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Seekers of the Night Chapter 8

Title: Seekers of the Night Chapter 8: My precious
Pairing: Sho/Jun, Akame, Okada/Sakamoto, TegoShige, hints of KimuRyo or TakkiRyo (I'm still not sure myself what it will become)

Rating:  PG-15
mystery, (should become) thriller, romance, bit angst, fantasy, friendship
Disclaimer: I don't own them, but the story is mine^^
Summary:  Glimpses into the past: How did Jin join Ryo, Kimura and Goro when they were still on their own? How did Yoko find them? How did Yuya and Keito join the force?

The Paranormals are preparing Sakamoto's undercover job in CEUS, the enemy's large company. Takki consults his secret informant Aiba, while Okada is more than concerned about Sakamoto's safety.
Meanwhile Jin finds himself struggling with a fundamental question: Does he really like Kame? How about testing his feelings with Pi? Meanwhile Tegoshi and Shige aren't sure... do they hate or like each other?
Yuya, Keito, Yamada and Chinen are sneaking into Takki's private library to find some information. What will they find about Ryo?
While Takki's feelings for Ryo slowly grow stronger Ryo finds out that no matter how hard he and Kimura crush against each other, the older one will always care for him.



"Ryo-chan... eat your vegetables!" Goro sounded reproachful. “It's important for your health and strength. You and your strange hawk!”

But Ryo was already running away, upstairs into his room, his hawk, small, as it was also still young, fluttering after him. Currently they were staying in a house Kimura and Goro had rented... incognito of course. Times weren't good for Seekers... and none of them knew if there was still someone else of their race alive.

“Takuya.” Goro glared at his Seeker. “You are letting him do whatever he wants.”

Kimura sighed. “You are the one who lets him do whatever he wants. Just when it's about your cooking...”

“But vegetables are important!” Goro defended himself. “You didn't eat any of them either!”

“I don't like carrots.” Kimura told him, smiling a bit towards Goro, before he got up and walked towards him, hugging his Guardian tight. “It will be okay.” Kimura mumbled, more to himself than Goro.

Goro smiled. “I'm sure we'll find someone of our race. By the way...Ryo still can't remember anything?”

Kimura flinched at that, remembering the day he had found Ryo, some months ago, gladly before someone else had found him... It was just the boy... and the baby-hawk. Nothing or no one else. No memories at all, not even about his name. Ryo was the name Goro and Ryo himself had chosen together...

“You know Takuya...”

“Sh!” Kimura suddenly made, his senses tensing visibly. “Something is outside.” He pushed Goro away, gesturing him to go upstairs to Ryo and hide with him, while he sneaked outside, taking the shape of a dog. He paused when he heard some noise… almost too low to hear it. With a jump he approached the noise, giving the other no chance to escape. He blinked in surprise when he saw the person he just caught. A boy? Kimura changed back into his normal shape, grabbing the boy and looking around frantically, checking if someone had seen them. But he couldn't sense anything, so he simply pushed the boy inside the house. “Who are you?” he asked, trying to sound soft now, as the boy was looking at him through scared eye.

“Jin...” the boy mumbled.

“Alright... and what are you doing here, Jin-kun?” Kimura showed the boy an encouraging smile.

“I'm not sure.” The boy looked at him, now a bit stubborn, not showing any fear anymore. “A feeling led me to that place... as if I was following something. A dark-haired boy was in my dreams all the time.”

Kimura stared at him in surprise. “Finally...” he sighed in relief. “We are already waiting for you since a few months.” He padded the boy’s head. “The boy you dreamt of is upstairs.” he pointed at the stairs, seeing how the boy's face started to gleam, as he was already feeling the presence of his Seeker, the one and only attached to him.

“What?” Goro asked when he sneaked downstairs, watching how Jin passed him. “Who's that?”

Kimura grinned for the first time since months. “Ryo's Guardian.”



