goro-kun made it…”

“Really?” Ohno looked at the other hungrily. Cake!! „Is there still something left?“

“It should be… There was a lot of it when I got my piece.“ Okada reassured him.

OH NO!!!!!” a voice yelled from the kitchen a floor beneath them, interrupting the Paranormals in their discussion. “MY CAKE DISAPPEARED!” Goro cried. „TAKUYA!! THE DOG ATE MY CAKE!!“



„Hey, Kame!“ Jin’s voice interrupted Kame. He turned around blushing lightly as he thought of their last night together.


“Ah…” Shige eyed Jin fearfully. A Guardian… For him these species was still something really scary. Well…Jin wasn’t that scary like Jun or Sho or Kimura… but he was a Guardian… that was already intimidating enough. And Jin was proud, he just gave attention to those who were interesting him or who he liked. So… he didn’t even look at Shige or Tegoshi, when he approached Kame.

Kame smiled a bit, feeling flattered over Jin’s attention. He was well aware of the fact that the Seekers and Guardians were rather closed when it was about their attention towards others, outside their species. And those whom they liked were always something special…

Tegoshi glared a bit. He had just met Kame and Shige and joined them in their discussion about the upcoming meeting. And Jin was so… impolite! “Hi!” he grumbled.

„Hey…“ Jin mumbled absent-mindedly, his gaze still at Kame.

„I guess we are not needed here…“ Teogshi rolled his eyes in annoyance, grabbing Shige’s sleeve and pulling the other with him. “Let’s try the newest experiment instead.”

“Forget it!” Shige blurt out. „I’m not some kind of object you can experiment with.“

„Stop complaining.“ Tegoshi grinned cheekily. „At least you get my attention.“

“But I don’t care for your attention…” the other answered angrily, wriggling to get away from Tegoshi’s grip.

“Hey guys…” Taichi interrupted them sternly. „What are you doing here?”

“Just working…” Tegoshi smiled wickedly.

“I already told you to forget it!” Shige glared at the other, making Tegoshi pout a bit.

Taichi grabbed their arms, pulling them along. “You two are doing nothing now. The meeting will start in a few minutes…”


When Shige slipped into the meeting room, he carefully followed Tegoshi. As much as he disliked the other, at least he was part of his group. The Paranormals were still a bit creepy for him… not to talk about the other species. He winced when he saw Sakamoto’s glance towards him. Wasn’t that the guy who could read people’s minds? Uhhh… creepy… Shige shrunk back, when he saw how Sakamoto was smirking towards his direction. Yes, definitely. The mind-reader guy!

Yoko looked around expectantly. Apparently no one was missing. Even Sho and Jun were there though they normally kept away from such gatherings because it meant they had to meet Paranormals. And well… the look Jun shot towards Takki, who was sitting opposite from him, was like he was mentally stabbing him… Takki frowned a bit, but decided to look away, not wanting to get into an argument with any of the strong-minded and short-tempered Seekers. It was strange, he thought, how they all shared these two characteristics. They were stubborn and short-tempered… maybe their hard work and the experiences from the past made them to what they were now. Careful with their trust and doubtful towards anyone else. His eyes caught Ryo, who was leaning against Jin right now. Takki couldn’t help a sympathetic smile towards the young guy, who immediately smiled back warmly towards him.

Yoko raised his eyebrows at that. What was that? Well…whatever… gladly it was not his problem, he had troubles enough with his own two teams… “Alright…” he started. “I guess all of you know about Yamada-kun’s power, right?” As all of them nodded, he smiled in relief. Great. So he could go right to the next problem. He took a deep breath. “Then let’s go to two serious things… Really serious…”

Sakamoto’s eyes were resting on him now, before they grew wide. “WHAT…” Sakamoto blurt out.

“What ‘what’?” Ohno wanted to know, feeling pretty uncomfortable by the other’s strong reaction. And not only Ohno, also Kimura’s and Jun’s interest was definitely awaken by now.

