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Bittersweet Symphony Chapter 6

Title: Bittersweet Symphony: Chapter 6: Confusion
Pairing: Main: RyoJin, Akame, Pikame, TomaPi, Uchi/Miyao, one-sided RyoDa
Rating:  PG-15
Genre: romance, angst, friendship
Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related, but the story is mine of course^^
Summary: Sometimes it seems like we hurt the ones we love the most...

Jin blinked for a moment when he saw Yamapi’s number on his phone's display… not that it was strange that the other called him, but not at 6AM.

“What?” Jin mumbled into his phone.

“Sorry…” Pi breathed out. “I needed to call someone… I know it’s early… but… you know… I…”

Jin sat up a bit, immediately waking up by the troubled tune in Pi’s voice, worrying about his strange behaviour. “I’m awake” he reassured him. “It’s okay… I stayed at Ryo’s place quite long last night.” Do you know if there is something wrong with him? He added in his thoughts, but didn’t dare to ask it aloud, since Pi sounded pretty worked up already.

“Okay…” Pi breathed out. “I really need your honest opinion now… Really! Don’t hold back. I don’t know what’s going on…or what I should do now…”

Jin shifted around, feeling uncomfortable about Pi’s strange behaviour. Acting all shocked and absent-minded was not normal for Pi. “Tell me, Pi!” he begged.

“I met someone yesterday…” Pi got his senses together last minute, not telling Jin that it was Kame. “And we got drunk together… and then… we had… we did…”

“You had sex?” Jin breathed out. “But Toma…”

“I know…” Pi nearly started to cry.

Jin shook his head in disbelief. “You really had sex?”

“Not the full program…” Pi mumbled, feeling miserable. “We stopped in the middle… because one of us felt sick…”

“Brilliant…” Jin mumbled in shock, rubbing over his forehead with one of his hands. “I guess I’m really awake now…” He crawled out of his bed, heading to the kitchen to get himself some coffee. “Now tell me everything…”

“There is nothing more to say…” Yamapi felt tears running down his cheeks. “What should I do now?”

“Where are you now?” Jin wanted to know.

“I’m sitting on a park bench… I can’t go home to Toma now. How should I look him into his eyes?” Pi wanted to know. “And I so can’t lie to him… He knows me too well.”

“Okay…” Jin took a deep breath. “You didn’t have sex, right?”

“Well…no…” Yamapi mumbled.

“Then go home and tell Toma the truth. That you were drunk and didn’t know what you were doing… You two are already such a good team that he will understand…somehow.” Jin told him. “There is no use in hiding it or breaking up with Toma out of the blue just because you don’t want to tell him the truth.”

Pi bit his lips nervously. “I guess…yes…” he mumbled, not telling Jin that he was not too sure about his and Toma’s relationship and that it was not that steady right now. And especially he didn’t want to tell him that he would have never stopped their making-out if Kame hadn’t got sick… It was something Pi didn’t want to think about…

“Alright.” Jin tried to sound encouraging. “Don’t worry, everyone makes mistakes sometimes… Toma knows you and how honest you are. It’ll be alright… “

Pi felt his tears dripping down again over Jin’s last words… What the heck did honest mean? “Thanks…” he breathed out.

“Do you want me to pick you up?” Jin asked carefully. “It’s no problem at all…you are not that far away, right?”

“It’s okay…” Pi reassured him. “I can manage it myself.”

Jin smiled a bit before a sudden thought hit him. “Who?” he asked.

“What ‘who’?” Pi blinked.

“Who was the other one?” Jin wanted to know.

Pi flinched at that. “No one you know…” he tried to sound convincing, but apparently Jin immediately caught the shaking tune in his voice.

“Who?” he asked again, this time for fiercely.

Damn! Pi bit his lips nervously. “I can’t tell you…” he finally made a compromise.

Jin closed his eyes, expecting the worse. “It’s not Ryo, right?” Of course he knew that this was impossible since Ryo had been with him half of the night, but he needed to make sure. Slightly he wondered why the feeling of Ryo kissing or sleeping with someone else made him so upset.

“No, it’s not Ryo.” Pi sighed.

Jin tilted his head a bit, wondering why Pi was being so cryptic, before a sudden thought hit him. “It was Kame, right?” he asked silently.




„And then…“ Uchi’s eyes sparkled. „Miyao-kun told me that he likes my jacket. You know, the blue one with the orange buttons. You remember right?”

Ryo stared at Uchi, shaking his head. “Sorry…” He smiled a bit. “I can’t remember at all…” Uchi had dropped by around two hours ago and never stopped talking about this Miyao guy. Ryo didn’t need much time to figure what was going on between those two. He sighed a bit. As always Uchi didn’t get at all what was going on in his own life… His admiration for this Miyao-kun was so obvious as if Uchi was screaming it down from a skyscraper into the world.

“So Miyao-kun is a nice guy?” he asked, smiling over Uchi’s blushing.

“Well, yes, he is okay…” Uchi tried to sound cool.

Ryo laughed at that, smacking Uchi playfully, making the younger blush even deeper. “It’s okay to have a crush on Miyao-kun.”