Ryo stared at Kimura's door, wavering a bit. Should he go inside... or not... He hated it to sleep alone, the pictures of the war and the fear of loneliness his race was carrying around was weighing on his mind too much to sleep peacefully. He needed company... But bothering Takki again? Or Jin? Not that he was worrying that Jin might have felt bothered, but it seemed like Jin was somehow falling love with someone...and he didn't want to destroy that. Well, he could try and sleep in his own room once in a while? Maybe he didn't need some company after all?




Yamapi stretched a bit, sitting down next to Jin on the sofa. “That was an interesting meeting, right?”

Jin sighed deeply. “You can say that…” There was a worried expression on his face, making Yamapi wince a bit. So he smiled wickedly. “Your Ryo really is something… aren’t the Seekers really short-tempered?”

It worked. Jin looked at Yamapi grumpily. “Anything against Ryo?”

Yamapi laughed at that. “Of course not. He is perfectly fine for me.” He grinned wickedly. “So… are you feeling less moody now?”

Jin smiled a bit, stroking over Yamapi’s arm as if it was a coincidence. “A tiny bit.” he tilted his head. “Are you feeling better? The flu had you bad…“

Yamapi smiled, enjoying the other’s light touches. “Don’t worry, I’m alright now. Takki and the others were looking after me.” Without any further thinking he bent forward a bit, allowing Jin to kiss him softly.

Jin sighed a bit, tasting Yamapi’s lips. It was like always… except… Out of the corner of his eyes he could see a shadow moving and passing one of the windows and suddenly disappearing. He flinched a bit, secretly wondering why he was feeling bad about it.

Yamapi chuckled. “But Jin… if you have a steady boyfriend now you shouldn’t kiss me.”

“Sorry.” Jin smiled. “I guess I’m just kinda used to it.”




“Hey.” Jin said when he found Kame in the now empty lounge of the Humans. Most of them were either working or sleeping. “Here you are.” He sat down next to the other.

Kame glared at him. “I saw you…”

“Saw what?” Jin asked, though he was well aware of what Kame saw.

“You kissed Yamapi.” the other hissed, cursing himself for being jealous like that.

Jin smiled apologetically. “Sorry.” He said though he wasn’t sure why he was even apologizing. He and Kame had never talked about if there was more between them than just simple sex. But somehow… “I just needed to make sure.”

Kame blinked in surprise. “What did you need to make sure?”

“I needed to kiss someone to see if it’s the same like kissing you…” Jin shrugged a bit. Others would have said that his argumentation was stupid or strange, but for him it was the most logic. How should he know any better? Unlike Sho or Goro or even Uchi he didn’t know much about the world outside. When he had found Ryo war was already in its worst state… and he and Ryo were barely allowed to leave the house, hiding all the time.

Kame rolled his eyes a bit. He really wanted to be angry at the other for doing something like that. But one part of his brain just couldn’t do anything else than understand him. “And?”

“It feels different.” Jin explained simply.

Kame blinked at that. “Really?” he almost whispered. “It’s different with me?”

Jin shrugged a bit. “Apparently.”

Kame pulled an eyebrow up, forgetting that he had been angry just a few minutes ago. “Wanna try it again?” he asked, trying to sound innocent.

Jin smiled, his arms reaching out to hug the other, eager lips on Kame’s cheek, moving towards his lips. “Sure.”




Takki sighed when he went through their plans. “I'm not too happy with that, Masayuki.”

Sakamoto smiled a bit. “You are always worrying too much. I'll be alright.” He turned around to look at Mabo. “So? What are your plans?”

Mabo pulled out a few documents and folders, showing them Sakamoto. “Here. The biggest economic concern here is CEUS. It's a huge factory. Already before the war it was rumored that there were things off there... corrupt people sitting in the executive board. We assume that the military has its fingers in this factory, it's the only one big and important enough.”

“You assume?” Okada grumbled.

Sakamoto smiled a bit. “Don't worry about me Junichi.” He showed him his rare warm expression, stroking over his arm with one hand. “I think they might assume correctly.”

Mabo nodded his head, rubbing over his forehead. He was feeling overly exhausted. They were working since nights. Especially Yoko. But finally they had been able to send him to bed. “We won't send you to this place without preparation. You'll be part of their organization committee. The more they trust you, the better.”