“What happened?” Kimura wanted to know, his eyes getting the shape of a cat’s as his tensed attention overwhelmed him. Shige looked at him in awe, wondering once again about the mysterious power of the Seekers.

Yoko sighed a bit. “Takki-kun contacted one of our informers… and he heard some strange rumours. Apparently there are kids and young people disappearing suddenly. They never return.”

“We already know that…” Jun sounded impatiently.

“Yes.” Yoko agreed. “But they are not killed, apparently they are used…for something bigger…”

“You mean…” Goro’s eyes grew wide, his hand grabbing Kimura’s arm. „They are doing experiments with them? For what?”

Kimura stroked over his Guardian’s hand softly, trying to calm him down a bit. “We have no clue what’s happening with them?”

Yoko shrugged helplessly. “Not yet. But let me come to the next point first.” He paused a bit. “Mabo told me that the creatures that got through the hole of the space-time continuum are not that strong. They are wild animals of course… and strong enough to kill any of us. But…their mental abilities are not that high…”

“Yeah…” Takki mused. „That sounds reasonable. If we think how the dog that you guys brought here is living with us… and how he is listening to Ryo-kun’s word… it’s like a normal pet-dog.”

“Exactly.” Mabo nodded his head. „They are not that skilled.” He paused.

Jun was up his feet immediately. „You mean, they are not skilled enough to get a hole into the space-time continuum?“ he blurt out, eyes sparkling in shock and anger.

Sho pulled him down again, his eyes resting on Yoko’s face. “Is that true?” he wanted to know.

Yoko nodded his head, closing his eyes by the reactions of the Seekers.

“How can that be!?” Koichi wanted to know, his voice shaking because of suppressed anger.

“Because someone might have created this hole…on purpose…” Yoko explained.

“You mean someone living in our world made a hole into the space-time continuum?” Ryo asked, his eyes looking at the other sharply.


“Why?“ Uchi wanted to know.

We don’t know that for sure…” Yoko explained. “There could be several reasons… like bringing some dangers to human beings… or it could be for experiments…”

Ryo looked at him through questioning eyes, his mind working on his own, then a sudden thought hit him. His eyes grew wide, sparkling in sudden wrath. Jin gasped as he caught Ryo's mood, he put one hand on the other's arm to calm him down, his eyes looking at his Seeker in concern. “It could be something else!?” Ryo blurt out.

“What?” Kimura looked at him, his face wearing a worried expression by the angry look on the young guy's face.

Ryo’s eyes changed their color…turning into a dark black, making some of the Humans shrink back instinctively.

“Ryo-chan…” Jin mumbled. „Calm down…“ His fingers were stroking over Ryo’s shoulder now, eager to make the other’s anger disappear, before he would burst out in wrath. On the other side of him, Kimura’s hand was lying on Ryo’s thighs, desperately trying to soothe him.

Jun’s eyes were scanning the other in interest… and fear. “Come on…” he breathed out. “What did you find out…?”

Ryo took a deep breath, trying to remember the people around him, his mind slowly coming back, connecting with his body again. „If there is a hole in the space-time continuum…” he paused, looking at his own species directly now. “Who will come to fix it?”

We…” Jun answered automatically, before the realisation of his words hit him. “WE!” he yelled, his eyes sparkling in wrath now. “DAMN! They want to get us!!”

Before anyone else could react so that the situation escalated even more out of shock, there was a soothing feeling flooding through the Humans’ and Paranormals’ body, leading their thoughts into a less scared and panicked direction, calming them down a bit.

“Thanks.” Yoko smiled at Okada, before he looked at Kimura through begging eyes.

The oldest of the Seekers sighed, pulling at Jun’s sleeve softly. “There is no use in getting angry now… Let’s think about how to work on it… alright?”

Jun sighed a bit, his eyes still sparkling, but he was reasonable enough to know that Kimura was right, so he sat down again, looking at Yoko expectantly. “So?”

