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Painful Days and Stormy Nights Chapter 11

Title: Painful Days and Stormy Nights Chapter 11: Beasts
Pairing: RyoJin, Ohno/Aiba, KimuShingo, Takki/Sakamoto, Sakumiya, Nagase/Koichi and one-sided Miyake/Sakamoto (As for the others I don't know yet... (PiKame or TegoPi? KameUchi? What's with Jun?)
Rating: PG-15
Genre: AU, family, friendship, romance, angst, drama

Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related. But the story is mine of course^^
Summary: While Koichi wants to avoid Nagase, he gets into serious troubles. Who will save him?
Miyake meets Sakamoto for the first time... and falls immediately for the mysterious guy.
Meanwhile Takki and Subaru make up... and Nino tries to learn chess... for Sho-kun.
Ueda and Ryo follow Maru... What will happen to them?

Koichi-san!“ Nagase waved when he saw Koichi walking at the other side of the street.

Koichi flinched for a moment, looking around, desperately searching for a shop or a restaurant he could escape into. But there wasn’t any. Just normal apartment houses… Right at the moment when he got grumpy again for having to deal with Nagase, his eyes caught a small shop with red letters on it. He stormed into it, without even looking at the shop… glad to be able to escape Nagase.

Koichi sighed, a wave of relief running through his body… He made it! No need to meet this annoying guy. He was feeling quite cheerful… until he looked around a bit. For a moment he was even too shocked to move… What was this here? A bunch of men were standing around, staring at him, some of them with quite dirty expressions… And as Koichi finally looked around a bit, he nearly fainted… A porn-shop? He stared at one of the baskets next to him. What was all this stuff!?? Sex-toys? He was quite experienced himself… but some of the stuff he had never seen, not to mention never used before.

When a male pole-dancer suddenly passed him, half-naked, upper body glimmering, Koichi knew it was definitely time to run away! But he didn’t even make it to the door as a strong hand grabbed his shoulder pulling him around again.

“You are cute.” The man groaned, a beer-breath meeting Koichi's face.

He curled his nose in disgust, coughing a bit to avoid the smell of the other. “Let go of me…” he grumbled.

“My my… the little princess is stubborn.” The man called out, earning him some laughters of the others.

“Get your dirty fingers of me!” Koichi yelled angrily, trying to escape the other’s grip.

“Apparently you are tired of life…” the man grumbled, tightening his grip.

Right at the moment when Koichi started to get really desperate about the shit he got himself into here, he felt how someone stepped behind him, a hand flying down like a flash, hitting the disgusting guy’s hand. The guy winced in pain, stepping back.

“You heard him!” Nagase said, sounding angry. „He doesn’t want to be touched.“

Koichi sighed in relief. Nagase was tall… really tall… and those guys apparently were well aware of the fact that fighting with Nagase wouldn’t get them anything…

“Thanks…” he mumbled when they stepped out of the shop again.

Nagase shrugged, smiling. “No problem.”

Koichi sighed a bit, rolling his eyes. “I guess I owe you something now… Let’s get a drink.” he suggested.

Nagase laughed at that. „You don’t have to, if you don’t want. I hate guys who force themselves on other people…”

“It’s okay.” Koichi smiled weakly. “But I could really need a drink now. So if you wanna accompany me, it’s okay.”

Ten minutes later they were sitting in a nice calm bar, Koichi in front of his Whisky, Nagase in front of some lemon tea. Koichi couldn’t hold back a smile. “Tea?” he asked.

Nagase smiled weakly. „Well, I’m a teacher… Of course I drink occasionally, but not during the day.“

Koichi looked at the other properly, as much as Nagase got on his nerves, he couldn’t help but admire his working attitude. “You love being a teacher, right?”

“It’s the best.” Nagase’s eyes were gleaming now. “Working with kids and leading them through their lives…helping them with their problems… every day having a bunch of young kids around you, isn’t that great?”

“Well…” Koichi rolled his eyes. „I guess it depends on how you look at it… For me one kid at home is enough.“

Nagase laughed at that. „But Yamashita-kun is a good boy… you can’t have much problems with him.“ He paused for a moment. „But then… if he is getting along with Tegoshi-kun right now, it might mean some problems.” he grinned a bit. “Tegoshi never cares much about rules and stuff like that.”