Sakamoto smirked, his eyes sparkling in expectation. “They will love to have to me... just think of my power. If I'm acting thoughtful they might start to trust me.”

Mabo grinned a bit. “Of course we'll support you...”

Sakamoto's eyes gleamed immediately. “New weapons...”

“Brilliant new things.” the other chuckled a bit. “Visit Tegoshi and Shige tomorrow... they have prepared and tested some of them... As for the other things you can get them from me, Taichi and Hina. We'll go through the details later.” With that he got up, smiling at the small group of Paranormals encouragingly, before he left the room.

Okada sighed a bit. “Please be careful, Masa.” His voice sounded unusually small.

Sakamoto chuckled lightly, his fingers now brushing over Okada's face before he kissed him softly.

“Oh please...” Ohno sighed, rolling his eyes. “Could you keep that for later...”

“What? Envious?” Okada asked dryly, earning him a snort from Ohno and a grin from Sakamoto.

Ohno still grumbled a bit, before his attention shifted to Takki, wondering a bit why the other was looking so absent-minded. “Takki?” he asked carefully.

Takki blinked for a moment. He had caught a small shadow passing their room, not really paying attention to their meeting here. He had just passed them... Takki recognized him immediately. Ryo's figure was too unique. Slightly Takki wondered if the young guy was walking to Takki's bedroom right now, looking for some comfort. Takki flinched a bit, wishing that he was in his room right now to be there when Ryo appeared. But he wasn't... Ryo would knock at his door and leave because Takki wasn't there. But right now Ohno had pulled him out of his thoughts. “Sorry...” he mumbled.

Ohno looked at him thoroughly. Takki was special... specially skilled. He could control his thoughts so that Sakamoto wouldn't feel suspicious... but with Ohno's gift it was different. No person on earth could influence his own feelings. Ohno's gaze shifted to their window, catching the small frame passing them right now. He frowned a bit, bending forward to Takki while Okada and Sakamoto were still too pre-occupied with flirting. “Be careful Takki...” Ohno whispered as he caught Takki's feelings. “It's not good to fall for a Seeker...”




“Yuya...” Keito whispered. “What are we doing here?”

Yuya smiled wickedly, turning around to stroke over Keito's hair softly. He loved the other's hair... it was so strong and thick. And his face... so earnest and calm... and soothing. Sometimes Yuya wondered how it happened that out of all he ended up with Keito as his Guardian. Because Keito was everything Yuya wasn't...

It had already been years ago that Yuya's father had finally found Keito, Yuya's Seeker. The boy had been hiding somewhere in the forests... apparently hidden by his parents to save him from the killings of the war. The moment Yuya's parents had found the boy they had handed the both of them to Yoko, begging him to care for them... Yuya was 10... Keito even younger. He couldn't even remember properly the time before he joined Yuya, he was too young when he had to start hiding from the outside world.

The day he joined Yoko’s force was the last time Yuya had heard something from his parents, assuming that they had died during the war. And he had assumed right... when Yoko had finally found his parents again, he had no good news for Yuya. But beside his sadness and his true sorrow, only his affection for Keito was true. Seekers weren't made to stay with people... also including their parents. They were immortal, which made them avoid too deep relationships with others, including family. The only exceptions were their Guardians. And though also the Paranormals could live 100 of years the happenings of the past were standing between them and the Seekers... Paranormals, their traitors... even a young and innocent guy like Yuya couldn't help but have some scepticism towards Paranormals. Though he liked Yamada... as his friend. But there was always something standing between them, it was not exactly distrust, but rather carefulness. In the end the only one Yuya trusted was Keito... his only thread that remembered him of a life he had led before.

Keito smiled a bit against Yuya's affectionate touch. “So?” he asked.

“I want to get some answers...”

“In Takki's room?” Yamada mumbled, feeling a bit scared.

“It's not really his room...” Chinen argued. “It's his library...”

“Where he has some private documents...” Yamada interrupted him. “He will kill me...”