“We thought of getting someone of us into the huge economic company of the military. Undercover of course, to find out what’s going on…” Yoko explained.

“You mean an undercover spy?” Goro pulled up his eyebrows. “Isn’t that dangerous?”

Koichi rolled his eyes. “It’s war.” he glared a bit at Goro. “War is always dangerous.”

“Well, we can keep the danger to a limit if we choose the right person…” Yoko mumbled, biting his lips nervously as he felt Jun’s piercing glance on him.

“Who?” Sho breathed out, already knowing that it would be someone neither he nor Jun would approve of.

Yoko rubbed over his forehead, his nervousness spreading in his mind. He knew this was a sore topic and he knew that it would be difficult to tell it some of the Seekers, but he had never expected the situation to be that tensed when he announced whom he was thinking to send undercover. “Sakamoto-kun.” He answered, his headache worsening when he saw into Sho's eyes.

Sho was up his feet immediately, his eyes sparkling, earning him some surprised glances from the others, as he was known as the more calm and thoughtful guy out of the Sho-Jun Seeker-Guardian pair. “A PARANORMAL?” he yelled. “You want to get a PARANORMAL into this company... undercover!? With all the things he knows from us!? You know we are the last Seekers! Sending a Paranormal!? Are you insane?”

Takki closed his eyes over this outburst, putting one of his hands on Yamada’s shoulders, as if he could make the hatred coming from Sho disappear like that and not let it affect the youngest amidst them.

Jun clenched his fists, his eyes getting a dangerous gleam. “Yeah, why don’t we Seekers just kill ourselves instead?” he hissed.

“DAMN!” Okada yelled, his calm attitude suddenly gone as someone was going against one of his friends like that. “Sakamoto would never betray us!”

Sakamoto raised his arm, holding Okada back. “Let it be… It’s okay, you can’t erase doubts and pain from the past so easily.”

“Yeah…” there was a grin on Shingo’s face. “Gladly you Seekers are all so calm and emotionless… wouldn’t that be stressful otherwise?” He twinkled towards Kimura, earning him a glare from the latter. But Shingo’s nonchalant way of pointing out the Seekers’ short-temperedness and making fun of the whole situation in his very own unique and humorous way had strangely calmed the situation down. Kimura showed him a tiny, thankful smile, before he turned to Sho and Jun, his eyes looking at them insistently. “Please.” he said.

Jun sighed deeply, as always giving in to the way Kimura kept demanding things, and took Sho’s hand, stroking over the other’s palm with his thumb to soothe him, then he pulled him down on his seat.

Okada sighed in relief, his anger disappeared as fast as it had appeared. He was well aware of the fact that most of the Seekers and their Guardians weren’t really generous with their trust, due to some incidents of their past. He looked at Sakamoto when he sat down, the older one’s hand resting on Okada’s leg.

“He is a good person.” Okada told the Seekers, sounding friendly again, trying to convince them. “He won’t betray us. He is a friend.”

“Yeah…” Sho mumbled sadly, his thoughts wandering away. “You would be surprised what a friend could turn out to be…”






Hey Masa…“ Sho smiled at the other boy softly. „Where are you going to?”

I’m meeting friends.“ Masa answered, smiling happily.

Again? Be careful…” On Sho’s forehead there appeared small wrinkles, showing his concern.

Masa laughed at that. “Sho-kun is always so worried.“ He clung to Sho’s arm. “No need for that… They are nice guys…“

Yeah…“ Sho mumbled, feeling uncomfortable. „I just saw them once…they are…something is strange about them…”

Don’t you want me to have friends?” Masa pouted.

Of course I do…“ Sho smiled softly, his voice still worried. „But this world is dangerous, you know…and Paranormals like you are always wanted. There are people hunting for them and seducing them to help them with their dirty business… Be careful who you choose as your friends”



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