Koichi sighed. “Great…” he mumbled, then he smiled a bit. “But at least he has some friends now. I’m glad about that.”

So am I.“ Nagase agreed. “He was alone way too much. Now only Ueda-kun, another boy in my class, worries me a bit… and Maru-kun. They are both loners.” He laughed a bit. “But recently Ueda-kun approached me asking for Maru’s address…giving me a really stupid reason.”

You gave him the address?” Koichi wanted to know.

“Sure. It can only help those two…no matter what these stupid boys are planning.” He smiled a bit.

Talking about…” Koichi looked at the other curiously. “So Tegoshi is a brat. But what’s with this Ryo-kun?”

“Nice boy.” Nagase explained. „Too earnest and stubborn sometimes. He should start being more relaxed, but he has a good heart. It’s good that he found some friends here – he was home-educated before, you know?”

“Eh?” Koichi blinked. „I didn’t know that.“
Nagase laughed a bit. „He told me that his brother has a Host Club. I have never heard such a hilarious joke…”

Koichi glared at him. “What’s so bad about a Host Club?” he wanted to know.

“Nothing.” Nagase laughed. „Just hearing it out of Ryo-kun’s mouth, such an earnest guy, made me laugh a bit.”

Before Koichi could say anything else, a guy padded Nagase’s shoulder out of the blue. The latter turned around, smiling at the guy in front of him. “Ken! What are you doing here?“

Miyake grinned. „Our class is finished. I’m here with my friends to drink some coffee and eat something.”

Nagase grinned. „Wanna sit at our table?“

Sure!” Miyake smiled happily, turning around to wave at his friends. He pointed at them. “That’s Shingo… and this here is Hina.“ Then he pointed at Nagase. “That’s Nagase-kun. His parents are friends of mine… We know each other since forever. He is a teacher.”

Nagase smiled at them, then he turned towards Koichi. “This here is Koichi-san, the cousin of one of my pupils.”

Shingo grinned at Nagase while he sat down. “You seem to be a cool teacher… I would have loved to have a teacher like you in school…” he paused for a moment, a cheeky grin appearing on his face. “Not that I have any complain NOW.”

Hina rolled his eyes, but Miyake giggled a bit. “You know, Nagase-kun… our teacher at university is gorgeous…”

“Hey!” Shingo complained. „I saw him first. Forget it!“

As if he would go for any of you two…“ Hina sighed.

Miyake rolled his eyes a bit, before he shifted his attention towards Koichi. “So, Koichi-san, your cousin is one of Nagase-kun’s pupils?”

Before Koichi could say anything, his eyes grew wide… He stared at the door in utter shock, wincing a bit and trying to shift his gaze away. Maybe maybe… the guy who just came into the bar wouldn’t recognize him… “Damn…” he muttered.

“What?” Nagase blinked at him, looking around to see what caught Koichi’s attention like that. His eyes immediately caught a guy who was walking towards them now… An inscrutable smirk on his face. The other three guys turned around as well, staring at the man approaching them.

“Nice to meet you… Koichi-kun.” The man bowed a bit, his eyes scanning Koichi and the others sharply. He smiled at them sarcastically.

Koichi stared at the other one, feeling totally shocked, before he took a deep breath. No good idea to ignore him… “Nice to meet you too, Sakamoto-san…”

Miyake scanned this Sakamoto guy… his face was beautiful though he wasn’t too young anymore, definitely over 30. But oh dear... wasn't he gorgeous? His hair was beautiful… his whole appearance so noble, so strong… Miyake had never seen such a strong aura, such a mighty appearance. And his eyes… these eyes were so intense… Eyes that were speaking… “Wow…” Miyake breathed out silently, his heart beating a bit faster.


Nino stared at the chess board in front of him, his brows knitted in concentration. He was good with such games… but unfortunately Takki was better. He had to be really careful about each move.

Takki grinned at him. “Just make your move.” He didn’t care much about such games. Winning or loosing wasn’t so important for him. It was just a game after all. Though he would have loved to play some chess with Ryo occasionally… but oh dear… Takki was well aware of the fact that Ryo would never play chess with him...or anything else. He sighed a bit.