But Yuya didn't even hear him, he was already going through some folders in one of the drawers... scanning some well-known names. He smiled a bit when he found a document where everyone in their force was listed. His fingers rushed over names and explanations but he sighed in disappointment when he found Ryo's name… with a simple 'not specified' next to it. There was just one weird thing… next to each name there was the level of power each person had. Yuya didn’t exactly know about the highest possible level, but he thought that Kimura having a level of 10 might be quite high. His senses told him that those Seekers who survived the war had to be quite strong… So…10 was the highest? Kimura was amazing, no doubt about that. Yuya grinned contently when he found a 9 next to his name and to Jun’s. Koichi was 8. Then he searched for Ryo’s name again, blinking in surprise when he found it. Immeasurable. What the heck did that mean? Why couldn’t they measure Ryo’s power? Interesting. Instead of finding answers there appeared even more questions. He put the folder back... right in time...

“Boys...” Takki called out, his visions had led him to his library, already knowing that they boys were up to something. “What are you doing here?”



“Give that back to me.” Tegoshi glared as he pulled at Shige's sleeve, forcing him to hand over the experimental tool.

Shige rolled his eyes. “We are supposed to work on that together!”

Tegoshi stuck out his tongue, grabbing the tool and grinning cheekily. “But I'm the boss.”

“Since when?” Shige pulled on of his eyebrows up, chuckling a bit. “Our boss is Mabo. Not you.”

“But I'm working here since years... unlike you.” Tegoshi smirked a bit, earning him some glaring and angry grumbling from Shige.

“Arrogant idiot.” Shige hissed.

For a moment the two guys looked at each other, various feelings rushing through their minds… the air tensed up almost visibly. And just a moment later they found themselves pushing at each other, fists pulling at shirts, pressing each other against the wall. Not really serious… it was more fun and… weird.

“Sorry to interrupt you...” Yamapi snorted sarcastically as he stood at the door watching them, secretly thinking that it looked more like making out than fighting what the two of them did.

“You need something?” Tegoshi asked still breathless, while Shige blushed a bit.

“I’m searching for Nagase. The CGs wanted me to check on some numbers and codes…” Yamapi explained.

Shige nodded his head a bit. Yamapi’s skill included everything that had to do with numbers, codes and systems… he was brilliant. He would definitely find a way into Black Eagle’s computer. “Isn’t he in the CG’s room?” he asked, wondering a bit since Nagase as a CG was hardly visiting one of the scientists. “We are the only ones here.”

Yamapi sighed a bit. “Alright. I’ll search for him somewhere else.” He smirked a bit. „And you two… have fun with whatever you were doing here.” With that he left, leaving the other two totally surprised and awkward.



As the door opened silently with a low squeaking and something tapped into his room, Kimura’s mind awakened immediately though he himself was still dizzy with sleep. His senses tensed almost painfully, something was in the room… something… The shape-shifter’s senses of a wild animal switching on instinctively before the Human ones did, making him jump out of the bed with a sooth movement, hardly standing there for a moment before he jumped towards the thing crawling around his room, fingers grabbing it like claws, shaking it, before his hands let go again, moving like a flash as they hit it right across something that felt like it’s face. The hard sound of flesh hitting flesh echoing through the room.

“Ouch…” a pained voice whined, hitting Kimura’s human senses back into his head. The shape-shifter gasped in shock as he realized that he had actually just attacked someone living together with him… and not only any someone.

“Oh dear…” he breathed out, arms hugging a small frame, hands stroking over a shivering back. “Sorry, Ryo! I didn’t even realize where I was…” He hugged the boy tighter. “Honestly… since when are you living together with me?”

“Years…” Ryo mumbled into Kimura’s arm, feeling still a bit shocked and intimidated.

“See…” Kimura whispered softly, stroking over Ryo’s face and hair. “You out of all should know that no one should sneak into my room when I’m asleep.”

“I know…” Ryo smiled a bit, snuggling against Kimura, allowing him to stroke him softly.