Uchi stared at him in utter shock. “I don’t have… we are just friend…” He looked at Ryo grumpily. “How do you know? You haven’t even seen us together!”

Ryo rolled his eyes. “Are you getting worked up again over nothing?” There was a warning tune in his voice.

Uchi blushed a bit. “Sorry…” he mumbled. „It’s just… I don’t want people to think strange things.“

“It’s okay…” Ryo reassured him. „How often do you meet?“ he asked casually.

“Well, a few times every week.” Uchi mused.

“Oh…” Ryo made, smiling a bit about that. A few times a week either made people really good friends or lovers.

Uchi shifted around, feeling uncomfortable. “You are not fair…” he whined a bit, before he tried to changed the topic. “Anything new in your life?”

“No.” Ryo lied perfectly.

Uchi looked at him piercingly, he already knew Ryo since forever… and the way Ryo’s eyes were looking straight into his, without even twitching a bit, made him slightly suspicious. “Really?“ he asked.

„Yep.“ Ryo smiled a bit and Uchi decided better not to push into the other… Maybe it was wiser to ask him in a few days. With Ryo it was difficult… he would never tell someone what was going on, not immediately, but he kept giving signs… and it was much more successful to ask him just a few questions, not pushing too deep, but widening the questions day after day… Hence Uchi smiled. “That’s good.” he said, then he eyed Ryo's dog, smiling a bit. “Your new dog is cute!” he chirped.

Ryo had to smile at that. That was totally usual for Uchi and the reason why he loved him so dearly... Even the ugliest creature was cute for him. “Thanks.”

Uchi smiled back. „And what are you doing later?“

Ryo flinched a bit, though almost unrecognizable. “Jin wants to drop by to check on me…”

Before Uchi could say anything, Ryo’s phone beeped, signalizing that he got a message. “Oh…” Ryo smiled a bit. “Sorry.” He grabbed his phone, looking at his phone, his expression changing from shocked to pale to sad.

He wasn’t too sure what it was exactly about, his phone was not the newest anymore and sometimes it gave him only parts of messages. But it was a message from Jin: just got a call [parts missing] kissed Kame. [parts missing] Won’t make it today, will come tomorrow morning. Cuddles his Ryo-chan, Jin.




Kame blinked in surprise when he found Jin standing in front of his door, looking at him a bit grumpily.

“Wow…” Jin pulled his eyebrows up, his voice sounding sarcastically. “You must have been really crushed!”

Kame blinked at Jin in utter shock, his thoughts spinning around. Did Yamapi really… But apparently Jin could read his thoughts. “Yamapi didn’t say anything. I just guessed quite well…”

Kame shivered a bit, feeling how the situation was slowly overstraining him… first his almost-sex with Yamapi… then his hangover… and now Jin standing here… and knowing everything! He felt panic spreading through his body, the sight in front of his eyes getting blurred and the floor beneath him almost shaking. Jin grabbed the slighter man in shock as Kame dropped down on the floor. “Kame?” he stroked over the younger one’s head softly as Kame couldn’t stop sobbing.

“Sorry…” Jin’s voice sounded fond. “I didn’t mean to blame you here… You know me…it was just one of my stupid outburst”

Kame sighed a bit when he felt Jin’s soft fingers brushing through his hair, wondering when the last time was that Jin held him tight like that and tried to comfort him. It was so long ago that Kame started couldn’t even remember… Damn tears that didn’t stop dripping down… He felt like an idiotic little crybaby here. “Sorry.” he mumbled into Jin’s arms.

Jin chuckled lightly. “It’s okay.” He pulled Kame to his sofa, forcing him to sit down. Then he went to the kitchen, making some tea for the other. He grinned a bit when he angled for the bottle with tea in it. Ryo had such a thing too… bunny-shaped… it was so adorably stupid-cute that Jin couldn’t help but always look at it when he went to Ryo’s apartment. He smiled a bit while thinking about Ryo, before he remembered that he was actually with Kame here. “You are still slightly hangoverish right?” he called into the living room.

Kame smiled a bit. “I guess so…”

Jin sighed, his thoughts wandering to Pi, wondering a bit what the other was doing now and if he was alright. Why did everything have to be so complicated? Why did Yamapi meet Kame in such a weak moment…nearly going to bed with him…? Hopefully he would be able to explain it to Toma properly. Jin was well aware of the fact that this here was not Kame’s fault, it was as well Pi’s… He wasn’t even sure why he came to Kame’s place, but he needed to make sure. He didn’t want Kame to still hold on his feelings for him, if he was actually feeling drawn to someone else. Kame wanted Jin to make a decision. But Jin thought that it was also Kame who needed to make a decision. Jin knew about his own feelings in that case. No need to think about a decision… but what about Kame?



“Pi!” Toma jumped up from the sofa when he heard Yamapi stepping into the apartment.

Pi sighed over the concern and slight anger in Toma’s voice. “Sorry…” he mumbled, sounding miserable.

Toma stared at him in shock, his anger starting to disappear. “You look horrible…” he tried to touch Pi’s shoulder, but the latter moved a bit away.

“Better don’t…” Pi mumbled sheepishly.

Toma stared at him in surprise. “Tomo…“ he sounded both concerned and firm. „What happened?”



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