“What?” Nino looked at him thoroughly. “You look gloomy.”

Takki shrugged. “I was just thinking…”

“About what?” Nino smiled softly. “Ryo-chan?”

“Eh?” Takki blinked. “Why do you think it’s about Ryo?”

Nino shrugged a bit. “Because you always look bothered when you think about him. I thought you two made up?”

“Well…we did, somehow.”

Nino looked at him thoughtfully. “Honestly, I don’t want to be like Subaru right now. But Baru isn’t that wrong… you two should learn to talk to each other. From day to day Ryo gets more closed. It might escalate one day…”

Takki closed his eyes a bit, Nino’s words remembering him of Sakamoto’s again… And he definitely didn’t want to think about them right now. Sakamoto never hold back with his opinion when it was about Takki… he was always guiding him. But this time Takki felt a stubborn feeling inside him… He wanted to handle his problems with Ryo in his way… not like Nino or Sakamoto told him to.

Alright.” Nino rolled his eyes a bit. “I’ll drop it now… Really…at least you and Ryo-chan have one similarity, you are both so stubborn.” He grinned at Takki’s annoyed expression, finally making his move. “Alright… Here. It’s your turn. Now beat me.”

Takki grinned, making his move. “Checkmate.”

“Yo, guys…” Subaru stepped into the room, looking at the both of them in surprise. “Nino…aren’t you supposed to work?”

Nino glared at him. “Mind your own business…” he grumbled. “I’m just trying to find new ideas for my novel… I’m kinda stuck…”

Subaru rolled his eyes, deciding to better not make a teasing remark here, instead of it he pointed at the chess board. “And why chess, Nino? Since when do you like playing chess?”

Takki shrugged. “Nino asked me to practise with him…”


Nino smiled a bit. “Well, you know, Sho-kun is into chess, but no one plays with him… so I offered myself to him… as his chess-partner… But a bit practise would do no harm.”

Subaru pulled his eyebrows up. “Sho-kun?” he mimicked Nino’s voice, before a chess piece hit him. He rolled his eyes, smirking a bit. “I’m just thinking loud…”

“Then stop thinking like that!” Nino told him.

Subaru sighed a bit, sitting down at the same table, looking down at his hands nervously. “Actually I thought…maybe you could help me?”

Nino’s senses were awake immediately. “Sure… what is it?” his voice sounded worried.

Takki nodded his head, looking at Subaru thoroughly.

Subaru took a deep breath. “You know… I got this letter from one of my readers and he needs my help.”

“Okay…” Nino looked at Subaru expectantly. “So?”

“I’m not sure how to answer him…”

“What is it about?” Takki wanted to know.

“He had a fight with his brother…” Subaru told them. “Because he didn’t listen well… and was too pre-occupied with his work… And then everything turned into a mess… Because of his fault his brother got into a fight with his other little brother… And now he isn’t sure if everything is alright between them…”

Nino rolled his eyes, getting up. “Your reader’s brother?” he grinned. “I guess you two don’t need me here…”

Takki looked at Subaru, smiling warmly. “Well…I’m not sure if things are settled between your reader’s brother and the little brother. But I’m sure things are alright between your reader and his brother.”

Subaru smiled a bit. “So we are okay?”

Takki nodded his head. “Don’t worry about that.”


Okay…” Ryo whispered. “You are sure that’s the right direction?” They had followed Maru till now, but suddenly the tall boy had disappeared.

Ueda shrugged helplessly. “I’m sure it’s the right address, I already checked on that… But I don’t know where he went to now…”

Ryo sighed. “That’s bad, isn’t it? Maybe he takes a shortcut…”

“Yeah…” Ueda mumbled.

“Or he meets with the guys…” Ryo suddenly breathed out. “Like… he is afraid that they will follow him home so he always meets them to get over with it before returning home…”

Ueda blinked at the other in utter shock. “That’s it!” he mumbled. “You are not dumb…”

“Thanks.” Ryo grumbled. “You know… just a suggestion. If you want to have friends, stop calling them dumb.”

“I said you aren’t dumb!” Ueda argued.