“Sorry.” Kimura repeated, before he finally switched the lights on, pulling the boy into the bathroom. “Come… let’s look what I did to your face…” He grabbed some towels and some cotton wool pads and salve, wetting the towel with water, carefully cleaning Ryo’s bruised face.

Ryo smiled a bit. “It’s okay… really!”

Kimura sighed, kissing the other’s forehead, before he dragged him to his bed, forcing him to sit down. “Okay…” he mumbled, grabbing cotton wool and spreading some salvia on it before he carefully pressed it on Ryo’s face. He smiled softly as the younger one winced. “It’s just some scratches… your pretty face will stay pretty.”

At that Ryo had to giggle, starting to enjoy Kimura’s attention. He smiled a bit as the older one apologized again, shaking his head. “It’s okay. I should have known better…”

Kimura smiled lovingly. “Well…at least we don’t get bored with each other, right?” He put the cotton wool and salvia bottle away when his eyes suddenly caught a huge black and ugly, but fluffy thing that was sitting in one corner of the room. He had ignored it before, but now… “This…”

“Oh…” Ryo looked at his huge mutated dog lovingly. “Taku-chan is okay.”

“It’s great that you think he is okay.” Kimura snorted. “But he can’t sleep in my room.” Then a sudden thought hit him. “Taku-chan!?”

“I like the name.” Ryo grinned cheekily.

“Honestly…” Kimura grumbled. “You are such a brat.”

Ryo looked at the older one through begging eyes. “Can’t he sleep in your bed?”


“But…” Ryo tried to intervene.

“No buts.” Kimura said firmly.

„The bathroom?“ Ryo asked, blinking at Kimura wickedly. „He likes bathtubs.”

Kimura blinked in surprise. “Your dog likes bathtubs!?”

Ryo nodded his head innocently, making Kimura laugh lightly. “Alright. He can sleep in my bathtub. Get him into my bathroom. And then you’ll go to sleep.” he ordered.

Ryo showed him a beaming smile, jumping up to lead his dog into the bathroom, closing the door behind him before he went back to Kimura, starting a short argument about if he should go to sleep or not… enjoying this little game as it remembered him of times when he was still a boy. Kimura laughed at that, before he pushed Ryo on the bed, throwing the blanket over him, before he slipped under the blanket himself.

Ryo snuggled against him. “Takuya-kun?”

“Hm?” Kimura mumbled, half-asleep, stroking over the other’s hair.

“You think I’ll ever remember who I am?”




Takki still grumbled angrily when he started his little journey to his secret informant. He was normally not the type who would explode easily or yell at others, but today he simply snapped when he found the four boys sneaking around in his library. He felt slightly sorry for it when he saw the shocked expression on Yamada’s and Chinen’s face… Even Keito was looking a bit nervous, just Yuya had been totally calm, not even looking a bit stressed. But even Takki knew that he couldn’t go against a Seeker, maybe it was unfair, but it was different… Yuya was more under the control of Kimura or maybe the other Seekers, but Takki actually didn’t really dare to scold him.

But with Yamada and Chinen it was different. These were his boys… he had to look after them and lead them, like a father… Takki sighed. Alright, maybe he had snapped too much.

“Ren-san?“ Aiba asked friendly. “Are you alright?”

Takki  coughed a bit, remembering that he had to play a role here. “None of your business. I guess I worked too much…”

“Want a drink?” the young man offered.

“Yes.” Takki paused a bit. “Aiba-kun?”

“Hm?” the man turned around, looking at him expectantly.

“I need some information…” Takki made a meaningful pause. “About CEUS.”

Aiba’s eyes grew wide in shock and surprise. „About…“ he looked around a bit as if he wanted to check if someone was listening to them. “CEUS?” he whispered. “They are huge…”

“Please.” Takki looked at him insistently. “It’s important. Anything you know will help.”



“Honestly boys…you should do your homework!” Goro scolded slightly. “How will you become bright young men otherwhise?”

Jin pulled his eyebrows up. “Bright young men? Maybe it didn’t cross your mind…” he rested his head on Ryo’s shoulder. “But I might never be allowed to leave the house to use anything you are teaching me here.”

