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Bittersweet Symphony Chapter 4

Title: Bittersweet Symphony: Chapter 4: Morning breeze
Pairing: Main: RyoJin, And: Akame, TomaPi, Uchi/Miyao, one-sided RyoDa, PiKame
Rating:  PG-13
Genre: romance, angst, friendship
Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related, but the story is mine of course^^
Summary: Toma is determined to save his relationship with Yamapi, while Kame chooses Subaru to talk about his problems with Jin. Then there is Ryo's new dog and a dorky Yamapi... and Takki who feels like he needs to do something about Ryo's lovesickness. Is setting up Ryo with someone else the best thing?

Toma smiled happily when he lifted the lid a bit, curling his nose at the nice scent that hit him now. He grinned. Pasta! Yamapi loved everything that was Italian… especially Italian food. And what was better than Italian food to add some spice to a relationship that was trying to stay resistant through daily-life routine. In such a situation... wouldn’t a nice, self-made romantic dinner… with a hot lover help? Toma rubbed over his forehead, smiling cheekily. Who knew how this evening would end? Maybe in bed… finally…after weeks…the both of them might be having sex again…

Toma could already see Yamapi’s perfect body in front of him. Ah, this guys was so pretty, so perfect…so beautiful… so lovely and sweet… so nice… so everything. Toma couldn’t help but grin about himself. After five years he was still acting like a totally lovey-dovey teenager. Well, he loved Yamapi, he always did. And though they were really struggling with the boring routine right now, Toma was still feeling happy when being with Yamapi.

“Alright…” he smiled a bit, getting some plates out of the cupboard and started to set the table on the roof deck.


Subaru looked down at the table, eyes grown wide. “Why did you tell me?” he wanted to know.

Kame flinched a bit. “Sorry…” he breathed out. “I just didn’t know whom to talk to otherwise… and my bandmates are no option either.” There is too much standing between us, he added in his thoughts. He had just been on a drink with Ueda, but Kame couldn’t help but feel that there was also something going on in Ueda’s mind… the way he was always glancing at the entrance door of the bar.

Jin is not visiting this place much anymore.” Kame had said to him, thinking that Ueda was maybe waiting for Jin to appear, but the latter had just blinked in surprise. “I’m not waiting for Jin.”

Kame snorted about himself as he remembered that. Was Jin everywhere in his mind right now? But there was still Ueda’s strange glance in front of his eyes, as if he was secretly expecting someone. Whom was he waiting for? The bar was quite common for Johnnys, many of them went there after work or even for dinner or lunch. Ryo and Yamapi were often eating there, same for Tsubasa and Takki… some guys of Arashi… everyone.

Kame shifted his attention back to Subaru. “Sorry…” he repeated. “I hope it’s okay…”

Subaru sighed. “Well, it’s okay, I guess.” He was used to working together with Kame since their Dreamboys Stage play and when he had met Kame coincidentally sitting alone in a bar, he couldn’t help but approach him… he was looking so lonely. And apparently his appearance, though he was basically a stranger for him, was what Kame had needed. “So… you and Jin?” Subaru mused.

“That’s not exactly how it is.” Kame explained.

“But you had something going some years ago?” Subaru wanted to know.

Kame nodded his head, smiling weakly. “Just that Jin can’t remember anything.”

“A drunk-fuck, hm?” Subaru asked sarcastically. “But you weren’t drunk?”

“Nope, I didn’t drink.” Kame shrugged a bit.

Subaru looked at the other piercingly. “Then you knew about the possibility that he wouldn’t remember and did it anyway?”

“I…” Kame started, then he paused in disbelief as the realisation hit him. „I was in love… also before I slept with him.”

“Complicated…” Subaru sighed. “And now? What did he say?”

That he needs some time to sort out his thoughts… that he isn’t exactly in love with me, though he feels attached to me of course… He was basically dumping me, without dumping me…” Kame knitted his eyebrows over so many complicated thoughts. “I asked him to think everything through before he would give me an answer...” Kame looked at Subaru carefully. “What do you think?”

Subaru sighed slightly. “Well, I guess… it sounds like he is a bit overstrained with the situation.'s actually nice that he told you he would think about it.” He paused for a moment, not sure what to say about that anymore, then he eyed Kame warily. “Have you ever heard about the right timing?”

Kame snorted at that, looking at his drink gloomily. “I know. I’m totally off with my Timing… I should have said something earlier.”

“Well…” Subaru smiled softly. “We can’t turn back time, right? It’s okay the way it is now…”

Kame felt a bit relieved by Subaru’s simple logic and by the other’s blunt way to express the recent incidents. He decided to give Jin some room to think. “You won’t tell me to fight for him?”

“In the end you are the one who has to decide about that.”