“It’s not what you said.” Ryo rolled his eyes. “It’s how you said it…”

Ueda sighed. “People are difficult…”

Ryo blinked at that for a moment, before his gaze shifted to something in the distance. “Yes they are…” he mumbled, thinking about Takki… and Yamapi… and Kame… and himself… and also Jin.

Ueda looked at him through curious eyes, wondering what was going on in the other’s mind, but he thought it would be wiser not to ask. “So… where to search for Maru?” he asked instead.

“How about we look at deserted parks or alleys?” Ryo suggested. “There are too many people here… No one would hit or threaten someone with so many people around.”

Ueda nodded his head, looking around, his eyes wandering over the area. They had to be fast, otherwise there would be no use in this action… His eyes finally caught a little alley, disappearing between the backside of some apartment houses. He knew it was a risk…what if Maru was somewhere else, but they had to try it. “How about there?” he suggested.

Ryo nodded his head, running towards the small alley, Ueda right behind him. As they reached the alley, they both got a bit slower, like an instinct awakening in them, telling them to be careful. They sneaked through the alley which led them to a little park. Ueda sighed a bit… no sign of Maru. Apparently they were wrong and he wasn’t there… Right at the moment, when they wanted to turn around and head back, something caught his attention. Ueda grabbed Ryo’s sleeve, pointing at some bushes.

Ryo blinked for a moment, concentrating a bit, then he gulped. Ueda was right, there was some noise. He sneaked a bit nearer, looking through the bushes and starting to crawl through them, careful to not make any noise. Right behind him there was Ueda, carefully staying behind Ryo. Ueda felt like slapping himself for feeling so cowardly and not daring to get any closer at the scene without the other boy with him.

When they were close enough, they finally heard some voices.

“So…is this all you have!” a strong guy said, voice sounding scornfully.

“I’m sure he has more.” Another one grumbled.

Ryo stared at the scene in utter shock. There were how many… 5 guys? And he and Ueda were just two… with Maru three. No chance. He angled for his mobile phone, dialling a number. “Listen Yamapi… yeah I’m sorry… I know you are waiting for me… Maru already left early, Ueda and I had no other chance than to follow him… yes we found him… there are too many guys for Ueda and me… Alright…” Ryo nodded his head, then he explained where they were… as fast as he could. When he hung up he could hear how one of the guys snickered in a dirty way. “Maybe we should get your beautiful little sister in exchange!”

“Isn’t she really pretty… a bit too young… but fresh…” another guy laughed.

Ryo looked at them in utter shock, his eyes slowly starting to get dark in utter anger. Next to him there was Ueda, fists clenched. He had forgotten about his scared feelings from before… he just felt unbelievably angry right now…

“Or how about your mother? This pretty bitch…” One of the guys groaned out loudly, making a dirty movement with his hand.

Ryo looked at Ueda, his eyes sparkling… and as if there was a secret sign between them, they both jumped up. Ueda could see how Ryo ran towards one of the guys, jumping him and pulling him to the ground. Before one of the others could do something to Ryo, Ueda had already punched him right into his face.

“Help us!” Ueda yelled at Maru when two guy grabbed Ryo, another one punching him into his stomach.

Maru who had watched them in utter shock… everything happening to fast for him to grasp it, gasped when he saw how a strain of blood was running over Ryo’s face… while Ueda was lying under one of the guys, struggling like crazy. Before Maru had even realised it himself, he ran towards them, punching the guy who was hitting Ryo and kicking the one who was pressing Ueda into the ground.

Ryo gasped for some air, thankful that Maru had helped him. Then it felt like something hit him...he looked around a bit, but it wasn't from one of the guys. He touched his throat again, something burning in his mind, pictures he had never seen before popping up again. Was that him? As a small boy? Hovering on the floor of a small room?

Ryo took his senses together, trying to forget about the strange thing that had happened to him right now. Maybe it was just the shock... He ran towards the two guys that were beating up Ueda right now, trying to help him. Somewhere far away he could hear Yamapi yelling, his voice coming nearer with every step. Ryo sighed in relief, before avoiding another punch. Somewhere far away in his mind he was deeply worried… These five were huge… and strong… even with Yamapi’s help there would be no chance against them… And Tegoshi, who was following Yamapi, didn’t make the situation much better…

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