Goro’s face grew pale. He was well aware of the fact that Jin as a Guardian would need to live a life in the darkness, always hiding, but he didn’t know that the boy himself knew that so well. “Jin…” he mumbled. “But…”

“No!” Jin interrupted him forcefully. “I don’t care about what’s with me, as long as I’m with Ryo.”

Ryo smiled at that, sneaking closer to Jin and kissing his cheek softly. Jin stroked over his face fondly. He loved the other dearly and decided to check on the fact if they were made for each other soon… Hopefully Kimura would never be able to read his thoughts. But Jin wouldn’t be able to live with it if someone else became Ryo’s first…It was not exactly about love, but then… it also was about love… a different kind of love. His attention shifted back to Goro. “But I don’t want to learn that shit. I hate it that you pretend that I’m able to live a normal live.” he blurt out unexpectedly angrily.

Goro flinched at that but before he could say anything he felt Kimura’s hand, softly stroking over his shoulder.

“Stop it, Jin.” Kimura demanded. “It’s not Goro’s fault.” He tried to sound soft though he felt angry that someone went against his Guardian, but on the other side he could feel Jin’s pain since it also was his own…Because also Goro had to live a life in darkness.

Jin lowered his glance a bit, his hand grabbing Ryo’s under the table. “Alright...”

Kimura smiled contently, curling some strands of Goro’s hair softly before placing a soft kiss on the other’s head. Goro smiled at that. Kimura was normally not the type who would show such fond emotions openly while other’s were around. That was why he enjoyed it even more when he did.

“Sh.” Kimura’s body tensed up suddenly. “There is someone…” But before the others could even react the oldest amidst them blinked. “Can’t be…” Kimura mumbled.

“What do you sense?” Ryo asked impatiently.

“A Human.” Kimura mumbled. “And a Seeker.” He looked at the others. “Hide!” he told them before he walked towards the door carefully, his senses totally tensed, prepared for everything as he opened the door.

Yoko blinked in surprise. He had just wanted to knock at the door, but… “Oh.” He smiled a bit. “I’m so glad I found some of guys!”

Kimura blinked for a moment, shaking his head. What was this guy thinking? But his senses told him that there was nothing dark about that guy. “Who are you? And…”

“How did you find us?” Ryo asked cheerfully, popping up behind Kimura.

“Go back!” Kimura hissed both angry and shocked. “I told you to hide!” he scolded the boy.

“Hey!” Jin made, stepping to Ryo’s side to defend him against Kimura’s anger. “You are talking with this guy so calmly… we thought it’s safe.”

“Boys!” Goro’s voice came from another corner. “Takuya told us to hide. We should be invisible so that no one can find us.”

Kimura sighed in frustration. “That worked perfectly.”

Behind Yoko there appeared a slender but strong guy, his eyes having an intense glance. There was something angry about him, as if he was always fighting against his wrath. “That’s Jun-kun.” Yoko explained. “He led me to you.” He smiled a bit, looking at Kimura in interest. “Your senses work unbelievable good.”

“Yes…” Jun mumbled, eyes widened in surprise. He had expected one Seeker… but here were two. And this Kimura guy was already pretty experienced… he must be living since hundreds of years.

Kimura looked at the other in interest. Jun’s aura was still full of anger, but there was also something else… relief.

Jun tilted his head a bit. “Will you come with us? Yoko is leading an underground basement…”

Kimura nodded his head. There was no way they could have stayed at this place. And there was nothing dark about these two guys… Besides that…never would a Seeker betray another one. “Alright…” Kimura frowned a bit, not happy that he had to agree so easily, but there was no other chance for them. Ryo and Jin had to grow up safely… at least somehow. He turned around. “Goro, get our things. Ryo and Jin get everything you two need, but not more. Jun-kun, help me to check the area if we can travel safely. What’s your gift?”

Jun looked at the other, in his thoughts he was struggling a bit. But Kimura was old and skilled… he was made to be a Leader, so Jun nodded his head. “We can travel without problems. I can walk through time and space.”



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