“This here is what you got from the animal shelter?” Yamapi raised his eyebrows, pointing at the everything-but-pretty dog sitting between Takki and Ryo on the sofa. Yamapi eyed Takki grumpily. “You were with him, right? Why didn’t you try to convince him to get another… prettier… dog?”

Ryo glared at Yamapi. “It is pretty!”

“Where is this dog pretty?” Yamapi wanted to know.

“Well...” Ryo stuttered, before his glance turned firm. “I’m sure it has a pretty heart.” he looked at his ugly little dog lovingly.

“Yeah…” Pi grumbled. “That’s why it ate my cake right before… and bit into my shoes”

“Well…” Takki looked at Pi piercingly, a warning glance in his eyes. “Ryo thinks that this dog fits his mood the best right now.”

Pi raised his eyebrows at that, but gave his face a straight impression before Ryo could get suspicious. “Then… I guess we have to deal with it.” Pi looked at the dog grumpily. “Maybe I’ll get you a pretty dog for your birthday?” he suggested teasingly, earning him an annoyed glance from Ryo and a grin from Takki. He turned around when the doorbell rang. “Anyone else coming tonight?”

Yeah, Jun said he will drop by. And….” Ryo paused a bit, trying to look as normal as possible. “Jin will come later, he is working right now.”

So it's Jun-kun.” Takki stated, glaring at Ryo as he wanted to get up.

The latter sighed a bit, when Takki forced him to lie down again and got to the door. “Honestly guys, I’m not sick or anything.”

Takki glared at him. “The doctors at hospital said you should rest at least for five days. We have two days right now!”

Ryo looked at Takki’s firm face and couldn’t hold back a bratty grin. “I’m feeling as if you grounded me right now.” Yamapi laughed at that, playfully smacking Ryo’s shoulders. Takki glared at the both of them, before he opened the door to let Jun in.

“Hey, how are you?” Jun smiled a bit, before his eyes caught the new dog. “Holy cow! That’s the ugliest dog I’ve ever seen!!”


„Hey!“ Uchi answered the phone, smiling a bit. „No, sorry, I can’t tomorrow. I’m visiting one of my best friends. He was in hospital… Yeah… I feel guilty for not visiting him earlier, but I didn’t know…“ Uchi pouted a bit. „He is the type of guy who would never talk about such a thing…“ A smile appeared on Uchi’s face. “Well, it’s good that you aren’t this type of guy, Miyao-kun… Friday would be great…Bye.”

Uchi looked at his phone happily, his cheeks flushing lightly. He was actually really feeling happy that he would visit Ryo tomorrow… then he could tell him about his date with Miyao.

Uchi gulped suddenly at that. Date? Was he insane here? They were just going to the movies… no way that it was a date. Miyao was his buddy and he would never see him as something more, right?


Jin sneezed when he came to Ryo’s living room. “You got yourself a dog?” He coughed, staring at the dog in surprise.

“Don’t you like dogs?” Jun asked, pulling one of his eyebrows up.

I have no problems with dogs…” Jin explained. “Just that I’m allergic to their fur.”

Takki frowned a bit when he saw the expression of Ryo’s face. It was something between being grumpy that Jin wasn’t happy about his dog and about being content that the latter was suffering while the dog was there. Takki sighed a bit, wondering what it was that was happening between Jin and Ryo at the moment. No matter what… he should do something about that. He turned around to look at Jun, a wicked smile on his face. “Matsumoto-kun, what are your plans for upcoming Saturday?”

Jun shrugged. “I’ll be at home, I guess. Tons of work, you know…”

Takki smiled at that. “You are getting old.” He paused. “Well then…” he mock-mused, pretending as if a sudden idea had hit him. “How about going on a drink on Saturday evening?”

Sure!” Jun nodded his head in agreement… not even feeling a bit suspicious about Takki’s strange offer and not realising the determined glance in Takki’s eyes. “Would be great!”

He turned his attention towards Jin now, while Takki walked to Ryo.

So…” Takki sat down next to Ryo, smiling a bit. “What are you doing on Saturday?”

“I’m grounded.” Ryo joked, making Yamapi spit out his drink over the table due to laughing too much.

Takki rolled his eyes at that. “Honestly… you are really something…” he grumbled, then he swallowed down another teasing comment, remembering his intentions. “How about going on a drink on Saturday evening?”

In Ryo’s eyes there was a sudden, impish gleam, he looked at Yamapi, smiling a bit. Yamapi grinned, immediately taking the ball from Ryo. “He has to ask his dad if it’s okay…because he is…”

“Grounded.” Takki interrupted him, finishing Pi’s sentence. „I got the joke already! So could you two stop this now?”

Ryo smiled a bit apologetically. “Sorry.”

Takki shrugged, smiling warmly, actually he was feeling relieved that Ryo was joking around with Yamapi here. The gloomy mood wrapped around Ryo was getting a bit lighter with that. “It’s okay. So?”

“Saturday evening sounds fine for me…”

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